10 MAGIC PRANKS!! - How to do tricks you can do NOW!

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Watch the entire video! There's something for everyone!
The location of each trick is below:

0:29 1. Toothpick Penetration Illusion! (Awesome!)
2:28 2. Impossible Burnt Match Trick!
5:08 3. The Perfect Card BET!
7:40 4. How to Put your HEAD through a Business Card!
9:58 5. Balancing Coin on Dollar Edge!
10:56 6. Camera Magic!
12:02 7. Rubberband Finger Penetration!
12:57 8. Coin through Table! (Plus Bonus)
14:19 9. No Skill Spoon Bending!
16:40 10. The Perfect Peek - Always Know a Card Trick! (Try it!!)
Please enjoy and share!

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Автор Brayden Campbel ( назад)
tell me a trick were my brother will wither away

Автор Great Value Bleach ( назад)
It's easier with tips left on

Автор Cole YT ( назад)
you havnt got a wife

Автор Shedrick Barnett ( назад)

Автор Austin Hager ( назад)
how do you do all this stuff so well? I am defiantly trying as much pranks as I can at home. Right now I am doing the wax paper one and at the end when it is all dry I will put it out on my dad's truck. Man, he's going to be so mad.

Автор Nuku Porter Lloyd ( назад)
tanks for the each trick

Автор Guest 1065 ( назад)
My favourite magic trick was when I liked the video,the button changed from grey to blue and same with the subscribe button

Автор destavan ( назад)
absolutely amazing!

Автор Rosielyn Largo ( назад)

Автор craftsmen22 ( назад)
Hi Rich,
you are great, I really had to laugh a lot when i watched your video and thans for sharing your tricks.


Автор gongoloo ( назад)
More tricks than magic. I like the last one

Автор Aolani Thompson ( назад)
How are you with?

Автор John Surento ( назад)
Great tricks, can't wait to try them out!

Автор Doruk Berkoz ( назад)

Автор Andres Fierros ( назад)
cool and thx

Автор Ricky Vicente ( назад)
haha thanks

Автор Nash325 Graal ( назад)
Subscribe to my channel and I'll sub back to you say "done" if done

Автор shaun thomas ( назад)
funny as fuck, post me man!

Автор Kari Kiehne ( назад)

Автор siddhant sawant ( назад)
you are so cool man!love to see your magic tricks

Автор Kung Fu ( назад)
Real magic is the globe earth...the truth is that the earth is flat

Автор Henrietta Lote Ropati ( назад)
im a fan can you teach me how to levitate

Автор Rocio Verduzco ( назад)
i. love. rich Ferguson. s. videos

Автор Hector Muzquiz ( назад)
Yeah baby!

Автор Gregory Minecraft roblox and more ( назад)

Автор Nasser Kass ( назад)
The best of all time shows

Автор gm6hgw ( назад)
Rich, love your channel. 
Your explanations are clear and concise with no repeating of the same
phrase over and over again.

I’ve been into magic since my pre-teens and do several of
the card tricks you perform, however I’ve had to adapt them as I have no
feeling in my left hand.

Thanks, Colin.

Автор 1wildchildtv1 ( назад)
I wanna learn more

Автор 1wildchildtv1 ( назад)
pick me i love it

Автор Christopher Nasr ( назад)
these magic tricks are epic and easy thank you for making this videoe

Автор Marco Bayan ( назад)

Автор Even Tubehd ( назад)
can I please have the book

Автор Zachary V ( назад)
boom boom boom boom

Автор Kaydence Stidham ( назад)
I love your channel

Автор SlapDemCows ( назад)
14:54 u can see the spoon in his lap

Автор Ruth Virgile ( назад)
Bruce Ferguson I really hope you give me the price because I really love your shows in your magic I wish you could give it to me right now

Автор Steven Anderson ( назад)
thank you for sharing can't wait to try these out. way cool!!

Автор Ma. Thelma Balmaceda ( назад)
Want a free shoutout subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell

Автор Musharaf Kk ( назад)
I loved the way u did with the reflection of cards but I didn't clearly understand the match stick trick love all ur tricks could I get that bubble pls I really want to show it to my friends

Автор Ades Production1 ( назад)
Cool i love this

Автор Derek Hawker ( назад)
u r so cool

Автор Robert Bell ( назад)
can you please come to hobart

Автор Joshua Rocks! ( назад)
That's rong

Автор Braylons CRAZY VLOGZ ( назад)
American got talent Magic tricks

Автор Renee Spence ( назад)
you're amazing magic

Автор Bob Miller ( назад)

Автор Sam Butts ( назад)
dang ur my fav magician <3

Автор Torrie Huffine ( назад)
i like you magic it is fun for me

Автор Kulo Wong Batak ( назад)
thanks man.. that's cool

Автор Nas Rockers ( назад)
the lady in stripes caught my eye..

Автор TikiTube ( назад)

Автор walaakongpaki SAYSON ( назад)

Автор walaakongpaki SAYSON ( назад)

Автор Jean Bohn ( назад)
i wont it

Автор Azizo 80 ( назад)
I love your magic

Автор Themincart ( назад)

Автор janssenaviation ( назад)
you are AWESOME!!!!

Автор Michael Maracle ( назад)
Wow that's great !!!  Now I can show my five grandsons something.  THANKS I WILL BE THE COOL PAPA!!

Автор Denis Daily ( назад)
I made my whole class laugh by just putting a normal face at the teacher idk how

Автор Gerardo Palma ( назад)
you are asom 😎🤑😱😹😸

Автор BRANDON PEREZ ( назад)

i am a biggg fan of u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор yolonda beamon ( назад)
thank you

Автор Chase Haines ( назад)
Love it

Автор Miles Williams ( назад)
*WARING* Tricks will only work on Americans. It's like the tricks at a 7 year old's birthday party

Автор Jennifer Sliger ( назад)
awesome tricks dude

Автор Death The Kid 1 Fan ( назад)
aiyo! this is awesome

Автор Amy Barola Bilo ( назад)
i really like this many tricks i give it thumbs up

wow it's amazing magics please u can giv me the book

Автор Inzamam Malik ( назад)
what a magic ok gyes


Автор Sarah Witchey ( назад)
cool can u tech me how to make double money magic :)

Автор srilatha choppara ( назад)

Автор 4 AWESOME KIDS VLOGS ( назад)
-thanks rich I can do magic pranks-

Автор Gerry Dillon ( назад)
does help that you are good and make it look easy

Автор Airiona Smith ( назад)
you are awesome amazing and I think that you're you're like magic is absolutely out of this world like you're the best person I've ever seen I totally like as a scribe to your video and I definitely would give you a thousand tons up if I could but you're amazing 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Автор Messiyah Fi ( назад)

Автор Bryson Nelms ( назад)
I love tricks

Автор Luke Anderson ( назад)
you remind me of Tony stark from iron man

Автор Jack Jammen ( назад)
I asked my dad when I was about 7 if he would buy me a box of magic tricks. I was going to be a magician. He had ten kids and I only asked once, so hindsight, though he was a great dad, he either probably forgot or couldn't afford it..or didn't want his kid to be poor trying to be a magician. All these tricks are exactly what I would have wanted then and I'm definitely going to be doing them now!
Thanks, Rich!

Автор Eduardo Villasor ( назад)
can i have a copy of that pls and thank you

Автор Ghard andTman ( назад)
#u da best rich

Автор The whitest boy alive ( назад)
how do you make water come out of a phone

Автор Israel ( назад)
secrets. That has really, really loosened up these days. I think a lot of that started with the masked nincompoop, but there is a right way and a wrong way and an attitude that we have to nail when it comes to sharing secrets. Sankey has the attitude, (very generous in sharing secrets) and you do also, and I pat myself on the back, I believe I do, too. The days of the magician as "Mr Mysterioso" in top hat and tails is long gone. Most sane people these days realize it's all tricks, so why not accommodate them by sharing and teaching some basic effects and bringing new blood into the field so we as magicians don't all die out as a species! Magicians like you and like me have such a plethora of effects in our repertoire that we can spare a few without putting a dent in our actual performing repertoire. So why not share and help others and make some new friends, right? Great video!
Read more
Reply 16
View all 4 replies

Автор MetalJaket Games16 ( назад)
That's osom

Автор Wolfy Games101 ( назад)

Автор Deepak aryal ( назад)
worst magic ever seen
first pratice alot.....

Автор Saxony Albers ( назад)
Pee pee lol!!

Автор Arthur Duncklee ( назад)

Автор Willi Kahao ( назад)
you are the best

Автор BLOSSOM ( назад)
that was awesome! i wad looking up ways to prank my boyfriend. I can't wait to try theses thanks so much! !

Автор Cody John ( назад)
made me laugh

Автор YearraeY ( назад)
toothpick PENETRATION...loool

Автор Super viraL ( назад)

Автор Bea Tan ( назад)
To cool!!!

Автор Blixx ( назад)
totally blew that spoon trick. you're slight of hand needs some work..the switch took way too long and when your hands leave the table it's always a bad thing..

Автор Blixx ( назад)
quit saying "right?" all the time..you're a little too excited .

Автор Kadin Widen ( назад)
14:38 Whatcha doin under that table. Haven't even seen the video e.e

Автор Titus Gaming ( назад)
Ok um those are so cool

Автор Den Naci ( назад)
yes mate super. can you you sent me plz ur book

Автор Kenneth Barr ( назад)
Great tricks

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