The Flash 3x17 Supergirl Musical Crossover Sneak Peek #2 "Duet" Season 3 Episode 17 Preview

  • Опубликовано: 15 мар 2017
  • The Flash 3x17 Supergirl Musical Crossover Sneak Peek #2 "Duet" Season 3 Episode 17 Preview
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  • TheDCTVshow
    TheDCTVshow  Год назад +16

    *EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek By ET!!! "Super MusicGlee" :)*

  • Alexandra Hoefl
    Alexandra Hoefl 9 месяцев назад


  • TheCjma88
    TheCjma88 Год назад

    I was so excited for this episode but they completely ruined it for me by making it nothing more than a prop the sinking ships episode. Ugh!

  • Ramon Smith
    Ramon Smith Год назад +2

    WORSE FUCKING EPISODE EVER!!!!! YES ALL CAPS!!!! Musicals + Flash (or any Sci-Fi show)= total disaster!!!!

    • Ramon Smith
      Ramon Smith Год назад +1

      fun if you are 12 year old GIRL!!!

    • spiritofwerewolf
      spiritofwerewolf Год назад +1

      It was a fun episode lol you sound so butthurt

  • Zoë McGonnell
    Zoë McGonnell Год назад +2

    No I'm good bro😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gia Mendiola
    Gia Mendiola Год назад +1

    I'm like 16 episodes behind with no chance of catching up. But I am so excited for this episode!!

  • Animusswtor _
    Animusswtor _ Год назад +2

    "no I'm good bro, chill, I got it"
    that's funny!^^

  • Leila Hansen
    Leila Hansen Год назад +7

    "I'll be there in a Flash!"
    "It was funny!" 😂 Gawd I love these two so much.

  • Laurawr _
    Laurawr _ Год назад +1

    God grant have to be the cutest guy in the world!

  • Raymond Morun
    Raymond Morun Год назад +2


  • Gray
    Gray Год назад +1

    i just want to see the flash fight savitar smh

  • Professional Fangirl
    Professional Fangirl Год назад +2

    GLEE! I miss it so much..

    • Ardi Utomo
      Ardi Utomo Год назад

      Professional Fangirl oh so am I 😆

  • kavtoM
    kavtoM Год назад +11

    İ want a crossover where Barry's team and Kara's team interact.

  • Ej Marbella
    Ej Marbella Год назад +1

    is this a 2 episode thing?

  • Melissa F. M.
    Melissa F. M. Год назад

    Arghhh I'm so frickin excited!! :D

  • Abby OTR
    Abby OTR Год назад

    Can't wait!

  • Bri Tollefson
    Bri Tollefson Год назад +6

    The Glee clips they showed were from my favorite songs!!!!

  • ArcRaios
    ArcRaios Год назад



    barry and iris not mon el and kara not barry and kara is ideal pair

  • Sahillyann Velez
    Sahillyann Velez Год назад +68

    I guess Blaine can get revenge for the slushie thrown in his face...

    • Mister Who
      Mister Who Год назад

      He did get his revenge on him, being chokeslammed on the floor

    • Sahillyann Velez
      Sahillyann Velez Год назад


    • iammary191995
      iammary191995 Год назад +3


    • Sahillyann Velez
      Sahillyann Velez Год назад

      Erin Cummins Reverse.... like Reverse Flash! (Ok, I need to stop)

    • Erin Cummins
      Erin Cummins Год назад +2

      Sahillyan Velez ikr? The roles are reversed here for both Grant and Darren

  • Emily Kira
    Emily Kira Год назад +4

    I love this so much!

  • Superhero 21
    Superhero 21 Год назад +4

    This episode is going to be amazing

  • Stephen Middlehurst
    Stephen Middlehurst Год назад +5

    Heh, ET confirming that Melissa Benoist can *literally* light up a room ;-)
    So looking forward to this, hope it's not only good but received well enough that the CW decides to do more episodes that depart from the norm. 20+ episode seasons have more than enough room to take some chances now and then.

  • Maria Elizabeth McCray
    Maria Elizabeth McCray Год назад +6

    I cannot freaking wait for this oh my god

  • CarVie16
    CarVie16 Год назад +7

    "I'll be there in a flash."

  • J&N Gaming and More!
    J&N Gaming and More! Год назад +5

    Pissed myself laughing at the superfriends name drop.

  • Alejandro Pascual
    Alejandro Pascual Год назад +9

    why are y'all doing this flash dancing come on now we need the real flash episode not a dancing that's not even in the comics come on we need to see more flash and black flash vs savita

    • G0d Ginrai
      G0d Ginrai Год назад

      Actually he was an original villain for the animated series 'Batman: The Brave and The Bold'.

    • Animusswtor _
      Animusswtor _ Год назад +2

      also, I hope that you DO know that the music meister is an actual comic book villain?

    • FZJanimated
      FZJanimated Год назад +2

      dude , you have like 23 episodes per season ,some of them are gonna be filler ,like this one.
      is a filler episode, yes is silly but is something the cw like to do, look at supernatural ,it was dark and serious as shit ,then once in a while they would do some stupid episodes here and there ,like dean dying over and over or the episode with them acting like they are in different channels and shit.

    • Makunouchi Ippo
      Makunouchi Ippo Год назад +5

      I think those episodes are good for the actors because they surely have fun while doing this kind of scenes and it will motivate them even more for the upcoming episodes.

    • dlookalike
      dlookalike Год назад +3

      Alejandro Pascual Is there anything that you people won't complain about? Just enjoy the damn episode

  • danvers anatomy
    danvers anatomy Год назад +11

    Melissa and Grant are so talented! 💓💓💓

  • ladymirth
    ladymirth Год назад +1

    Super Sunshine Puppers

  • 翁靖婷
    翁靖婷 Год назад +23

    kara: I miss being bulletproof. Hahaha!

  • isabella _lupin
    isabella _lupin Год назад +88

    BERRY: I'll be there in a flash.
    KARA: berry!
    BERRY: that was funny

    • Ronald McGee
      Ronald McGee Год назад +1

      isabella Perez Its BARRY not BERRY

    • Leila Hansen
      Leila Hansen Год назад

      Makunouchi Ippo 😂😂

    • Makunouchi Ippo
      Makunouchi Ippo Год назад +37

      Berry Allen - The fastest fruit alive!

    • Artsy Creator
      Artsy Creator Год назад +20

      isabella Perez It's Barry*

  • emilaysjonas
    emilaysjonas Год назад +70

    #Supermusicglee :D
    "I'll be there in a flash" LMFAO

    • emilaysjonas
      emilaysjonas Год назад


    • Dani Bandong
      Dani Bandong Год назад +7

      Reminds me of Young Justice, where he kept saying "I'll be back in a flash!" every time he left the room.

  • Epic DVB
    Epic DVB Год назад +16

    it's weird like if you watch them in glee you're just like how is this in the flash and supergirl I mean it's superheros

  • Peter Bishop
    Peter Bishop Год назад +17

    I like the bit where barry said I'll be there in a flash