Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Skywalker vs Kylo Ren

  • Luke appears and confronts the First Order to allow the surviving Resistance to escape. Kylo orders the First Order's forces to fire on Luke, but they fail to harm him.

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  • ShaggyMan98
    ShaggyMan98 3 hours ago

    Those cutaways were at the wrong times lmao

  • Chief 34
    Chief 34 5 hours ago

    Those AT-AT's look intimidating

  • Mikołaj Geritz
    Mikołaj Geritz 10 hours ago

    Favorite moment in the entire movie

  • kevin shirley
    kevin shirley 12 hours ago

    Luke VS Disney!

  • Quyết Nguyễn Quý
    Quyết Nguyễn Quý 15 hours ago

    con mực to bằng trái đất-- nghịch ngu có ngày nó tới tự chịu =))) REN

  • Riley Nash
    Riley Nash 16 hours ago

    This movie is so shit... the new star wars movies have destroyed what it once was. This movie is udder shît

  • Hanz
    Hanz 16 hours ago

    4:21 tf2 be like

  • Dana Hoxie
    Dana Hoxie 18 hours ago

    I personally like seeing reys hair down. I think she’s so beautiful, but I’m perfectly fine with her putting it back in the triple knot style if that is what she wants

  • Ramim R4321
    Ramim R4321 22 hours ago

    He looks like professor snape 😂

  • Jango Fett
    Jango Fett Day ago

    We wanted a dope ass lightsaber fight. We were prepared for luke to die but we wanted to see him go out in a badass way. Not just fucking vanish. Literally the worst star wars movie. I would've rather watched a jar jar origin movie than this garbage

  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous Day ago +2

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find themselves being "put off" of Ray's character in these Star Wars movies, due to her looking too much like Harry Styles?

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi Day ago

    Luke didn't had the High Ground.

  • stanley lee
    stanley lee Day ago +1

    Luke Skywalker has been redeemed🙌🏾👑

  • TimeScepter
    TimeScepter 2 days ago +1

    He died like obi wan Ken obi

  • Light Knight
    Light Knight 2 days ago

    The only thing good about the movie was the soundtrack of John Williams

  • Wakanda FOREVA
    Wakanda FOREVA 2 days ago

    At 4:50, the theme when Rey defeated palpatine

  • Sebastian Reyes
    Sebastian Reyes 2 days ago

    Porg be chillin

  • Breezy Mink
    Breezy Mink 2 days ago +2

    Imagine... in Rise Of Skywalker, Han shows up to Ben. They have their conversation. Then the camera pans around, showing Luke’s ghost there too. The camera continues to pan even more and the audience sees Leia. They’re all together again. They are all their for Ben’s redemption. Not only would this be an awesome scene, but it would also show the audience that they all died trying to bring Ben back to the light.

    • Val Mid
      Val Mid Day ago

      Then it took a sequel to do it!

  • Josue Blancas
    Josue Blancas 3 days ago

    How dare he talk to his uncle like that

  • Leo Cooper
    Leo Cooper 3 days ago +1

    Why did u cut so many things out wtf is wrong with you

    THE LAST JEDI 3 days ago

    Amazing.... The war is just beginning! :D

  • discman15
    discman15 3 days ago

    Remember when we thought nothing could be worse than this?

  • OrangeGamer9787
    OrangeGamer9787 3 days ago


    The problem about the sequels are that they didn't have a huge conflict. After running outta ideas, in TROS they(disney) needed something good so they just brought in a weird idea to get palpatine back , LOL if there was no prequel or original trilogy then the sequels would just be bad.
    Conclusion- The prequels and the originals were the spine of Star wars, and the sequels were just to give some more touch(according to me that would've been my key idea for the sequels)
    Lets see how the high republic does.

    If star wars was a human:
    Original Trilogy: The brain, shaped out the whole series
    Prequel Trilogy: The skull, showed the plot before the original trilogy and how all of it happened
    Sequel Trilogy:The hair, just added some random things

    So kids hope you learned the human body parts using star wars
    Thank you
    And Hopefully you don't hate the prequels!!!

  • Rei Jaaziel Aliwanon

    if leia can use the force the way they portray her during her nearly space death leading to coma and when the rise skywalker movie showed that she trained with Luke. How come Leia cannot move the boulder and waited for Rey?
    Next time, please listen to George Lucas.

  • Saiprasad Parkar
    Saiprasad Parkar 3 days ago

    Well I had actually thought that Luke was able to avoid Ben's lightsaber by Force...

  • Pauly-Wauly Doodlealdaday

    What a terrible movie, and now franchise, thanks to Disney . Ruin 40 years of fandom- just like that.

  • save philip
    save philip 3 days ago

    I feel like they should have done more with the young Luke and Leia and han more than 3 movies

  • Jack Willard
    Jack Willard 4 days ago

    Wait, how did Luke become a force ghost if he never went to the planet of the Whills?

  • Jack Willard
    Jack Willard 4 days ago +1

    THE FIRST ORDER uses 5 billion lasers!

    It has no effect!

  • Mahmoud Khalfallah
    Mahmoud Khalfallah 4 days ago

    activate ubercharge !

  • Edward Quijano
    Edward Quijano 4 days ago

    Work from home.

  • Minced
    Minced 4 days ago

    More cuts in this than a diced onion wth

  • neat boi
    neat boi 4 days ago

    dew it - Kylo Ren

  • Evan Hennings
    Evan Hennings 4 days ago

    Luke:me after eating the entire box of gummy vitamins

  • ElDaniel
    ElDaniel 5 days ago

    Kill Luke was the worst decision ever.

  • Joe
    Joe 5 days ago +1

    Honestly the way general hux dies in the film is horrendous considering he was pretty much a main character

    • BlueMind
      BlueMind 5 days ago

      He had at most 12 lines in TFA.

  • pizzajona
    pizzajona 5 days ago

    Wtf is up with all these cuts?

  • Samster Hello
    Samster Hello 5 days ago

    0:31 when i finish my glass of orange juice0:31 when i finish my glass of orange juice0:31 when i finish my glass of orange juice0:31 when i finish my glass of orange juice0:31 when i finish my glass of orange juice0:31 when i finish my glass of orange juice0:31 when i finish my glass of orange juice0:31 when i finish my glass of orange juice0:31 when i finish my glass of orange 🍊

  • Abdul Hanan Modak
    Abdul Hanan Modak 6 days ago +1

    Luke: "See you around kid"
    Me: Ummm..Ehhh...Ah..No sir...
    I don't think you will..
    You dead..

  • Tbone Touch Hadebe
    Tbone Touch Hadebe 7 days ago

    How did the savior of the Galaxy get so pathetic and weak! Good Job Disney -

    • BlueMind
      BlueMind 5 days ago

      Pathetic and Weak =/= giving us the most impressive show of raw force power yet and saving the entire Resistance

  • Addy Pc
    Addy Pc 7 days ago

    When Jedi working from home

  • Blastboy2000 Marvel Star Wars Epic Edits

    4:19 my reaction when Disney Destroyed Star Wars

  • Blastboy2000 Marvel Star Wars Epic Edits

    I can imagine a epic duel in this scene luke shows up ignites his green Saber and Kylo Ren ignites his and we get a long as duel and then Rey comes to Luke and helps him defeat Kylo Ren and then when they are all down a force ghost appears Anakin Skywalker and he brings Ben to the light and then they defeat Palpatine together but no

    • BlueMind
      BlueMind 5 days ago

      Thank god you didn't right this new trilogy...

  • K. Amedi
    K. Amedi 7 days ago +1

    Die Rian Johnson, just die.

    • BlueMind
      BlueMind 5 days ago

      Not before Knives Out 2 is out.

  • Joshua Roberts
    Joshua Roberts 7 days ago

    I hate this movie, any true star wars fan hates this movie. I don’t understand it

    • BlueMind
      BlueMind 5 days ago

      You (not actually you) don't need to hate this film to be a true fan. That's just straight up bullshit.

  • Lance Smoothy_
    Lance Smoothy_ 7 days ago

    What’s the planet called

  • Abraham Salazar
    Abraham Salazar 7 days ago

    Best home Office of historice

  • Nathan Walker
    Nathan Walker 7 days ago +1

    worst scene in whole star wars movies

    • BlueMind
      BlueMind 5 days ago

      I bet you didn't say that during the Obi-Wan vs Maul duel in Rebels

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 8 days ago

    He was weak

  • Z the hooman
    Z the hooman 8 days ago

    There's no way Luke blocked all of those lasers

  • Rious Hima
    Rious Hima 8 days ago

    Why this movie was hated by lot of fans?

  • Jose Flores Escamilla

    The work from home winner goes to

  • ind0ctr1n3
    ind0ctr1n3 8 days ago

    Such an incredibly bad movie.

  • Joannes Reyes
    Joannes Reyes 8 days ago

    This is the only thing that I liked in the last Jedi. It shows how Luke didn’t use the force to try and defeat the first order but to protect the resistance as a Jedi is supposed to use the force to protect and not attack.

  • Fabrizzio Barreiro
    Fabrizzio Barreiro 9 days ago

    When Star Wars EPIC FIGHTS stopped making any possible sense:

    • BlueMind
      BlueMind 5 days ago

      @Sith Cultist Oh look, it's you again

    • BlueMind
      BlueMind 5 days ago

      Epic fight =/= good fight

    • Fabrizzio Barreiro
      Fabrizzio Barreiro 8 days ago

      @Sith Cultist See, compare the first trilogy's fights with these new trilogy's fights and there is a big difference, I mean, it's not the same classic EPIC fight, it's just like........a popular and predictable fight; the only fight scene I would say is acceptable is Rey vs Kylo from Star Wars XII, don't ya think?

    • Sith Cultist
      Sith Cultist 8 days ago

      How does it not make sense?

  • mary Huke
    mary Huke 9 days ago

    thats enough!................i sweeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaar i heard him mumble: iiiiim stiiiiilll heeereee

  • Spidyman001
    Spidyman001 9 days ago

    No 2017 2018

  • Dylan Marsh
    Dylan Marsh 9 days ago

    Shitty editing

  • Kenzie Summer
    Kenzie Summer 9 days ago +1

    3:41 Pfft, ok boomer.

  • John Perkins
    John Perkins 9 days ago

    Take your stupid bleeping logo off the middle of the shot.

  • azukibabuki
    azukibabuki 9 days ago

    "See ya later kid"

    * Dies instantly *

  • Luíza Alvarenga
    Luíza Alvarenga 9 days ago

    I'm surprised. I have not seen the movie yet, but now, with this spoiler I think it's time to run.

  • Matthew Trujillo
    Matthew Trujillo 10 days ago

    I’ll still never understand why Disney would take the beloved main characters from the OT and not reunite them, make them failures, and kill them all off before the Empire is truly defeated.

    • BlueMind
      BlueMind 5 days ago

      Maybe because Harrison didn't want to appear in more than one film.
      Also, the Empire died two decades before this film.
      Also-also, saving the whole Resistance =/= failure

    • Sith Cultist
      Sith Cultist 8 days ago

      Yes they were definitley all failures

  • Some dude on earth
    Some dude on earth 10 days ago

    4:51 - And so, he vanished... Just like Obi-Wan.

  • PopExpo
    PopExpo 10 days ago

    His best known works are the movie Looper and couple of episodes of Breaking Bad. Again, why did Disney hire Rian Johnson for the job?

    • BlueMind
      BlueMind 5 days ago +1

      'Cause he is a good director/writer

  • PopExpo
    PopExpo 10 days ago

    Would've been great to see Luke Skywalker in a actual Light Saber fight after all these years. Could've done without the casino planet scenes. Movie was a fucking joke actually.

    • BlueMind
      BlueMind 5 days ago

      An "actual lightsaber fight" doesn't have to be an epic, pace-ruining show down. Did anyone complain in the Maul vs Obi-Wan duel? Yknow, the one that was EXACTLY the same as this? No? Then why are you complaining about this?!
      Also, the Canto Bight subplot is fundamental for the climax of this film to happen. Like it or not, it HAD to make it in.

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez 10 days ago

    I’m not okay with luke dying to me should’ve not die because if they keep going on with Star Wars and more jedis, he would be the best master to teach a new generation of jedi but now there’s no great grand master jedi to teach and Rey or Finn they don’t look like council masters 😂. They need to make something awesome to fix that and at least they should make prequels to see the Jedi’s luke trained and if possible it’d be great if some of those jedi survived and became adults and masters

  • Mythical Gamer 45
    Mythical Gamer 45 10 days ago

    Man I really wish Luke was really there so It was more of a REAL😉fight

    • BlueMind
      BlueMind 5 days ago

      First, "REAL fight" =/= overly choreographed long duel that ruins the pacing
      Second, if Luke was there, he'd die from those AT-M6s. And if he didn't, you'd be complaining about that.

    BENJAMIN SINDELAR 10 days ago +1

    Palpatine: It’s DEW IT, boy!

  • Hedge1897
    Hedge1897 11 days ago

    Kilo ren low key looks like bird rodrick 💀

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 11 days ago +1

    General kenobi once said: HELLO THERE.
    And everybody said: HELLO THERE
    Then the cat said:MEOW THERE
    Then the dog said:**bark** there.
    And btw youll like this if u didnt my powers will wash you

  • Anthony Roic
    Anthony Roic 11 days ago

    what a disgusting and disrespectful end to Lukes character. I wont acknowledge this movie EVER

    • BlueMind
      BlueMind 5 days ago

      How is this disrespectful? He saves the whole Resistance without resorting to violence! THIS is how Jedi should always be in the films, not some stupid back flipping character-ruining CGI atrocity disguised as a cool fight.

  • Damo. At iba pa
    Damo. At iba pa 11 days ago

    This is a good Star Trek movie

  • Nathan Pennington
    Nathan Pennington 11 days ago

    God this movie sucked.

  • Adam Wilsonian
    Adam Wilsonian 11 days ago

    Hux must've felt a bit embarrassed. "Thats enough!!!!"

    Luke is still intact. It was (to the stormtroopers and pilots) clearly not enough.

  • L C
    L C 11 days ago

    Now I’m the master of trolling

  • Mary-Jo
    Mary-Jo 11 days ago +1

    Wasn’t the conflict between Luke and kylo the thing that set the entire sequel trilogy in motion in the first place????? And it never gets resolved in the final film????

  • greg Thompson
    greg Thompson 11 days ago

    Why you gotta cut the video so bad?

  • Ivan Aqqaq
    Ivan Aqqaq 11 days ago

    0:57 dragon ball z dramatic scene

  • Ivan Aqqaq
    Ivan Aqqaq 11 days ago

    0:31 6 yo me telling my mom to get me more pizza