Real Couple VS Shipped Couple | The Newlywed Game

  • Does a real couple or a shipped couple know each other better? We’re putting Samlivia and Shourtney to the ultimate newlywed test!
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Comments • 80

  • Sarah Whittle
    Sarah Whittle 2 months ago +16344

    This video was nuts.

  • Abraham Kaleab Yemane
    Abraham Kaleab Yemane 4 hours ago

    My favorite real smosh couple is Mari and Peter

  • Lucas Oliver
    Lucas Oliver 6 hours ago +1

    Why aren't you 2 dating yet

  • Rifky Rachman
    Rifky Rachman 9 hours ago

    Sam looks like Bogdan bogdanovic

  • DogInFlowers i love flammingo


  • DogInFlowers i love flammingo


  • Andrea Walton
    Andrea Walton 13 hours ago

    I feel like olivia is being kind of a bitch and that's soon gunna be the end of the relationship that day

  • Nabbity
    Nabbity 16 hours ago +1

    Sam: *Being sweet*

    Olivia: *sWeAt AnD hOrNy*

  • Bamboopandagirl
    Bamboopandagirl 17 hours ago

    Anybody just notice he’s from truth or dare

  • Madison Schlosser
    Madison Schlosser 17 hours ago

    the whole time i was screaming every kiss begins with kay, so i felt accomplished when he said it

  • Arna Dis Kristinsdottir

    A memorable kiss is a kiss
    That happened

  • its a DOG
    its a DOG 21 hour ago

    Everyone in the video answering questions:
    Me smiling through most of it: :))))))))))

  • sophia Curdouz
    sophia Curdouz 22 hours ago

    Do y’all notice how quiet Shayne was in the video compared to other videos..

  • Peyton Bierens
    Peyton Bierens Day ago

    3:22 Shayne looked so sad😂😭

  • Algorithm
    Algorithm Day ago

    if shayne and courtney don’t date i’m going to bury myself. case closed.

  • David Osher
    David Osher Day ago

    did you just call Shayne and Courtney not a real Couple? 😂

  • LadyMoxley
    LadyMoxley Day ago


  • dr crisp
    dr crisp Day ago

    Ha gaaaasyyyy

  • VerveXI
    VerveXI Day ago

    For the question on celebrity crushes, they were told not to pick the mate, and Olivia and Sam put "Olivia Sui"..

  • Jacob games
    Jacob games Day ago

    Shayne and Courtney PERFECT

  • DB Mayhem
    DB Mayhem Day ago

    She literally said besides your lover

  • Annabelle Birkey
    Annabelle Birkey Day ago +1

    My first thought when it the most memorable kiss thing was EVERY KISS BEGINS WITH KAY...AND SHAYNE WROTE IT...soul mate I thinks so😂😂😂

  • Tanner Simmons
    Tanner Simmons Day ago

    A kiss that begins with Kay. Edit: I wrote this before he put that

  • Maricel Mendoza
    Maricel Mendoza Day ago

    Sam was in the truth or dare

  • Aidan Wilson
    Aidan Wilson Day ago

    you can tell sams kind of a pill actually

  • GachaCat
    GachaCat Day ago +1

    I think courtivia souls have won

  • Chloe Cornelissen

    you should react to singers like dojo cat

  • Traci Sumner
    Traci Sumner Day ago +1


  • Marcus Kleinhans
    Marcus Kleinhans 2 days ago

    Sam sounds gay

  • Vik Star
    Vik Star 2 days ago

    Is it bad that I ship Courtney and Shane more now?

  • Heavenly Productions

    Cortivia sounds like a yogurt

  • Hilal Sheel
    Hilal Sheel 2 days ago +1

    Sarah saying mum when things got tense was a mood

  • Kadence Hodge
    Kadence Hodge 2 days ago

    When she asked what the women can’t live without I was like:CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

  • BlueIguana Productions


  • Mr Wii
    Mr Wii 2 days ago

    Shane and Courtney didn’t answer the question about when the girl asked r u dating

  • Jadyn Trinity
    Jadyn Trinity 2 days ago

    omg i just found out that sam played in truth or dare!! i knew he looked so familiar!

  • lolo_ potatoz
    lolo_ potatoz 2 days ago

    Everyone: Kathy Bates

  • Taylor
    Taylor 2 days ago

    They should have done Noah and Keith as a team

  • Sara Jackson
    Sara Jackson 2 days ago

    Did they break up in the end? lol 😂😂😂

  • Sarah_bearx
    Sarah_bearx 2 days ago

    They should do Shayne and Damian v Courtney and Olivia

  • Queen Jen Jen
    Queen Jen Jen 3 days ago

    lol this is fun im bout to watch all the videos cuz of Shourtney XD

  • Mary Ann Medici
    Mary Ann Medici 3 days ago


  • c!nnabit
    c!nnabit 3 days ago

    Kinda feel like Olivia might not be as nice off camera....

  • Bobbi Jo Chestang
    Bobbi Jo Chestang 3 days ago

    Sam + Olivia = Saliva🤤💦

  • PyroGamer
    PyroGamer 3 days ago +7

    Sam on last Question: Literally says 7 different things


  • xhypher54x
    xhypher54x 3 days ago

    sarah: mom mom pick me up
    to me she was bored and to actually be in the video she just fuckin kept yelling mom every 5 minutes

  • Gisel Meester
    Gisel Meester 3 days ago

    I might be to young but smosh is like the best RUclip channel EVER

  • nataly timmer
    nataly timmer 3 days ago

    5:14 till 5:25 omg lololol

  • Tyler Flynn
    Tyler Flynn 3 days ago

    Damn for a second I thought it was a kiss that begins with kanye

  • Savage Squad
    Savage Squad 3 days ago

    Who rewatched 5:16 over and over again

  • Sidra Buffum
    Sidra Buffum 3 days ago

    Sam and Shayne sometimes work together In goldbergs

  • Gacha Rosy
    Gacha Rosy 3 days ago

    Shane and Sam are both in the show the goldbergs so to see them both kinda surprised me in smash pit 😂

  • thesteamybeanboy
    thesteamybeanboy 3 days ago

    Can’t believe Olivia is dating token

  • Frankdeebo White
    Frankdeebo White 3 days ago

    They’re gunna go home and fuck and Olivia is finna still be mad at him lol

  • LLJ
    LLJ 3 days ago

    Where’s the video of Olivia being “horny”?

  • Edith Karlström
    Edith Karlström 4 days ago

    5:16 WHAT!? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Naomi Swetland
    Naomi Swetland 4 days ago

    Ok do no one see sam look at olivias board at the end while they where fighting 😂

  • Tj B
    Tj B 4 days ago

    i like how sam and oliva were fighting but shane and cortny were chil.

  • Isaremy
    Isaremy 4 days ago

    I cant live without rice

  • napbooks
    napbooks 4 days ago

    I watched this after the fake courtney and keith proposal at dysneyland to make me comfortable

  • Sharky Dinosaur
    Sharky Dinosaur 4 days ago

    Sam was on Goldbergs

  • R V
    R V 4 days ago

    ohboy olivia could do so much better

  • Mini Apple
    Mini Apple 4 days ago

    1 point for shit couple 4:53

  • Shadow Webb
    Shadow Webb 4 days ago


  • Šÿmmętrįčåłłÿ Dëãd

    I keep thinking it”s saying “Loint” not “Point” .-. I’m shipping the words Love and point together now because I said so.

  • Ivy Boi
    Ivy Boi 4 days ago

    *Shart* ney

  • Daniel Boster
    Daniel Boster 4 days ago

    sam was always smiling it was so sweet

  • Jennifer Demko
    Jennifer Demko 4 days ago

    I don't think we see the REAL couple here...

    Shayne and Sam


  • Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie 4 days ago

    on the kiss thing i said the same thing as shayne

    FUZZYPUFF 99 4 days ago

    Q5 leads to sex

  • Kevin Beaudoin O'Bomsawin

    Omg I don't know if this was staged but those tension between Sam and Olivia were so intense. They are either really good actor or they have some issue! (Really hope this was staged for them...)

  • Benjamin Simmons
    Benjamin Simmons 4 days ago

    Is you boyfriend the guy from the Goldberg’s

  • riley hietla
    riley hietla 4 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that they said that Courtney and Shayne weren’t dating because they work together? Or did I hear that wrong. Cause if it’s true then I feel bad for them cause they would be really good for each other.

  • Liv Lynx
    Liv Lynx 4 days ago

    Missed chance for the couple name “Saliva”

  • Grace Hermansen
    Grace Hermansen 4 days ago

    Mayne shayne is my soulmate because we have almost all the same answers

  • Grace Hermansen
    Grace Hermansen 4 days ago

    Did anyone catch Courtney's friends reference at 2:03

  • Lilly Lay
    Lilly Lay 4 days ago

    Kathy Bates is queen

  • ItsMeSam Ha
    ItsMeSam Ha 4 days ago +5

    I ship shourtney.
    Who else?
    🖕🏻oops wrong way👇

  • Donis Villeda
    Donis Villeda 4 days ago +1

    I think Shane and cortney shoud date

  • Jagriti Srivastava
    Jagriti Srivastava 4 days ago

    cortivia wins