The Flash 3x17 Supergirl Musical Crossover Sneak Peek #2 "Duet" Season 3 Episode 17 Preview

The Flash 3x17 Supergirl Musical Crossover Sneak Peek #2 "Duet" Season 3 Episode 17 Preview

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Автор TheDCTVshow ( назад)
*EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek By ET!!! "Super MusicGlee" :)*

Автор TheCjma88 ( назад)
I was so excited for this episode but they completely ruined it for me by making it nothing more than a prop the sinking ships episode. Ugh!

Автор Ramon Smith ( назад)
WORSE FUCKING EPISODE EVER!!!!! YES ALL CAPS!!!! Musicals + Flash (or any Sci-Fi show)= total disaster!!!!

Автор Zoë McGonnell ( назад)
No I'm good bro😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор CW Superheroes ( назад)
benn i need help skype when you read this

Автор Gia Mendiola ( назад)
I'm like 16 episodes behind with no chance of catching up. But I am so excited for this episode!!

Автор ADAM ELDRAINY ( назад)
I know it was already shown in S1 episode 12 "crazy for you" but Barry Allen is such a wonderful singer!

Автор Animusswtor _ ( назад)
"no I'm good bro, chill, I got it"
that's funny!^^

Автор Eliza Hamilton ( назад)
"I'll be there in a Flash!"


"It was funny!" 😂 Gawd I love these two so much.

Автор Laurawr _ ( назад)
God grant have to be the cutest guy in the world!

Автор BrizyComics ( назад)
But will we get to see them sing and dance in their superhero costumes??? I was rather looking forward to that. As delightful as their musical number looks, it could well be another show number from Glee. I hoped for something else to set it apart--kinda like singing superheroes.

Автор Raymond Morun ( назад)

Автор grayviper ( назад)
i just want to see the flash fight savitar smh

Автор Professional Fangirl ( назад)
GLEE! I miss it so much..

Автор kavtoM ( назад)
İ want a crossover where Barry's team and Kara's team interact.

Автор Ej Marbella ( назад)
is this a 2 episode thing?

Автор Melissa F. M. ( назад)
Arghhh I'm so frickin excited!! :D

Автор Abby OTR ( назад)
Can't wait!

Автор Bri Tollefson ( назад)
The Glee clips they showed were from my favorite songs!!!!

Автор ArcRaios ( назад)

barry and iris not mon el and kara not barry and kara is ideal pair

Автор Sahillyann Velez ( назад)
I guess Blaine can get revenge for the slushie thrown in his face...

Автор Emily Kira ( назад)
I love this so much!

Автор DJAVENGER21 ( назад)
This episode is going to be amazing

Автор Stephen Middlehurst ( назад)
Heh, ET confirming that Melissa Benoist can *literally* light up a room ;-)

So looking forward to this, hope it's not only good but received well enough that the CW decides to do more episodes that depart from the norm. 20+ episode seasons have more than enough room to take some chances now and then.

Автор Maria Elizabeth McCray ( назад)
I cannot freaking wait for this oh my god

Автор CarVie16 ( назад)
"I'll be there in a flash."

Автор J&N Gaming and More! ( назад)
Pissed myself laughing at the superfriends name drop.

Автор Alejandro Pascual ( назад)
why are y'all doing this flash dancing come on now we need the real flash episode not a dancing that's not even in the comics come on we need to see more flash and black flash vs savita

Автор karadanvers III ( назад)
Melissa and Grant are so talented! 💓💓💓

Автор ladymirth ( назад)
Super Sunshine Puppers

Автор 翁靖婷 ( назад)
kara: I miss being bulletproof. Hahaha!

Автор isabella Perez ( назад)
BERRY: I'll be there in a flash.
KARA: berry!
BERRY: that was funny

Автор emilaysjonas ( назад)
#Supermusicglee :D
"I'll be there in a flash" LMFAO

Автор super adventurer ( назад)
it's weird like if you watch them in glee you're just like how is this in the flash and supergirl I mean it's superheros

Автор Peter Bishop ( назад)
I like the bit where barry said I'll be there in a flash

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