5 Peeling Kitchen Gadgets Improved by Design Expert | Well Equipped | Epicurious

  • Design and usability expert Dan Formosa is back to analyze and comment on a selection of kitchen peeling tools. Does the Alligator Onion Peeler have enough bite to do the job? Can a pair of gloves make peeling potatoes a breeze? Watch as Dan rates each gadget and attempts to improve their designs.

    Check out all the gadgets here:
    Alligator Onion Peeler: amzn.to/31ueFqY
    Shrimp Peeler: amzn.to/2pIuHA9
    Tater Mitts: amzn.to/2MA0Zqk
    Rotato Express: amzn.to/31vXyVS
    Garlic Shaker: garlicshaker.com/garlic-shaker/
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    5 Peeling Kitchen Gadgets Improved by Design Expert | Well Equipped | Epicurious

Comments • 80

  • Isaac Garcia
    Isaac Garcia 4 hours ago

    This guy is stupid n a hater

  • Masrur Bule
    Masrur Bule 6 hours ago

    I think that the gloves could perform better under a stream of water

  • Maple Rock
    Maple Rock 11 hours ago

    i really appreciate that this guy is calling attention to the importance of gadgets for folks with mobility issues and assessing these things on that basis

  • HowardTheAlien 47

    It does not take 30 seconds to peel a shrimp

  • Javier A. Comas Ruiz

    This guy is the bob ross of kitchen gadgets

  • liam lego world
    liam lego world Day ago

    I tested my oil with the left hanned oil test

  • Henry Miller
    Henry Miller Day ago +1

    You kinda be savage tho at 2:32

  • Chase Hukill
    Chase Hukill 2 days ago

    Tater mitts?
    Those are Work Gloves!

  • musicsoundsification

    People who dislike probally bought the items and regret it 😂

  • Inti Nicolás Fierro Oroza

    Why would you want to peel a potato?

    • Danielle
      Danielle 3 days ago

      For making dishes like mashed potatoes, croquettes, fondant potatoes, etc

  • MehAsianPenguin Gamming

    Wait 42 is longer than 46?

  • Rednikeyboy21 U
    Rednikeyboy21 U 6 days ago

    Welcome to the potato express where everything is terrible

  • Muid Mumtaz
    Muid Mumtaz 6 days ago

    This man needs a RUclip channel so I can bidge watch this for the rest of my life.

  • Makeup By LeeAnn
    Makeup By LeeAnn 9 days ago

    You supposed to pealing them under the Fossett

  • Coldpotatochips
    Coldpotatochips 15 days ago

    *Only dirty minded people will understand the part when he was using the shrimp device*

  • 1Minute Covers
    1Minute Covers 16 days ago

    Usability, effectiveness, efficiency, says the guy who used his 38 yrs of life playing with kitchen tools XD LMAO

  • Janis hall
    Janis hall 17 days ago

    wouldn't you use the peeler gloves under a stream of water?

  • Negroid Weeb
    Negroid Weeb 17 days ago

    Peel the potato under running water???

  • MultiImagination
    MultiImagination 17 days ago

    Always nice to see reviews on how well a gadget works. I know people with tremors or cannot use their hands very well can benefit with tools to do simple peeling, but if they never work properly it's gonna cause more issues than helping.

  • none ?
    none ? 19 days ago

    bruh most onions i have cut peel eazyer than a banana

  • 陈世敏
    陈世敏 22 days ago

    For the tater mits, you're supposed to use it with water

  • Baaba Egyiri
    Baaba Egyiri 23 days ago +1

    I don't even know why this was recommended to me but it is interesting lol😂

    HAPI BOOMZ 25 days ago

    They messed up the time color

  • TheSoViet ComRade
    TheSoViet ComRade 26 days ago +1

    Wow! Nice Gadges

  • Linu Fun
    Linu Fun 27 days ago

    "Not great."

  • Louis Grissman
    Louis Grissman 27 days ago

    Uhh did yall notice the onion peelers time was bad even though it was faster and that it would have been faster if he, you know, didnt caress the onion after the first slice?

  • Amirul Haiman
    Amirul Haiman 29 days ago

    The gloves should work better on running water

  • The Ice Butcher
    The Ice Butcher 29 days ago

    Most of the products he tries don’t work

  • The Ice Butcher
    The Ice Butcher 29 days ago

    Garlic are super easy to peel without a shaker

  • Brooke Logan
    Brooke Logan Month ago

    You can do your own garlic shaker at home with a mason jar or Tupperware. It’s definitley easier with garlic that’s been in your pantry a couple of days

  • Johan Järvinen
    Johan Järvinen Month ago

    The potato peeling gloves are meant to be used under running water as you prep potatoes for boiling, not on already boiled potatoes. Or in a dish filled with water, if you're concerned about wasting water. They're quite effective when used properly and quite common in the Nordic countries.

  • Ssenunni J
    Ssenunni J Month ago

    R the gloves meant to be used in water?

  • Bluerabbit
    Bluerabbit Month ago

    With the potato peeler gloves it's easier if you use them under running water

  • Monica Rendon
    Monica Rendon Month ago

    “Not great 😐”

  • Just Satan
    Just Satan Month ago

    >Doesn't use a product correctly

  • Kasagaery
    Kasagaery Month ago

    Actually I think if you cut the bottom of the garlic, it will come off easier.
    And yeah, smashing and peeling garlic works, but when you are making pickled stuff where you put garlic, you need it to be whole, not smashed. I remember helping my mom peeling off garlic every summer when she prepared dozens of jars with pickled everything, I hated it and this tool would have been handy.

  • FinnJävel
    FinnJävel Month ago

    Why do people even peel potatoes anyway? Except for mash.

  • Alex Alcaraz
    Alex Alcaraz Month ago

    I'm jealous of Dan's wife

  • Taylor Johnson
    Taylor Johnson Month ago

    Some gyno one day was like you know what this would work for? Shrimp.

  • Pacola
    Pacola Month ago

    This is quickly becoming my favorite series from Epicurious!!

  • Matthijs Geerlings
    Matthijs Geerlings Month ago

    The whole problem with a shrimp peeler is that you get rid of the shrimp shell where a huge amount of flavor comes from, not to mention protection from drying out too fast during cooking. If you really insist on cooking shrimps without their shells a better method might be to insert the shrimp peeler into your left ventricele.

  • Gheric Polenio
    Gheric Polenio Month ago

    If the onion one would be round it will just slide and not grab the skin lmao

  • Andzia Zach
    Andzia Zach Month ago

    2:32 hahahhahaha

  • Erick Sánchez
    Erick Sánchez Month ago

    I want improved gloves to remove cat fur.

  • Santiago G
    Santiago G Month ago +1

    "It kinda made me wanna cry, and it wasn't the onions, it was the design"

  • H Sapien
    H Sapien Month ago

    He did the garlic one wrong though, should separate the cloves then put them in, will work great.

  • Rosalie Stevenson
    Rosalie Stevenson Month ago

    methinks the peeling gloves are to be used under a tap that is on.

  • eshaan ravula
    eshaan ravula Month ago

    Look at the background that's attention to detail 👌

  • Toby Shepherd
    Toby Shepherd Month ago

    Whoe peels potatoes after they're cooked? absurd. I'm pretty sure the gloves are for raw potatoes, as they cook the flesh softens and that's why they became clogged in the palms

  • Peyton Bardell
    Peyton Bardell Month ago

    Wouldn’t a real do just as good of a job of peeling the potatoes?

  • Ulrich Petri
    Ulrich Petri Month ago

    All of this junk can be replaced by a knife.

  • Yagna Reddy
    Yagna Reddy Month ago


  • Catobleppa
    Catobleppa Month ago

    "It kinda made me want to cry, it wasn't the onion, it was the design of the peeler"
    Damn savage

  • caolan ferry
    caolan ferry Month ago

    Gets the porn out

  • Mr. Bagel Seeds
    Mr. Bagel Seeds Month ago

    The potato gloves wouldn’t clog up if you used it while running water over it

  • Maximum Effort
    Maximum Effort Month ago

    Potato peeler: use running water in sink. 2 use raw potato

  • Nemanja Djordjevic
    Nemanja Djordjevic Month ago

    4:59 thats what she said

  • Aneta
    Aneta Month ago +1

    I will never understand how companies embarrass themselves with product launches of products that are barely tested. How does this even happen? Don’t they know consumers will buy it and know it doesn’t work? 🤔😧🤨🤷🏻‍♀️

  • The Crafty Cyborg
    The Crafty Cyborg Month ago

    As a disabled person with a degree in Industrial Design, I like his left handed oil test. I had some sharp words for employers over the years about how they utterly failed to consider anyone who wasn’t 20-50 and perfectly free of any and all visual or physical difficulties.
    I can no longer work and miss it terribly.

  • The School Of Yes
    The School Of Yes Month ago

    Diy tater mits:
    Glue razor blades to your mittens

  • Jessica Vincent
    Jessica Vincent Month ago

    "A lot of finger action"

  • I See
    I See Month ago

    I kinda stopped and thought, why ama I even watching this?

  • Booper
    Booper Month ago

    I’m pretty sure the potato mitts are meant to be used under a stream of water

  • Droxy Snape
    Droxy Snape Month ago

    one issue with gadgets is are they worth the mess and hassle of cleaning them. best peeler I've used is the OXO soft handle. Best shrimp peeler I have is a "shrimp knife".

  • Metalhead 1966
    Metalhead 1966 Month ago

    10:45 I'd like to see this redesigned as a kitchen towel sort of shape. Which you can use to hold and rub the potatoe, hopefully eliminating the use of finger pressure, and utilising a greater surface area of the tool.
    Edit: I paused and commented before I watched his design idea. Not bad but I'd honestly prefer my own. I also think mine would be easier to clean.

    WWII ASSASSIN Month ago

    Just saying this dude had a peeling shrimp, takes me at most 5 seconds

  • The Rap Game
    The Rap Game Month ago +1

    I could care less of the redesign by this pro i just rather watch if the item works or not.

  • Lashedbear
    Lashedbear Month ago

    Pause at 1:47

  • james mcburney
    james mcburney Month ago

    my mom has the rotatato, it gets used.

  • Technotoadnotafrog
    Technotoadnotafrog Month ago

    I just realized 99% of can openers would probably fail the left-handed oil test, yet basically everyone has one

  • Steph Mazvita
    Steph Mazvita Month ago

    I’m just thinking about all that dishwashing. That’s functionality for me😂

  • ankit vashisht
    ankit vashisht Month ago

    @4:19 Uh Uh!! Non-Vegetarian alert!! Gotta Skip Gota Skip!!!! Gotta skip to the Gloves""!!

  • normal pink panda 1185

    Why is the right one green? The left one stopped sooner so that one Should be green. 1:45

  • RyuzakiRandomStuff
    RyuzakiRandomStuff Month ago

    those gloves are supposed to be used underwater

  • Kailyx
    Kailyx Month ago

    I actually love this mini series alot- 😂

  • jee jee
    jee jee Month ago +1

    "it doesn't work...now lets try with oiled left hand"
    Makes no sense.

  • Luumus
    Luumus Month ago

    I have a feeling that most of these gadgets only exist to make you waste money and clutter up your house. I think that a good principle to live by in the kitchen is if something only works for one task then it's most likely not worth it.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +2

    I think the trick with the gloves is to use them under running water.

  • Hi
    Hi Month ago

    The gordan ramsey of insulting kitchen tools

  • Tyler n
    Tyler n Month ago +1

    I love dan