Gotta See It: Kessel floats puck over net, Hornqvist bats it out of air and in

The Pittsburgh Penguins are an offensively gifted team, and this goal is a prime example of their depth as Phil Kessel and Patric Hornqvist hook up for an amazing and possible goal of the year candidate.

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Длительность: 1:27
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Автор T ( назад)
high sticking

Автор Snapchat Hack ( назад)
That was an insane play.

Автор Bob Something ( назад)
The views are paused at exactly 166,666 0-0

Автор korlu01 ( назад)
Is it just me or has the increase in air-batted goals gone up like 500% this year?

Автор Michael Fendsack ( назад)
The timing was great!!!!!!!

Автор kasey roy ( назад)
looks like the Pittsburgh pirates might have a real slugger right under they're noses, don't think we have ever had a multi sport player who played hockey and baseball

Автор Christina Kim ( назад)
DUDE! was that play even legal?!?! 😂😂 if it is EVERYBODY should start doing it! haha. go ducks.

Автор EMalachi ( назад)
Impressive. Now release your anger...

Автор James James ( назад)
Clearly high sticking but eh, it's the Penguins...rules don't apply.

Автор DjJokerr ( назад)
ehhhh, who cares about fluke goal. GO HAWKS!

Автор wjRainbow ( назад)
Shouldn't that be a high stcking

Автор Always Curious ( назад)
Awsome move!!!

Автор TexasGolfDude ( назад)
Well that was a borderline high stick...

Автор Scremler 2016 ( назад)
Hockey is basically like golf on ice

Автор Pit Viper XP ( назад)
why isn't that a high stick?

Автор Japp Fun ( назад)
Sounds like he's saying Hatrick Hornqvist

Автор LikeMike ­ ­ ( назад)
Dam that horn sound was a perfect harmony

Автор bleh ( назад)
Moi guys


Автор Tom Kaos (Official) ( назад)
Its about time athletes that get paid millions actually Do something thats easy in the world of sports.

Автор Dave M ( назад)
I don't like the Pens, but that was pretty cool.


Автор str8dominican ( назад)
Alley oop

Автор PMDownUp ( назад)
The new baseball move.

Автор Alejandro Mancillas ( назад)
Gooolazooo! ...... oops wrong sport ( Still nice goal tho) :)

Автор Not Gary Rogers ( назад)
Lmao @youtube how is this #20 on trending, it has 2.1k views...

Автор Garden-Variety Google User ( назад)
Commentator says it was meant to happen, it wasn't luck. I strongly disagree with the notion that they practiced that "play". lol. What an idiot.

Автор Themagic Conchshell ( назад)
Blackhawk won 6 to 3 •o•

Автор Craig Rice ( назад)
Wait how is this tending?

Автор Peperle St-Jacques ( назад)

Автор w5monkey ( назад)
garbage goal

Автор Neville J. ( назад)
As a Jr. Panther player and and a huge Panther fan this hurts

Автор TK ( назад)
Well, it IS Spring Training...

Автор David Foo ( назад)
wait did kessel even touch it

Автор Dylan Lim ( назад)
Straight out of the Mighty Ducks playbook

Автор Post2Post ( назад)
Wow impressive!

Автор Michael Allen ( назад)
Haters say its fake

Автор matthew kohler ( назад)
NHL06 lives

Автор ChachaChapati ( назад)
Waiting for a lacrosse-type goal. Whether it's Crosby or Hornqvist here, Pens seem to be quite adept at batting puck in mid-air and finding a way to score.

Автор Rickskibbee ( назад)
EA servers suck ass. #fixNHL17

Автор Joe Danger ( назад)
Why don't people try this more often?

Автор Big Smoke ( назад)
3:0 after 2nd. Crosby has 2 goals

Автор TickTak77 ( назад)
0:45 - pretty clear it was an accident. phil trying to pass it back to hornqvist, and it bounces on him

Автор Owen G ( назад)
WOW always featuring good teams like Pittsburgh. My team is failing and isn't going to make the playoffs. May as well call this channel PensNET instead of sportsnet. waaaaaaah

Автор The Squeaky Roaster ( назад)
Someone finally did it

Автор Freedom ( назад)
Wow... Why should play hockey when we can play baseball right? :-D

Автор maura c ( назад)
classic pens

Автор FlexEnvy ( назад)
Glitch goal

Автор Eric Ek vlogs ( назад)
what a goal !!!!

Автор YouTube Sucks ( назад)

Автор Yesil ( назад)
that was sick

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