Billie Eilish Freaks Out While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
  • Billie Eilish is the hyper-talented singer/songwriter behind platinum hit singles like "Ocean Eyes" and "Lovely," and her first studio album-When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?-is set to drop March 29th. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the 17-year-old phenom becomes the youngest guest ever to take on the wings of death. As Billie battles through the spice, Sean Evans busts out a full bag of Hot Ones tricks, including a blind soda tasting and a breakdown of some of Billie's most iconic outfits.
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    Season 8
    Episode 7
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    #hotones #spicywings
    #hotones #spicywings
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  6 months ago +84558

    Shout out to the youngest guest in Hot Ones history!

  • bebebby boi
    bebebby boi 22 hours ago

    food is such a powerful lil ho

  • crabby turtle
    crabby turtle 22 hours ago


  • trs77
    trs77 23 hours ago

    she is like a wild young scarlet Johanson. shes going places

  • alguma coisa ai
    alguma coisa ai 23 hours ago


  • Travis Ziolkowski
    Travis Ziolkowski 23 hours ago

    This dumb bitch ruins runs everything about everything! Worst fucking episode of hot ones ever.. because of this dumb hoe being on it..

  • Travis Ziolkowski
    Travis Ziolkowski 23 hours ago

    This bitch is so fucking disgusting! Like what the actual fuck! How can anyone stand this dumb hoe without smacking the dumb thot?? She acts like a fucking dumb ass fucking child its fucking disgusting! Everything and i mean everything abiut this bitch is so uncultured so unmannered its fucking unbelievable how this bitch acts! This is another dumb ass hoe this world would be such a better place without and would not miss at all... except for all the other dumb ass hoe fuck bois and girls that act the same fucking way!

  • Travis Ziolkowski
    Travis Ziolkowski 23 hours ago

    ... i cant stand this dumb bitch! Shes fucking annoying.. ugly.. acts like a fucking child! I cant fucking stand dumb bitch ass thots! Everything about this bitch is plain out horrible! Theres those people that you fucking hate when you just see them and how they act and i wish i could just smack this bitch around and fuck her ass up until she stops acting like a dumb ass bitch hoe thot..

  • Travis Ziolkowski
    Travis Ziolkowski 23 hours ago

    This bitch is ugly as fuck.. acts ugly.. Personality is fucking ugly as shit.. her demeanor is ugly as shit.. just everything about her is fucking horrible! Jesus fucking christ! Dont even get started on her fucking clothes UGGHH! fucking ugly bitch! Why the fuck are we catering to these chicken nugget looking ass wings instead of the regular wings as usual!? Dont change anything for some dumb ass thot! #SellingOut!

  • Ihavenoidea
    Ihavenoidea 23 hours ago


  • PipenFalzy
    PipenFalzy 23 hours ago


  • Dusty Harris
    Dusty Harris 23 hours ago

    Not like any chicken wing I've ever seen.

  • Anon
    Anon Day ago

    Ah yes, Billie Eilish, the pro abortionist. Vocal supporter of baby slaughter. Despicable choice in guests, Hot Ones. Disappointing, to say the least. The blood is on your hands now.

  • Cyanide
    Cyanide Day ago +1

    Billie Eilish is a gamer.
    *That's all I needed to hear, boys.*
    Read More

  • AlphaTaku
    AlphaTaku Day ago

    Billie Eilish is soo funny, i like her attitude . I would love to hang out with her and never get enough of her.

  • Saeed Ramin
    Saeed Ramin Day ago +1


  • Jessi ñamñamñam

    She's such a tomboy lol 😂 I never heard of her but she seems cool.

  • Brandon Garfias
    Brandon Garfias Day ago

    Love the show absolutely hate this piece of human trash pile of shit. Skipped this episode

  • Donovan
    Donovan Day ago

    16:46 when your GF bakes a cake from hell and you're forced to eat it.

  • ani ray
    ani ray Day ago

    She looks like Scarlett Johansson

  • Mark McAllister
    Mark McAllister Day ago

    gross, you poor bastards have to date these ghettoized turbo-whores.

  • You'll See My Name EveryWhere

    That's deep.

  • Bree G
    Bree G Day ago

    Damn. Did this stupid girl get the most dislikes ever on hot ones? Kinda looks that way lol

  • Doxive
    Doxive Day ago

    Honestly tho I’m lowkey annoyed with her fans. It’s like every little move she makes you just flock to her. She does something weird that literally any person could do and it’s like “wow she is so amazing”. Not her fault tho lol I get it, she can be really weird and fun and at the same time create a personality for people to attract and people are just wayyyy to obsessed with her over that

  • Doxive
    Doxive Day ago +5

    Before you even noticed, all the 14 year old white girls bought up all the hot sauce shelves at the store

  • Manuel Sr Rojais Aldana

    Hey I don't give a fuck I'm double dipping it was good nigga...I'm so relaxed can some one send movers and take all funiture out and material things to .lol

  • Calex12
    Calex12 Day ago

    19:51 her face has me screaming 😭

  • Gus Perez
    Gus Perez Day ago +1

    Dopey face dead pan looks! Yup she is on psychotropics.

  • M̤̈Ë̤Ë̤Z̤̈ C̤̈Ḧ̤Ë̤Ë̤S̤̈Ë̤

    I totally believe her brother is her handler.

  • Eurolithik
    Eurolithik Day ago

    The soda shop owner is so wholesome

  • Dave Liebler
    Dave Liebler Day ago

    Classy girl!!

  • Bigg Puph
    Bigg Puph Day ago

    Who the hell raised to this stupid kid?

  • Gesißtiwaden Gaming

    "If I go to Hell when I die, *points* so does he!"

  • Charles Andres
    Charles Andres Day ago

    14:39 cut scream

  • Robert Felp
    Robert Felp Day ago

    Who the fuck is Billie, and is it a fucking guy or just a literal retarded muffin top chick who requested boneless nuggets.

  • Hi I guess
    Hi I guess Day ago

    Damn she tries so hard

  • Bear The Goldador

    So that’s why in one of her songs it said “here take my Invisalign”

  • ApexVortex
    ApexVortex Day ago +1

    Cock n Bull torture

  • Shin Valentine
    Shin Valentine Day ago

    Every girl: I JuSt PlAyEd ReD DeAd rEdEmptIon tO rIdE thE HoRseS.

  • S H
    S H Day ago

    She seems like a fun, cool girl. but after watching this I went and viewed her most popular videos/songs and I just don't get it. I'm older but I literally don't get the appeal at all. This kind of fame just seems so random. Oh, and I happen to also live in Highland Park, so I've heard of her but it takes Hot Ones for me to actually check out her performances.

  • will blizard
    will blizard Day ago

    billie eyelash
    that is all

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy Day ago


  • Sam
    Sam Day ago


  • Agustin Gonzalez
    Agustin Gonzalez Day ago +1

    17:02 OOOOOOOLE

  • Jackson DeMent
    Jackson DeMent Day ago

    She’s like seriously kinda retarded. 14 yo girls feel free to hate.

  • Muhamad Usamah Azman

    What is the first thing that she open (i don't know the real word for this) in her that braces

  • Moshi Moshi
    Moshi Moshi Day ago

    You can't fool us. You're not billie. You're scarlet johanson

  • Ayman Farhan
    Ayman Farhan Day ago +1

    oh man the cringe 7:01

  • chicken Nugger23

    How old is she again? I kinda forgot

  • SkyBlue1458
    SkyBlue1458 Day ago

    I love billie she's so cool

  • Ash M
    Ash M Day ago +3

    What are the gf vegan wings made of that Billie eats ? ✨

  • zanshibumi
    zanshibumi Day ago

    I love that a person like her has a place among us. A place of warmth and praise.

  • trisha spence
    trisha spence 2 days ago

    “Hahahhah wtf” lmao love her personality !

  • longmayshereign •
    longmayshereign • 2 days ago

    She fucking did it

  • Alex Waters
    Alex Waters 2 days ago +5

    Who the hell is Billy Irish, never heard of him.

    • C S
      C S Day ago +1

      Definitely a dude

  • Sigh Clone
    Sigh Clone 2 days ago

    No clue who this annoying bitch is! Quit lowering the standards of which people you get on the show! Just proves any talentless idiot can get a record deal nowadays!

    • Ndu_ Max
      Ndu_ Max 2 days ago

      She’s not talentless Indian bitch go fuck a samosa

    • Ndu_ Max
      Ndu_ Max 2 days ago

      Fuck you stop living under a rock why not check her channel

  • Victoria Ferguson
    Victoria Ferguson 2 days ago

    “Food is a powerful little hoe” 😭

  • Dylier A. Velazquez Nidoknight

    My sister had showed me some of her songs, lowkey thought she was another emo Melonie Martinez type deal, I was wrong, she’s pretty chill, like the type of person you call at 1-3am for a random drive to talk for a while and she’ll say yea to it. I can fuck with that. 10/10 👌🏽

  • J Ramos
    J Ramos 2 days ago

    The part about Jayden Smith had me weak😂

    TRXSH 2 days ago +3

    Billie eats wings .
    14 year olds : omg she really been through a lot of depression and anxiety