Phuket Nightlife - Bangla Road Walking Street Thailand

  • Published on May 27, 2019
  • Bangla road in Phuket Thailand is the best place to go for Phuket Nightlife. Bangla walking street is the best place to visit if you are looking for bars, clubs, and wanting to have a fun night out while in Phuket.
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Comments • 614

  • The Holistic Trainer
    The Holistic Trainer  Month ago +27

    What kind of videos do you want to see more of while we are in Thailand? Let us know 😊

    • Steve Williams
      Steve Williams 12 days ago

      Richard Jolly Yea man, id like to see her move and show what she can do from on top or below some weight.

    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  19 days ago

      steve rosse 👍

    • steve rosse
      steve rosse 19 days ago

      @The Holistic Trainer Keep telling yourself that, "Bro." No need to examine your choices. Nothing sad about what you're doing at all.

    • Richard Jolly
      Richard Jolly 19 days ago

      @The Holistic Trainer wow , never new you ad it in ya dude you come across all soft and fluffy like 😁 an not so much of the old , I'm only twelve

  • security444
    security444 Minute ago

    Once again , Sai is on the case when it come to the food ! She has a very healthy appetite !

  • Siamak Masnavi
    Siamak Masnavi Day ago

    That coconut ice cream looked amazing! 🙂

  • Jani
    Jani 2 days ago

    Thx for the nice video

  • Jani
    Jani 2 days ago

    Do you live whit here in your home town.😀🌴

  • night crawer
    night crawer 2 days ago

    Sai is always more funnier

  • Jean Bulac
    Jean Bulac 4 days ago

    Yummmyyyy Sai u make me hungryy ha ha ha

  • Bob Wells
    Bob Wells 7 days ago

    Oh man I missed you guys by a month!.. love Phuket and would love to see more videos of you guys there!.. Come back end of October and hang with me as I'll be there living the dream in my own condo.. love it! And love you two!

  • James Ziemba
    James Ziemba 7 days ago

    A fine place to catch a really economical case of incurable Gonorrhea.

  • Fewyouknewme be for
    Fewyouknewme be for 12 days ago

    she has to be a taurus

  • GökhAn BeRbEr
    GökhAn BeRbEr 12 days ago


  • AkasSh Kumar
    AkasSh Kumar 12 days ago

    Sai beautiful

  • My Name is Prince
    My Name is Prince 14 days ago +1

    Jolene Jolene Joleeeeeene! Love from Country Music City USA -- Nashville,TN

  • Aj
    Aj 15 days ago

    I Wana suck those boobs

  • Shiva V
    Shiva V 17 days ago +1

    i cant imagine half grand father this beauty...

  • Jagath Priyankara
    Jagath Priyankara 17 days ago +1

    Thailand is good country good people budusaranai

  • Yap Kim Wing
    Yap Kim Wing 18 days ago

    her English is very good.

  • Richard Jolly
    Richard Jolly 19 days ago

    Great tits 🤪🤪🤪

  • Charles Landers
    Charles Landers 19 days ago +2

    I have not seen any other ladies that measure up to Sai's beauty, body, and personality on any other videos...

    • Steve Williams
      Steve Williams 12 days ago

      Charles Landers Youre full of bullshit..... seriously, who are u fooling.

  • Shankar Lakade
    Shankar Lakade 21 day ago

    Hello you ate great man for me but why insult she every time

    • wildnrone AMD
      wildnrone AMD 20 days ago

      Correct, he misses respect. it is his nature i guess.

  • michael apuzzo
    michael apuzzo 25 days ago

    She gonna get fat

  • vaibhav satpute
    vaibhav satpute 25 days ago

    3:50 omg... waitress sitting with them while suggesting the food...saw first time in my life.

  • april Villanueva
    april Villanueva 26 days ago +2

    Nice place, we was there before 2011 ..but now more beutiful place na..thanks for sharing..beautiful vlog.

    • Zie Kurniawan
      Zie Kurniawan 20 days ago

      Still beautyful place.. and still ur the beauty

  • Abhirup Saha
    Abhirup Saha 27 days ago

    She is really pretty.

  • Another-Retarded-Athiest Talks-Word-Salad

    She is the funnier one , But your both awesome !! , great channel and much respect sir , U have great taste

  • korn pitaktay
    korn pitaktay 29 days ago

    ปกติ ไม่เคยชอบ ผญ ผิวคล้ำ เจอน้อง กลับชอบ ดูน่ารัก มีสเน่ห์ จ้า

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown Month ago

    I have never seen this restaurant before in Patong, heading back with my Thai partner next month to visit friends, will definitely be eating there, I just googled the menu......
    Try Khon Karen bbq also if you get a chance....not far from where you were, thanks for sharing.
    Sawadee Krap.

  • Repps87
    Repps87 Month ago

    Your girl is such a 10 it seems like. Beautiful eyes and a beautiful brain!

  • NetCerpher
    NetCerpher Month ago

    Sai - how many times were you propositioned? Be honest 😝

  • Spectrum Man
    Spectrum Man Month ago


    INDIAN CHHOKRA Month ago

    Keep On Seeing Keep On Seeing Keep On Seeing the Heart

    INDIAN CHHOKRA Month ago

    Sai you looking are gorgeous

  • jh j
    jh j Month ago

    sorry adam I have to say Sai has better jokes I always smile when i see her she is a naturally happy person.

  • Hissing Sid
    Hissing Sid Month ago

    Yeah your gf needs support especially at the front ! 🍦🍦🤓

  • Hans Jørgen Pedersen

    Laught my ass of her humour. She soo funny!! Love it!

  • Bigjuice001
    Bigjuice001 Month ago

    Her skin color is amazing

  • Dan Zeek
    Dan Zeek Month ago

    Great video!!!

  • Swedevi Rhetso
    Swedevi Rhetso Month ago

    She is Funny n Fun 😁

  • Ronin Molano
    Ronin Molano Month ago

    god damn they dont fuck around when it comes to advertising the fuck station in thailand and its free entrance too.

  • Timmy Bayley
    Timmy Bayley Month ago

    hello , Adam , Sai i,m the guy who stopped you in the food soi just off Bangla road , to get a photo or 2 it was so nice to meet you both , and some thing you never expect when your just sitting having a beer , and i happy my wife returned before you left as she would never have beveled me spotting you , she would think its too much " chang beer " thanks again martyn .

  • Bobcat79
    Bobcat79 Month ago +1

    No way that's his bird hes punching way above if so

  • Andy Bowman
    Andy Bowman Month ago

    My Mother would have loved Sai.....because she eats so well and cleans up her plate ! 👍👍💋💋

  • orange Gaming
    orange Gaming Month ago

    why do you use your girl as thumnails idiot u use her like a slut

  • Bob Conaway
    Bob Conaway Month ago

    YOU are more funny, Sai. Adam is a stick in the mud. (Tell him HaHa)

  • Naj Pramoonsri
    Naj Pramoonsri Month ago


    • Handsome Loner
      Handsome Loner 17 days ago

      She may be a กะ-ree, but she can speak english better than you and more beautiful than you. 555

  • IdoNOThaveaBoss
    IdoNOThaveaBoss Month ago

    Yeah Naughty Nuris is great in Patong 👍

  • Mauricio Riveros Barbosa

    Certainly in that place there are many beautiful and sensual women, but they do not compare even closely with the beauty, intellect and personality of Sai. It is sad to see how women are used in that place as mere objects of pleasure. Good video - that ribs looked delicious.

  • D Kumar
    D Kumar Month ago

    Hiii I like ur video
    Plz come in state UP then will go for tajmahal 7 wonder palace in world in India

  • Lloyd Wright
    Lloyd Wright Month ago

    I eat like a bird, teradactle,

  • Lloyd Wright
    Lloyd Wright Month ago

    Ya know what, if I were there with a chick, I would go to a "QUITE " place, I don't really like loud places, the reason being is that you cannot hear each other talk..

  • Lloyd Wright
    Lloyd Wright Month ago

    Ozzie's have a good sense of humour my dear, I have seen videos of blokes walking down the street, then all of a sudden a girl or 10 runs out of a place drags you in with them, then all of a sudden your paying all night!!?..

  • Lloyd Wright
    Lloyd Wright Month ago

    G'Day mate, Not my cup of tea matee, ,, just my lock id get a girly boy?, very difficult to distinguish...

  • Rob Peterson
    Rob Peterson Month ago

    Sai is a natural intelligent lady. She can go anywhere without being self conscious and silly. Amazing

  • brad soltan
    brad soltan Month ago

    Neither are really funny. Very entertaining but not funny

  • xBrucExWaynEx
    xBrucExWaynEx Month ago

    This bitch gives me a boner

  • toalopez
    toalopez Month ago

    Sai clean the bone, hahahahahahahaha she really loves good food, that is life.

  • toalopez
    toalopez Month ago

    I love you guys so much, can't wait to see you both in New York, I will be your host

  • toalopez
    toalopez Month ago

    Sai is very fun Adam, hahahahahahahahahaha LOL

  • Lars Larson
    Lars Larson Month ago

    NPC Protocol - of course it’s really not your have the hottest Thai-girlfriend already.

  • Greg Turner
    Greg Turner Month ago +1

    Sai, you are definitely much more fun than Adam, any day of the week.

  • 01linlee
    01linlee Month ago

    Great views!

  • Keith Burns
    Keith Burns Month ago

    Lets face it, Adam is dull, Sai is the life in all these videos, sssway muk muk. 555

  • CBD Production
    CBD Production Month ago

    Stop making these videos, I m gonna block you

  • Gerry Buckley
    Gerry Buckley Month ago

    Yes, you should party

  • A-Train Travels
    A-Train Travels Month ago

    LOVE IT💋👍

  • Hasan- Hasan
    Hasan- Hasan Month ago

    🇨🇭Swiss made👍

  • Wassana Anekboon
    Wassana Anekboon Month ago

    You girlfriend were shirt look same all ladys in the bars

  • mxnfx
    mxnfx Month ago

    Sai, we all know your are the BEST!....

  • Keith Hogg
    Keith Hogg Month ago +2

    The ribs, I would definitely need 2 racks lol. Well.... all looked good man✌️

  • Ray Martin
    Ray Martin Month ago

    I love Sai top she is a stunner and very sexy women ..♥♥♥

  • Kittima Bamber
    Kittima Bamber Month ago +1

    That is Patong not Phuket

  • Brian Winner
    Brian Winner Month ago

    (Can you dance like that) I bet she’s had lots of practice.

  • richard lawless
    richard lawless Month ago

    Zoo life - just go get drunk get laid and hopefully in that order and without getting robbed or VD and enjoy!! but it makes for pretty predictable videos like this

  • Wolf weighold
    Wolf weighold Month ago

    Danke für das hochladen

  • Mello89 Mello89
    Mello89 Mello89 Month ago +1

    In Phuket, no one thinks she special

  • phuket marine poshtel

    The girl she so cute and she is THAI?

  • kemiche
    kemiche Month ago

    What a joke you two.

  • claude63ful
    claude63ful Month ago

    Hell Adam we new you were in trouble when Sai rolled up her sleeves!! very funny ,Personally i think you should be happy with the one generouse juicy tender rack!!! dont be greedy mate .Stay safe guys

  • Mike L
    Mike L Month ago +1

    Thought she was going to climax when she ate the fry!😜

  • Pornphan Leuzinger
    Pornphan Leuzinger Month ago

    ทริปนี้ มานัยมาดมีใส่งอล์กันน้อยๆและมีเถียงใส่หั้ยท่านพี่เล๋กๆ ก้อดูน้องสองคนนี้มีความรักกันมากๆและสวีทกวานแบบมุ๊งมิ้งกันได้น่ารักกันดีๆค้ะ(น้องใสเปนคนสวยเจ้มจ้น&เซ็กซี่จร้า) อย่างหน้าตาและหุ่นนี้สีผิวเข้มๆแบบนี้น้องเปนสาวในสายตาสำตล์ของแหนพี่อย่างมากๆเลยจร้าาถ้าแฟนพี่เหนหน้าน้องรังรองว่าแฟนพี่เขาต้องรีบแสดงตัวตนเข้าไปทำความรู้จักน้องอย่างออก นอกหน้าเลย"แฟนพี่เปนชาวสวิตแท้ๆค้ะ)แต่เขาจะคนละาไตล์กับสามีแฟนของน้องน้ะที่แฟนน้องเปนฝรั่งใจเยนและไม่แสดงความรู้สึกเจ้าชู้หลุกหลิกกับผู้หญิงอื่นๆต่อหน้าต่อตาของน้องใส)แต่พี่ชอบบุคคลิกและความจิงจัยของน้องใสน้ะพี่จึงเริ่มเข้ามาดูและติดตามดูช่องคลิปของน้องใส&แหนน้องใสตั้งแต่เริ่มทำคลิปแรกๆของน้องใสแล้วจ้ะ"ตามดูคลิปใหม่ๆของน้องใสน้ะค้ะและมาหั้ยกำลังจัยน้งใสกับแฟนน้องใสนัยการทำคลิปออก มาใหม่น้ะค้ะ ขอหั้ยน้องใสสู้ๆค้ะ)fc.ดูจากช่องยูทู้ป ตรง มาจาก ป.ท.สวิต.(SwitZerLand,ค้ะ"เมืองแห่งภูเขาที่สูงที่สุดในโลกและหนาวเยือกๆเกือบจะที่สุดนัยโลกด้วยค้ะ)

  • Manun Khaiman
    Manun Khaiman Month ago


  • ford11 Red.
    ford11 Red. Month ago

    Hi how are you
    Please what is the name off the restaurant

    Is ok I know it

    • ford11 Red.
      ford11 Red. Month ago

      @Dave Andrew thanks

    • Dave Andrew
      Dave Andrew Month ago +1

      maybe the video where he says which place they are going into will give it away.

  • Adrian Free
    Adrian Free Month ago +3

    Your not just more fun but also prettier... And the Restaurant choice looked awesome

  • Lawrencerice
    Lawrencerice Month ago +6

    That is an impressive rack, no doubt.

    • btingey
      btingey 27 days ago

      Ya.... a lot of meat on those bones now.

  • Pritish Nandi
    Pritish Nandi Month ago

    Shuru me aishshi me doobna hai

  • Pritish Nandi
    Pritish Nandi Month ago

    Udhar chhintai kuch nahi hota hai-miami beach and street prostitites-100 bath

  • Northeast Scound Hand Car's And Bike's Selling

    Grandfather with Daughter look like

  • Apriwindiana Herjawan

    Does she share half of your spending ? If she does, she is a real good girlfiend...

    • Apriwindiana Herjawan
      Apriwindiana Herjawan Month ago

      that guy takes her everywhere to travel. does he pay all the expenses or the woman pays half ? you can see the different. If the guy pays for all the expenses during holiday, that lady will treat him like a king, make her self always looks sweet. it is a fact.

    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  Month ago

      Apriwindiana Herjawan what spending?

  • Gary B
    Gary B Month ago +2

    you two are a perfect have a good woman...treat her right...i was with my late wife for 26 years...

  • James Reynolds
    James Reynolds Month ago

    Great vid guys.

  • Tony Green
    Tony Green Month ago

    enjoy it while you can mate , there ALL there and go to the highest bidder!

  • paul hoskin
    paul hoskin Month ago

    Why are you there for a long time .makes no sense toe

  • Dean Moore
    Dean Moore Month ago

    I have noticed that Sai has an innocence and cuteness about her that American girls seem to have lost. She uses it to draw you in Adam and it is obvious that she cares for you.

  • Arjun Singh Moirangthem

    I like her so much... She is so simple i like to hangout with her 😂 😂 😂... Do u have her no??? Can u give me her no???

  • Andre Willer
    Andre Willer Month ago

    Sehr toll dort. Konnte mir sogar Musik wünschen in einer Kneipe da. Auf einmal lief dann Puhdys auf der bangla 😂

  • Micheal Wain
    Micheal Wain Month ago

    The girl in the red is so smart,

  • Jimmy Reese
    Jimmy Reese Month ago

    She. Is sexy

  • samir chhetri
    samir chhetri Month ago

    So beautiful lovely .me single boy .I want my girlfriend like this ...

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat Month ago +2

    Mmm loved that coconut icecream..They sell it also @ bangla walking street :)