PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2017 (Kids Edition) | Amazing Talented Kids Compilation

  • Опубликовано: 18 фев 2017
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    The next generation of People are Awesome video stars are here! This compilation features amazingly talented kids have some incredible skills! Including snowboarding, snowboarding, trick shots to gymnastics. These awesome little kids are the youngest stars of People are Awesome!
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  • bolin shen
    bolin shen 21 час назад

    whoa the best 3 for me were the 2 mimics with the soccer balls, the kid that's blindfolded kicking the thing perfectly, and the kid at 2:46 on rollar blades

  • Victoria Orozco
    Victoria Orozco День назад

    Chloe yaas

  • Eric Royer
    Eric Royer День назад

    Wow so TALENTED!!!!

  • Ruby's Vlogs
    Ruby's Vlogs День назад

  • Ioana Reny
    Ioana Reny 2 дня назад

    I know I am awsome :)))

  • safiaa
    safiaa 2 дня назад

    that post at 1:46.... so cute and priceless

  • 1fuzzy68
    1fuzzy68 2 дня назад


  • Charlton Qiu
    Charlton Qiu 3 дня назад

    That girl knocked a cone.

  • hik pandzia
    hik pandzia 3 дня назад

    OMG BEZ KOMENTARZA!!!!!!!!😮😶

  • Sofie bergman
    Sofie bergman 4 дня назад

    2:46 isnt cool at all i can do that

  • Sofie bergman
    Sofie bergman 4 дня назад

    0.45 isnt impressive

  • Corinne Jacobson
    Corinne Jacobson 4 дня назад

    2.18 was on litttle big shots

  • Major League Vlogger
    Major League Vlogger 4 дня назад

    When you realize kids are stronger than you O_o

  • Charlton Qiu
    Charlton Qiu 4 дня назад

    The girl dribbling 2 basketballs look easy.

  • DreamGirl XoX
    DreamGirl XoX 4 дня назад

    1 like=1 kids who gets more talented

  • DreamGirl XoX
    DreamGirl XoX 4 дня назад

    i can do all of them

  • MaxInfinit Fan2017 Leo
    MaxInfinit Fan2017 Leo 5 дней назад

    i am good at something veery good: science and sport: football

  • MaxInfinit Fan2017 Leo
    MaxInfinit Fan2017 Leo 5 дней назад

    i m awesome at something: at math,science and sport football

  • Alice Thomsen
    Alice Thomsen 5 дней назад

    Hvordan laver man træpinde og maler dem

  • Giovanna Henry
    Giovanna Henry 5 дней назад

    They make it look so easy...

  • Reiner Handrack
    Reiner Handrack 6 дней назад

    At 2:45 the girl nocket out a Black tihng

  • kumbig kubik
    kumbig kubik 6 дней назад

    Ruszać wszystkih

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 7 дней назад

    I just want to gtfo of here

  • Michael C
    Michael C 7 дней назад

    3:19 When the drugs kick in

  • Jonn Kulterud
    Jonn Kulterud 8 дней назад


  • beni channel Beni
    beni channel Beni 8 дней назад

    1:07 ufo loooooolll😮😮😯🤐🤐

  • Jorge Serrano
    Jorge Serrano 8 дней назад


  • emaderp girl
    emaderp girl 8 дней назад

    i will never be this 😥😥😓😓😰😭💦💦💦

    YÊU KHÁM PHÁ 9 дней назад


  • Adam
    Adam 9 дней назад

    Future Olympians

  • Gamer SabastIen119
    Gamer SabastIen119 9 дней назад


  • Гулечка Муталлапова
    Гулечка Муталлапова 10 дней назад


  • RainysRight Vlogs
    RainysRight Vlogs 10 дней назад

    All I can do is throw a football better than all the boys and girls in middle school

  • redstare playz
    redstare playz 10 дней назад

    0:42 the new harley queen.

  • Nixie Romina Lopez Rocha
    Nixie Romina Lopez Rocha 10 дней назад


    CLEVERCATMAN fizzle 10 дней назад


  • Chris Dukes
    Chris Dukes 11 дней назад

    This should be kids are the best

  • The BEST TV
    The BEST TV 11 дней назад


  • Mr Bleach
    Mr Bleach 11 дней назад

    I am one of them.

  • Isabelle Speleers
    Isabelle Speleers 12 дней назад

    so cute ! 😍😍😍

  • Tämän lenu
    Tämän lenu 12 дней назад






  • UnicornFluffy Gaming Girl
    UnicornFluffy Gaming Girl 12 дней назад +1


  • Maggie Foo
    Maggie Foo 12 дней назад

    0.22 future mike tyson

  • colliepops jake
    colliepops jake 12 дней назад


  • Voyage Fox
    Voyage Fox 12 дней назад

    If these kids are doing this at a young age i wonder how good they will be when they are older

  • Benjamin Allen
    Benjamin Allen 12 дней назад

    Watching this on my bed

    I am talented

  • Chuck Taylor King
    Chuck Taylor King 12 дней назад

    Awesome is a understatement

    KILLA WEST SIDE NIGGA 13 дней назад

    3:10 proud to be a filipino

  • Vito Kljum
    Vito Kljum 14 дней назад +1

    Wtf.very good😗🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lina Tran
    Lina Tran 14 дней назад +1

    All these kids doing amazing things and the only amazing thing I can do is walk to get food

  • dasir Johnson
    dasir Johnson 14 дней назад

    The boys are doing the physical stuff and the girls are doing ummm... 😐idk what’s dat called umm the things dat u have to be kinda flexible to do..

  • Emily Le Maitre
    Emily Le Maitre 15 дней назад

    I loved the kids backflip

  • Superpartygamer 2
    Superpartygamer 2 15 дней назад

    So cool and nice and awesome

  • Lk Gilbert Aimol
    Lk Gilbert Aimol 15 дней назад

  • FestPEPE
    FestPEPE 16 дней назад

    1:49-1:51 so cuteee😊😊

  • hala
    hala 16 дней назад


  • Kink_TigerzYT
    Kink_TigerzYT 16 дней назад

    I canno't Talk sh*t and saying that my Frontflips are the best after watching this vid

  • Laneykernerlovesdogs Kerner
    Laneykernerlovesdogs Kerner 16 дней назад

    Yeah kids are Lit!

  • Sparkly Girl
    Sparkly Girl 16 дней назад

    Then there's just me: I can breathe!

  • Th3r0b0t Mast3rR0BL0XGAM3Rvlogs
    Th3r0b0t Mast3rR0BL0XGAM3Rvlogs 17 дней назад

    First one no way kid

  • Edith Cortes Marquez
    Edith Cortes Marquez 17 дней назад


  • World Wide Music
    World Wide Music 17 дней назад

    who is the girl on the rollerblade? she is AWESOME!

  • Benjamin Allen
    Benjamin Allen 18 дней назад


  • Abby x
    Abby x 18 дней назад

    3:28 so cool

  • ланер 23 optical illusion
    ланер 23 optical illusion 18 дней назад

    The first clip was trinty luis he has a chanel called trinty luis

  • Nikoloz Beridze
    Nikoloz Beridze 18 дней назад


  • Sharon Denisse Martinez Villalta
    Sharon Denisse Martinez Villalta 18 дней назад

    El niño que esta con la pelota en e
    Minutos 0 32 el niño es horrible

  • KenJOSCaiNe Ken
    KenJOSCaiNe Ken 18 дней назад

    I can't believe how they do this 😮😮😮🤔🤔🤔

  • Hank Williams
    Hank Williams 19 дней назад

    Well I see some future bullies

  • Ári gaming
    Ári gaming 19 дней назад

    Amazing kids wow!! :D

  • Tristan Hughes
    Tristan Hughes 19 дней назад

    Inspired by dude perfect.

  • Niall Cutts
    Niall Cutts 20 дней назад

    You all suck

  • MariaSofia Spasiano
    MariaSofia Spasiano 20 дней назад


  • Anthony Douglas
    Anthony Douglas 20 дней назад

    nice job

  • CCactuSSKing
    CCactuSSKing 20 дней назад

    show off kids who cares I can kick the shit out of them

  • Cayson Gjerde
    Cayson Gjerde 22 дня назад

    Find it ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️🙁☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️🙃☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😊☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • Pockys Are awesome
    Pockys Are awesome 22 дня назад

    I’m proud of every single kid in this vid kids follow your heart and dreams

  • gamemar infinit cu jocuri
    gamemar infinit cu jocuri 22 дня назад


  • song time
    song time 23 дня назад

    i can do all of that lllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee

  • Watching utube
    Watching utube 23 дня назад

    Last one was so AWESOME!!!!
    The speed was crazy!!!

  • Fe Re
    Fe Re 23 дня назад

    That face on 2:38 looks creepy if you pauze it

  • Fe Re
    Fe Re 23 дня назад

    mincreft kids Be like 3:07

  • Naim Aljilani
    Naim Aljilani 23 дня назад


  • Rachel Zebradotter
    Rachel Zebradotter 24 дня назад

    omg the last one xD

  • Du Vet Nathalie
    Du Vet Nathalie 24 дня назад


  • Emir Hayran
    Emir Hayran 25 дней назад

    3:26 LMAO

  • Gage Gerber
    Gage Gerber 25 дней назад

    these kids make me feel like a piece of garbage

  • Kasia Labicka
    Kasia Labicka 26 дней назад


  • Kasia Labicka
    Kasia Labicka 26 дней назад

    Ten chłopak z piłką do golfa nie trafił

  • joyce ferreira
    joyce ferreira 27 дней назад


  • Latei Hauhnar
    Latei Hauhnar 27 дней назад

    Anyone know his song pls tell me

  • Topaz panda
    Topaz panda 28 дней назад

    i would break my neck doing these

  • Eli Sewell
    Eli Sewell 28 дней назад

    What the hell how do “kids” do that

  • aq aq aq aq aq aq
    aq aq aq aq aq aq 29 дней назад

    boyleı mkanlarımız olmadı yapalım :)

  • Brian Trujillo
    Brian Trujillo 29 дней назад

    anyone can do this

  • Super 3X Hero
    Super 3X Hero Месяц назад


  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez Месяц назад


  • Dipen Ambaliya
    Dipen Ambaliya Месяц назад

    who is made that dislike this vedio

  • Ricardo Oliveira
    Ricardo Oliveira Месяц назад


  • gamemar infinit cu jocuri
    gamemar infinit cu jocuri Месяц назад

    Oau sunt Alessia cum pot copiii.☺😹💖💖💕👃