Stranger Things 3 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • One summer can change everything. Watch the official trailer for Stranger Things 3. Premiering July 4. Only on Netflix.
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    Stranger Things: Season 3 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 73 861

  • Netflix
    Netflix  Month ago +162859

    ǝɹǝɥ ʎllɐuᴉɟ sᴉ ʇᴉ

    • Louis Barbosa
      Louis Barbosa 5 days ago

      uʍop ǝpısdn ǝɥʇ

    • LoponianMare
      LoponianMare 8 days ago

      What does Royce like doing when she is Lonley..... Netflix and Will

    • Eggo s
      Eggo s 14 days ago

      Upside DOWN world letters

    • n1k0321
      n1k0321 14 days ago

      Satanic GOD IS THE GREATEST! The even spelled it backwards and upside down! Don’t be fooled be these devils

    • Efe Ozharat
      Efe Ozharat 16 days ago

      "Upside down"

  • Gunslinger Girl
    Gunslinger Girl 21 hour ago

    Well, this automatically looks better than all of season 2, which I can never watch again (thanks, college roommates). But, uh, Netflix, that's not an 80's song. Did you know that when you uploaded it?

  • Sigrid Manoufar
    Sigrid Manoufar 21 hour ago

    I got sad when he said we’re not kids anymore and then showed us Him crying and seeing their picture LIKE STOP😭

  • ShadowsOfMyMind
    ShadowsOfMyMind 22 hours ago +1

    Netflix, what is going on with this whole plagiarism lawsuit? I'm woried

    • Ekul Renllaw
      Ekul Renllaw 21 hour ago

      I'm worried too, if the show is cancelled i will be so pissed. Like i need some news on that, i swear i have nothing to live for if this show is cancelled

  • Courtney Martin
    Courtney Martin 22 hours ago

    Instead of watching the fireworks I have something better to watch

  • Andrew Delgado
    Andrew Delgado 22 hours ago

    I hope they bring Barbara back

  • Ukte.s Güneş
    Ukte.s Güneş 22 hours ago +1

    I'm looking forward to come in July as soon as possible

  • Apple Royal
    Apple Royal 23 hours ago

    Mann I wanted to see Lucas sister that funny little thing

  • antobellas biggest fan
    antobellas biggest fan 23 hours ago

    It’s kinda weird how in this trailer you see Eleven hanging out with Max, I feel like she’s gonna become girly this season.

  • SparkleLoverPuppy
    SparkleLoverPuppy 23 hours ago

    Those aren’t dislikes. They are likes from the Upside Down.

  • Heywassupthisisme
    Heywassupthisisme 23 hours ago

    Why do I have a feeling, that even though we truly hate Billy, we will feel sorry for him and may even like him. Don’t say it’s impossible, it did happen with Steve after all..

  • Gabe Busbee
    Gabe Busbee 23 hours ago

    Stranger things is so cool I bet it would be fun working on the set with all these amazing people

  • Kaixoo Aeri
    Kaixoo Aeri 23 hours ago


  • Braydon_knights_19

    Nooo their all grown up oh my god oh my god oh my god


    Français qui est la ?

  • qwq
    qwq Day ago

    Hopefully Steve make sit, if not then I can't live on without the iconic mother

  • Q L
    Q L Day ago

    Can't wait anymore :((( I watch this about 20 times everyday. I really miss these kids...

  • Prutha Siras
    Prutha Siras Day ago +1

    At 1:32.
    **on screen **
    THIS 4th of July
    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💛💛💛💙💙💜💚💚💜 I'm not gonna have party this's just me & NETFLIX! !♡♡

  • Khaosmythx
    Khaosmythx Day ago

    w-wait the fuck up I CAAAAANT

  • Helysson Palheta

    The Who!!!!

  • Typedsea_Mixer
    Typedsea_Mixer Day ago

    Subscribe to my channel and try and complete a quiz

  • Aleksandra Hojdis

    I’m thrilled 🙃

  • Vanessa Tait
    Vanessa Tait Day ago

    im so hype i actually might cry.

  • Jesse Vail
    Jesse Vail Day ago

    These kids may be falling in love with their crushes.
    But there’s no love like the love a mother Steve has for his Dustin.

  • AJ Palemine
    AJ Palemine Day ago +1

    OMG YASSzs

  • goldi gautam
    goldi gautam Day ago +1

    I am waiting for season 3 and I love the trailer

  • Sheen Suyo
    Sheen Suyo Day ago


  • Sarah Sarah
    Sarah Sarah Day ago

    AHH...I'm so excited!!!!!!!♥️

  • Eric Bigelow
    Eric Bigelow Day ago

    That looks finger lickin' good!

  • Tsk 14blue
    Tsk 14blue Day ago


  • Linh Tran
    Linh Tran Day ago

    Can they release this version of the song playing in the back, i love it so muchh

  • Movie House
    Movie House Day ago +1

    2.04 steve ko fir se peel dia kisi ne😂

  • Iftiqar Haikal
    Iftiqar Haikal Day ago

    Steve is going to die, right?

  • -aesthetic- *central*

    where my boy scotty “champ” hollins at

  • Netradhar Dwivedi

    Is there any link to watch all episodes of stranger Things??Plz let me know.. Anyone 🙁😕

  • Xandra —————L

    What is the date today?

  • Drvinod Bhatt
    Drvinod Bhatt Day ago

    she is more weird this time

  • Little Bow Callie77


  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin Day ago

    Strange things is bloody awesome but Doctor Who is way way better

  • debrak04
    debrak04 Day ago

    And we still have to wait until july!!!


    Dont know if anyone peeped it but in the beginning of the field walking towards the upper hill you can see eleven and Mike holding hands that's cute

  • My Channel
    My Channel Day ago

    I love this series 💗

  • Muqtadir Inamdar
    Muqtadir Inamdar Day ago +1


  • Muqtadir Inamdar


  • Vojtěch Vaniš
    Vojtěch Vaniš Day ago


  • Kasun Gimantha
    Kasun Gimantha Day ago

    Zero details about plot in trailer..Just Collection of some weird clips
    But i know we're totally losing our minds in This season..
    Thats the reason why this show calls 'Stranger Things'

  • CarCarCarley Rodriguez

    I know a lot of people want jopper to happen , but do they relize. That eleven will and Jonathan would be siblings??? If that happens

  • Kade Simpson
    Kade Simpson Day ago

    Why am I crying after watching this? 😂

  • K.C Lee
    K.C Lee Day ago

    Ugh, I love Eleven

  • Michellie Bogle
    Michellie Bogle Day ago

    I can’t wait until season 3 comes out

  • ace of spades cayde-6

    I got thorery what if steve is the monster at 2:17 he geting a shot of a blule liquid

  • Epa Epa
    Epa Epa Day ago

    Home sweet home

  • Topical Tuesday
    Topical Tuesday Day ago +1

    I'm rewatching this trailer 200 times. I have nothing to do anymore and stranger things keeps my sanity up. :,)
    I can't wait to see itttt and is it just me or did anyone think Dustin's smile was adorable in the last 2 seasons?

  • VickyQueen
    VickyQueen Day ago

    I can see movie references about The Terminator and Die Hard. I love the 80s!!!!!! Wish I was born on that time.

  • Dancing Leafeon
    Dancing Leafeon Day ago

    who else thought stranger things season 3 was gonna be about a mall

  • Avah Cathey
    Avah Cathey Day ago


  • kimrybaby
    kimrybaby Day ago

    I’m so freakin ready

  • Lil Nunu
    Lil Nunu Day ago

    Hell yes been a fan since october 2017

  • Rhys Page
    Rhys Page Day ago

    The 12k dislikes were the poor demodogs

  • Riri Pari
    Riri Pari Day ago

    Nice to see Eleven getting to be a teen eveb if its just a little bit.

  • jack rachlin
    jack rachlin Day ago


  • Libby Jackson
    Libby Jackson Day ago

    I hope Steve doesn’t die!

  • King Spud
    King Spud Day ago

    Yas min!

  • Dan Wedlock
    Dan Wedlock Day ago

    I feel bad for Dustin and will

  • toasted. roasted

    *look at them, all grown up :')*

  • Dan Wedlock
    Dan Wedlock Day ago

    Summer camp dustin, and mall probably hypnotised people by Brenner. Demogorgons come out of water

  • Watercolor Raindrops

    I just finished season 2 last night and damn I can't wait for season 3!! 😆

  • TrickyRed
    TrickyRed Day ago

    I kinda dislike Mike... alot

  • Emily McMillen
    Emily McMillen Day ago +1

    If Johnathan dies imma frigging sue you Netflix

  • Emily McMillen
    Emily McMillen Day ago +5

    The 12k people who disliked this are stuck in the upscale down

    • Kato
      Kato 23 hours ago

      Ali Al Fatlawi she spelled that wrong I think and she forgot to edit it

    • Ali Al Fatlawi
      Ali Al Fatlawi Day ago

      It's the upside down, not upscale, you fake Stranger things fan lol.

  • GamerZone 809
    GamerZone 809 Day ago

    *How come the footage looks done but they still make us wait until July 4th*

    I mean the least they could do is show minimal footage so it looks less done
    Giving reason for us to wait

  • Max Densmore
    Max Densmore Day ago

    Netflix you’re dead if Steve dies

  • Graham Pedersen
    Graham Pedersen Day ago

    Big thanks for putting Mötley crüe in

  • Jassim RA
    Jassim RA Day ago

    they grew up so fast wtf

  • QueenE
    QueenE Day ago

    They're growing up fast. They should make more seasons ASAP....

    • Jordan Herkowski
      Jordan Herkowski Day ago

      There's supposed to be one more season with a possible season 5 should they decide so.

  • Kyler Stevens-Pfau

    still waiting for annie with a e

  • Andres Lugo
    Andres Lugo Day ago


  • Все Все Все

    What song at 0:16?

  • Georgia’s Random content


  • Eva Johansen
    Eva Johansen Day ago

    Whoever dislikes this is going to hell

  • Ryan Oliveira
    Ryan Oliveira Day ago

    qual o nome da musica da cena inicial do trailer

  • Ares Maximus
    Ares Maximus Day ago +1

    12K People Liked This Trailer From Upside Down. 😂😂

  • Michael Jackson I'll love you forever

    I think Jonathan is gonna die😭😭😭

  • Michael Jackson I'll love you forever


  • Liz-Otaku-Artist

    Why haven't I seen this til now

  • Valeria Gachalife
    Valeria Gachalife Day ago +1

    i neeedddd more steve and dustin moments right now

  • Amerly De Los Santos

    HOLD UP!!!!!!! is steve ded??? we need his mom self caring for the chirren like in season 2

    MAXWILLWIN 2 days ago +2

    I got goosebumps, this is the best show *🙌🏻🔥*

  • raphaerpo
    raphaerpo 2 days ago

    i will watch it all in one sitting

  • raphaerpo
    raphaerpo 2 days ago

    i will be the most hyped 15 year old when this shit comes out

  • beat foda
    beat foda 2 days ago

    Meu deus 😍😍

  • D Liz
    D Liz 2 days ago

    80s baby here! This brings me way back. It's bittersweet. 💔💙

  • Mercury 8x
    Mercury 8x 2 days ago

    Is it me or did anybody else cry

  • Yoto Ro
    Yoto Ro 2 days ago


  • хой 777
    хой 777 2 days ago

    Ждём продолжения этого щедевра

  • Jazmine Taylor
    Jazmine Taylor 2 days ago

    did anyone notice at 2:17 is Mike's mother with Billy!! Guess her romance novel is about to come true.

  • Comet Studios
    Comet Studios 2 days ago

    2:22 That Monster !

  • ימית2000
    ימית2000 2 days ago

    who else exited for the 2:13 scene

  • Amr
    Amr 2 days ago

    is it me or this is not exciting