John Stossel - Common Core

  • Published on Oct 7, 2014
  • Robert Pondiscio (Fordham Institute Senior Fellow) and Joy Pullmann (Heartland Institute Research Fellow) join John to debate the value of Common Core. Then, Stossel recounts the past 40 years of government education schemes.

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  • Sue Granzow
    Sue Granzow Month ago

    This is part of the Agenda.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 2 months ago

    Rather than go back to what worked before we had all the crazy testing they want to completely break it.

  • roger watkins
    roger watkins 2 months ago

    the problem now is the kids now cant do simple math in their heads like multiplication tables , tables they say? that's the food place. they can play video games but not math

  • Jacques Stanz
    Jacques Stanz 2 months ago

    Its not comen core.its called fuckuptisety

  • Jorge B.
    Jorge B. 2 months ago

    So common core are true and false statements mixed with math. Lol

  • Lidia Stremciuc
    Lidia Stremciuc 2 months ago

    We don't need Common core this obuma invented for MUSLIM and to introduce coran in our schools they said no religion in school BUT they introduced the poison of coran in our schools Mr PRESIDENT PLEASE ban all the Muslims religion from our schools we are AMERICANS they should assimilate with us AMERICANS nor to bring the poison of SHARIA LAW in our country we are refusing all this nonsense

  • Charles Surber
    Charles Surber 3 months ago

    This guy taught in the South Bronx in case you missed it.

  • Charles Surber
    Charles Surber 3 months ago

    Countin on your fingers is a bad thing? 🤷‍♂️

  • Ronald McFarland
    Ronald McFarland 3 months ago

    Who is the complete freaking idiot that came up with common core? Who don't we go back to the standard we had when America was number 1 in education, like the way kids were taught in the 50's? When they just taught math as math, history as history, reading and writing as reading and writing etc. . It's not that complicated, teach the freaking truth of the subject being taught, not what some government idiot wants it to be.

  • BRO Up
    BRO Up 3 months ago

    That marine is barely an engineer, that’s like saying shaq is a doctor because he has a PhD. Nominally true, but we all really know it’s not.

  • Ozarks Farmer Hansen
    Ozarks Farmer Hansen 3 months ago

    Whats amazing is all the people in this Country who grew up in the 50s,60s,70s and are Multi Billionaires in Business want to change the whole education system when what has happened is the Liberal Union run public school system in the last thirty years has dumbed it down with unqualified Teachers unqualified School Administrations and pandering to people that think as long as their kid is out of their hair for 8 hours they really don't give a damn unless they don't graduate.

  • domitry jobby
    domitry jobby 3 months ago

    7:04 hahaha always find funny how people who support bigger burocracy, government planning and higher spending say that they are all for freedom of choice BUT ...........

  • Christina Stone
    Christina Stone 3 months ago

    Choice makes him nervous. Humm.

  • David Andrew Burrows
    David Andrew Burrows 3 months ago

    I against any form of government support school! Turn it into private school! Down with any form of unions! Making America stupid!

  • butch blakesley
    butch blakesley 4 months ago

    If it takes a cow and a half a day and a half to eat a bale and a half of hay, then how many pancakes will it take to shingle a doghouse? this kind of schooling is like going from your little finger around your elbow to get to your thumb

  • butch blakesley
    butch blakesley 4 months ago

    Whenever someone feels the need to preface a statement with I'll be completely honest with you well I kind of start doubting right then

  • william hunter
    william hunter 4 months ago

    Conservative? Yet he says if left up to parents they'd set the bar really low so their kids would pass. I really don't think that's a Conservative trait. Another thing is that assuming that it's from the Federal Government means it must be good. Not so. What's the agenda and why? Well after WW2 it was really pushed, but goes back to the Frankfurt School, Berkeley and out. A socialist agenda.

    Check the suppressed book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. by Charlotte T Iserbyte. Free PDF It's well researched and documented with papers, files and agendas. Many of them Federal Documents but school boards etc. It's a long somewhat tedious book not meant to be a novel. If reading is too tedious or perhaps old tech for you try watching the film IDIOCRACY It basically sums it up.

  • Sea_ Nettles
    Sea_ Nettles 4 months ago

    the only chick on the street who can do it was professionally trained in the method and has an abnormally gigantic forehead

  • Bernard S
    Bernard S 4 months ago

    I was talking to a teacher recently who was talking about the problems he has because D.C. comes up with lots of new regulations. I asked him what in particular and he said that he must call on an equal number of ethnicities when calling on the kids to solve a problem. So if he asks the class what the answer is to a problem he wrote on the board he has to make sure that when the kids raise their hands that he has to insure that 25% of the kids he calls in to answer the samples he puts on the board are white and 25% are black and 25% are Asian and 25% are Hispanic. He said that he can’t even focus on teaching any more because he is constantly worried about violating some stupid government regulation.

  • Billy Ruben
    Billy Ruben 4 months ago

    Public sector unions should be illegal.

  • Billy Ruben
    Billy Ruben 4 months ago

    Common core U.S. History is the real problem where they use a communist slant and paraphrase instead of teaching the actual history and actual bill of rights.

  • ejis yopicus
    ejis yopicus 4 months ago

    Common core is the same thing as not teaching kids math and instead something that can't be used even in education, except to teach common more.

    This guy says when all states were competing that scores dropped, he is comparing that to BEFORE public schools mandatory state wide tests, it's no surprise that national common core will result in an even greater loss is scores.

  • Billy Graham
    Billy Graham 4 months ago

    There needs to be a standard for each subject- an objective measurable standard. If “teachers” are not willing to teach to meet a standard... I find that hard to believe. The odd examples we saw on the cut-aways have got to be fake. Virtually EVERY textbook for a subject touches all the bases. No aspect of the subject is left out. Now what we have here is an unnecessary complication of elementary subject matter - someone is screwing with our kids and our schools.
    And there’s a motive for this I won’t go on about here... suffice it to say “charter schools” and “privatization” of the public schools.

  • daddio jones
    daddio jones 4 months ago

    I don't think you idiots get it, the government is offering a basic education to everyone (however flawed), you still have a choice to pay for private school....what don't you get? 0+0=0, 0+1=1 ; something is better than nothing!

  • daddio jones
    daddio jones 4 months ago

    Yet I don't see him teaching, hmm? Guess it's just easier to point fingers....Here's a quick math problem for him though, how many times greater is John stossels paycheck than a public school teacher? STFU!

  • Don Page
    Don Page 4 months ago

    What is true ? If you can not dazzle them with footwork ; then baffle them with Bullshit.

  • Tom Howard
    Tom Howard 4 months ago

    Yes, as you well said; its the money they follow, not the students success!

  • Gold Winger
    Gold Winger 4 months ago

    Common core is an attempt to fix all the problems created through the 60s and 70s. Much of the "math" that is being taught is the way that it used to be taught and the way that smart people do arithmetic without a calculator.
    For example, if you are asked "What is 3 times 97?" you can attack it two ways. The long way of 3x7= 21 and 3x90 =270 so 21 + 270 is 291. The other way is to think 97 is close to 100. 3 x 100 = 300, 3x3=9, 300-9= 291.
    Common core also mandate that addition and multiplication tables be memorized, something that was very common until the 1970s.
    Watch people try to make change without a calculator. Basic arithmetic skills don't exist today.
    Parents don't like common core because they know that they are stupid and don't want to admit it.

    • Gold Winger
      Gold Winger 4 months ago

      @BrandAccount If we look here you'll set that ACT scores are barely fluctuating, going up or down by about 5% over time. There is a very slight downward trend over the past few years but there has also been a marked increase in the number of test takers, so those data are inconclusive. Also, consider that less than 2/3 of high school seniors take the ACTs. Maybe the non-college bound kids who don't take the tests are the ones most helped by common core. Hmmmm?
      Is common core the answer? Maybe not but its better than the crap that they tried in the 60s. And it is far better than the "there's no such thing as a wrong answer" crap from the 90s.

    • BrandAccount
      BrandAccount 4 months ago

      @Gold Winger Years After States Adopt Common Core, 2018 Sees Worst ACT Scores in over 20 years. So common core isn't working that's fact.

    • Gold Winger
      Gold Winger 4 months ago

      @BrandAccount No, I said "until the 70s" Big difference. I lived through the "new math" debacle. I've seen the horrible job that they do today. So called "honors" students who don't know 10% of 100 (seriously) and their idiot parents thought that was OK.
      The problems extend to English with poor vocabulary, worse spelling and abysmal grammar. Kids aren't learning history or geography anymore.
      The system is broken. A few kids make it to the top despite the piss poor system and they are held up as examples of the great success of the current system. To see the failure, ask someone to make change without a calculator or to name the thirteen original states.

    • BrandAccount
      BrandAccount 4 months ago

      @Gold Winger wait wait you said it's to fix the problems of the 70s but you also said they memorize time tables in the 70s? So what is did it really need fixing yes or no? You are contradicting yourself.

    • Gold Winger
      Gold Winger 4 months ago

      @BrandAccount Not step wise, time wise to do it in your head.
      Memorization did go away. In the 90s my kids were not required to memorize tables and were using calculators as early as the second grade in Mont. Co. Maryland, one of the top rated school systems in the country. When I complained, I was told that rote memorization of "math facts" wasn't necessary because every kid carries a calculator.

    DONKEY SHOW 4 months ago

    Common Sore

  • Mountain Cynic
    Mountain Cynic 5 months ago

    Actually breaking down math problems in your head is a good way to solve more difficult addition and subtraction even if it is more steps. Look for the students that do this naturally without being taught the technique and you will find some interesting brain power!

    • BrandAccount
      BrandAccount 4 months ago

      you can solve more difficult addition and subtraction problems in your head the old way and faster because of less steps

  • Nataly Velokova
    Nataly Velokova 5 months ago

    However did the US make it to the moon with slide-rules and without common core? We should be able to solve these simple math problems in our heads. That would be impossible with the common core method. All I have to do is evaluate the brain dead morons that are seeking employment at our office these days to determine that modern US schools are a Marxist plot to destroy Western Culture and economic superiority. Common Core is the hand that is rocking the cradle.

  • SandJ Gaez
    SandJ Gaez 5 months ago

    “Correct, but why?”

  • Matthewmatters.14/88
    Matthewmatters.14/88 5 months ago

    It's just another method (((THEY'RE))) using to DESTROY AMERICA WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!.

  • venomagent76
    venomagent76 5 months ago

    That guy is a real dick kisser

  • Greg Wallace
    Greg Wallace 5 months ago

    If you would just let the teachers teach instead of having them do so much paperwork!

    • BrandAccount
      BrandAccount 4 months ago

      if the teachers could stop fucking the kids the wouldnt have so much paperwork

  • BlckCloud73
    BlckCloud73 5 months ago

    Weather you support Common Core or not, what gives the politicians the right to teach it to your kids without asking you?!

  • dabigisland1
    dabigisland1 5 months ago

    27+17 I like rounding up in my head so 27+17 becomes 27+20=47-3=44 it’s always been the fastest way for me. 27+20 is easy for my brain to process but 27+17 is hard for me to process

  • James Harback
    James Harback 5 months ago

    What system works? The system that fails those who cannot understand the curriculum. Can't meet the standards? Then they must be failed or the other students will fall back to the failures level.

  • James Harback
    James Harback 5 months ago

    Can't fix stupid.

  • Scott Mçkày
    Scott Mçkày 5 months ago +1

    Word problems (REAL WORLD situations) would be much more instructive. I learned much more that way than just a bunch of equations (which nobody can relate to). Common Core isn't real world.

  • shane hester
    shane hester 5 months ago

    common core is for the kids who do not want to learn.

  • Alan Scott
    Alan Scott 5 months ago

    McGuffey readers! Basic stuff! Kids tested waaay better when that was standard!

  • Deckie Deckie
    Deckie Deckie 5 months ago

    Common core is displacing our best and allowing the REALLY EDUCATED foreigners come and taking their places....

  • Seenya59
    Seenya59 5 months ago

    The supreme stupidity of ALL of this is they could EASILY look back and see how it was done when American children scored higher than the rest of the world...AND DO THAT.
    Common core is nothing but the federal government trying to take over completely what American children are taught.

  • randy johnson
    randy johnson 6 months ago

    Treasonous Zimafia congress push common-core yet reject it for Israhell that they donate trillions every year

  • randy johnson
    randy johnson 6 months ago

    Dumb down the sheeples so their easily influenced to go kill their brothers on the streets as cops & in other countries as soldiers

  • randy johnson
    randy johnson 6 months ago

    Brainwashed big head teacher dont why she teach it that way

  • highlights Bottle flip nbanflnhl

    Test for standard information obsorption in children without teacher cohersion during the tests, base the teachers pay on those test results. Test at the beginning of the school year to establish a baseline, and again at the end of the year. The results difference should determine the pay rate for said teacher for the following year. You will be supprised how many teachers will get much better at their job as they compete for their pay. But standardising pay does not benifit the teachers or the children. The less productive teachers may find they would be better off in another line of work, those who learn to adapt will also pass that concept on to the children, which will benifit them in the long run.

  • Marcos Aanderud
    Marcos Aanderud 6 months ago

    This male teacher is obviously in this for some perk, either money or job position. You need to realize that Liberals are crooks, determined to destroy the American Educational System. Every time the government gets involved in any program, it fails. "How do you anger a Conservative? By lying to him, How do you anger a Liberal? By telling him the truth." --President Theodore Roosevelt. "Make the lie big; Make it simple; Keep saying it and eventually they will believe it!" --Adolph Hitler!). (Mainstream Media).

  • Cal Ven
    Cal Ven 6 months ago

    I'm against a countrywide standard for all kids. The beauty of states is that if all states had their own curriculum, then the best states would attract more citizens. Having nationwide standards means that all kids are dumb downed. And, besides, the USA education system is run by socialist-Marxist so, the kids are brainwashed.

  • Jim Rassinier
    Jim Rassinier 6 months ago

    I have a Finance degree. Math, no matter how complicated it seems will always be addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

  • crazexskater
    crazexskater 6 months ago

    South bronx??? No wonder...

  • Bill Melater
    Bill Melater 6 months ago

    Notice that all these "fair share" types think they're the only ones that get to define what "fair" is.

  • join the conversation
    join the conversation 6 months ago

    I'm a 71 year old man and I didn't understand squat about the problem on the black board.What very young kindergarten or 1rsr through 3 rd grade has THAT kind of vocabulary?COMPOSE? DECOMPOSE? WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT? To quote Col. Ravenshaw? "SIMPLICITY IS THE "EPITOME" OF EXCELLENCE!"

  • NoGuyComesClose
    NoGuyComesClose 6 months ago

    Tried to figure out why my son enjoys common core so much ... Response: We get our cookie break right after Daddy (joke)

  • mv vo
    mv vo 6 months ago +1

    (((common core))) there, i said it

  • progste
    progste 6 months ago

    "I'm a big choice advocate BUT..."

  • Polaris re:Mix'd
    Polaris re:Mix'd 6 months ago

    Society: We need to have better education for our kids. Stop Common Core!
    Government: (Adds funds to the military and doesn't care about what common core is doing)

  • Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera
    Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera 6 months ago


  • Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera
    Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera 6 months ago


  • Sharon Crawford
    Sharon Crawford 7 months ago

    Government schools dumbing down our kids. It's on purpose. Get you children out.

  • Seasonal Living
    Seasonal Living 7 months ago

    Classical education is the’s timeless and developmentally appropriate.

  • Aaron Cutting
    Aaron Cutting 7 months ago

    Teachers are overpaid. Change my mind.

  • Bill Van Raam
    Bill Van Raam 7 months ago

    A common core type of doing math is what finally made math click for me in the mid 70s, I often can do math faster than others using a calculator.

  • TayLybb
    TayLybb 8 months ago

    Common core is crap. The Cc standards are very low. My kids spend 90% of their time prepping for tests and 10% taking the tests. And it's not just tests. It's the teaching and learning methods that have changed. Learning to read is not sequential, it's not sound based. Math is 10 based like in video. Crazy.

  • TheRisky9
    TheRisky9 8 months ago

    After listening to teachers describe to me the purpose of those rather convoluted math problems, I realized that they couldn't name one single thing that common core could do that finger counting couldn't. It "breaks down numbers" they say. So does finger counting. It create an "understanding" of numbers. So does finger counting! But teachers absolutely hate finger counting, even though there's no evidence that it inhibits a child's ability to do math. In fact, there's a lot of evidence to support that finger counting actually improves math skills! So why are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on these common core standards, when we just had to teach finger counting? Never understood that.

  • BenzoOfficial
    BenzoOfficial 8 months ago

    I remember when I was in 8th grade, my school introduced common core and it BOMBED. It was either too complicated for the students or for the county itself.

  • Gibson J50
    Gibson J50 8 months ago

    Eventually, government will improve everything to the point of complete and utter failure. It's what governments do...

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 8 months ago

    George Bush is the reason I voted democrat...then...obama, jesus...thank you for President Trump.

  • Gene Bethea
    Gene Bethea 8 months ago

    Sounds like you need another meeting with David Schultz! lol

  • ED Morphis
    ED Morphis 8 months ago

    What this guy is missing is that the problem in the first place is due to the Federal Dept. of Edu. The group which developed this plan is not even an educator, and included only four other people! It is a collectivistic dream funded by billions of Bill Gates. Among other things, it requires teaching sex in every course! It should be written Common Corpse.

  • Bridgett Tubbs
    Bridgett Tubbs 9 months ago

    I can’t listen anymore you one world evil people. When evil are in control the people morn Bush Clinton’s Obama’s. I hate them all. Hate them. God help us. Thank you God for common sense Trump. Trump. Don’t forget to vote November 2

  • Bridgett Tubbs
    Bridgett Tubbs 9 months ago

    What Robert is saying we as a parent should have no choice. That is COMMUNISM SIMPLE MATH

  • Bridgett Tubbs
    Bridgett Tubbs 9 months ago

    Robert I don’t like you either you are what’s wrong with America you sob

  • Bridgett Tubbs
    Bridgett Tubbs 9 months ago

    Screw Obama

  • Bridgett Tubbs
    Bridgett Tubbs 9 months ago

    No more joy in learning. My grand daughter said GiGi I don’t like school anymore. She’s in first grade. I want to throw up. I am physically sick. I did not understand and now I do. I am scared I’m to late to make a difference. Help us God and Mr I don’t like you whoever you are

  • Wain DY
    Wain DY 9 months ago

    Distraction core

  • cpoky
    cpoky 9 months ago

    Common Core was CREATED to help Gov Agencies "explain" how a Hammer costs $800, or a toilet costs $2000. "You see the hammer really costs $10.00 BUT after you figure in Travel costs, Distance traveled, handlers moving, packaging, unpackaging, ect you can plainly understand why it cost Taxpayers $800."

  • Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks 9 months ago

    You don't need to replace Common Core with anything. You don't need to have a carrot and stick system which really is a federal control system of education and creates a culture of dependency on a state level.

  • Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks 9 months ago

    In reality that guy 2:50 is a fictional reality adherent. Say a student functions on 5th grade in math, but is in 11th grade. They are on an IEP. What should they be learning: standards that any 5th grader works on in math and it is written into their IEP as such which is the point of an IEP in the first place. Then when state testing comes they are given for Math the same test all 5th grades in that state are given. What will happen is the student will improve (for most students) and no they might not ever reach 11th grade or 12th grade ability level but they will be served better and end up with a more effective education if they go from 3rd grade ability to, say, 8th grade ability level over the course of their K-12 education. That won't happen if the ruling doctrine is against remediation and simply says 'they need to work on algebra just put that they can use a calculator' as part of their IEP. I am saying that the people who run the system on the federal level and those who wrote the IDEA want a system built on a type of fictional reality that baked into the system. It is NOT in the 'best interest of the child' and ultimately harms them. Common Core then is their latest ideological fashion and because they live in a fictional reality it will never succeed nor the meet the stated goals it seeks to achieve. Keep in mind who I am really talking about. Ph.D level educated people, people who hold real power, and people who set policies. I am saying they have not designed a system that is failing, but really a system that is highly successful in achieving its real goals. If you want to achieve the stated goals they say they want they are going about it in the opposite manner which is why you only see dysfunction increase and a system built on platitudes like children being 'left behind'.
    Raising standards is an illusion with common core. Say the average 9th grader at a school is reading at a 7th grade level. Ability level should be how you group these students, not age, and not grade level. Structural changes like this are necessary and Common Core and No Child Left Behind and whatever Obama called his adomination system will all accomplish the same thing: nothing toward fundamental increases in ability level which is what students actually need.
    It is a game, and the real solutions are not ones the elite's want to hear. They don't really do the job of teaching. They peddle and pimp 'solutions' in socialistic ways that in the end sound good but don't lead to tangible and measurable outcomes. Want to change that: empower the teachers, NOT the teacher union, and Not the administration, not the parents and yes empower the students to have choices, but realize many students will make foul choices and harmful choices to other students. You have the right to an education but do not have the right to harm other students. Disrupting the educational process (through disruption of class) harms other children. Three Strikes Your Out needs to be the rule. Want to disrupt class. Great, It won't be due to your race or gender. It will be due to that foul attitude. You will get written up and school systems empowered to expel students if needed. The problem is people in high positions in school districts hold the view that is not a good outcome. Well, the outcome of forcing kids to go to a school (which leads to many of those disruptive issues) is the root problem. Want to solve it. Cleans the school districts of administrators who hold those positions.
    Empower teachers and students who want to be in class and want to learn. Not students who disrupt, do seek self-sabotaging activities. Hold students accountable.
    That is the real true answer and I can tell you right now none of that will be part of the Common Core, nor whatever plan Hillary or Obama had nor Oprah or whomever runs in 2020 or 2024 for the Democrats, and same really goes for Republicans too. What Trump needs is an educational plan with thinking as I am expressing. It will piss off all those who hold a vested interest in the current system and hold real power. Many parents, especially parents of super-baby children and teens won't like it but most of all dysfunctional children won't like it. They do not want to be held accountable.
    Imagine if the parent did not get the truancy ticket. The child did, especially once they reach junior high age, and at least by high school. Solution: microtickets. Imagine you are Tardy to class. You get 3 Tardies and you EARN yourself a microticket which the administrator and SRO manage. You don't pay now, but you will turn 18 and when you do just like you can't get out of speeding tickets you will rack up your little tickets. You can work it off through community service or work a J-O-B and feel the pain as you work to pay off all that disruptive behavior and skipping class you did.
    This type of idea would be both effective and produce results that lead to positive outcomes for the vast majority and for those who find themselves dug into a hole, the same hole the current system would have resulted in their digging themselves into for those a system of second chances to earn back and value what they squandered by their foul choices.
    Realize there are good students who sleep in class because they must take care of siblings for example. I am not speaking of those students. Teachers can easily identify them normally and they can get an outcome whereby they still must do the work but do so outside of class if possible. The difference is the student has the right attitude and wants to learn.
    Want no child left behind. Realize most of the people leaving someone behind are the children (or rather teens) themselves. They choose those outcomes through all those foul self-destructive choices.
    So what they need to know is school is practice to make choices and when you make bad ones and you fail the person to blame is mostly your own self. The blame game of putting it on parents or on someone, anyone, other then their own self or some disability is part of the fundamental problem.
    Teacher empowerment and Student accountability. When a student knows the teacher can, if not play a strong role in getting a student expelled who earns it by their own foul choices, can at least refuse to allow that student in their classroom will be the time when schools truly improve. No you are not allowed in this class without a parent coming to see me. Invite the parent to sit in on class and see and more than likely that parent will see an entitled teen which they already knew how that student acts.
    The system also depowers parents, but that is another story and I tried to focus on the school side of it, but yes this whole thing also requires the way the system limits parents to also fundamentally change.
    I can stand confident none of this will be implemented and will be fought actively against as the current system is built upon the complete opposite ideology and that is why it results in one important partner and component in cultivating a system and culture of dependency which is not simply limited to the United States, so the solutions require you to see how these ideas function on a global scale.

  • Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks 9 months ago

    The reason we have 50states and 50 standards is because it is the state, not the federal government who control education. From the creation of a Department of Education during the Carter administration to Common Core, think of this as a push to federalize and federally control education. Want to control the nation? You don't need to control all 50 states. Merely control the centralized institutions and under Obama that is what happened: institutional capture from the FBI and Justice to so many other agencies, yet this process is far older than Obama, but reached new levels during his administration.

  • Lohan Cindy
    Lohan Cindy 9 months ago

    Sign something you haven’t read and everyone cheers.

  • HisRoyalFatness
    HisRoyalFatness 9 months ago

    You don't need to understand the complexity behind how to solve 22-12. You just need to know HOW to do it, not why or how it works. 22-12, you subtract the 2 in the 12 from the one's place 2 in 22. Then, you have a simple problem of 20-10, which is 10.

  • Irony A
    Irony A 9 months ago

    Neuro linguistic programming = common core.

  • Marc Whitakay
    Marc Whitakay 9 months ago

    I am amazed that people bitch about how education is outdated and should be improved then freak out when it happens. My daughter learned math up to 3rd grade by common core. They change after that. We can not afford to say they must learn the way we did.

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams 9 months ago

    Another thing everyone says Americans are stupid yet we are still the most profitable country , we are ignorant not dumb

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams 9 months ago

    Lol so if you ever use your hands to count, you’re dumb lol

  • raistrose
    raistrose 9 months ago

    "I am a ________ advocate, BUT..." every time I hear stuff like this i cringe so fucking hard.

  • MrTerror923
    MrTerror923 9 months ago

    forget no child left behind...
    common core is gonna leave them all behind.

  • 4 ljc
    4 ljc 10 months ago

    Common core vs Common sense

  • Microphonix Virtual Studio

    A classic education is the way to teach children.

  • Microphonix Virtual Studio

    Why not teach classic math the way intelligent people learn it?

  • sicDaVid
    sicDaVid 10 months ago

    India has more honor role students than America has students. They aren't using common core. So all I see are opportunists selling out our kids.

  • jason harrison
    jason harrison 10 months ago

    "Common Core" = A load of shit.

  • Ted Baxter
    Ted Baxter 10 months ago

    Common Crap

  • rikk sashquat
    rikk sashquat 10 months ago

    replace common core with what worked for hundreds of years

  • rikk sashquat
    rikk sashquat 10 months ago

    common core has five sentences on Christianity and five pages on Islam

  • rikk sashquat
    rikk sashquat 10 months ago

    common core is design to make children dependent on government as adults, when you accept this purpose than it makes sense

  • Chuck Bodnar
    Chuck Bodnar 10 months ago


  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones 10 months ago +1

    The federal government is a bully. They literally bribe states and hold out funding if school's do not enact common core in the classroom. To them, whether it's the best or even a good method is irrelevant.