How I Proved the Earth is Round (with my Bike and Two Sticks)

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
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    The scientific method is an incredible thing. I use it to test if the Earth is flat or round, and to measure its size, with just my bike and two sticks.
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    This experiment would have been impossible without the help from Casey, Ryan, Jessica, and everyone at the Saskatchewan Science Centre. They went above and beyond with this project, and their science centre is fantastic. Check out this place!
    Here is the poll i reference at the start:
    Also, I tested if the sun was far away or close to Earth. Its really far:
    And I did an even easier experiment to test it again:
    Something I didn't get into in my video but really wanted to, is that my experiment was different than Eratosthenes' in another small but significant way. His was done on the summer solstice, and in Syene instead of using a stick and a shadow, he used a well. At solar noon the light went directly down to the bottom of the well. This is the same as if a stick cast no shadow. Since he knew that this happened every year on that day, he only had to measure one shadow, and he didn't have to line things up like I did. But, I have bikes, planes, and the internet, so I can't complain.
    Thanks for watching! #aroundearthbybike #flatearth #science
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  • Kurtis Baute
    Kurtis Baute  Year ago +3076

    BEFORE YOU COMMENT: I tested if the sun was far away or not, if you want to comment on that, do it on this video:
    BE WARNED: This is easily the most toxic comment section on any of my videos. As with all of my videos, there is an auto-flagging-filter for 'bad language', and I am trying to moderate comments to reduce that and general name calling. Be civil. I can and will block your comments on my channel if you aren't making this a safe space for discussion. Thank you!

    • TheUnitedIslamicStates
      TheUnitedIslamicStates 4 days ago

      All Dislikers are flat earthers

    • Jacob Corrao
      Jacob Corrao 7 days ago

      Kurtis Baute is a newbie.
      Here's your GOD Neil Tyson debunking the Eratosthenes theory.
      That theoretical experiment also works perfectly ON A FLAT PLANE with a small and close Sun.

    • Logan James
      Logan James 8 days ago

      ImNotReally ATroll Lol is this a troll

    • Logan James
      Logan James 8 days ago

      Mandelbrot Set yes

    • Toby Sullivan
      Toby Sullivan 10 days ago

      Wait what he pinned his own comment

  • Lochlan Black
    Lochlan Black 2 hours ago +1

    Guys I’ve got an E P I C plan to save the world. Since the earth is as flat as my mums chest, and when you flip your pillow it’s a lot cooler on the other side, everyone just go to the edge, sacrifice the fortnite kids and jump, s p e e d over to the edge and the impact of the jump will f l i p the earth so we can go to the other side, which will be cool and not polluted. And that concludes my epic plan. When you send this to nasa credit me

  • Life Hacks
    Life Hacks 6 hours ago +1

    I've got one simple question for all you sphere earthers. If the earth is really a sphere can you please explain why you can not see the earths 🌍 curvature from a window of passenger airline ✈. I have been on a passenger airline 30 times in the past 18 months flying at altitudes of around 40000 feet. Funny thing is when you look at the mainstream media you should be able to see a blatant curve. Just punch into google images : "mount everest earth curvature" please explain,Thank You!!!! Its not rocket science its called open your deluded brains guys, oh yeah and can you also explain why almost every religion on this planet says its flat!!! Oh yeah heres some food for thought the mainstream media says we on a spinning ball flying at the speed of light because of the big bang but yet how convenient the moon is also getting blasted at the speed of light but it stays perfectly aligned with the earth in the sense it dont spin at all, we can only see one side of the moon, also explain that please, many thanks guys.

  • Irn-Bru Laddie
    Irn-Bru Laddie 6 hours ago

    I read "With my bible and two sticks"

  • ғᴀᴢʟᴀɴ
    ғᴀᴢʟᴀɴ 14 hours ago

    You will get a ticket for drawing in parking lot

  • Lee Bird
    Lee Bird 16 hours ago

    And you were waaaaaaay above the equator.

  • Her Majesty The Queen
    Her Majesty The Queen 21 hour ago +1

    Finally, something I can show to my dumbass friends who still think the earth is flat.

  • Fnafan YT and more
    Fnafan YT and more Day ago +1

    If the earth is flat than how is it night in some places and day in the rest

  • Hèártlêss 6794

    🤣🤣 useless experiment like someone proved 2+2=5

  • Ur Quan Overlord
    Ur Quan Overlord 2 days ago

    Where all the flat earthers at in the comments?

  • tay
    tay 2 days ago

    I'm a flat earther,


  • Khan Cool Cat
    Khan Cool Cat 2 days ago

    I'm not a Flat Earther, but even if the Earth was flat, the shadows would have different lengths.

  • Tabor City Emmanuel Holiness Church

    Thanks for helping prove a very important flat Earth position. Sun rays come in at straight angles when you ride a bike, but come in at different angles when NASA needs them to in order to explain a 70 mile wide shadow being cast from a 2159 mile wide moon during a solar eclipse. You can't have your cake and eat it too...sorry!! 🤣🤣😂😂

    • Tabor City Emmanuel Holiness Church
      Tabor City Emmanuel Holiness Church 20 hours ago

      @Ryan Trevett I've spent the past 4 years researching this subject and until NASA can show me a consistenf model depicting both solar and lunar eclipses, I refuse to go back to sleep. The 70 mile wide shadow woke me up. Maybe you need to do some real research instead of calling people names.

    • Ryan Trevett
      Ryan Trevett Day ago

      No, it's science. Only those ignorant of it call it a religion. Maybe you should do some research.

    • Tabor City Emmanuel Holiness Church
      Tabor City Emmanuel Holiness Church Day ago

      @Ryan Trevett All globalists speak out of both sides of their mouth. This isn't's a religion.

    • Ryan Trevett
      Ryan Trevett 2 days ago

      The Suns rays aren't parallel, but they are close. So yes, he can have his cake and eat it.

  • Lavazzt
    Lavazzt 3 days ago +1

    It’s hilarious that there are dislikes, they’re not even gonna argue they just dislike and leave

  • Max Edward
    Max Edward 3 days ago

    Didn’t believe the Earth was round before I watched this.


  • Escape Velocity
    Escape Velocity 3 days ago +4

    The flat earth conspiracy is just a program to regenerate interest in space for the new era of privatised space travel. Eventually there will be a queue leading round the globe to go into space and see for themselves....
    Program complete...

  • Arc Legion Clan
    Arc Legion Clan 3 days ago +1

    *Believing that earth is flat is not same as knowing its flat.*

  • TheHunter 12207
    TheHunter 12207 3 days ago

    earth is actually built by by aliens so it is a pyramid shape

  • African Adventures
    African Adventures 4 days ago

    Great practical experiment, but isn’t it better if you do it with 2 locations on the dame parallel (latitude)
    The flaffers will have a explanation for this from a flat point of view as well.

  • smokmistrzadrade
    smokmistrzadrade 4 days ago

    They will say that the earth is flat and the sun is low. This research will not convince them.

  • John Cena
    John Cena 4 days ago +1

    Flat Earthers left the chat

  • Juank Hombre Libre
    Juank Hombre Libre 4 days ago

    Idiot, round flat no globe. The water is level no t he road.

  • michael wards
    michael wards 5 days ago

    Here's what I know. Your high on weed like most of your science friends. Weed is the key to people spouting garbish.

    • Khan Cool Cat
      Khan Cool Cat 2 days ago

      Funny, because you spouted garbish in your previous comment.

  • michael wards
    michael wards 5 days ago

    Lol your so complex. What you proved is that the bike creates a silhouette. A shadow as the bike blocks out the light. Same would happen infront of a massive floodlight. You ever seen the film dumb and dumber. Great film proves people like you exist.

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar 5 days ago

    Ok . But we don't need this video . In preasent .

  • Planet Jupiter
    Planet Jupiter 5 days ago

    Why dont you guys try to measure the circumference of me?

  • Angel Bryan
    Angel Bryan 5 days ago

    Regina, Saskatchewan is where the show "Fugget about it" takes place 😂😂😂😂

  • -GD- Jolem
    -GD- Jolem 5 days ago

    Earth is actually


  • Devan Sanders
    Devan Sanders 6 days ago

    Litterally proves nothing. You can do the exact same test on the flat earth theory.👏🏼👏🏼 congrats you've proved the same thing as every other person trying to disprove flat earth...nothing? Not saying I believe its flat I try to stay open minded anything is possible.

  • Paul Phillips
    Paul Phillips 6 days ago

    This experiment does not prove that the earth is a globe. It has not taken into consideration one massive and important fact and that is the size and distance that the sun is. This experiment would also work on a flat plain if the sun were more smaller and local/closer to earth than what we are told so it proves nothing

  • Chub Chubs Doge
    Chub Chubs Doge 6 days ago

    *My own way to prove earth is round:*

    *we are small asf compared to earth.*

  • Mats R.
    Mats R. 6 days ago

    2:09 yeah, I will definitely try this at home

  • Elon Vision
    Elon Vision 6 days ago

    It's not flat obviously ! But can you prove the earth is actually flat.

  • Hizashiro Takahashi
    Hizashiro Takahashi 6 days ago

    Actually earth is not a sphere but an uneven oval ball

    • rent a shill
      rent a shill 6 days ago

      you are looking for oblate spheroid

  • Hizashiro Takahashi
    Hizashiro Takahashi 6 days ago

    But what if the kilometers ...,sddss

  • Rome Blanchard
    Rome Blanchard 6 days ago


    ITS ME WILL 6 days ago

    Legend 😂💪🏼

  • Da Pug Lord
    Da Pug Lord 6 days ago

    You know, I'll do my best to please everyone...
    "HA! Take that flat Earth peeps!"

    • Da Pug Lord
      Da Pug Lord 6 days ago

      "No, your wrong! The video was obviously fake!"

  • Jaydeep Makwana
    Jaydeep Makwana 6 days ago +1

    Moon,sun,all planets,stars all are round but earth is flat 😂😂😂😂 LoL

  • RGaming GD/GT
    RGaming GD/GT 6 days ago


  • Rhiannon Eastick
    Rhiannon Eastick 6 days ago

    Everyone get your bike and 2 sticks and yeet them at a flat earther

    Flat earther: *oof*

  • BushManDan
    BushManDan 6 days ago +1

    3.7k dislikes from flat earthers...

  • Jevaughn Stewart
    Jevaughn Stewart 6 days ago +3

    The earth is round because there's day and night at a specific time the sun shines on one if the earth was flat wouldn't everywhere receive sunlight at the same time

    • rent a shill
      rent a shill 6 days ago +2

      not if sun is gods magical selective flashlight

  • junosoft
    junosoft 6 days ago

    The flat earth hypothesis proposes the sun is kind of near, acting as a spherical lamp. So, you're not confronting their hypothesis by assuming the sun is far away (so the sun light gets here parallel).
    You are, instead, disproving something else.

  • sachi •
    sachi • 7 days ago +2

    Flat earthers:But it's still flat.

  • M.D. Programming
    M.D. Programming 7 days ago

    What if the shadows were different in length only because the angle of the ground tilt was different?!

    • Kurtis Baute
      Kurtis Baute  7 days ago +1

      Yeah, its pretty hard to debate something with someone when they get to veto any source that doesn't agree with them. :/

    • M.D. Programming
      M.D. Programming 7 days ago

      would it be rude if I wrote r/woooosh? :D

    • M.D. Programming
      M.D. Programming 7 days ago

      @Kurtis Baute lol, good job anyways. they don't accept even NASA's calculations and even observations! , why do you think they will accept your calculations using two sticks?!

    • Kurtis Baute
      Kurtis Baute  7 days ago +2

      I built the sundials to have adjustable legs specifically so they could be perfectly levelled - which we took the time to do.

  • Ingrid Jeppesen
    Ingrid Jeppesen 7 days ago

    FaKE neWs!!!..!

    (Obvious sarcasm is obvious)

  • Dylan B
    Dylan B 7 days ago +1

    Shout out to the white truck in the background at 7:12

  • Audrey and Remington

    Most youtubers: Sit in a room and video tape their face
    This guy: Hold my orange!
    Oh, wait. Never mind. I'll hold my own orange.

  • Spaghetti Person
    Spaghetti Person 7 days ago

    6:51 out of context this is a weird sentence

  • Spaghetti Person
    Spaghetti Person 7 days ago +1

    Que the triggered flat earthers

  • darkChocolate 835
    darkChocolate 835 7 days ago +1

    Wtf are kilometers

  • Xd Alchemistt
    Xd Alchemistt 7 days ago

    How I proved earth was flat with a few things video is 10 minutes oh he must be poor and need m9ney

  • Christopher Dabrowski

    Scientist: (watch the vid)
    Flat earthers: *Impossible*

  • Hrtpyn
    Hrtpyn 7 days ago +2

    I'm not a flatearther, but if you think about a sun, which is circling over a flat disk, you should see different shadows too. Im Sure

    • rent a shill
      rent a shill 6 days ago

      you should see all bunch of wierd stuff
      like sun going faster when over over head and looking the largest

      and moving more slowly and getting smaller while getting away

  • The Zombie Guy
    The Zombie Guy 7 days ago

    The earth is flat dude

  • Galexy The animal
    Galexy The animal 7 days ago



  • Arthur Anomaly
    Arthur Anomaly 7 days ago

    Distance between places is around 111 km if we will take for consideration the longitude

  • Arthur Anomaly
    Arthur Anomaly 7 days ago

    I am interested at what exact hour you have taken measurement and what day it was exactly ?

  • pEe PeE POo pOO NUt
    pEe PeE POo pOO NUt 7 days ago +1

    The orange one is what I learned at school!

  • Captain Magma
    Captain Magma 7 days ago +1

    You god damm genius you stole my thunder about the Greek scientist

  • Räf68
    Räf68 7 days ago

    This is to much science for me...

  • Shane Rhabb
    Shane Rhabb 7 days ago

    That bike must be crazy expensive, its so light weight.

    • Kurtis Baute
      Kurtis Baute  7 days ago

      It was my aunt's old bike (and its about as old as I am) so I'm not sure what it cost at the time, but it is still a great bike!

  • Mary Gutierrez
    Mary Gutierrez 7 days ago


  • Devyn Bott
    Devyn Bott 7 days ago

    I believe in flat earth . When you’re trying to prove one side it’s easy to use science and math to back up your statement. Can do the same thing to prove the earth is flat. Please do a video over gravity and buoyancy

    • rent a shill
      rent a shill 6 days ago

      its easy to just say nonsense in a comment and not provide any support to your claim
      like how would you use science and math to prove earth is flat while doing the same experiment

    • Byborg
      Byborg 6 days ago

      Devyn Bott If it is possible, then please provide the science and math that proves that the Earth is flat. I expect a valid and thoroughly researched response.

  • Juan Sinag Cano
    Juan Sinag Cano 7 days ago

    3.7k people are flat earthers! Good job man!!!!

  • Mr. Timore
    Mr. Timore 7 days ago

    if the earth is flat, why does a baseball curve down to the ground when i throw it far instead of it falling straight? explain that flat earthers.

    but dont mind that this is a terrible question

  • Stoil HD
    Stoil HD 7 days ago

    I f the earth isn't flat then how didn't you fell of the world into the galaxy and never returned

  • the legend 27
    the legend 27 7 days ago +1

    No the earth’s a triangle

  • christian Saldaña
    christian Saldaña 7 days ago

    I have proof too.
    Flat Earthers believe gravity doesn't exist and we are just moving upwards. But what about the Moon? The Moon has less gravity,meaning slower upward movement. That means the Moon shouldn't be visible from us. Also including the fact the Moon is moving 4 cm further from us.

  • Osu DLS
    Osu DLS 7 days ago

    Son:Daddy! Daddy!
    Son:how do you know that the earth really is round?
    Him:Well it all started with a bicycle and two sticks...

  • greenblock45
    greenblock45 7 days ago

    But what about the dodecahedron earth myth???????

  • CheesyCheese
    CheesyCheese 7 days ago

    How bout that flat earthers!

  • Boonkgang 1001
    Boonkgang 1001 7 days ago +1

    Nope flat

    • Boonkgang 1001
      Boonkgang 1001 2 days ago

      Khan Cool Cat absolutely right

    • Khan Cool Cat
      Khan Cool Cat 2 days ago +1

      @Boonkgang 1001 I do not doubt that you are the smartest person alive. In fact, you could be the smartest person in history!

    • Boonkgang 1001
      Boonkgang 1001 2 days ago

      I’m the smartest person alive how dare you doubt me

    • Khan Cool Cat
      Khan Cool Cat 2 days ago

      IQ 999999999999999

    • Spiff Kid
      Spiff Kid 7 days ago +2

      Boonkgang 1001 that is the worst “proof” I’ve ever heard. 😂

  • My Fat Pets
    My Fat Pets 7 days ago

    The earth is flat because a basketball ball is round and the court is flat

    TARNATION ! 7 days ago +1

    Your right. The earth isn’t flat it’s actually Minecraft square earth.

  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl 7 days ago

    check mate flat earther

  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl 7 days ago

    you sir
    are a legend

  • Soy Bajo
    Soy Bajo 7 days ago +1

    This guy doesn’t skip leg day

    • Jeods
      Jeods 7 days ago

      Every day is leg day
      Thou shallst not miss thy day of leg

  • Gab The crazy derp dude

    I gave a dislike on this video.

  • Skyler Rash
    Skyler Rash 7 days ago

    How boring does your life have to be to prove the world is round?

  • Hector Rodríguez, Rivero

    Look flat earth? Yeah right, learn you idiots.

  • ASquad Wiper
    ASquad Wiper 8 days ago +1

    Answer is not lost. Deduce what stadiums were constructed in his time, which ones were closest and which were most prominent .divide the distance by the stadium measurement and u should be able to figure out (based on round numbers), which 1 he used

  • alan bessler
    alan bessler 8 days ago

    I dont feel he had to travel at all to prove this

  • frank simba
    frank simba 8 days ago


  • Arbiter 617
    Arbiter 617 8 days ago +1

    I already know the earth is round but I'm enjoying this anyway xD

  • Destroyer 7509
    Destroyer 7509 8 days ago

    Not the hero we needed but the hero we deserved

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 8 days ago +1

    How I disliked a video
    (Using my finger and a phone)

  • Fauzul Azim
    Fauzul Azim 8 days ago +3

    Do you think Flat Earther know maths and geometry? They don't even know how many angle in triangle, perhaps they don't know what the triangle looks like.

  • sbb345
    sbb345 8 days ago


  • Oliver Gaming
    Oliver Gaming 8 days ago +2

    Am sorry to break it to you but the earth is a Raptor

  • sad prince
    sad prince 8 days ago +1

    I can tell there are 3.7k flat earthers that watched this

  • Sjdndhtjzowkr
    Sjdndhtjzowkr 8 days ago

    If the earth is flat I'll just dig a hole in my yard

  • Adidazz Barbedos
    Adidazz Barbedos 8 days ago

    I can't believe this. This guy is against Allah's will calling the earth round. What have we become😔

    • Roy The Idiot
      Roy The Idiot Day ago

      I agree! How dare we disrespect Allah with Science, Math, and Physics...and Logic...

    • Spiff Kid
      Spiff Kid 7 days ago

      Adidazz Barbedos are you trying to say earth is flat?

    • emyl
      emyl 8 days ago +1


  • Strucid
    Strucid 8 days ago +1

    This is the most toxic comment section ive ever read

  • Jun Daniel Gyu Lee Kim
    Jun Daniel Gyu Lee Kim 8 days ago +1

    We all know its flat

  • Robertox Gamer & Skyrim

    Wait the air is...


    • A_ 003
      A_ 003 8 days ago

      What? Lol wdym

  • Sal
    Sal 8 days ago

    Not funny
    Didn’t laugh

  • mgs1398
    mgs1398 8 days ago +1

    Re-gina? Ryan would be proud.

  • Logan James
    Logan James 8 days ago

    Very impressive that was very amazing evidence.