The All Time Best Rat Trap I Have Ever Tested. Dunk The Rat Trap In Action.

  • The All Time Best Rat Trap I Have Ever Tested. Dunk The Rat Trap In Action.
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Comments • 80

  • Joeseph Dallaire
    Joeseph Dallaire 6 days ago

    How does this compare to the Uhlik Repeater ?

  • Daniel
    Daniel 7 days ago

    With all the traps he uses, you would think his rodent problem would have gone away by now.

  • Manny O’brien
    Manny O’brien 9 days ago

    7:01 ok now that mice obviously committed suicide.

  • Naomi Quillen
    Naomi Quillen 15 days ago

    How do I order

    • Jesus The Shepherd
      Jesus The Shepherd Hour ago

      ebay: Drunk a rat is the big one for rats/squirels. Walk a flank is for mouse

  • crystalwolf2006
    crystalwolf2006 18 days ago

    Great review! Just ordered me one, thank you so much!

  • fairamir1
    fairamir1 Month ago

    Why was he catching squirrels ?

  • Clarkys Cutters
    Clarkys Cutters Month ago

    Love the kill ones heheh

  • Mascotal
    Mascotal Month ago

    Jezuz Shawn, you got some blue ribbon sized rats there.

  • Fast Internet
    Fast Internet Month ago

    Drink the water

  • Margaret Mathis
    Margaret Mathis 2 months ago

    Shawn, this is an old video - I don’t know if you check for messages, but I have a question for you. We don’t have a rodent infestation, but are visited by the occasional rat or mouse. I like this type of trap for rats, especially with your modifications (have already had success with the Hoont mouse version for mice, open bucket). We have bird feeders out (the food is stored in the house) year round, and pretty sure this does attract some vermin. But have also been heartbroken in the past when I have killed several songbirds using various traps outside. I thought that the Hoont trap with water would be good as birds could fly out if they go dunked. Sadly....there is a Goldfinch-floater in my bucket😢 this morning. We don’t have a barn or shed or other enclosed outdoor place to set up a trap that would isolate this trap from birds, so was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to modify this trap so the birds wouldn’t be interested in it, but the rats and mice would still go inside.

  • Mike Rose
    Mike Rose 3 months ago +1

    Would it be a good idea to super glue bate to the end of the plant so it doesn’t fall into the water? What els could someone do to make sure all the bait doesn’t go to waste?

  • Blaze -
    Blaze - 3 months ago

    Rat: *doesn't get killed*

    Happy rat noises

    MYCOOLI1 3 months ago

    damn squirrels are shitting all over and chewing everything this be good spray paint the top with a clear coat water will run off it

  • Rod Loucks
    Rod Loucks 3 months ago

    I set up a plank trap just like that but it doesn't swivel. I sit quietly in the dark at the far wall and pick them off with my 22.

  • Jaime Levine
    Jaime Levine 3 months ago

    Will it get roof rats?

  • plumeria66
    plumeria66 3 months ago

    So sad that the ecosystem outdoors is no longer in place where rodents have plenty of predators like bobcats and foxes.

  • plumeria66
    plumeria66 3 months ago

    Mass produce this and sell them at Home Depot.

  • Koffee Bat
    Koffee Bat 3 months ago

    Definitely will try this on our farm, but won't be drowning them like that.

  • White Noise
    White Noise 3 months ago

    This guy must live in LA ??

  • White Noise
    White Noise 3 months ago

    Why are you drowning Squirrels? How are they causing issues??

  • S H
    S H 3 months ago

    Catch rats ALIVE and take them to the city...

  • Joeseph Dirt
    Joeseph Dirt 4 months ago

    I'm disappointed you didn't show the trail cam

  • LucMaster
    LucMaster 4 months ago

    But I thought rats could swim. They can tread water for three days without problems.

  • Richie Zombie
    Richie Zombie 4 months ago

    I like the Mods you made.

  • No I can’t
    No I can’t 4 months ago

    6:37 is that the buff rat from ratatouille?

  • Cactinae’s Corner
    Cactinae’s Corner 4 months ago

    Poor rats but hey now we have ratatouille! I love these videos.

  • Wayne lawson
    Wayne lawson 4 months ago

    Doesn't the bait all fall in too?

    • Rod Loucks
      Rod Loucks 3 months ago


    • EmilyAuto
      EmilyAuto 4 months ago

      It's peanut butter, it sticks to the surface

  • William M
    William M 4 months ago

    It didn't work for me. I tried it with a lid and without a lid. I gradually set it more sensitive each night like the vid said and even when I got the screws all the way out they still come and eat everything and no rats in the can. Not exactly my best investment ever.

  • Blueberry Txrt
    Blueberry Txrt 4 months ago

    6:30 “ MOVE BISSSHHHh!!!!! “

  • J_ Lo
    J_ Lo 4 months ago

    Why are you killing Squirrels, and not eating them?
    I was a Sub, keyword..........was

  • Lonnie Christopher
    Lonnie Christopher 4 months ago

    ....I'm having a horrid squirrel problem....5 different traps set, Conibear, tube- trap, standard rat trap and Have- a- Hart cage......bait keeps disappearing.......So this new idea may work

  • constitutionalist79
    constitutionalist79 4 months ago

    Shawn, why does your barn have so many mice & rats? Will you ever be able to kill them all?

  • RyanToBeFunny
    RyanToBeFunny 4 months ago

    i love these videos but i also have to skip the kill trap ones because im weak and mice are good boys

  • The Scoop!
    The Scoop! 4 months ago

    I hope you're getting affiliate commissions on this. You'd be rich. You deserve to be.

  • janzgar1
    janzgar1 4 months ago +1

    Can't you donate the rodents to some reptile store or something?

  • kermit
    kermit 4 months ago

    The rat knocked the mouse of the ramp

  • jbtonka
    jbtonka 5 months ago

    Amazon has very poor reviews... most say they recieved the smaller mouse version.

  • robert sanchez
    robert sanchez 5 months ago

    what did you use for attract rat

  • jeannine grant
    jeannine grant 5 months ago

    Victor electric trap 40.oo at home depot oatmeal @s b@it 1min de@d

  • Aleecia Star
    Aleecia Star 5 months ago

    “Theres a big ol’ rat”
    I don’t know why but i laughed so hard at that lol

    MR DUCKY :D 6 months ago

    It should be called the yeet trap

  • Isaac Boulter
    Isaac Boulter 7 months ago

    Thanks for filling your wonderfully specific niche of the Internet Shawn! I think this trap will be just the ticket for taking care of our family's unwanted visitors.

  • chuck guerin
    chuck guerin 7 months ago

    You blah blah ed to long. I believe you but only have so much time. Thumbs up!

  • Christian Jimenez
    Christian Jimenez 7 months ago

    Don t kill them release them far away

  • Cannondale2019
    Cannondale2019 7 months ago +1

    I prefer electrocuting rats. It’s easy. No mess

  • Steve Cox
    Steve Cox 7 months ago

    I bought of these, even bought the same exact garbage can from Home Depot but it's not working. I set it up with the plank locked like you suggested, to give the rats a chance to get used to it. But none of the rats are venturing out onto the plank. They just hang out on the safe end. I've had it set up for over a week now and I've night after night of video of the rats running up the ramp and stopping at the edge of the plank and nibbling on some of the bait there. They never venture out to the large pile of bait I've got on the end of the ramp. It sits there untouched. I've been trying peanut butter, bird food, sunflower seeds, raw chicken. Nothing seems to be tempting enough to lure them fully onto the dunking plank. Are rats in the PNW just that smarter than other parts of the country? Help!!!

  • Kutta Kyte
    Kutta Kyte 7 months ago

    I bought one. It didn't work for me. Mice were still able to get to the end of the plank and eat the peanut butter, and the plank didn't tip. I tried to adjust the plank to make it more sensitive but it seems 'my mice' are too light in weight to make the plank tip. Got a full refund and got a humane mouse trap.

  • simqlyanimal
    simqlyanimal 7 months ago

    I have rats and I think I might use this :D thank YoU

  • mcpe3x with Angelo
    mcpe3x with Angelo 7 months ago

    Get wet of here i mean get the vet in here

  • Sam Manalili
    Sam Manalili 7 months ago

    needs a deep well ...the rat manages to leap out after it falls into the bucket.

    • C G
      C G 3 months ago

      @Rod Loucks
      gopher cure self!

    • Rod Loucks
      Rod Loucks 3 months ago

      Bucket? What are you talkin about he used a garbage can with a lid.

  • Bret V
    Bret V 8 months ago

    Ok. But why on earth would you want to kill squirrels?

  • StoryFell!Chara
    StoryFell!Chara 8 months ago


  • DuddisNoob Yay
    DuddisNoob Yay 8 months ago +2

    Why whould you kill squirrels they are just friendly wildlife in the forests?

  • apemonekeyman
    apemonekeyman 8 months ago

    7:21 rat soup

  • Iva
    Iva 8 months ago

    when there were 2 small mice and then a HUGE RAT came up LORDDDTT

  • Ojai Haunt
    Ojai Haunt 8 months ago

    We made ours today! I can’t wait to see how many we catch. Thanks

  • Robert Emerson
    Robert Emerson 8 months ago

    It's so satisfying watching those nasty bastards getting dunked! They're of absolutely no use other than food for other animals and they can still fulfill that duty after caught. I just can't condone catching squirrels because I raised one from a baby and have love for them. I worked as a video, internet, and phone installer and had to replace many cables from telephone poles to houses due to squirrel chew. So I should dislike them more than most people. Stick to the mice and rats bro!

  • Irish Gip
    Irish Gip 8 months ago

    Dude. Just ordered two. Came home to tomato plants and apricot tree bare from squirrel. I pray this works!!!

    • Irish Gip
      Irish Gip 8 months ago

      DuddisNoob Yay cause I’m a hunter and that vermin is a scavenger. Words to gospel, Only the strong survive

    • DuddisNoob Yay
      DuddisNoob Yay 8 months ago

      Don’t use this trap it kills the squirrels how do they even harm people?

  • Carl Hoffman
    Carl Hoffman 8 months ago

    haven't got one rat to, um, fall for this yet. running out of options and don't want to use poison. how do you prevent them from eating their way out of the plastic garbage can? our compost bin and all the neighbors' garbage cans have been eaten into.

  • Pluto The wolf
    Pluto The wolf 9 months ago +1

    -oof- let me refrace that awesome

  • Natasha T.
    Natasha T. 9 months ago

    Bully rat

  • Tyler Marshall
    Tyler Marshall 9 months ago

    Hey!!! Ef you for drowing them. Smh

  • JM V
    JM V 9 months ago

    please a 2nd part of this video :D

  • Derek Kirchinger
    Derek Kirchinger 9 months ago

    Need a nuck

  • Kauã Barreto
    Kauã Barreto 9 months ago


  • Michael B
    Michael B 9 months ago

    I wonder if there is a big enough version for Hillary Clinton

  • Noel Joya
    Noel Joya 9 months ago

    DAME Shawn your smart asf

  • Of Course Little Boi
    Of Course Little Boi 9 months ago

    At 6:28 the rat was being a bully and pushed the mouse off the ramp. He ended up saving him accidentally and killing himself.

  • Naomi Coraggio
    Naomi Coraggio 9 months ago

    I'm surprised there were a couple that just dropped themselves in on purpose

  • No I can’t
    No I can’t 9 months ago +1

    6:30 surprise motha f*cka
    *5 seconds later*

  • Zacko Wacko
    Zacko Wacko 9 months ago

    Isn't that a shock for the trash-man.

  • Bruno Novais
    Bruno Novais 10 months ago

    they only want food

  • Flying Potato
    Flying Potato 10 months ago

    Why would you drown squirrels ?

  • Sharon R
    Sharon R 10 months ago

    I have set mine up like your's but the trap will not spring back and i have had no rats caught, it has been three weeks now using all kinds of bait but the bait is taken without catching them.. any advice please?? Thank you

  • Misty Meadows
    Misty Meadows 10 months ago

    That was AWESOME!

  • JckSwan
    JckSwan 10 months ago

    Well that was a massacre.

  • F. De Mascio
    F. De Mascio 10 months ago

    I bought this right after your original posting of this video.
    Caught ZERO rats.
    At least I helped an American producer.
    Too bad the Canadian trap I recently bought after one of your videos hasn't caught a rat yet either.

  • Charlie Farson
    Charlie Farson 10 months ago


  • Renee Tevis
    Renee Tevis 10 months ago

    Omgggg they are so big!!!

  • Gerry Cooney
    Gerry Cooney 10 months ago +148

    Thank you. Do you make larger ones that can be used in Congress?

    • woodsie5474
      woodsie5474 4 months ago

      I don't think they make a garbage can that will hold 250 people, unfortunately. But at least 10 would be a good start to prove the theory that they would fall for bait. If you could get the worst 100 out it would be a miracle.

    • Jonathan Krauss
      Jonathan Krauss 6 months ago +2

      I just busted out laughing with that one!! Too funny!! 😀

    • skiby
      skiby 7 months ago +2

      Lmao good one

    • Samin Latif
      Samin Latif 8 months ago

      bruh moment

    • Steve Perri
      Steve Perri 9 months ago +20

      Instead of peanut butter and seeds you could glue a dollar bill to the end of the plank.