Dwayne "DJ" Bravo - Champion (Official Song)

  • Опубликовано:  Год назад
  • Vega Entertainment Presents Dwayne Bravo's latest music video DJ Bravo "Champion"

    Production House : Vega Entertainment Inc
    ALBUM NAME : DJ Bravo Champion
    Directed By : Joseph Fernando
    Music Producer : Cornelius Daley
    Lyricist : Dwayne Bravo( DJ Bravo), Colin Wedderburn
    Filmed By : CONTENT * www.reachourcontent.com

    DJ Bravo Management : www.venusmusicgroup.com
    Licenses and Inquires: shehan@venusmusicgroup.com, info@vegaentertain.com

    Enjoy Dwayne Bravo dance and song

    Audio Song Also Available On:

    Saavn : saa.vn/champion16
    Gaana : goo.gl/PHO10O
    I-Tunes : goo.gl/NCsgiI
    For Caller Tune Codes : djbravochampion.blogspot.in/20...
    Amazon Music: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01...
    Emusic: www.emusic.com/album/-/-/16574...
    Qobuz: clk.tradedoubler.com/click?p=2...
    Starzik: www.starzik.com/mp3/produits/D...
    Spotify: play.spotify.com/album/3LWQqk...
    Erosnow : erosnow.com/#!/music/album/105...

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    Champion Ring tone #2

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    Champion Ring tone #3

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  • Длительность: 2:46
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  • Zainab Aslam
    Zainab Aslam Час назад

    Love the tune

  • Javed Kureshi
    Javed Kureshi 5 часов назад

    best song

  • Javed Kureshi
    Javed Kureshi 5 часов назад


  • Nikhil Shanwar
    Nikhil Shanwar 9 часов назад +1

    Who listens 2017???Hit like you watched it👍

  • Faroooq Munir
    Faroooq Munir 11 часов назад


  • sarfraj khan
    sarfraj khan 15 часов назад

    Bravo song......

  • khushnud 786AK
    khushnud 786AK 18 часов назад

    It's a classic song

  • Sarfaraz Baloch
    Sarfaraz Baloch 19 часов назад


    BITTU KHIVASRA 19 часов назад +1


  • Biswanath Mondal
    Biswanath Mondal 20 часов назад

    Amit champion

  • Vikram Randive
    Vikram Randive 20 часов назад

    I love this song my favourite singer bravo is good cricketers

  • shini2007
    shini2007 День назад

    where are the black women at?

  • Al Lesley
    Al Lesley День назад

    it just struck me only Jamaican s Trinidadian s american and those from the African main lands are CHAMPIANS. no other Caribbean persons are mentioned.

  • Qpid Mehdi
    Qpid Mehdi День назад +1

    You present black legends but why the model is white?
    i live the lyrics and your euphonious voice....thanks from Bangladesh...

  • Qpid Mehdi
    Qpid Mehdi День назад

    Euphonious song...... love you from Bangladesh.

  • mehmood alam
    mehmood alam День назад


  • haris noor
    haris noor День назад

    Pakistani is a real champions

  • Ajay Yadav
    Ajay Yadav День назад +1

    My Favourite Players
    Lara, Bravo, Gayle, Pollard. 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • بصراويه وافتخر
    بصراويه وافتخر День назад +1

    واو احب الاغنيه هوايه👏👏💓

  • Iqbal Kasmani
    Iqbal Kasmani 2 дня назад


  • Cricket Express
    Cricket Express 2 дня назад

    WI is a good team. Issues between Board and Players are not letting the WI team to grow.

  • Darshil Makwana
    Darshil Makwana 2 дня назад +1

    darshli champion

  • Sana Kasmani
    Sana Kasmani 2 дня назад


  • Noor Saba
    Noor Saba 2 дня назад +1

    love you champion I like this song

  • Brijmohan Sharma
    Brijmohan Sharma 2 дня назад

    S we see weepy TBD z several axe

    APRAMIT RAY 2 дня назад +1

    Virat is a champion.

  • samar kumar das
    samar kumar das 2 дня назад

    Variy Good

  • Farhan Khan
    Farhan Khan 2 дня назад

    I just want to know that rascals who dislike it

  • Abdullah Butt
    Abdullah Butt 2 дня назад

    FARWA AtTf love song

  • Abdullah Butt
    Abdullah Butt 2 дня назад

    FArwa AtTf love song

  • Abdullah Butt
    Abdullah Butt 2 дня назад

    FArwa AtTf love song

  • Mohammad Ibrahim
    Mohammad Ibrahim 2 дня назад

    Awesome song

  • Mohammad Ibrahim
    Mohammad Ibrahim 2 дня назад

    Bravo Super cricket champion

  • Shaik Ali
    Shaik Ali 2 дня назад

    this waste song

  • Shankar Singh
    Shankar Singh 2 дня назад

    bravo is a champ*

  • Ravi Jethvani
    Ravi Jethvani 2 дня назад


  • MK& TK
    MK& TK 2 дня назад

    Nice song....

  • K Tripathi
    K Tripathi 3 дня назад +1

    far better than despacito!

  • Ranu Paliya
    Ranu Paliya 3 дня назад


  • musify World
    musify World 3 дня назад

    wow best of luck for others song also tooo.

  • Piom Pius
    Piom Pius 3 дня назад

    I love this song my favourite song

  • Ali Muhammad Sheikh
    Ali Muhammad Sheikh 3 дня назад

    not believing what happened in final.

  • Saqlain Ali
    Saqlain Ali 3 дня назад

    Mr Bean is a champion

  • Hairouna Empress
    Hairouna Empress 3 дня назад

    Vincy aaaaaaaye big up all West Indian champion...cricket lovely cricket

  • Ronnie Seepersad
    Ronnie Seepersad 3 дня назад

    Dj bravo you are my hero

  • cassie ramjohn
    cassie ramjohn 3 дня назад +1

    I am a big fan of cricket

  • Chaitram Dhanisingh
    Chaitram Dhanisingh 3 дня назад


    ALL IN ONE CHANNEL 3 дня назад

    Very silly song

  • Meera Patwal
    Meera Patwal 4 дня назад

    nice video

  • hemanth para
    hemanth para 4 дня назад


  • Lakum Siddhraj
    Lakum Siddhraj 4 дня назад

    lakum siddhraj is chapion

  • Kusum Kusum
    Kusum Kusum 4 дня назад +1

    everybody know India team is the champion

  • deader John
    deader John 4 дня назад

    They play that song in every party I go in Boston nbs

  • Rani Ganess
    Rani Ganess 4 дня назад +1

    Bravo congratulations on your new born baby

  • AKA 50 cent Jimmy
    AKA 50 cent Jimmy 4 дня назад

    Muhammad Nabi and Rashid khan are Champion too.

  • Roblox Games
    Roblox Games 4 дня назад

    Gayle is big hitter

  • Roblox Games
    Roblox Games 4 дня назад

    Bravo a champion

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 4 дня назад +1

    this is the only song I hear playing when you go to theme parks in Pakistan 😂

  • Nayeem Sheikh
    Nayeem Sheikh 4 дня назад

    Awesome song

  • Ramkrishna Munshamachar
    Ramkrishna Munshamachar 4 дня назад

    champion is a champion super

  • Sonu Gautam
    Sonu Gautam 4 дня назад

    awesome for bravo

  • Sajid Khan
    Sajid Khan 4 дня назад

    Champion champion best song

  • Sayyed Sadik
    Sayyed Sadik 5 дней назад

    Champion is destroyer boy's

  • mahesh jaiswal
    mahesh jaiswal 5 дней назад

    Like it verymuch

  • Bazeil Ali
    Bazeil Ali 5 дней назад

    Make a real cool song more

  • Rinki Debnath
    Rinki Debnath 5 дней назад +1

    India champion bravo not champion

  • Omar Saied
    Omar Saied 5 дней назад

    How is watching in 2017 😃😄😎

  • Junita Liverpool
    Junita Liverpool 5 дней назад

    Lewis is a chapian

  • InfamousPants25
    InfamousPants25 5 дней назад +1

    technically if u r black u r a champion

  • Sew Wes
    Sew Wes 5 дней назад

    girls in red what's her name?

  • Zarina Shaikh
    Zarina Shaikh 5 дней назад

    I like third song DJ Brovo

  • Mohamed Musa
    Mohamed Musa 5 дней назад +1

    Even my dick is champion in bed

  • Saalim Srajput
    Saalim Srajput 5 дней назад

    Song is best

  • addi shah
    addi shah 5 дней назад

    adi is a champion

  • sunil Singh
    sunil Singh 5 дней назад

    I love west Indies

    LIGHTNING GAMERZ 6 дней назад

    Mr bean could beat this champion with in 5 seconds

  • Daim Tariq
    Daim Tariq 6 дней назад

    I have the game

  • Ali Gohar
    Ali Gohar 6 дней назад


  • Adil Wani
    Adil Wani 6 дней назад

    Love from kashmir

  • shaikh sugra
    shaikh sugra 6 дней назад

    brawo is very good filder

  • 1103MusikGermany
    1103MusikGermany 6 дней назад

    style is epic

  • Tomisha Jnbaptiste
    Tomisha Jnbaptiste 6 дней назад

    thats the best song

  • Sew Wes
    Sew Wes 6 дней назад +1


  • ashfaq akhtar
    ashfaq akhtar 6 дней назад

    The real champ. Muhammad Ali name is missing .

  • rakesh kapoor
    rakesh kapoor 6 дней назад

    very nice song dj bravo

  • Dk Roy
    Dk Roy 7 дней назад

    bravo is the champion

  • Dk Roy
    Dk Roy 7 дней назад

    I like this song

  • krishna sahu
    krishna sahu 7 дней назад

    I am championship

    PRADYUT ROY 7 дней назад

    my favorite song,, I love u dj....

  • It's Gaming time!! //vlogs
    It's Gaming time!! //vlogs 7 дней назад

    It's better than Jake Paul's diss track

  • Malek Sakir
    Malek Sakir 7 дней назад


  • Renuka Nimje Nimje
    Renuka Nimje Nimje 7 дней назад

    shikhar dhawan is a champion

  • Madhu Sharma
    Madhu Sharma 7 дней назад


  • CA Arunava Bhowmik
    CA Arunava Bhowmik 8 дней назад

    loved it

  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali 8 дней назад

    Saab koch champion football hockey basketball cricket volleyball etc hehe

  • Nuha Naser Medha
    Nuha Naser Medha 8 дней назад

    medha is a champion , bravo is a champion grayl is a champion

  • Shubham Thakur
    Shubham Thakur 8 дней назад +2

    Indian cricket team is champion

  • Uday Shankar
    Uday Shankar 9 дней назад

    I love this song

  • Zeeshan Jaan
    Zeeshan Jaan 9 дней назад

    pathan are also championsssssss......

  • Manav Gupta
    Manav Gupta 9 дней назад

    It's a amazing song I appreciate this song 60 times