10 MAGIC PRANKS!! - How to do tricks you can do NOW!

How to do 10 fun and easy pranks and magic tricks! Subscribe Now for more Pranks, Tricks, Social Experiments and Fun Videos: http://www.youtube.com/ucmagic Get Rich’s EPIC Mind Reading Card Trick App - A.I.Magic: http://bit.ly/phonemagic Get Rich’s INSANE Camera Prank App - TRICK PIX: http://bit.ly/trickpix
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Watch the entire video! There's something for everyone!
The location of each trick is below:

0:29 1. Toothpick Penetration Illusion! (Awesome!)
2:28 2. Impossible Burnt Match Trick!
5:08 3. The Perfect Card BET!
7:40 4. How to Put your HEAD through a Business Card!
9:58 5. Balancing Coin on Dollar Edge!
10:56 6. Camera Magic!
12:02 7. Rubberband Finger Penetration!
12:57 8. Coin through Table! (Plus Bonus)
14:19 9. No Skill Spoon Bending!
16:40 10. The Perfect Peek - Always Know a Card Trick! (Try it!!)
Please enjoy and share!

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Автор Jack Jammen ( назад)
I asked my dad when I was about 7 if he would buy me a box of magic tricks. I was going to be a magician. He had ten kids and I only asked once, so hindsight, though he was a great dad, he either probably forgot or couldn't afford it..or didn't want his kid to be poor trying to be a magician. All these tricks are exactly what I would have wanted then and I'm definitely going to be doing them now!
Thanks, Rich!

Автор Eduardo Villasor ( назад)
can i have a copy of that pls and thank you

Автор Ghard andTman ( назад)
#u da best rich

Автор The whitest boy alive ( назад)
how do you make water come out of a phone

Автор Israel ( назад)
secrets. That has really, really loosened up these days. I think a lot of that started with the masked nincompoop, but there is a right way and a wrong way and an attitude that we have to nail when it comes to sharing secrets. Sankey has the attitude, (very generous in sharing secrets) and you do also, and I pat myself on the back, I believe I do, too. The days of the magician as "Mr Mysterioso" in top hat and tails is long gone. Most sane people these days realize it's all tricks, so why not accommodate them by sharing and teaching some basic effects and bringing new blood into the field so we as magicians don't all die out as a species! Magicians like you and like me have such a plethora of effects in our repertoire that we can spare a few without putting a dent in our actual performing repertoire. So why not share and help others and make some new friends, right? Great video!
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Автор MetalJaket Games16 ( назад)
That's osom

Автор King Of Hearts ( назад)

Автор Enlight Smile ( назад)
worst magic ever seen
first pratice alot.....

Автор Saxony Albers ( назад)
Pee pee lol!!

Автор Arthur Duncklee ( назад)

Автор Willi Kahao ( назад)
you are the best

Автор BLOSSOM ( назад)
that was awesome! i wad looking up ways to prank my boyfriend. I can't wait to try theses thanks so much! !

Автор Cody John ( назад)
made me laugh

Автор YearraeY ( назад)
toothpick PENETRATION...loool

Автор Super viraL ( назад)

Автор Bea Tan ( назад)
To cool!!!

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
totally blew that spoon trick. you're slight of hand needs some work..the switch took way too long and when your hands leave the table it's always a bad thing..

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
quit saying "right?" all the time..you're a little too excited .

Автор Kadin Widen ( назад)
14:38 Whatcha doin under that table. Haven't even seen the video e.e

Автор naruto uzamaki ( назад)
Ok um those are so cool

Автор Den Naci ( назад)
yes mate super. can you you sent me plz ur book

Автор Kenneth Barr ( назад)
Great tricks

Автор Matthew Moolman ( назад)

Автор Tony Joseph ( назад)
dude . u r a fucking awesome

Автор Dany Cool Dude ( назад)

Автор #bawa bhatt ( назад)

Автор ajparamor ( назад)
Love this guy

Автор Corniyah Womack ( назад)
plz pick me

Автор bamtdm the bamtdm ( назад)

Автор Wolfgang Gebauer ( назад)
only cool videos

Автор Michael Chavez ( назад)
OMG so dum

Автор   вʌʀᴅ  , # ( назад)
I like that .. Khaled from Saudi Arabia .. thank you

Автор Diamante Drayton ( назад)
Pick me please 😭

Автор glomar aguilar ( назад)

Автор Super JR ( назад)
Rich Ferguson YOU ARE THE BEST !

Автор Paul carter Nguyen ( назад)
All the tricks you did where so awesome!😃

Автор MLGDraisyn ( назад)
dont tell your tricks

Автор Lado Gwapo ( назад)
I love this video ❤

Автор Holland Hollywood ( назад)
Cool vid dude.

Автор The Gamers ( назад)
Your awesome!

Автор Health Vvids ( назад)
fake video

Автор Adam Zaher ( назад)
I call the police Rich Ferguson you gonna die in the jail

Автор Brutal Dancer ( назад)
I catch that before u gonna tell the spoon bend trick when the come to side of u I see the spoon

Автор Aiden Middleton ( назад)
I love your videos

Автор Nahtanoj Narud ( назад)

Автор jpbill007 ( назад)
the handling is the key.....and you have all of the keys...!!!

Автор jpbill007 ( назад)
the handling is the key.....and you have all of the keys...!!!

Автор DeathSlayer1206 ( назад)
Hey I love your card tricks they are so cool please keep making them

Автор bud ekins ( назад)
Deserves a thumbs up.

Автор Phillip Burrell jr ( назад)
that was awsome how do you do that man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Abbas Nourollahi ( назад)
love the tricks, theres a few that i dont think my friends will fall for easily but i def want to try the salt/coin one and the card trick with the reflection

Автор Yadira Martinez ( назад)
nice tricks

Автор Jossie Perez ( назад)
your stuff takes me to a different world

Автор James Wilson ( назад)
Thank you Rich.My father back in the 1950s learned many magic tricks in order to entertain patents in the children's hospitals.He acquired tricks from the simplest to the expensive ones just to give some kids and their parents some moments of forgetting the hurt.Thank You for the memory trip.Send that book to someone with the hope that someday they might continue to help others. Jim Wilson Jr

Автор Sébastien Tremblay ( назад)
my daughters still search how I do that haha

Автор Dexter Burgess ( назад)
That's insane man

Автор big boy 65 ( назад)
ur so good at magic bro

Автор John Mckenzie ( назад)
iam akid

Автор Ngangom Pritam ( назад)
ur magic was really awesome. ..

Автор Ngangom Pritam ( назад)
ur magic was really awesome. ..

Автор Kanakaraju Karre ( назад)

Автор Negru Voda ( назад)
Almost anybody could do anything , only if they knew how - Great post, thanks.

Автор Gaming with Freddy ( назад)
once I got tricked by my brother with your vids

Автор benny pepito ( назад)
its fan thanks

Автор Osiris261 ( назад)
14:22 that looks so cool ;D

Автор isaiah gilkes ( назад)
funny one

Автор Ovidiu AFK Vlogs ( назад)
i am a beginner in magic trick
and I am 7 years old
i really want that book


Автор Echo Estolano ( назад)
the last card thingy is cool man

Автор Mohammed Sharif ( назад)
bad magick trick

Автор heyyerful ( назад)
Can you tell me how to make my friend die?

Автор RON APPLE ( назад)

Автор Xylar Pavia ( назад)

Автор loan vo ( назад)

Автор Jojo Cater ( назад)
no your wrong

Автор Natoshia Clark ( назад)
tow and me

Автор Natoshia Clark ( назад)
how does the skeleton cross the road cuz it don't have the guts

Автор Natoshia Clark ( назад)

Автор sam kowach ( назад)
and i subbed

Автор sam kowach ( назад)
best channel ever

Автор DragonKing 1104 ( назад)

Автор Zlata Makarkova ( назад)
that was sick i coudnt thinkof it myself

Автор LIUDVIKIUX ( назад)
that is incredible

Автор El Sol Concrete ( назад)
i whant a book to pick up girls

Автор Robert Guernsey ( назад)
That was cool!

Автор Angel Morales ( назад)
great stuff

Автор brunoscuba2011 ( назад)
good job... i will try them all

Автор raghu ram ( назад)
you are the no 1

Автор Q R ( назад)
i like you

Автор Yu Hern Goh ( назад)

Автор alchemy philosopher's stone ( назад)

Автор Alejandro Herrera ( назад)
dude i really love your tricks and i it look so cool and would agree to any kid who want be you one day.

Автор kez richards ( назад)
Did you sit in sugar? Because you got a sweet ass

Автор All About Minecraft BOOM ( назад)

Автор Lance Ignacio ( назад)

Автор Cienna Heid ( назад)
he said subscribe if you are awesome and I thought to myself what if I'm not awesome

Автор Iionson xxx ( назад)

Автор Hailey Teal ( назад)
oh my word

Автор Sofia Gribina ( назад)
5:17 it should say he picked THE 5 of hearts

Автор Volt Master ( назад)
nice video it was very good and informational #keepsonsmagicings

Автор Rainbowtail Sans ( назад)

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