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  • January favorites video of all my favorite makeup products and trends!
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    Im sorry about the lighting in this video. I had some technical difficulties and didn't realize how bad it was till I started editing. its driving me crazy but I will fix it tomorrow! XOX

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    Anastasia Brow Definer - bit.ly/1WYwO8Q
    Anastasia Tweezers - bit.ly/1yqqj2T
    Morphe M310 - bit.ly/23dHAfN
    Artis Oval 8 - bit.ly/1PbBFhU
    Blvd Cosmetics Shampoo & Conditioner - bit.ly/1VE8oQJ
    Flavor God Garlic Lovers Seasoning - amzn.to/1QDbByM
    Bumble & Bumble Dry Thickening Spray - bit.ly/1Ty5LBq
    Sultra Curling Wand - bit.ly/1PQZe5f
    * SOME links provided above are affiliate links! I am compensated based on some affiliate purchases.
    To the people saying I "threw shade" at Nicole G for bringing up the Bellami hair wand - I did not know about her collaboration until 24 hours after filming this video. I ordered the set & cant wait to try it. This video in NO way was throwing a dig at someone. There is NO drama between Nicole & I. If you want to create drama for yourself thats fine. But Nicole & I are at peace.
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  • Jacqueline Lee
    Jacqueline Lee 7 месяцев назад

    Omg i love it. You are so entertaining.

  • Το κανάλι σου
    Το κανάλι σου 7 месяцев назад


  • courtnie caldwell
    courtnie caldwell 11 месяцев назад

    What a difference a year makes!

  • Jessie Elvin
    Jessie Elvin Год назад

    I miss this Jaclyn 😔

  • Aoife Otoole
    Aoife Otoole Год назад

    That makeup look tough

  • Ebony Lo.
    Ebony Lo. Год назад +1

    You remind me of chelsea on TeenMom

  • Nikole Of NoWeFLA
    Nikole Of NoWeFLA Год назад

    Still watching!

  • Jerrica Poetzman
    Jerrica Poetzman Год назад

    Please do a tutorial on this look!

  • Bhumika bahri
    Bhumika bahri Год назад

    Please do a tutorial on this look😍love your eye😍😍

  • Hayley Arnold
    Hayley Arnold Год назад

    Biiiiiinging on old videos

  • Kiera Grant
    Kiera Grant Год назад

    Does anyone know what eyeshadow Jaclyn has on her lid it is gorgeous

  • Jordan Harris
    Jordan Harris 2 года назад

    Jacyln when eyeshadows did you use for this look??

  • Shorty Rangel
    Shorty Rangel 2 года назад

    Does she got a make up tutorial on this look?

  • Taylor Arnett
    Taylor Arnett 2 года назад

    I'm literally so obsessed with this look. I know you love doing warm smokey eyes so pretty please do this one! I watch this video all the time trying to figure out what you used. You're also my idol and I love you :)

  • Annika Lord
    Annika Lord 2 года назад

    can you PLEASE do a makeup look on this look?? like winter looks like this? I would LOVE it.

  • Jasmine D Sanchez
    Jasmine D Sanchez 2 года назад

    Jaclyn Hill I love you girl keep doing you honey!! 😘💛❤

  • Jordan Harris
    Jordan Harris 2 года назад

    Anyone know if she's done this makeup look as a tutorial before ??!😍

  • _shar0na
    _shar0na 2 года назад +1

    Gorgeous! I LOVE how you pair delicate layered necklaces with plaid, it's so hot! I'm so copying you. Style tip filed away! Love you girl! 👊🏼

  • Alyssa Sellers
    Alyssa Sellers 2 года назад

    Hey Jaclyn :) I tried to click on the link for the boulavard shampoo and conditioner and the page said it was no longer available. I was just curious if there is anywhere else that i could find that? I've been wanting to find a good makeup brush cleaner. Thanks :D

  • Emily_ S
    Emily_ S 2 года назад

    Jaclyn is always so stunning in the cocoa red eyes and red hair😍😍😍

  • Emily Canavesio
    Emily Canavesio 2 года назад

    Love this look!!!! AH! Tut on thissss

  • Mozhdeh Tayebi
    Mozhdeh Tayebi 2 года назад

    Can you do tutorial for this look? Or list somewhere the shadows you used?🦄

  • Amara Peterson
    Amara Peterson 2 года назад

    where did you get that flannel from????

  • Lucille Kohtz
    Lucille Kohtz 2 года назад

    Omg speaking of pizza, Denver has the best pizza I've ever tried!!! My fav place is right by the cherry creek shopping center, but I don't know exactly what it's called.......

    • The Domestic Desi
      The Domestic Desi 2 года назад

      Yes we have amazing pizza! which is hilarious because no one thinks of pizza when they come here lol

  • ella **
    ella ** 2 года назад

    Right now I use the born this way foundation and get full coverage with maybe 75% of one pump, AND that's with a beauty blender or morphe brush that soaks up a lot of product!! I'm going to get the artis.

  • Grace Matzkvech
    Grace Matzkvech 2 года назад

    targets up & up moisturizer has glycerin in it .

  • Dwayne Gets Beat
    Dwayne Gets Beat 2 года назад

    it's so hot and she wearing a flanno haha XD

  • Ana Shade
    Ana Shade 2 года назад +1

    I feel bad because all these comments are talking about how inspiring this video is and I'm just like: ahhh TUTORIALLLLL!

  • Sara Ibraheem
    Sara Ibraheem 2 года назад

    All the shades of red

  • Cristina Alcaraz
    Cristina Alcaraz 2 года назад

    The pizza & the garlic seasoning 😂 ohhh how you make me laugh!! 😊Thank you Jaclyn ❤️ your videos give me a time to forget about stress and just smile 💕

  • Katelyn Howell
    Katelyn Howell 2 года назад

    I would L O V E to see a makeup tutorial on this look you wear in this video! Love you!

  • Jordan Harris
    Jordan Harris 2 года назад

    I just love these eyeshadow shades on you Jaclyn:)

  • Cardboard Couture
    Cardboard Couture 2 года назад

    Can you PLEASE do a tutorial of this eye look?!?

  • Yoamarie Figueroa
    Yoamarie Figueroa 2 года назад

    Jaclyn, Hi.!!! This is the second time I write to you. I liked this video, because you talked about various products, which is a variety. Could you talk about your feets care. I have super dry skin on my legs and feet, because of a medicine that I use, and I don't know what else to use. My feet are cracked, also, my legs are like fish skin, also my hands. My face I am dry some parts and normal others, also have redness (rosacea). I'm a mess, jajaja. I have 51.
    On the other hand I've seen in this video few brands of brushes, but I would like to know about the Crown brushes, the Kohonuco Brushes and Chikonuco brushes. Also, to look on email a black soup to wash brushes that is excelent. I hope you answer me, please, please. Love all your videos.

  • Cayman Vanderbur
    Cayman Vanderbur 2 года назад


  • Sarah Weaver
    Sarah Weaver 2 года назад

    i would love to see you try the brow definer in auburn. we have very similar hair color, and i was told the auburn is less orsngey red, more burgandy, and it would be good for me. id love to ee you try it and your recomendation

  • Sara Isabella
    Sara Isabella 2 года назад

    NEW RUclipr!! Would love it if you checked out my channel!!

  • Abbey Brou
    Abbey Brou 2 года назад

    Could you please make an in depth video on why you chose to use different techniques and products on different looks? Or explain if there even is any intention behind that? I'd really like to see a video on all types of alternatives that can apply to all ranges of people. Products, techniques, examples, etc. Thank you!

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 2 года назад

    I'm on my husbands youtube, but I NEED to know what shadows are on your lid. I'm just watching this video, obsessing, trying to figure out if I had IT or something in my collection like it. TELL ME NOW.

  • Sarah Hendricks
    Sarah Hendricks 2 года назад +1

    anyone else notice how she says its boiling hot while she's wearing a long sleeve flannel ?🤔

  • daniella valdes
    daniella valdes 2 года назад

    omg, you crack me up
    what is the name of the eyeshadow you are wearing?? :)

  • Whitnee Meyer
    Whitnee Meyer 2 года назад

    Tutorial please! I know it simple shadow but so pretty 😍💘 I love it

  • металл Барби
    металл Барби 2 года назад

    what color do you use for your hair

  • Ny-Asia El
    Ny-Asia El 2 года назад

    I LOVEEEEEEE flavor gods. They are thee most amazing seasonings of life!!!!!. I came here for makeup and I'm obsessing over the food items 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sana Patel
    Sana Patel 2 года назад

    OMG!!! I am probably the only one who thought that the Bumble & Bumble Dry Thickening Spray was a giant lipstick! ( HAHA )

  • Thays Ellis
    Thays Ellis 2 года назад

    Your makeup look in this video is flawless 😍😍😍

  • Daisy Yazmine
    Daisy Yazmine 2 года назад

    Watching some late night youtube videos... honestly you are so funny and I can watch your videos for hours

  • Cindy Deng
    Cindy Deng 2 года назад

    The flutter lashes coupon is expired? It's doesn't work :(

  • Zika Hay
    Zika Hay 2 года назад +1

    Omg, am I the only one who thinks that she looks like that witch from Game of thrones?🙈😻

  • Abi Huff
    Abi Huff 2 года назад

    You're so cute in this video. Even more than usual

  • Jillian Stoessel
    Jillian Stoessel 2 года назад

    You know what I'm saying? Haha love you jac!

  • Hazirah Daud
    Hazirah Daud 2 года назад

    "buy brow wiz!" ahahaha XD so kesian for the brow wiz

  • karissa seaberry
    karissa seaberry 2 года назад

    I love the perfect food bars! Costco sells the bars in bulk-which totally reduces the cost! At least in SoCal.. the bars are originally from SD.

  • walden2b
    walden2b 2 года назад

    I don't know if you had mentioned this, but where did you get your necklace?

  • Morgan Peterson
    Morgan Peterson 2 года назад

    I use baby shampoo to wash my brushes! Its an easy and inexpensive way to clean your brushes!!

  • bryana wilson
    bryana wilson 2 года назад

    Ok I have been using the nivea as a primer for 4 days now. OMG my skin has been seeming WAYYYYY more oilier than normal. I have been seeing people say this is good for oily skin so I am not sure why it is doing this to me :( HELP ME! BUT my make up has been lasting longer than normal.

  • Priscilla Love
    Priscilla Love 2 года назад

    What color is your new brow definer, is it chocolate same as your brow whiz??? Does anyone know???

  • Sash
    Sash 2 года назад +1

    Didn't know Melisandre from GoT was a beauty guru in her free time

  • Esther Suh
    Esther Suh 2 года назад

    Is your eyeshadow for this video MAC's swiss chocolate? I love your makeup for this video.

  • Mounaaxo
    Mounaaxo 2 года назад


  • Ivy Ye
    Ivy Ye 2 года назад


  • taylor sommers
    taylor sommers 2 года назад

    For the Nivea men's after shave balm would the cooling one work as well?

  • Megan M
    Megan M 2 года назад

    Would love to see a tute or just a product breakdown on this matte eye look? But maybe a more fudgey, chocolate brown version? I'm all about them really blown out, matte eyes at the moment xx

  • Cassy C
    Cassy C 2 года назад +1

    you're so pretty 😃 n i LOOOOVE this look specially the eyes, can u plz plz make a tutorial on it 😃

  • Emiwee Tee
    Emiwee Tee 2 года назад

    Is there a tutorial on the look or something similar in this video?

  • Caroline Inger
    Caroline Inger 2 года назад

    Can You make A video on that makeup look? Matt brown smokey eye❤️

  • Miya Livingstone
    Miya Livingstone 2 года назад

    Does anyone know what shade of ABH Brow Definer Jaclyn uses? Is it medium Brown??

  • Jamie Moore
    Jamie Moore 2 года назад


  • Almetra Briggs
    Almetra Briggs 2 года назад

    Love your video, especially your energy! Do NOT move to Texas, the pizza is horrible. Being a New Yorker, I totally get your pizza comment!

  • Rebecca Ge
    Rebecca Ge 2 года назад

    I wanna try the protein bar now !

  • Hamidreza Rahmani
    Hamidreza Rahmani 2 года назад

    like ,very cute picture of you.

  • Angel Ferrara
    Angel Ferrara 2 года назад

    Hi Jaclyn, you're stunning by the way....but I wanted to know if you have any tutorials for women in their 40s? I know you are much younger but I love your knowledge of makeup and always refer to you for help. I really don't wear a lot of makeup but I would like to learn a bit more about hiding wrinkles and dry skin. If you ever do makeup for an older women I'd love to see that😄😄😄
    Thanks for all your perky, funny videos!

  • Secret Dreams2
    Secret Dreams2 2 года назад

    love your videos

  • Nabil
    Nabil 2 года назад

    Hello, I'm sorry, I'm French and I don't speak English very well, but what is the color of the brow definer that Jaclyn to use? Thanks :-)

  • Mereana Vaka
    Mereana Vaka 2 года назад

    hey Jaclyn not sure if you know the story of Nikkie discovering the balm by now but she talks about it in her 2015 top hits and oh god nos video....

  • rachaelcooktx
    rachaelcooktx 2 года назад

    The Nivea after shave balm also works extremely well on people who have sensitive legs and get bumps after shaving them. I've been using this product for a year or so now for my legs and just found out it is a perfect primer.

  • Aliah castillo
    Aliah castillo 2 года назад

    Hair tutorial please & lip color😍👌🙋

  • Audrey Heinlein
    Audrey Heinlein 2 года назад

    Finally another Pizza lover! B& B are amazing for ALL hairstyles, especially because I have fine, thick hair! * Jennifer Aniston

  • Alex Asher
    Alex Asher 2 года назад

    I have seriously become hooked on your videos! You are so funny and outgoing, and I have learned a ton! THANK YOU!

  • Blue Strickland
    Blue Strickland 2 года назад

    Necklace source please

  • Justine McGlynn
    Justine McGlynn 2 года назад

    The Avon ergonomic tweezers are fantastic as well ! ever since I purchased them I cannot live without them! The work so well and they are a great pair of tweezers! If you have a avon lady I highly suggest them!

  • Scent Lover
    Scent Lover 2 года назад

    She talks so fast lol

  • MssAtheeana
    MssAtheeana 2 года назад +1

    Does anyone know if Jaclyn has a tutorial on this particular look? It looks amazing... Lol

  • Norunn Marie
    Norunn Marie 2 года назад

    Nikki said in one of her videos that she forgot her moist when she was with her boyfriend : ) That she borrowed his :p

  • The Skin Enthusiast
    The Skin Enthusiast 2 года назад

    Hey lady! Do you still like the sultra? Thinking about getting the 1.5 inch...

  • Jill Renner
    Jill Renner 2 года назад

    Your freaking makeup! 💋

  • Aida Redrujo
    Aida Redrujo 2 года назад +1

    Makeupp tutorial 😍 pleasee ! Loveeyouu jaclyn 💞

  • GinnyE25Mikah96
    GinnyE25Mikah96 2 года назад

    I love your videos.
    A favorite of mine are Prestige lip liners.
    Another favorite of mine are the wooden eyeliner pencils from Rimmel London and the retractable eye liners from Rimmel London. I also like the retractable lip liner in Tickled Pink from Victoria's Secret. I don't know if they make it or not anymore. They have other colors but that is the only color of the lip liners that I have tried from Victoria's Secret.( The lip liner from Victoria's Secret is a favorite from way back. I haven't used it in a while but I want use it again. I have a backup that I haven't used yet. I only have two. The first one I ever got and it was a gift for my birthday one time from my mom. I picked it out. Then I got another one for when I run out and yeah.)

  • GinnyE25Mikah96
    GinnyE25Mikah96 2 года назад

    Prestige lip liners are the bomb. If you like affordable products and haven't tried them you should. I like them. I have three colors so far. I want to try more colors. :-)

  • Jocelyn Ochoterena
    Jocelyn Ochoterena 2 года назад

    Jaclyn what is your opinion on glycolic products??? I am a huge fan of yours you are amazing! Thank you for every video that you upload and I looooove your snap chats always looking forward to opening them!!!!

  • Jacqueline Wisnewski
    Jacqueline Wisnewski 2 года назад

    This is probably weird to say but your nose is so cute

  • Beth Montalvo
    Beth Montalvo 2 года назад

    Hey Jaclyn!! I Loveee your videos and I was wondering if you could do a tutorial nothing like you've ever done before because a lot of them look really similar but none of them look good on me :( I love you lots!

  • Mommy_Olive
    Mommy_Olive 2 года назад

    Is your eyeshadow have mac red brick?i dont know if this is the one i watched on one of your tutorial..i love this eyeshadow makeup...can u make an update tutorial of this make up :).thanks in advance jac 😘😘😘

  • Priscilla Olivas
    Priscilla Olivas 2 года назад +1

    Did you get a new engagement and wedding ring? it looks new and so pretty and shiny!

  • Casey Stone
    Casey Stone 2 года назад

    You look beautiful in this video! Can we please get a tutorial on the look you're wearing? I LOVE the eyeshadow!!!!!

  • Ashlyn Warning
    Ashlyn Warning 2 года назад

    Jaclyn, where is your flannel from?! so cute

  • Anita Christensen
    Anita Christensen 2 года назад

    Honey, sweetie! Can you please film the makeup you have on?? It's absolutely gorgina❤️

  • Miss M
    Miss M 2 года назад

    I've always hated my lips so I've never worn lipstick or lipgloss but recently I've tried to change that so I went to Sephora and bought a Dior Addict Fluid Stick in "Whisper Beige" and OMG it's amazing. It's the best gloss I've used. It's not sticky and it stays on the lips forever! It's moisturizing and feels soft and wonderful. That's my favorite makeup product of the month!

  • Nichole Buff
    Nichole Buff 2 года назад +1

    First, I honestly don't know how people can be mean to you. You are positive and talented and you mean well. You share all of the knowledge you have worked hard for. That's amazing. You could be charging people to teach them. The fact that you have to disable comments from your videos is outrageous. Even the people that come to your defense just add to it. I could understand wanting to defend you, but I don't even read other people's comments on your video. I scroll down to write a comment sometimes and when I do , I don't even notice anyone else. To the people that want to leave something nice, just leave it and move on. Don't go looking for someone saying something negative. Instead, feel bad for them. They have issues. Haters gonna hate. I love you Jaclyn! You SLAYED jackies makeup. I wish you didn't have disable your comment on there. Your bloopers made me laugh so hard. I hope jackie wants to do more with you. I loved it. And her too! She's so funny❤️

  • sandra
    sandra 2 года назад

    girl you are beautiful love how u do your makeup u inspire me to do better with my makeup :) my husband hates it cuz I spend most of my time putting on makeup for no reason lol but really you inspire me keep it up girl @Jaclyn hill