10 MAGIC PRANKS!! - How to do tricks you can do NOW!

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    Watch the entire video! There's something for everyone!
    The location of each trick is below:

    0:29 1. Toothpick Penetration Illusion! (Awesome!)
    2:28 2. Impossible Burnt Match Trick!
    5:08 3. The Perfect Card BET!
    7:40 4. How to Put your HEAD through a Business Card!
    9:58 5. Balancing Coin on Dollar Edge!
    10:56 6. Camera Magic!
    12:02 7. Rubberband Finger Penetration!
    12:57 8. Coin through Table! (Plus Bonus)
    14:19 9. No Skill Spoon Bending!
    16:40 10. The Perfect Peek - Always Know a Card Trick! (Try it!!)
    Please enjoy and share!

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