Sugar Rush | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Jul 5, 2018
  • Sugar Rush is the new, relentlessly fast-paced baking competition that challenges brilliant bakers to create sweet treats that look and taste amazing - all against the clock. Who will race to the finish and win $10,000? Hunter March hosts while world-class pastry chefs Candace Nelson and Adriano Zumbo judge.Sugar Rush drops July 13 only on Netflix.
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    Sugar Rush | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 162

  • Daisuke Kun
    Daisuke Kun 11 days ago +1

    *s-u-g-a-r jump into your racing car say sugar rush sugar rush*

  • Yousuf Saleh
    Yousuf Saleh 3 months ago

    i like the show but i cannot stop watching the "free willy" teeth of the judge Candace, its like bitch arent you famous and you cannot fix your teeth... i cant!

  • Karina B
    Karina B 3 months ago +1

    the host kinda looks like Travis mills without tattoos lol

  • Gabby Huh
    Gabby Huh 4 months ago

    I searched up Sugar Rush and a bunch of Ralph Breaks the Internet showed up. I was so confused,

  • Bella Perez
    Bella Perez 4 months ago


  • Súper Queen
    Súper Queen 4 months ago

    I want to participate

  • Rosario Gutierrez
    Rosario Gutierrez 4 months ago

    Ya queremos segunda temporada en México

  • Marie Wolf Moon
    Marie Wolf Moon 5 months ago +5

    I need the second season!!!!

  • Julio Valle
    Julio Valle 7 months ago +1

    we want more seasons please :)

  • Chris Vargas
    Chris Vargas 7 months ago +1

    I love this show

  • Aline Cruz
    Aline Cruz 8 months ago +1

    I love Hunter March and the show is awesome 😊

  • iKaylabee
    iKaylabee 8 months ago +1

    I luv this show watching it Rn lol

  • Sandra S
    Sandra S 8 months ago

    I love this show!, but guys, you need to check on your editing, you have so many mistakes hahaha

  • emeli poser
    emeli poser 8 months ago +1

    Save Shadowhunters

  • Editsby Cargo
    Editsby Cargo 8 months ago

    It reminds me of zumbos just desserts

  • RedPanda van Leven
    RedPanda van Leven 9 months ago

    I hope Mr. Sea Salt stops harping on about it next season

  • Just the color pink. No big deal.

    But how do you get onto it? And tbh this is wayyy better than nailed it.

  • Katie Johnson
    Katie Johnson 9 months ago

    This show makes me want to eat ice cream and candy and cake until I'm sick. 🤒

  • Jade Rose
    Jade Rose 9 months ago

    Is the show “nailed it”
    Not enough???

  • Panic! Surreal
    Panic! Surreal 9 months ago

    I watched this and i though:

    Without music all they would hear is *clink* *slorp* *chew*


  • TongueSlap
    TongueSlap 9 months ago +1

    The host is awful!!! He's so abrasive and you can tell the contestants and the judges are uncomfortable by the remarks that he makes

  • Rabia
    Rabia 9 months ago

    I wonder if zumbo prefers these dessert or the ones on his own show 😂

  • Samantha ez
    Samantha ez 9 months ago +1

    Yo me lo veo en mi casa en N.....

  • Celeste Mouret
    Celeste Mouret 9 months ago

    Debería aparecer Maire Wink,su repostería es arte uwu xd ♡

  • Karina Tovar
    Karina Tovar 9 months ago

    is it just me or does the guy at 00:12 looks like jacob soutorius all grown??

  • nicole estrella
    nicole estrella 9 months ago

    Is it just me but I think they being a little racist, on episode 4.

  • Naomi Dawson
    Naomi Dawson 9 months ago

    Season 1 episode 2 I am so sad no one did a peanut butter chocolate cake I already have the design picture perfect in my head. 😟😢

  • Isabel Restrepo
    Isabel Restrepo 9 months ago +1

    La segunda temporada para cuando!? 💗🦄

  • An na
    An na 9 months ago

    Honestly cant stop watching

  • Baka Phantomhive
    Baka Phantomhive 9 months ago +1

    Diabetes Rush

  • Mía chandel Fernandez Venegas

    Put buddy balastro of judge

  • CJ !
    CJ ! 9 months ago

    I’ll just stick with Nailed It. It’s more relatable

  • Gacha snatched Trolls
    Gacha snatched Trolls 9 months ago +1


  • Passando pra dar Uma olhada

  • Chrysy
    Chrysy 9 months ago


  • Amy George
    Amy George 9 months ago

    It was great until episode 7 when Betsey Johnson discribed a cupcake as "spastic" and then clarified that it was a positive comment. No one spoke up. No one corrected her. No one decided to edit it out. Shameful.

    LYRICS BLAST 9 months ago


  • Montserrat Salazar
    Montserrat Salazar 9 months ago


  • Lauren _edits
    Lauren _edits 9 months ago

    Is every Netflix baking show going to a prize of $10,000?

  • Blue Noche
    Blue Noche 9 months ago

    Netflix NEEDS to bring Cutthroat kitchen back💯🔥😍

  • gardenofeve
    gardenofeve 9 months ago

    why is Zumbo from Zumbo's just desurts THEIR!

  • Erick Trejo
    Erick Trejo 9 months ago

    I need the second season

  • Clio A
    Clio A 9 months ago

    Cool show, I really liked it 🤩

  • Christian_Patriot
    Christian_Patriot 9 months ago

    Started off as a good show, but by the second episode Netflix was already pushing its degenerate LGBT agenda, yet again.
    this show is not for kids, let alone people that are tired of this crap

  • D.C. Taylor-Sullivan
    D.C. Taylor-Sullivan 9 months ago +1

    I didn't like the show 😧, I am no saying is bad I just didn't like it...

  • Maddy Deleon
    Maddy Deleon 9 months ago

    Super rush kinda copyed nailed it but it looks good tv

  • liftingcarbsdaily
    liftingcarbsdaily 9 months ago

    looks like that cupcake competition on food tv

  • Esl Professional
    Esl Professional 9 months ago


  • Erin Lee
    Erin Lee 9 months ago

    Good God, it’s Zumbo! My brother and his wife will love this show.

  • xriver crys
    xriver crys 9 months ago


  • Howrah Al
    Howrah Al 9 months ago

    I can't wait for this to come out

  • Gehrig Harris
    Gehrig Harris 9 months ago

    Generic. But I did I see ZUMBO?

  • sky,coopandwinsmom
    sky,coopandwinsmom 9 months ago

    Woooo excited for this!!

  • Naaven
    Naaven 9 months ago

    Isn't it Zumbo?! Why did they made this instead of season 2 of Zumbo's Just Desserts?

  • whatzgood pocket
    whatzgood pocket 9 months ago

    Really, another baking Netflix original

  • Rachel
    Rachel 9 months ago

    ITS HUNTER!!!!! I knew I recognized the voice

  • Ninjarem
    Ninjarem 9 months ago +1

    cancer rush

  • ThisIsGuile
    ThisIsGuile 9 months ago +3

    This reminds me the Nailed it show . Hmm

  • Meagan Crowe
    Meagan Crowe 9 months ago

    Bruh just give me another season of Zumbo's Just Desserts and move on

  • mrlozmoore
    mrlozmoore 9 months ago

    british bake-off then

  • Beatrice Zunino
    Beatrice Zunino 9 months ago +2

    Was sugar rush also a series about a lesbian girl?

  • eon001
    eon001 9 months ago

    I thought this was a documentary on the dangers of sugar. Never mind, carry on lol.

  • rebecca freire
    rebecca freire 9 months ago +5

    Wow hunter march. I used to watch all of his videos. He is such a good person and of course an excellent host. Loved it!

  • Andoomi Hyun
    Andoomi Hyun 9 months ago

    Its another nailed it.

  • Holly S
    Holly S 9 months ago


  • Oricale Turrent
    Oricale Turrent 9 months ago +3

    *Much* prefer Nailed it.. say what you want about the main host being "annoying" but I much prefer that characteristic rather than a fake ass person.. you can tell she's genuinely one of those outgoing happy people. I also love the fact that you're able to connect to the show because it's so- different.
    Like the guest host leaving to go pick up his kids, or Wes never bringing out the trophy, or ALWAYS being able to catch the camera men- i think it makes it a lot more entertaining when i cant relate to even the shows imperfections and fuck ups.. and the best part: The contestants! They're EXTREMELY relatable because of there lack of knowledge.. I much prefer that over watching people that have practiced or gone to school for it over and over again, all making something that to a normal person looks easy to attempt but come out having a catastrophe in there kitchen.
    *Sugar rush* looks like the complete opposite of the originality that was Nailed It, making it just like the hundreds of other baking contest shows out there that didn't in the slightest interest me in the first place.. Nailed it is a *game changer*, and unfortunately the only one I can find that like it.. They should definitely focus on that rather than just 'another' baking competition with skilled bakers and fake cardboard cutout hosts... as if that market isn't saturated enough.. I know Netflix likes to throw many things at the wall and see what sticks- and I'm hoping this doesn't..

    Basically fuck this shit, watch Nailed it.
    not to mention, Jacques Torres IS ON IT!!!

  • Garrett Mason
    Garrett Mason 9 months ago

    Nailed It!

  • nik1987o
    nik1987o 9 months ago

    nailed it!
    zumbo! yes!

  • ps
    ps 9 months ago

    There are so many shows like these

  • Alek Herrera
    Alek Herrera 9 months ago

    I Don't know the difference between THIS and Nailed it

  • Bridgette Basdeo
    Bridgette Basdeo 9 months ago

    Is that zumbo at the end???? From zumbo just deserts. It is on netflix. Only 1 season doh😔

  • nadanao _
    nadanao _ 9 months ago

    Nailed It copy

  • dark jedi
    dark jedi 9 months ago

    I thought this was gonna be a candy race competition (read: wreck-it-ralph)

  • lilwendy92
    lilwendy92 9 months ago

    Can Netflix make something like “The Great British Bakeoff” instead of the 100th variation of Cupcake Wars? 😑

  • Wesley Hernandez
    Wesley Hernandez 9 months ago +2

    This like Nailed it?

  • Wes
    Wes 9 months ago

    only 10k...nah

  • WrenchNinja
    WrenchNinja 9 months ago

    The worst part of wreck it ralph

  • Me
    Me 9 months ago

    I thought this was Sugar Rush from Wreck-It Ralph ... now my heart is broken

  • Kevin Li
    Kevin Li 9 months ago +45

    Incoming diabetes

  • mjstory1976
    mjstory1976 9 months ago

    Awesome video

  • joseph nellums
    joseph nellums 9 months ago

    reminds me of cake wars

  • MaU Ali
    MaU Ali 9 months ago

    Like for zayn malik

  • MrMarkdrz
    MrMarkdrz 9 months ago


  • shenna bashenna
    shenna bashenna 9 months ago

    Zumboooo 😱😱😱😱

  • Lagtastic C0W
    Lagtastic C0W 9 months ago +10

    So unfunny nailed it???

  • Caliluv
    Caliluv 9 months ago

    Ummm....isn't this already a show on the Food network?

  • July Toothless34
    July Toothless34 9 months ago

    Ralph & Vanellope approve this.

  • alexssandro meneses
    alexssandro meneses 9 months ago

    Nailed professionals edition!!!

  • Entertainment Worldz
    Entertainment Worldz 9 months ago

    nice video

  • Hitmaniak17 *Cars and Cinematics*

    S W E E T 👊😎

  • Imma Centaur
    Imma Centaur 9 months ago

    Still waiting for OITNB season 6 trailer..

  • ELCNUmorFnaMehT
    ELCNUmorFnaMehT 9 months ago

    I thought this was the legendary Channel 4 drama.

  • jemin kim
    jemin kim 9 months ago

    Looks soooo delicious

  • ziljin
    ziljin 9 months ago +87

    I like the Sugar Rush song from Wreck it Ralph

    • goffi H.
      goffi H. 9 months ago

      I like the Sugar Rush song from Pixl

  • Richard Smart
    Richard Smart 9 months ago +27

    oMG ZUMBO!!!!

    • Beatrice Konsta
      Beatrice Konsta 9 months ago

      Richard Smart ooo the first comment say I'm so happy

  • ღsɹǝʎq˙ǝlʇsɐƆღ


    Why does this remind me of cupcake wars for some reason?😂

  • Cassandra Anne
    Cassandra Anne 9 months ago +21

    Aren't there like a hundred other baking competitions that are this similar??

  • CiampaGiuseppe8
    CiampaGiuseppe8 9 months ago +9

    At first I thought it was a Netflix series about that game from Wreck-It Ralph

  • Buc Whovian
    Buc Whovian 9 months ago +2

    Is their anything you guys don't green light?