Top 10 Games You Should NEVER Play in Front of Your Parents!

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Lock your door, put on your headphones and pray nobody walks in on you. These are the titles that your parents & family would definitely not approve of! Some of them have too much violence, others have too much sex and others still have explicit language - but either way you should probably hide the ESRB rating from your parental units, namsaying? Welcome to http://Watchmojo.com/ and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games You Should NEVER Play in Front of Your Parents!

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00:45 #10. “Catherine” (2011)
01:30 #9. “Grand Theft Auto” series (1997)
02:17 #8. “God Of War” series (2005)
03:10 #7. “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” (2001)
04:09 #6. “Manhunt” series (200307)
05:00 #5. “Leisure Suit Larry” series (1987)
05:46 #4. “South Park The Stick Of Truth” (2014)
06:39 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Автор WatchMojo.com ( назад)
Try some of these games for yourself!
Catherine https://goo.gl/kqOygB
South Park: The Stick of Truth - PC https://goo.gl/0XxqwG
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball https://goo.gl/aRDLK7

Автор Endertastics Ender ( назад)
I will give you five seconds to HIT THAT SUB

Автор Geek Queen ( назад)
tell me why my dad plays GTA with my younger brother.

Автор kirby the puffball ( назад)

Автор Evilbartje BE ( назад)
I hope every single person who wachted this particular vid had his or her headphones on....

Автор Bloodershade mapping şi jocuri în română ( назад)
i play mk 10 with dad

Автор Jeremy Smith ( назад)
well the game industry does feel bad for the nerds who are virgins and can't get a gf. their lives are evolved around games so they don't get out much and reason why their dialogue sucks and can never socialize with a real girl.

Автор HzUltraX57 RBLX ( назад)
my childhood is ruined.. Thank You So Much

Автор Android smart guy ( назад)
nope thats not true im playing grand theft auto,god of war,and manhunt on my ps3 and my parents seeing me playing this game

Автор 광학다윈 ( назад)
I play huniepop and im very sneaky with this game

Автор Bradley Macaraeg ( назад)
ONE THING i wanna keep my perents away from? Its DOTA AND LOL

Автор Cristbol Garcia ( назад)
boi im 9 and i play gta 5

Автор Zero Suou ( назад)
Gal Gun. The original never made it here, and the sequel is digital or mail-order ONLY. Shots send girls into euphoric highs. It's parent-unfriendly enough to have a button that switches to what is called the "Mom's Here" screen. Umm...yeah.

Автор Bryce Ago on ( назад)
My moms awesome she lets me play gta 5

Автор A X M D Gaming ( назад)
my mom walked in

let me rephrase that


Автор Goldengio 03 ( назад)
Well hey you gotta get prepared early for life you know

Автор Tomi Idk xD ( назад)
i played Grand Theft Auto V front of my parents it was ok

Автор MegaD81 ( назад)
Number 8 rating should've been called EV educational violence

Автор fighter kyubey ( назад)
I have the game catherine

Автор MrMisterAZZ ( назад)
i was waiting to gwt rick rolled

Автор Fire Dragon Games And Hacks ( назад)
my parents didn't let me play gta because they saw its so don't let them see it

Автор Kaneki The Ghoul ( назад)
Like PewDiePie said I see 2 volleyballs but no court

Автор ItzFreshFell ( назад)
I don't think I can play Hunnie pop anymore

Автор MINECRAFT GAMER16 ( назад)
None of these and I'm a 22 year old

Автор The Hammer Bro ( назад)
My mom loves south Park and watches it with me

Автор Rsquare 21 ( назад)
My parents actually love the mortal kombat franchise

Автор Gravity ( назад)
Saboteur goes in the same direction like GTA.

Автор rednoobguy26 ( назад)
My mom loves GTA...
And Conker...
And South Park...

Автор D4FY Gamer & Gaming ( назад)
I choose all of it to keep away from my parents and i dont wanna buy those game

Автор Thesketchmaster ( назад)
been busted playing each game

Автор Element 115 ( назад)

Автор Jfirestone ( назад)
i play mortal combat with my parents

Автор Juan José Reyna Esquivel ( назад)
I think Senran Kagura last games should be in 3rd, HuniePop in Honorable Mentions, Bayonetta is not so bad

Автор Tails network ( назад)
is it weird that my mom LOVES gta

Автор hibana o kami ( назад)
Yandere sim

Don't worry ! When I become a future daddy, I will let my kids to play Mortal Kombat with me whether they ask me first or not.

Автор DazzleLuvsGaming X3 ( назад)
my friend played #7 when she was like 5

Автор SquidofBaconator ( назад)
Nekopara, anyone? ;)

Автор Mr. Feels ( назад)
Ah yes, Huniepop. I'm prepared to feel my parents' judgement when they find this game in my Steam Library.

Автор LOL LOL ( назад)

I'm dying right now 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Ratchet Rampage ( назад)
11: This video.

Remember to close and lock your door (If you have a lock on your door) before watching this.

Автор I iz spr ( назад)
And i played Modern Warfare : 2, ´´No russian´´ in front of my grandparents. The sick thing is that my grandpa just laughed. :3

Автор Timothy Geddes ( назад)
I played mortal combat X in front of my parents

Автор Rhodri Owen ( назад)
I played these in front of my mam she said "still a Virgin? "

Автор Johnny Chavez ( назад)
Son why are you playing that game????

Research dad, research...

Автор sidi maouloud ( назад)
and you wonder why crime and psychopaths are up to the roof these days

Автор hayden heyns ( назад)
3:00 she fucked up

Автор Donal Crowley ( назад)
U forgot about the witcher

Автор homer simpson ( назад)
what about the low-motion sniper shot in sniper elite? you can see exactly what body part you hit. it is certainly worst than one or two on the list

Автор Drawing With Maxine ( назад)
I like dead or alive it's fun to play if you don't pay attention to the outfits they wear sometimes it's fun

Автор Uriah Gillespie ( назад)
What about Hatred or Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number?

Автор vaibhav prabhudesai ( назад)
8:30 I need to be alone right now.

Автор StinkyCheeseMan 1415 ( назад)
My mom plays MKX with me all the time...

Автор Mudkip Legend ( назад)
Huniepop markiplier played it

Автор Cameron Penn ( назад)
my mum got me playing mortal kombat

Автор Alex Ross ( назад)
I actually don't feel embarrassed playing most of these games around my parents. I just don't like playing parts with sex or sexy women like Catherine, Killer is Dead, or Dead or Alive. I would play Grand Theft Auto around my mom but not get a hooker.

Автор chief oriely ( назад)
That part in Dante inferno facing half naked cleapantra

Автор kitten MAN 301 ( назад)
just sayin nudity was shown in this vid

Автор Joseph Mann ( назад)
8:26 i can still see the boobies before the clip fades away. My life is complete, now.

Автор kylian wesbeek ( назад)
uhm the one i dont want my parents to see is Rape Play


Автор The Game Hunter ( назад)
I play gta 5 with my dad

Автор BlazeIsHot And Prank Is Best Grill ( назад)
Wheres Rumble Roses?

Автор Purplyguy ( назад)
Surprised that Doom didn't make this list

Автор Seth Charleboix ( назад)
I like how they put god of war on here though me and my mom beat three of the games together just because it was a really fun game.

Автор Loading ( назад)
My dad got me the god of war game when i was very young

Автор masterofmythology ( назад)
My parents INTRODUCED me to the Leisure Suit Larry when I was a kid. Although it was the original computer version, so you really couldn't SEE anything.

Автор Kitsune-chan ( назад)
If I played Dead or Alive, my dad would agree with my taste in women.

Автор Metaknight180 ( назад)
My dad didn't seem to mind watching me play Catherine. In fact, he was right there with me when I was seeing the big reveal with my jaw on the floor. Man, that was handled so well...that reveal was at Bioshock-level for me.

Автор Xavier Fransway-Sanchez ( назад)
I've played GTA as a kid when my parents home

Автор Jesus Cruz ( назад)
You didnt mention dantes inferno?

Автор MR.DRO23 ( назад)

Автор NWA362 ( назад)
my parents know me well im not gonna kill anyone over a stupid game thats all fictional,plus most of these games aren't my taste,i'm more into games like TEKKEN and STREET FIGHTER also METAL GEAR my dad enjoyed watching me played when i was much younger in 2001 on psone till the ps4 version. one of my favorite game ever after Tenchu im even bout to go platinum!

Автор Rokib Hasan ( назад)
assassins creed brotherhood 😂

Автор Jason Chunn ( назад)
I'm surprised Conan the Barbarian wasn't on here instead of God of War. Either way coincidentally the only game I have on this list is came in number one.

Автор stampycatfan1008 ( назад)
My parents saw two people banging on the tv and they were like WTF but I said its a vid game so they were k with it 👌🏻

Автор Legend 200ik ( назад)
bra I play mortal kombat with my dad😡

Автор LoneRebelX ( назад)
So, how many of you are now looking up hunniepop now? Be honest.

Автор Carl Johnson ( назад)

Автор xDaW33D ( назад)
8:26 thank me later

Автор Ultimate Gogeta ( назад)
my dad don't care but my mom does

Автор wizard puppy ( назад)
My brother had wanted mortal combat. Dad didn't know how violent it was. He got it for my brother. Let's just say it disappeared from the house after two months at most. I liked playing it as well because I could button smash and kill my brother's charecter , something most girls with older brothers would enjoy because beating them tends to be rare. Still have a favorite character.

Автор MR.green monkey gaming ( назад)
dude even squeakers play gta now

Автор Brazen ( назад)
No chill anywhere to be found

Автор Kirby Hiroshi ( назад)
yay south park!!!!! ;DDDD

Автор Mason Noble ( назад)
I mustve had the cool mom than, cuz she watched me play Mortal Kombat for much of my childhood :D

Автор N1L8 Hendrix234 ( назад)
See I never had this issue because my grandma plays GTA and South Park right along with me

Автор Savvy Savs ( назад)
Nah bruh, was watching Adult Swim since I was a toddler. These games, maybe except Hunnie Pop, are nothing to my parents, granted I shouldn't even be with my parents being an "adult" and all.

Автор Clarrisani ‍ ( назад)
I played Grand Theft Auto in front of my Mum once. Then she went out and bought some of the games herself to play.

Автор Dylander the Gamer ( назад)

Автор Vitamin Water ( назад)
5:05 Hail Mastermind!

Автор Danny 1029 Immortal Gaming ( назад)
The best parents are the ones who let you play the games, and they watch you play it with no problems at all. :P

Автор Spartan Rampage_1 ( назад)
my parents are the ones who bought me bully when I was 10

Автор FridaysBFun QuitSobbing ( назад)
Yeah. Every problem stems from Zeus in Greek Mythology. Most of the time is because Zeus couldn't keep his dick in his pants

Автор Banana split ( назад)
A fus story; my parenst bougth me south park stick of truth for my 10th birthday. The reason was they liked south park.

Автор Josh Cool ( назад)
I play mortal kombat with my parents

Автор Blake Ambergaze ( назад)
me and the family love playing mortal kombat X together

Автор Omgitz SniperWolf ( назад)
I've played Mortal kombat 9 and XL in front of my parents and they don't mind it, they actually play it with me but I can see how you shouldn't play in front if your parents

Автор Richard Lenar ( назад)
ive played these games in front of my mom and she did not care... she cheered on me.... my dad did the same thing

Автор Brandon Mitchell ( назад)
pornhub would be easier to explain than hunie pop

Автор Oddly Offensive ( назад)
Pac man is what I hide

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