Top 8 Features of Apple Watch Series 5!

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Apple Watch Series 5 is finally available! We picked up a few models to highlight the top features coming to the fifth-generation Apple Watch!
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Comments • 181

  • AppleInsider
    AppleInsider  Month ago +13

    Apple Watch Series 5 is ON SALE now at B&H ➡️
    And at Amazon ➡️
    Save 50% at Sprint ➡️

    • palekeleke
      palekeleke 28 days ago

      I bought the series 5, but I notice that the battery drains very fast. I restarted the watch, and finally I unlinked it from my iphone and set it up as a new Apple Watch from scratch and the problem still continues. If you can make a video solving this problem I will appreciate it.

    • Sesh G
      Sesh G Month ago

      AppleInsider what model was that you used to review?

  • Elizabeth Stenhouse

    Is there a fast re charge up way for this watch?

  • Elizabeth Stenhouse

    Got watch 5 for falls and health. Disappointed how it unlinked itself from phone when battery power went low unexpectedly. Don’t know how to start it again. Have put back on charge up.

  • Jrvisualz
    Jrvisualz 2 days ago

    I had the version 1 decided to buy the series 5 and I’m in love

  • jajkc
    jajkc 4 days ago +3

    I’ll stick with the series 4, this really isn’t worth the upgrade.

  • Bojo David
    Bojo David 7 days ago +1

    Got mine the other. Definitely the best smart watch I’ve ever owned

  • Mahone Lover
    Mahone Lover 8 days ago

    I got the S5 cellular aluminium & i love ittt first i was like arrgg i hate it but lovin itt

  • Dharshan
    Dharshan 8 days ago +1

    Can the Apple Watch Series 5 track cricket like my other workouts?

  • Risky Whiskey
    Risky Whiskey 9 days ago

    You need a better mic to get some good sound quality

  • Erwin Claes
    Erwin Claes 11 days ago +1

    I was considering buying an Apple Watch Series 5. But if these are the TOP 8 features, I don't see why I would buy one :s

  • Uzair Arshad
    Uzair Arshad 11 days ago +1

    Finally the Apple Watch series 5 is out, which means that the series 4 will be cheaper. Now I can finally afford a used series 1

  • mauricesj66
    mauricesj66 13 days ago +3

    Where is the band you are using on your apple watch from?

  • Ocean Tomkins
    Ocean Tomkins 16 days ago

    This is my first Apple Watch, awesome I bought the aluminium space grey. I wanted it for the ECG but I believe it is not available in Australia yet. I just recently had a mini stroke and now have a pace maker put in. This little device is also handy if I have another fall. Good work Apple 🍎, I came across from Samsung.

  • Jerry Parks
    Jerry Parks 16 days ago

    Very disappointed on what the series 5 does. I don’t think I will buy. May instead buy the series 4.

  • Jeffrey Dempster
    Jeffrey Dempster 17 days ago +2

    Not my battery. A little over a day I’m charging it again.🙄

      WILLIAM 7 days ago

      Jeffrey Dempster Charge it at night

  • Glorious Bobby
    Glorious Bobby 18 days ago +1

    This watch doesn't seem worth the price or even close

    • Tech Is Life
      Tech Is Life 16 days ago

      It’s the “S” version of the 4 there’s no other way to explain it. Because as we could remember, all the S versions of iPhones do not come with the biggest upgrades, and that’s how I feel this Watch is this year

  • Ikko Mikura
    Ikko Mikura 18 days ago +1

    I got one today! Stainless steel case and band. First Apple Watch ever ☺️

  • Iñaki Campomanes
    Iñaki Campomanes 22 days ago +2

    The always on screen is superb. I didn't think I was going to love it so much, but in fact is amazing.

    • kdshenderson
      kdshenderson 12 days ago

      Iñaki Campomanes yes I traded in my series 4 just for that feature alone

  • Loretta Bridges
    Loretta Bridges 23 days ago +2

    The fall detector is a selling feature for seniors.

  • Victoria
    Victoria 24 days ago

    I'm incredibly disappointed about the lack of improvements to battery life and no addition of on board sleep tracking. I have the ORIGINAL apple watch and these have been my gripes since 2015. I really hoped for more in the 6th iteration of the watch....I know this means that these change MUST come in 2020 because how could they not? But my apple watch is completely obsolete and I don't know if I want to wait another year.

  • TheFemaleCritic
    TheFemaleCritic 25 days ago +1

    Unpopular opinion warning: I have the series 3 and wanted to upgrade once the 5 came out but there’s no point for me. I love the way series 5 looks but all the features I need, I have with my 3. I will still upgrade because like I said, I like the look, but I’m in no rush considering I have several bands and cases anyways. I feel like you’d be paying just to say you have one. Hell, if it weren’t for the crown, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. 😂

  • Chet Dillenbeck
    Chet Dillenbeck 27 days ago

    Overpriced POS like the previous watches

  • 3Deez3
    3Deez3 27 days ago +5

    Apple takes about 4-5 generations to get things just right. I think I’m gonna get this as my 1st Apple Watch.

    • Bruce Leroy
      Bruce Leroy 16 days ago

      You can use your BBC as a compass

    • GreenTea
      GreenTea 24 days ago

      3Deez3 I have a Series 1, didn’t find it necessary to upgrade until this Series 5

  • z khaleesi
    z khaleesi 28 days ago

    I really want this Apple Watch for my birthday present next month 😭😭

  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson 28 days ago +6

    As an outdoor dude. The compass and EMS (Emergengy Medical Services) are a major selling point.

  • Raju Kalandi
    Raju Kalandi 28 days ago

    Raja. Kandi

  • lloyd blood
    lloyd blood 28 days ago

    Good video, but since the update my series 4 does not respond like before, gone back to my Casio mudman, tried to get in contact with Apple California, no one listened then put me on the phone to India, then NZ finally gave up. $ 800 dollar watch doing jack

  • The Cut
    The Cut 29 days ago

    The titantium is really a game changer

  • mike baublitz
    mike baublitz 29 days ago

    Still can’t play music from speaker

  • Lama Cana
    Lama Cana 29 days ago +2

    Can you take a shower daily with it?
    Without getting any long therm damage?

    • Mihnea Lazăr
      Mihnea Lazăr 26 days ago

      I wouldn’t. I have the series 4 and I don’t even want to wet it 🤣. I Brice my IP67 iPhone in just some rain so...

    • xxle 1204
      xxle 1204 27 days ago +1

      Lama Cana yes but avoid getting soap in it. Might ruin glue that is making it waterproof.

  • Janie Luna
    Janie Luna 29 days ago +1

    Got mine September 20 beautiful and loving it

  • VS nat
    VS nat 29 days ago +1

    I still can’t mute my voice in an active call, can I ?
    A very primitive feature.!!

    • Elizabeth Stenhouse
      Elizabeth Stenhouse Day ago

      Ashley Giarratano how do you record voice on Watch5? I see your answer on how to mute the voice in an active call. Thanks

    • VS nat
      VS nat 16 days ago

      Ashley Giarratano mute mic on watch ? Yes I know we can. But mute AirPods from watch ? Big no. Atleast not happening for me.

    • Ashley Giarratano
      Ashley Giarratano 16 days ago

      VS nat yes you can mute your mic on it and you can silence incoming calls on the watch and phone by placing your palm over the watch face. You can also record calls on your watch recorder while on your phone

  • Paul Szilard
    Paul Szilard 29 days ago

    Got my Series 5 Stainless Steel model 2 days ago. I am a "light" user - as in hardly done any hands on activities, or heart rate check etc. yet in 12 hrs it has battery level of only 52%. My Series 3 Cellular would have about 70% left after an 18 hr day. Should I worry??? What are other people's actual real world experience?

    BNH DELUXE 29 days ago +18

    Watches in 1980: *tells time*
    Watches in 2019: *calls people, turns on lights, etc*
    Cars in 2019: *drive*
    Cars in 2080: *literally reverses climate change*

    • Imgutc2
      Imgutc2 10 days ago

      Fun fact cars emit co2 plants eat co2 drive your car more to create more oxygen .... or ignore the science and go with al gores made up bullshit 😭🤣

    • gerald heckathorn
      gerald heckathorn 18 days ago


    • ShayanZ_YT
      ShayanZ_YT 18 days ago

      @gerald heckathorn then stop buying apple products???

    • gerald heckathorn
      gerald heckathorn 21 day ago

      Stop worrying about climate Change unless you can make India and China stop polluting

    • Danielle M
      Danielle M 21 day ago

      BNH DELUXE I thought the lithium and cobalt they mined was bad for the climate?

  • Lord Byron
    Lord Byron 29 days ago +1

    “ is this enough to make you want to jump to the Apple Watch series 5?!..... “ No!

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores 29 days ago +2

    I’m getting the S5 aluminum gps from not having any Apple Watch before, I’m excited what it has to offer. 😊

  • Lisa Parker
    Lisa Parker Month ago

    This Will Be My Very First Apple Watch. Will Get Next Week. Cannot Wait.

  • Caocao8888
    Caocao8888 Month ago +5

    The noir face on AW Hèrmes is Justin Trudeau's favorite.

    • Caocao8888
      Caocao8888 29 days ago

      Mine too... I've had it for a couple of days now. The Noir Hermès watch face is gorgeous!

  • Richard Ivanoff
    Richard Ivanoff Month ago +1

    I was seriously considering buying my first Apple watch buy I decided to put the $1000 of my selected watch towards a Rolex Daytona Panda.

  • Ashi
    Ashi Month ago +6

    That red/black combo is sexy as hell!

  • Brew G4
    Brew G4 Month ago +1

    I have a galaxy watch and a Samsung S8 I'm due an upgrade i was thinking iPhone 11 with the series 5 watch, will i regret switching?

    • Super_7Ace
      Super_7Ace 26 days ago

      Yup, wait for next year, next years iphone would be far better than the 11pro.

  • Steven Michael
    Steven Michael Month ago

    Rubbish! Keep your money in your pocket. Your IPhone already has these features.

  • Santiago Quihui
    Santiago Quihui Month ago +4

    “Top 8 features”: The only 8 features series 4 doesn’t have

  • K• Champrice Williams


    • Mike
      Mike 28 days ago

      Where’s the review then ?

  • Dr RhigEX
    Dr RhigEX Month ago +1

    Been waiting for the right time to jump on the train, this ain’t it chief

  • Greg Farello
    Greg Farello Month ago +1

    Can i pick you up instead?

  • Sophia
    Sophia Month ago +3

    Where is that red AirPods case from

  • Michael Tolhurst
    Michael Tolhurst Month ago

    hey man, your video quality is great but your audio quality sucks man. Maybe upgrade on your mic?? Great vid by the way

  • Juan Racines
    Juan Racines Month ago

    To play sports, which one do you recommend?

  • Ray Gun
    Ray Gun Month ago

    Meh.. have the 4, and these 8 features do not warrant buying a new series.
    If they improve the watch face customization that allows us to put more complications on custom face, I would get a new series. Otherwise, series 4 is already good enough :)

    • 6806goats1
      6806goats1 Month ago

      Yeah, wouldn’t be worth going from an S4 to a 5. Bought my refurb S2 in 2017 so I think I’ll get a 5, keep the 2 for the heck of it. Maybe my bro could use it.

  • The Way
    The Way Month ago +1

    And shortly after getting my Watch Series 4.....

    • Mike
      Mike 28 days ago

      Well that’s your own fault. They release these watches the same time every year. Should have just waited.

  • Jason Kressen
    Jason Kressen Month ago +5

    Just got my 5 from Sprint and upgraded from a 2..... Honestly it's the same damn thing 😭

    • Jason Kressen
      Jason Kressen 4 days ago

      The speed is relatively the same in my opinion and the always on screen was a cool upgrade but I wouldn't be happy if I paid full price. Got mine from sprint for 50%, I'm not disappointed for that price.

    • Z RapidFire
      Z RapidFire 20 days ago +1

      Same thing?? I think you’re just messing around.
      I just upgraded from a series 3.. and the difference is awesome!!
      I love the always on display! Plus that extra 2MM is fantastic, I’m sure the upcoming updates and firmware will bring even more features so I’m pretty excited about that!
      Keeping my iPhone XS along the side, until next years iPhone. 👏🏻💯

    • Dávid Kristóf
      Dávid Kristóf 27 days ago

      M. H yeah mine also is “preparing” since last night. I hope I’ll get it this week. 🤩🙈 good luck for you too

    • M. H
      M. H 27 days ago

      Dávid Kristóf I got the Nike+ Apple Watch and October 7th is the scheduled release(?) date. I checked yesterday and the regular Apple Watch shows an estimate of oct 4th for my address (Alberta, Canada). I guess just keep checking the order progress 🤣 that’s what I’ve been doing even though I know it’s going to be around the 7th... (okay just checked rn and it says my watch is “preparing to ship”)

    • Dávid Kristóf
      Dávid Kristóf 28 days ago

      M. H do you think that they’ll send it sooner than the date they gave? I’m really hoping to get mine earlier than 1-9 of October

  • Nathan Davies
    Nathan Davies Month ago +3

    Apple just takes the same product and renames it every year😂

  • Nathan Davies
    Nathan Davies Month ago

    Galaxy watch all the way

  • Lightning bolt
    Lightning bolt Month ago

    Yooooo am I the only person who wants Netflix on the series 6 bro just imagine how useful and awesome that would be literally that’s the only thing that the series 5 is missing, yo drop a like if you want Netflix and RUclip on the Apple Watch series 6

  • cheryl arnold
    cheryl arnold Month ago +3

    I needed to see how the ECG works That is the main feature for me Bought one yesterday

  • Lachie Goldwhy
    Lachie Goldwhy Month ago +1

    Should I get and Apple Watch series 5 or 4?
    I have never had a Apple Watch before.
    Also do you know if the Apple Watch series 5 will work with a iPhone 6?

    • Julia Bradford
      Julia Bradford 19 days ago

      Lachie Goldwhy I can tell you that they aren’t selling the 4 anymore. Only the 3 and 5.

  • LifeWithDre
    LifeWithDre Month ago

    All these watches is the same

  • Jackie Horn
    Jackie Horn Month ago +2

    does that panic button work off gps or only cell service. I am a hiker, not always near cell service.

  • Zulaiha Rizvik
    Zulaiha Rizvik Month ago

    Whatever happens its the best smart watch in the market