Top 10 Dumbest Decisions In Marvel

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • Just because someone is super, does not mean they are smart. Superheroes aren't immune to some dumb decisions, and these Marvel heroes are no exception. For this list, we’re looking at the stupidest decisions made by Marvel's legendary heroes. Only comics will be considered, so Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man can rest easy.
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Comments • 397

  • Deadly Raver
    Deadly Raver 15 days ago

    One more day. I don't think they'll ever top the stupidity of that one.

    .............Of course they can prove me wrong in the very next issue of any comic on the shelf. They're good like that.

  • Zorastorm 32
    Zorastorm 32 15 days ago

    Sins past, or One more Day for sure

  • Zorastorm 32
    Zorastorm 32 15 days ago

    Absolutely hated Captain Marvel during/after Civil War II

  • Tree Climbing Raider

    I liked all of your picks except No More Mutants. The x-men needed a change up & an arc that was different than the same old trope they had become.

  • The4everreival
    The4everreival 26 days ago

    How many negative Lists on Marvel is going to have the same number 1

  • YAKgamer
    YAKgamer 26 days ago

    OMG number 1 is devastating!!!!

  • Aksel Marazyan
    Aksel Marazyan 26 days ago +2

    Spidey ending his entire relationship with MJ just to save aunt may

  • aqdrobert
    aqdrobert 26 days ago

    Marvel writers were replaced with other dimensional replacements. It's not their fault.

  • Gor85
    Gor85 26 days ago

    I agree. Pretty stupid decisions.

  • Thr Prince
    Thr Prince 27 days ago

    To be fair, in House of M, Wanda was considered insane when that happened

  • Super Nintendo Saiyan
    Super Nintendo Saiyan 27 days ago

    Whoa Mojo! A list I agree with!!

  • Starman Gaming
    Starman Gaming 27 days ago +1

    #1: Spiderman revealing his identity in Civil War. He put his family in danger, made Aunt May a target, and let to the Comic that I refuse to Name.

  • Alex Hartsell
    Alex Hartsell 27 days ago

    Will there be a Top 10 Dumbest Decisions In DC Comics in the future or is that already out?

  • JME R
    JME R 27 days ago +1

    #1 Carol Danvers

  • Cam M
    Cam M 27 days ago

    AvX itself is dumb.....I really agree on House of M though ppl don't really pay attention the real world affect that had on X books there popularity and sales declined even moreso.....Joe Quesada never liked the xmen like that anyway tho....House of M had the opposite effect of AOA the latter was revolutionary at the time taking the most popular title in comics and flipping it on its head and groundbreaking and well recieved while house of M had a mixed reception over a played out and overused extinction plot line and the result was an xmen line that was less popular.

  • andrew davis
    andrew davis 27 days ago +2

    #1 when x-23 starts the lgbtq team that decides straight men are the world's biggest problem and set about killing them all. i'm not even kidding.

  • Kevin Kunkel
    Kevin Kunkel 28 days ago

    Young Tony isn't the only obnoxious one.

  • Mystical Keyblade
    Mystical Keyblade 28 days ago

    Honestly the dumbest decision marvel made was letting Disney buy them

  • Heart92a
    Heart92a 28 days ago

    Oh God it's One More Day all over again at number 1. At this point it feels that WM has a crush on that moment.

  • Emilio The Pixel Guy
    Emilio The Pixel Guy 28 days ago

    Im surprised that mutants exist in the marvel universe but nobody reacted like"is that a mutant? I think it is! call the cops!"on non mutant superheroes like spiderman hulk daredevil captain america and more

  • Spencer Welch
    Spencer Welch 28 days ago

    One more day a true oedipal story.

  • GI Jack
    GI Jack 28 days ago +1

    Now we know that Civil War 2 was the inspiration for Brie Larson's Captain Marvel.

  • Milomondo
    Milomondo 28 days ago

    There is nothign more stupid than Captain Marvel in Civil War II, and she is so cocky that she doesn't even really apologize.

  • scarlet night
    scarlet night 28 days ago +2

    One more day, past sins, the entire clone saga. Take your pick of Spiderman stories, that belongs on this list

  • HeavenOrHell74
    HeavenOrHell74 28 days ago

    By far one of the Dumbest top 10 I've seen on this channel. The majority of this list isn't even considered dumb

  • aztarot
    aztarot 28 days ago +3

    I don't really understand, is this list supposed to be about fictional mistakes made by the characters, or bad decisions in real life by the marvel editorial? because Hank Pym creating Ultron is an un purpose decision/plot device to create a great character, thus, in reallity a good decision, and "One more day" is plain a bad decision made by the big cheese of the editorial,
    therefore, both cases are very different and do not belong to the same list

  • David Cappadoccia
    David Cappadoccia 28 days ago +1

    If you counted movies, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel would be #1 dumbest decision ever made by Marvel.

  • Jarrod Ong
    Jarrod Ong 28 days ago

    So many of these written by Bendis

    • Cesar Flamenco
      Cesar Flamenco 24 days ago

      Speaking of Bendis, needlessly turning Iceman gay deserves a spot on this list.

  • 3Rayfire
    3Rayfire 28 days ago

    One More Day is number one? This list passes.

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 28 days ago

    *Why Starlord punching Thanos isn't a dumb decision or decision at all:* in order to stop Thanos from winning, Gamora tells Starlord to kill her.
    Starlord loves Gamora. The Guardians are the only family he has and Gamora is his universe.
    His reason for fighting in Infinity War was her.
    When the time came for Starlord to do the right thing, the thing Gamora wants him to do, he pulled the trigger.
    The moment he did, in his mind he killed the woman he loved.
    Starlord's dad killed his mom in order to stop her from preventing his crazy evil plan to make it so only Ego exists in the universe. Immediately upon learning this Starlord shoots his father a shit ton of times without much thought.
    Shortly after killing his evil father, Yondu (Starlord's 'daddy' by virtue of caring for him and raising him.) gives up his life to save Starlord's life.
    Now back to Starlord killing Gamora. Starlord doesn't kill Gamora because Thanos robs him of that by using the Reality Stone to prevent him from killing Gamora after he has pulled the trigger.
    Thanos could have stopped Starlord before then, but he didn't so he could let Starlord know that he could and did make the choice to kill Gamora but doesn't get to be comforted with the sense of having done the right thing by killing the woman he loves because Thanos made the whole choice pointless.
    So when Starlord next sees Thanos, Thanos killed Gamora in order to achieve his goals.
    They are working against one another to prevent the other from getting what they want by killing the same person that they both care for.
    So Starlord kills Gamora, and he gets nothing for it.
    Thanos kills Gamora and he gets what he wants.
    Starlord loses his universe in trying to save half the universe and it all ends up being for nothing.
    Wouldn't that drive *you* insane?
    There's nothing *you* can do other than what Starlord does in that situation if *you* were in his shoes.
    There's no choice, there's no decision making. There is just *reacting through lashing out.*
    Which is consistent with Starlord's character.
    And I don't see anyone getting pissed at Scarlet Witch for dragging her feet over killing the only person she has left in her life who she is in love with who wants her to kill them to stop Thanos and she ultimately goes through with it in front of Thanos only for the Mad Titan to undo the decision with the Infinity Stones before immediately killing them again and getting what he wants as a result?

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 28 days ago

    Spider-Man unmasking himself before the world because Iron Man urged him to.
    Followed by Spider-Man making a deal with Mephisto (Basically Marvel's Satan.) to have the world forget his secret identity to save Aunt May's life (Who got shot by a sniper hired by Kingpin and Doctor Strange gave Peter some bullshit about not magicking her better.) at the expense of losing his marriage to Mary Jane. *Oh wait, it was Number 1. Though not much context was provided.*
    I'll agree the absolutely trusting Ulysses thing was colossally stupid on Carol's part.
    Next big dumb decision Marvel Superheroes made. None of the Avengers or anyone in Spider-Man/Peter Parker's life thinking there was anything strange going on with Spider-Man suddenly killing criminals. (Specifically no name bad guys who aren't Complete Monsters like Norman Osborn or Carnage or Doctor Octopus who at the time had hijacked Spider-Man's body in order to show Peter Parker that he is the Superior Spider-Man and left Peter to die in Octavias's old dying body.)
    Superior Spider-Man was a mistake.

  • Mind Rules
    Mind Rules 28 days ago

    Don't Press On The Read More Button You Wont Miss Much
    But since you did i hope you have a great day 😃👍
    If you would like to make my day get better sub to me

  • sonicsaiyan07
    sonicsaiyan07 28 days ago +2

    In before One More Day is Number 1 again

  • Eddiward Johnsiones
    Eddiward Johnsiones 28 days ago +1

    They forgot norman osborn raping gwen stacy

  • Emil Omnic
    Emil Omnic 28 days ago +1

    Lotsa oopsies.

  • C.I.A Boi
    C.I.A Boi 28 days ago +1

    I wish you added the ultimates 2 because ant man joins the bad guys for no reason

  • JKayser
    JKayser 28 days ago +2

    The one that ticks me off the most is the one more day story. Seriously Marvel bring MJ back you morons!

  • Brady Anderson
    Brady Anderson 28 days ago

    Marvel's disturbance of Disney is possibly one of these.

  • IamDoomCrow
    IamDoomCrow 28 days ago

    I feel that if there was a list like this for DC, it would be at least 100 different dumb 'Character' decisions, all of which dumber than OMD. (Keep in mind this is CHARACTER/Personality decisions, not WRITER/Company)
    OMD wasn't 'that' bad in all honesty. Good premise, excellent art, poor execution, even worse retcon.
    Yes, Captain Marvel was/is and forever will be overrated. The Movie is low tier MCU movie on the scale of Thor 2 and Incredible Hulk.
    No, Watch Mojo does NOT read comics. They only 'glance' through things.
    Five of these events were because characters were affected by emotion altering things, or done without thinking (because you know, PLOT points and not narratives on how they would actually act)

  • IXI Ryr
    IXI Ryr 28 days ago

    It doesn't have to be decision , the series itself is the representation of "Dumb" and "Dumber" as the story goes on through year .

  • Frank Coto
    Frank Coto 29 days ago

    Pandering to SJW agenda was the Dumbest decision in Marvel ...

  • Marvelle Saulsberry
    Marvelle Saulsberry 29 days ago +1


  • Anthony Fletcher
    Anthony Fletcher 29 days ago

    One thing I've never understood but have also no researched... How is ragnarock a clone AND an android?

  • Riri Pari
    Riri Pari 29 days ago +1

    I never really followed Ms. Marvel aka Captain Marvel in the comics as I have other favorite characters that I'd much rather read about, but Civil War 2 was it for me. I've just waved her off ever since Civil War 2. They had an evil nazi version of Captain America come off as more likable then an actual good sided Captain Marvel. The icing on the cake was her trying to take Miles Morales / Spiderman 2.0 into custody after seeing yet another vision from the new inhuman that showed up out of nowhere. Miles being the young teenager that he was at the time was just as confused and hurt as everyone else and she never questioned that vision.

  • N Slater
    N Slater 29 days ago

    In the defence of the Avengers letting Carol go, the whole ‘still under bad guy’s control’ was a retcon. Originally she had full control of her faculties and it was a personal choice to leave. But afterwards Marvel realized their mistake and then shifted blame to the Avengers, which I viewed as unfair. It just goes to show that planning is key when writing controversial topics.

  • HolyCross9
    HolyCross9 29 days ago +2

    For me, the dumbest decision made by Marvel was destroying Peter and MJ Parker's beautiful amorous relationship.

  • Patrick Blanchette
    Patrick Blanchette 29 days ago +13

    It’s sad that Carol Danvers is forced into the spotlight (by Marvel) into two of these horrible moments.

  • Robert Enyart
    Robert Enyart 29 days ago

    Don't blame the characters. Blame the writers. Throw some blame at Disney as well.

  • Grace Geek
    Grace Geek 29 days ago +3

    I love how 1 on this list is from 68, one is from the 90's, and all the rest are from 2000 on.......hmmmmmmm

  • Michael Hewitt-Clarke
    Michael Hewitt-Clarke 29 days ago

    For me it’s a tie between One more day and Civil War 2

  • stoofen demesmin
    stoofen demesmin 29 days ago +1

    number 10: *thor the dark world*

  • Josep Duran
    Josep Duran 29 days ago

    I have the FF, Cap, Spidey, Avengers, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk runs almost in their entirety in different formats and the recent Secret Wars meant the end of Marvel comics for me.

  • Kratos
    Kratos 29 days ago +3

    Do people still read the new Marvel Comic?

    • RajOfColumbus
      RajOfColumbus 28 days ago

      I've been reading the current black panther run. I like it.

    • Riri Pari
      Riri Pari 29 days ago

      I do, but only because I get to read them for free on a website that uploads thousands of comics to read online

  • Fichcaksksks2
    Fichcaksksks2 29 days ago


    OSMOND DIAZ 29 days ago +1

    It's making the film Captain Marvel... that's the dumbest. Oh and ANYTHING Gabby Rivera has written..

  • Aryan Panhale
    Aryan Panhale 29 days ago +1

    WatchMojo's Dumbest Decisions

    10 Removing the list from their descriptions
    9 Removing the list from their descriptions
    8 Removing the list from their descriptions
    7 Removing the list from their descriptions
    6 Removing the list from their descriptions
    5 Removing the list from their descriptions
    4 Removing the list from their descriptions
    3 Removing the list from their descriptions
    2 Removing the list from their descriptions
    1 Removing the list from their descriptions

  • Geekworldunite
    Geekworldunite 29 days ago

    Whoever likes this will be SMART🙏🔥💯

  • probotboyxxx
    probotboyxxx 29 days ago

    Divorcing Storm.

  • Hang Ta Thi
    Hang Ta Thi 29 days ago

    In Marvel's universes dumb choices are everywhere and are made by everybody

  • Abby Beatson
    Abby Beatson 29 days ago

    #0 Anyone who pisses off the Sentry.

  • mrsocko316
    mrsocko316 29 days ago

    Not letting Wolverine do his thing so the threat is over. Usually involves killing off whoever is the Phoenix before they go nuclear.

    • mrsocko316
      mrsocko316 28 days ago

      @Jack Frost It's true and has actually happened a couple times. On the other hand, Jean told Wolverine to kill her at one point and we are lead to believe he had to kill her dozens of times to get the Phoenix Force weak enough for Jean to control her actions. But he even says before he has to do it that it has to be him and no one else would let him do it because "we all love you so god damn much"

    • Jack Frost
      Jack Frost 28 days ago

      What if the Phoenix just resurrects whoever it possesses after Wolverine kills them.
      They'd probably be pretty pissed about Wolverine killing them.

  • Billy McCrary
    Billy McCrary 29 days ago +3

    Top 10 Smartest Decisions In Marvel?

  • MSGSlayer1
    MSGSlayer1 29 days ago +1

    Really OMD was the only story on this list that I've read, and it was still my top pick.

  • Zero Accountability
    Zero Accountability 29 days ago

    Everything Carol Danvers did in Civil War 2 should be in the top three.

  • Russ W
    Russ W 29 days ago

    I didn’t care for when Hank Pym hit his wife. I may wear wife beaters but that doesn’t mean I’m a fan of them.

    • Jack Frost
      Jack Frost 28 days ago

      In the comics the Pym Particles that let Hank be Antman drove him crazy and gave him a split personality who was Yellow Jacket, Antman's arch enemy. So even if hitting his wife is wrong, Hank sort of has a bit of an excuse for some of his other less intelligent decisions due to never getting any psychological help to deal with those issues.

  • Kevin Lashley
    Kevin Lashley 29 days ago

    Damn Marvel, what the heck were you thinking?

  • Felix Berdeja
    Felix Berdeja 29 days ago

    *Top 1: sell the rights of MARVEL to Disney.*

  • HighlyClassifiedUser
    HighlyClassifiedUser 29 days ago +2

    Comic books nowadays with their SUPER SHITTY art...

  • Jack4514Pool
    Jack4514Pool 29 days ago

    Captain Marvel is a mistake in every way. But if need to pick one, it’s casting Brie-tard Larson to play her.

  • Daniel C.B.
    Daniel C.B. 29 days ago

    You guys didn't read AvX did you? The Avengers position on Hope was containment to keep her AWAY from the Phoenix Force. They never intended on killing her. And every time the Phoenix pops up, the X-Men don't really ever handle it well. The initial Dark Phoenix Saga led to Jean Grey causing 3 populated planets to go boom. I wouldn't call that great experience.

    • Jack Frost
      Jack Frost 28 days ago

      Plus Cyclops went Magneto on everyone due to his bad history with the Phoenix and what it has done with Jean.