What is Cyka Blyat? How a Russian Expletive Became CS:GO's Preeminent Meme

  • Published on Jun 30, 2019
  • Let’s be honest. When things are going badly in game, we all express our frustrations differently.
    But rage isn’t something bound by borders and languages, and if you’ve ever shared a lobby with Russian-speaking players you've probably experienced that first hand...
    Written by: Devin Jones (@milkshks)
    Produced, Edited, and Hosted by: Miles Hackett (@miles_hackett)
    Shot by: Matt Massey
    Illustrated Animations by: Christian Pearson (@Chr_Pearson)
    Special thanks to Seva Gunitsky (@SevaUT).
    Footage credits:
    Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).
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  • thereal MA DA RA
    thereal MA DA RA 7 hours ago

    Anomaly twitch highlight with haix shouting whahahahahhaha

  • mihanich
    mihanich 19 hours ago

    > lives in the USA
    > learns the words "suka blyat"
    > thinks it's something cool all Russians casually say
    > meets a Russian family on vacation
    > wants to show hospitality and make them feel like home
    > tells "suka blyad" to the head of the family
    > gets punched
    > the family walks away
    *surprised Pikachu face*

  • Shaiiko Rus
    Shaiiko Rus 2 days ago

    То есть тот факт что за заставке к данному видеву виднеется лик пожилой гадзы никого не смущает?

  • V3KS
    V3KS 2 days ago

    I use this slang in my school and no one knows wut ze frick it means

  • EnViSioN RaVeN
    EnViSioN RaVeN 3 days ago

    talk about middle east never have servers!!!

  • 4Paok4Eptalofos
    4Paok4Eptalofos 4 days ago

    I hope they make servers for russians on every fcking game especially in csgo only vodka lanquage is spoken and 9/10 are toxic ppl fck..

  • Bergi214
    Bergi214 4 days ago

    I like the Russian people.... ever played with/against french people... these idiots, only speak french and shout at you, that you dont understand their drunken language....

  • Khum Dhan
    Khum Dhan 6 days ago


  • Neck Thebet
    Neck Thebet 6 days ago

    It’s cuz valve makes some good дерьмо

  • Hosein Kazemi
    Hosein Kazemi 6 days ago +3

    blyad cyka's origin came from a dota hero : blood seeker

    • Lol Tubezz
      Lol Tubezz 3 days ago

      Is that supposed to be a pun?

  • player 1
    player 1 6 days ago

    Suka bilat ! Vinegar pussy

  • TheBest Gamer
    TheBest Gamer 6 days ago

    3:27 Dumbazz

    dENIS pLEWNIA 7 days ago

    So cyka blyat is almosy lile kurwa in polish xD

  • Bhargab Baruah
    Bhargab Baruah 7 days ago

    So basically cyka blyat means kela in assamese

  • INFINITYthief
    INFINITYthief 8 days ago

    Cyka blyat

  • Fyrah
    Fyrah 8 days ago

    Blyat's Nahoi english accent is cute

  • Дмитрий Макаров

    Они че серьёзно это разбирают?)))

  • francis ganapin
    francis ganapin 10 days ago

    putang ina means anything

  • Jack _
    Jack _ 10 days ago

    I live 2 kilometers from russian border. like 90% of matches have russians because of that. Some of them are nice, but when they don't have discord and talk general shit on the game lobby it's really frustrating they like never stop talking.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 days ago

    Why would you expropriate Russia's gopnik culture? You just making fool out of yourself.. Globalization is so weird at times..

  • daladna 5
    daladna 5 12 days ago

    Я рус

  • filip Ringnell
    filip Ringnell 12 days ago +2

    " to russians it´s not only a game it´s and outlet" proceed to show a clip of a swedish guy

  • LiL Pups
    LiL Pups 12 days ago +2

    Олды тут!?

  • antivlogs
    antivlogs 14 days ago


  • Kirill Kin
    Kirill Kin 14 days ago

    Пажилова стрэмера теперь знают даже иностранцы, ну тупа знаменитость, а пенис дурачок хихихи шо?

  • Wolfsschanze Music
    Wolfsschanze Music 15 days ago

    0:24 Is he fucking his desk?

  • Oakleaf700
    Oakleaf700 15 days ago

    Swearwords sound so ....innoffensive in other languages... Cyka Blyat sounds like a pudding.
    ''what are you ordering?..Get me a portion of Cyka Blyat with maple syrup''

  • Flufflet
    Flufflet 16 days ago

    I love how half the clips are haix.

  • Нурдаулет Менлибаев

    As far as i know these word are not necessarily to be used together. Each of them is self sufficient swearing in Russian.

  • stalk wara
    stalk wara 17 days ago

    Yeah, i love my country
    Ya vas lyublyu

  • Raimonds Zīlītis
    Raimonds Zīlītis 17 days ago

    Next time u say gopnik please use the right prounounciation

  • сергей скрябинский

    What a bullshit. No sence

    • epiphany
      epiphany 13 days ago

      сергей скрябинский Cyka Blyad

  • some random furry
    some random furry 18 days ago

    im russian and im laughing so hard

  • Мотов Василий

    I mean at least in the western parts of Russia this "gopnik culture" doesnt exist anymore. It's like a meme now for us. And cyka blyat it's just our way to say fucking shit. That's it.

  • life of Boris
    life of Boris 18 days ago

    but what means cyka

  • JuizzyAllstars
    JuizzyAllstars 23 days ago

    HA! All i see is western spies blyat 07:04

  • Paranormal
    Paranormal 24 days ago

    lol xqCoW

  • Pilum1000
    Pilum1000 24 days ago

    In CS like as shooter plays only idiots, and they have appropriate vocab only, what... :) Play in intellectual games :>

  • Kami Sama
    Kami Sama 24 days ago

    Cyka blyat = tangina

  • X3DN
    X3DN 24 days ago


  • Snappy Snapfire
    Snappy Snapfire 25 days ago

    Dude you said the N word in Russian!

  • QkurZ
    QkurZ 26 days ago

    ja pitaus govorit po angliyski

  • Timber P
    Timber P 26 days ago +1

    Thousands of people: БЛЯТЬ

    I have Russian keyboard on my phone cause school

  • Вирус
    Вирус 26 days ago

    Когда ты русский и знаешь их значение.

  • cam llaudert
    cam llaudert 26 days ago +4

    So pretty much it is the equivalent to the english "Oh my Gosh"

  • Pvntellus
    Pvntellus 27 days ago


  • MrRey
    MrRey 28 days ago +4

    As somebody, who grew up with Russian language, and somebody who lives damn close to it, I approve this video. It's hilarious
    10\10 дайте два!

  • Имя Фамилия
    Имя Фамилия 29 days ago

    вы заметили что на превью пожилая билибаба?

  • Gerti Gegollari
    Gerti Gegollari 29 days ago

    0:41 tho....

  • lie.
    lie. 29 days ago

    Хде русские?(((

  • soulassassin0g
    soulassassin0g Month ago

    Lada > any disgusting western car

  • Coleman Greer
    Coleman Greer Month ago +2

    I love the anomaly clips in this video, he’s taught me how to swear in many different languages over the years

  • CrippledMerc
    CrippledMerc Month ago +2

    8:44 Umm I don’t think there’s many protests in Russia period...

  • CrippledMerc
    CrippledMerc Month ago

    So kinda like fuck in english. It can be used for basically anything you want.

  • TheBlackHawk 45
    TheBlackHawk 45 Month ago +1

    Cyka blyat!!!!!

  • Mystery Bro
    Mystery Bro Month ago

    0:21 pewdewpie's fuck's komputer

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago +1

    Я русский лул)
    Cyka blyat


    Кто русский (украинский)

  • Josiah Artis
    Josiah Artis Month ago

    Wait why did you play soviet union's anthem at the end with Russian Federation's flag?

  • rasul Ghasemy
    rasul Ghasemy Month ago

    ONLY 0:40