EXPERIMENT: Will Watermelon Explode ?

  • Published on Jul 26, 2019
  • #Watermelon #myexperiments #Volcano
    Hello, friends! Nice to see you again on my channel. In today's video, I will try to blow a watermelon with mentos and cola and balloon.
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  • Shivakumar H.s
    Shivakumar H.s Hour ago

    Shivakumar hunsur



  • S- Vicious
    S- Vicious 2 hours ago +1

    Dauerwerbesendung, Verschwendung von Lebensmitteln und das alles nur um zu sehen wie unendlich sinnfrei der Protagonist ist?!

  • Ooh Oops
    Ooh Oops 4 hours ago

    Why did you upload the video if watermelon didn’t explode? Tired of you returded pple

    • Numz K
      Numz K 2 hours ago

      The title of the video was “will it explode” u fucking neek

  • kay kay the singer
    kay kay the singer 10 hours ago +4

    The watermelon peed 😂

  • Mich Monisit Mondero
    Mich Monisit Mondero 10 hours ago

    Tssss .This is Crazy 😑

  • Kianna Ullman
    Kianna Ullman 11 hours ago +1

    The one that was cut like a squair looked like a sprinkler when it exploded

  • Lewis McCafferty
    Lewis McCafferty 17 hours ago +1

    This is how good the music is

  • Anushka Bhardwaj
    Anushka Bhardwaj 21 hour ago

    All the people worried about inside of watermelon getting wasted...
    This is all we do for science. Nothing to be sad about😒

    • Feder
      Feder 4 hours ago +1

      and then the same people pollute more than he (youtuber) does

  • Waboomania Gd
    Waboomania Gd 21 hour ago

    answer: no

    DHIFA AISYAH Day ago

    Subcibe my chnnl

  • Rumman Nasiri
    Rumman Nasiri Day ago

    I wasted my time here

  • El-Sabio Sufi
    El-Sabio Sufi Day ago

    Waste of time

  • Malti Kushwaha
    Malti Kushwaha Day ago

    It's all funny until one of those toothpicks pokes your ass up

  • KSS vines
    KSS vines Day ago

    don't waste the food

  • NinjaSwiss
    NinjaSwiss 2 days ago

    why you didnt eat it you Throwhed it Away???0

  • Rajendra Kumar Madrasi
    Rajendra Kumar Madrasi 2 days ago +1

    Ithne sare mentose hai to hamko ek do na

  • Jimmy Morgan
    Jimmy Morgan 2 days ago

    I think it's a good idea. Like who doesn't like watching a watermelon explode. So, thanks for trying!

  • Daniel Saucedo
    Daniel Saucedo 2 days ago


  • Evanson
    Evanson 2 days ago

    Not to my expectation, I expected a blast. Pricking was the mistake.

  • Luciene Dias
    Luciene Dias 3 days ago

    Coisa inútil só para quem não tem o que fazer mesmo

  • wazzup people
    wazzup people 3 days ago +1

    This is best way to advertise coke, mentos, and a big friekin watermon🍉

  • Shiva Nand
    Shiva Nand 4 days ago +3

    He was just interested to smash the watermelon

  • Raja Nishad Rajakrnishad

    जो गोल-गोल डाले वह क्या डालें बताइए तो जरा कमेंट करके

  • Mica Pereira
    Mica Pereira 4 days ago


  • Jula Buszewicz
    Jula Buszewicz 4 days ago


  • Ka Boom
    Ka Boom 4 days ago

    Please enter to my channel

  • BTF _SuNNy
    BTF _SuNNy 4 days ago +3


  • BTF _SuNNy
    BTF _SuNNy 4 days ago +1


  • عراقي وافتخر

    افضل مقطع

  • Samantha Vargas
    Samantha Vargas 4 days ago +10

    Mentos are too good I couldn’t just watch them explode I would’ve just ate them

  • Eric N
    Eric N 5 days ago +2

    should have sealed it properly.

  • Maviz
    Maviz 5 days ago

    good for seeing this video.

  • Roberto de Brito Melo Brito

    I loved the video

  • Gerardo Soza
    Gerardo Soza 5 days ago


  • Deepak Sinha
    Deepak Sinha 5 days ago

    Bhai mara video ma bhi ak like dada na

  • Galih Perdanainsan
    Galih Perdanainsan 5 days ago

    Not rekomended vidio

  • Joshua D'lima
    Joshua D'lima 6 days ago

    Put feviquick on that watermelon top

  • Kιɱ Tαҽ-ԋყυɳɠ

    Well I mean...yeah I looked at the comments below and well I have to disagree...I mean he bought the watermelon..so like really no one can judge him...and I mean..well that's him...if he wants to waste it let him...it's his decision...so like to all the people calling him crazy...I just don't get you...like how's he crazy..I mean I'm crazy for even commenting in the first place but still...at Least I'm speaking my mind...and well it's actually cool that he's using his money to do this. That's just my opinion..-_-

  • Tech 202
    Tech 202 6 days ago

    What the fuck

  • shenyse farrow
    shenyse farrow 6 days ago


  • Mahamad Khasim
    Mahamad Khasim 6 days ago

    Wasting food,,,,,, che che che😞😞🤬🤬😡😡💋🧟‍♀️🤮🤮💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • Deni Iliev
    Deni Iliev 6 days ago


    TC BROS 6 days ago

    Give us a big thumbs up

  • Adolfo Patiño gomez

    Que desperdicio😠💩

  • Roman34 Neroman34
    Roman34 Neroman34 6 days ago

    один я ждал что арбуз взорветься?

  • Sahana Uddin
    Sahana Uddin 6 days ago +1

    1:21 what a waste of watermelon

  • Евгений Макушев


  • rayid abdul majeed
    rayid abdul majeed 6 days ago +1

    Anyone noticed 0:58’,that opened piece got a bite,atleast he saved a piece....lollll 😄

    JENNA QURNEH 7 days ago +2

    Sorry dude, it just wasn’t meant to be

  • nick saffari
    nick saffari 7 days ago

    i wonder if what would happen if we swallow mentos and drink cola at the same time

    TIP TOP 7 days ago


  • محمد مروان فلم كشن النسور

    resulta que el Gabriel

  • Santiago Reis
    Santiago Reis 7 days ago


  • Sparkv4 Superman
    Sparkv4 Superman 7 days ago

    Your persistence is what made the video fun to watch hahaha!

  • Albert Sévigny
    Albert Sévigny 7 days ago

    this guys are really stupid....

  • Dulce Castillo
    Dulce Castillo 7 days ago

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo me :

  • Martina Ruiz
    Martina Ruiz 7 days ago

    En el minuto 5 : 45 no se juega con la comida

  • Asfalt Sestica
    Asfalt Sestica 7 days ago


  • Ruta Kinapiss
    Ruta Kinapiss 7 days ago

    Maybe wrap the melon in saran wrap after... then one skewer straight through

    • Ruta Kinapiss
      Ruta Kinapiss 5 days ago

      @Riad Reda Minivan skkd jxjsk fjska nordsdt hjsjshdhsjjd gagawaja

    • Riad Reda
      Riad Reda 5 days ago +1

      Car udh rulrlc à ixj nfyjhlvksyfjckf lfbfdxysfdhdrwsefddn rkv rgvkdjvhgtcfha gghjhfjztnbjetfzk gjdfwc'fflrjvxkfsgvdgbb