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  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    Officers respond to a call regarding several horses that crossed the road and went into the neighbor's yard. Police help them to cross the road to safety in this clip from "10.05.19". #LivePD
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Comments • 553

  • A&E
    A&E  Month ago +40

    Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!

    • PRVT-Goezt YT
      PRVT-Goezt YT Month ago +2

      Me: See comment from 3 days ago and video was uploaded today
      Hold up sum ain’t right

    • Sekrit
      Sekrit Month ago

      Uploaded on oct 21 but the comment was made 2 days ago.. hmmmmmm

  • Bunne Rabb
    Bunne Rabb 4 hours ago

    ♫♪ hey mister, can you help my pony ♪♫

  • Vladpryde
    Vladpryde 6 days ago

    There is always a great wanderer who knows all, named Joe.
    Be like Joe.

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  • 1234constantine
    1234constantine 8 days ago

    Those horses were bored, They needed some excitement. Idle hooves.

  • louandlilly Typhoon
    louandlilly Typhoon 9 days ago

    I’m from Montana, and we have the highest meth RATE out of every state, Missoula is an odd town to film live pd in however because Missoula is definitely more of a wholesome low crime town compared to some of our cities 🙈

  • Demented Kennel
    Demented Kennel 10 days ago

    The one mule is beautiful. I own one myself and absolutely love them.

  • Cordella
    Cordella 15 days ago

    Welcome to Montana. Where we ride horses to school

  • Star Wars Fool
    Star Wars Fool 16 days ago

    H O R S I E S. :D :D

  • Shane Banzet
    Shane Banzet 17 days ago +1

    I live in Missoula, I’ve been waiting for a&e to upload a Missoula clip! Lol I love this town.

  • David Whittaker
    David Whittaker 21 day ago

    have u seen them before? what u doing? come on hahaha

  • Beth M
    Beth M 21 day ago +1

    Please Slow Down: Horse Crossing
    I can’t. This is too cute.

  • Carole Smith
    Carole Smith 23 days ago

    Cop: there's six horses in your yard.
    Me: can I keep them?

  • Yuri Harck
    Yuri Harck 26 days ago

    I would love to come home and find six horses in my yard!!!

  • Austin T.
    Austin T. 29 days ago

    Man I miss Montana. Missoula specifically.

  • FemaleAnimeMaster
    FemaleAnimeMaster Month ago

    These horses could cooperate better than most people with the police lol

  • Dillan Geiser
    Dillan Geiser Month ago

    It’s not illegal claim those horses

  • AmericanPatriot 1776

    God bless you guys. You just treat them with respect and they will do okay. Now as far as the OWNER. She needs to be flogged, beaten, and imprisoned with a ball and chain around her ankle and an axe to break up rocks.

  • Killuminati Killuminati

    Arrest them horses

  • rexlive1
    rexlive1 Month ago

    I would be so happy to come home to six horses in my yard ☺️

  • Willa Herrera
    Willa Herrera Month ago

    You know that horse with the Mohawk is the ringleader and TROUBLE MAKER

  • Willa Herrera
    Willa Herrera Month ago


  • ItsJustSharma
    ItsJustSharma Month ago

    I could have sworn sherrif captains have like desk jobs and even if they do go out, they have like plain clothes instead of full uniform...

  • Noah Loving Life
    Noah Loving Life Month ago

    I'm 100% sure one horse looks High

  • Kena Noblé
    Kena Noblé Month ago

    They’re beautiful ❤️

  • brooklyn
    brooklyn Month ago

    Imagine the cops calling you to say they Locked up 5 horses In your fence

  • Eric Jay
    Eric Jay Month ago


  • The truth Haha
    The truth Haha Month ago

    👮 what are you doing

  • Kool Aid Cobain
    Kool Aid Cobain Month ago

    Read Dead Redemption III.

  • Amanda Barry
    Amanda Barry Month ago

    awww that cop tho so sweet "cmon now whatcha doing huh" lol and the horse was just like "ok,sir we're sorry, c'mon guys" lol 😍😍😍😍

  • Chris E
    Chris E Month ago

    Beautiful animals, obviously well-kept - just not quite securely enough.😆 Sure glad nothing happened to them❗️I guess Montana cops are used to this?

  • Rob yo fat cheeto eatin azz

    Beautiful animals ❤🐎

  • Nicole Shett
    Nicole Shett Month ago

    Love how it’s all first name basis too lmfao like only 4 people live in town.

  • Hannah Slabodnik
    Hannah Slabodnik Month ago

    Love this. Live pd always surprises me 💕💕😂

    • A&E
      A&E  Month ago +1

      Hi Hannah Slabodnik! Thanks for watching #LivePD with us!

  • Bryce Crowley
    Bryce Crowley Month ago

    2:53 isn’t that one a donkey?

  • Officer Friendly
    Officer Friendly Month ago

    That looks like a nice area to work in

  • N B
    N B Month ago

    *Good news* : There’s 6 horses in your front yard so you don’t have to mow your lawn this week.
    *Bad news* :You don’t have to fertilize it etiher.

  • maxkeif4420
    maxkeif4420 Month ago

    So.. who's joe exaclty?

  • Sound Hound
    Sound Hound Month ago

    In Alberta this is called Tuesday.

  • Sahaj Dhungana
    Sahaj Dhungana Month ago

    I’m glad they got the situation stable

  • Dominick Justave
    Dominick Justave Month ago

    Mt 😃😃😃

  • Joel Schroeder
    Joel Schroeder Month ago

    Those are healthy looking horses

  • Cris Mendoza
    Cris Mendoza Month ago

    Justice wasn’t served

  • Marco Galvan
    Marco Galvan Month ago

    That was definitely a drug mule

  • fpshooterful
    fpshooterful Month ago

    I know a good glue factory.

  • Random User
    Random User Month ago

    Horses outlived their usefulness the say after the internal combustion engine was invented

  • Osvaldo Martinez
    Osvaldo Martinez Month ago

    They should get a trespass citation

  • frankferd
    frankferd Month ago

    Little did they know Jimmie and his buddy just stole allot of horse's

  • Cesaro iS The Name
    Cesaro iS The Name Month ago

    Beautiful animals , glad no car crash..

  • Vickie Stanley
    Vickie Stanley Month ago

    One is a mule and they just want to stretch out a little. They also needed some greens in their diet or whatever other treats they could find.

  • John Menyhard
    John Menyhard Month ago

    Look both ways lol

  • dog guy
    dog guy Month ago

    You know these cops would have stopped these travellers if they were white

  • dog guy
    dog guy Month ago

    "Road pirate stops travelers and detains them without just cause"

  • audacity
    audacity Month ago

    Didn’t even pat or check the horses...

  • Mr Debunker
    Mr Debunker Month ago

    No one mentioned those weren't all horses. There was at least one mule, or I guess the "strange looking" horse :)

  • DonziGT230
    DonziGT230 Month ago

    The dude in the green truck just scored some free horses, after the cops leave.

  • Red Stone
    Red Stone Month ago

    Cops got nothing better to do than horseing around smh

  • The Andrew Show
    The Andrew Show Month ago

    This is horseplay.

  • .m.
    .m. Month ago

    "seven horses were seen leaving a known drug trafficking pasture, one of them isn't being cooperative, over"

  • Jay.
    Jay. Month ago

    Joe straight mvp.