What If You Only Drank Soda?

The effect that pop has on your body!
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Written by Rachel Salt, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
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Further Reading:

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Автор Ghost Bugs ( назад)
I don't understand how ppl drink that stuff. It's to sweet it's gross

Автор Gusti Scarlett ( назад)
Would apple cider vinegar's acidity cause cavities as harsh as soda? Moving to America I've been consuming lots of sugary drinks and plan to quit but I wouldn't want to go cold turkey.... However I do feel that a warm cup of water + acv does suppress my sugary craving

Автор Dennis Jansen ( назад)
Good for me, I think soda is disgusting and I only drink water👍🏼👍🏼but I do need to watch what i eat😣

Автор Jessica Gonzalez ( назад)
Good thing I only drink water👍🏻

Автор Jimmy Thornseed ( назад)
Does DIET SODA also shorten telomeres? The video was not extremely clear, and I didn't see that about diet soda in the research link in the description.

Автор oopsimdead ( назад)
i only drink mountain dew. seriously.

Автор Buski Official ( назад)
I drink everything except water, but I still don't have diabetes

Автор Cancerous Avocado ( назад)
I can never drink soda again.

Автор P. ( назад)
I just drank soda and I'm pretty sure I'm going to die now after seeing this video

Автор Ultra_Coke GT ( назад)
Well ... I'm never drinking soda again

Автор Sapient ( назад)
Wow, I'm glad my parents never bought soda for the house when I was younger. I'm not a health nut, but now I don't drink it because when I did it felt like a nasty grainy layer was on my teeth and I could just feel my body being like "NOOOooo...!"

Автор Bob Cratchit ( назад)
Don't know about America but in Europe we have about 1can per week and it's mostly on special occasions

Автор Markanator ( назад)
nothing beats the delicious taste of a healthy amount of 3 gallons of Dr Pepper a day with no water

Автор Charizard Freak ( назад)
am I the only one who doesn't like soda that much I can only drink a sip of soda and I'm done XD

Автор elektron240 ( назад)
welp im going to die in a week...

Автор N_ Locket ( назад)
Haven't watched the video yet, but: You're gonna loose all your rotten teeth, become fat and bloated as a baloon and probably die from diabetes.
Enjoy your coke!

Автор Chris74931 ( назад)
Um my life has been mostly soda and honestly I'm completely healthy I'm actually underweight and have a hard time putting much of any weight on so this just confused me even though I know that technically this is supposed to be correct I'm like some anomaly in the world I guess

Автор Kim Andrew ( назад)
Water is Life <3

Автор NetherHaileyGaming ( назад)
Then just drink Mexican coke since it's sugar vs high fructose corn syrup

Автор Rigor Vitalis ( назад)
I'm so glad that the only beverages I like / drink (mostly) are water and tea.

Автор STONEhenge 47 ( назад)
I drank nothing but soda for years, only drinking water during summer when i was working outside. Nothing happened to my body besides my front teeth got weak and i had to get them fixed, and started drinking anything besides water from straws. I didn't gain diabetes, gain a lick of fat or have to be hospitalized. The only real change was I could get hydrated off soda, and if I drank water it would go right thru me and I would have to pee shortly after drinking it. But also I developed a anti sweet tooth cause I got all the sugar from soda. People thought I was weird cause I'd rather 2nds over deserts and started hating sweet breakfasts, and finding candy gross, but the amount of soda I drank was ridiculous.

Автор Aniket Mahadik ( назад)
coke is very dangerous DO not drink it it harms your body! It equal to drinking a toilet clearner.
If you want proof you can search it on the internet.

Автор Blue&BlackJosh ( назад)
this is why i drink diet

Автор dyllman98 ( назад)
Well just to let you know that's false because I went on a diet and only consumed 1,200 cals a day I ate a bowl of cereal with skim milk with a fruit in the morning then for lunch I hate 2 slices of 40 cal bread with 4 slices of any lunch meat I wanted also was allowed to eat as much salad anytime as I please then was allowed a granola bar or a little snack around 5 pm then for dinner I ate those healthy choice TV dinners my limit was 320 cal but I was aloud to eat any one of them than around 8 o'clock I was allowed my second snack. And just to let you all know I drank diet soda every day literally every day because it was great to always taste something sweet. I lost over 75 lbs I started at 258lbs and now currently at 172lbs . Anyone who tells you that diet soda makes you fat. It's total bullshit I wouldn't go out of the way to wire this comment if I wasn't bull shiting.

Автор Rico Capra ( назад)
drink water and only water for 30 days consecutively. watch and see how you change. its amazing.

Автор Asian Potatoes ( назад)
A couple years ago i drank 2 cans of soda a day. Fortunately i dont drink soda anymore

Автор KremitDeFrog ( назад)
I drink only mt dew.. every day in HS I drank over 2 liters (based on the fact my morning purchased 2ltr bottle would be empty by lunch, leaving me to buy a couple of more cans before school was over).. that was 20 years ago.. the worst that's happened to me is some cavities (my poor oral hygiene has more to contribute to this than drinking soda) and I passed my first kidney stones at 32.. other than that, I'm not fat or obese and still look like I'm in my mid-late 20s..

So is this video propaganda for what could possibly happen? or do I need to sign up for some sort of study on how I remain hydrated and functional?

Автор Anonymous Geek ( назад)
who else watches this just because of the pictures and actually does not know they were saying

Автор Zurgo Pussysmasher ( назад)
I bet that lady's teeth were shit though.

Автор Hector Ramirez ( назад)
i don't drink soda, or any drinks with added sugars even fruit juice, but i do love my beer.

I have a couple drinks every weekend. My philosophy is, if it's bad for you then it may as well be fun.

Автор Happy Guy25 ( назад)
I like Pepsi better than Coke cuz two reasons. My grandfather, that I sadly never meet, worked at the Pepsi factory in the 1900s. I for some odd reason can't taste the good in original Coke, so even when I get Coke which I barely do, I get the Vanilla or Cherry one depending on how I am feeling. But the main reason why I hate Coke is when I drink, about 20 min. later, I'm so sick. It is like my stomach got hit by a truck!! 🙄🙄🙄

Автор vidur yadav ( назад)
so if we take the average price of a bottle to be 1 dollar...that mean coca cola makes 1.8 billion dollars a day? that comes up to almost 700 million dollars a year...

Автор Hellcat ( назад)
It's pretty obvious you would get diabetes quickly

Автор Crimson Doodlebear ( назад)
*Watches this video while drinking a bottle of water*

Автор Quacklified ( назад)
I can't imagine just drinking coca cola all your life it would get frustating.

Автор Giovony Morrison ( назад)
how much chips can kill you

Автор Ueda Yuuji Fan ( назад)
So just eat bananas every time you drink coke?

Автор Ueda Yuuji Fan ( назад)
So just eat bananas every time you drink coke?

Автор RejectedGalaxy ( назад)
I'm 17, 5'8 and 120 lbs even though all I eat is fast food and only drink soda, energy drinks, and sometimes gatorade. Maybe it has to do with my teenage immune system who knows, but I don't plan on stopping until i get fat or something bad happens loooool. I am slightly on the short side but I doubt that has to do with diet, but more genetics.

Автор ๖ۣ乃ㄖ几丨God༺緑 ( назад)
i was drinking just coca cola for 13 years and then started only drinking water .-.

Автор My Small Swollen Heart ( назад)
And that my friends, is why I only have 1-2 regular sized soft drinks ever other day and if I have a second one it's small, has no caffeine, and is diet.

Автор Prysm Kitsune ( назад)
you get fat.....very very fat [guess what, i drink almost exclusivly soda pop so i can speak to it being...well very detromental to your figure, you can compensate a bit by eating only healtyh foods but its not posible to truely balance the scales...belive me...ive tried]

Автор Nydia Luis ( назад)

Автор Super Kooper Josh ( назад)
Microsoft is better than Apple & Pepsi sucks

Автор Kamizaki 97 ( назад)
8 a day is a lie

Автор Jose Landin ( назад)
I stop drinking sodas for almost three years.

Автор Phillip Salgado ( назад)
The sad thing is I drink soda all the time........

Автор jahzarah Daly ( назад)
main idea: if you dont stop drinking soda its diabetus for your fetus 😏🐯

Автор Enter Zync ( назад)
Soda tastes like acid chemicals and poison

Автор PhantomFright ( назад)
what if we only drank coffee??

Автор Daddy Parappa ( назад)
My moms friend only drink soda and eats dell-taco and she looks like a skeleton

Автор Ionut Macovei ( назад)
i only drank soda for 13 years and i dont have nothing so stop lies

Автор Memes are not the same anymore! ( назад)
you'd die

Автор Foxythewild ( назад)
GUess i have beaten that womans record ive been drinking soda for 18 years
and im fine xD

Автор Renee ( назад)
I drank soda for around 9 years straight when I was younger and never got fat, teeth weren't bad and I don't think I have diabetes. I've stopped now and if I'm honesty I was probably better with it since I had energy. I literally have no energy or motivation now and that's probably because my body was used to getting it all from soda which I don't drink too often anymore

Автор Punk Raydej ( назад)
Americans are weird

Автор Synth In Mind ( назад)
what about green tea ? i find myself drinking it waayy more that than water

Автор Gags ( назад)

Автор Hannah Taylor ( назад)
I only drink cola 😓

Автор Channel 6 LP ( назад)
thats why i don't drink cola

Автор Endri Lauson ( назад)
I only drink water, fat-free milk and coffee. Never touched a soft-drink in the last 7 years and I've no intentions to do so. Basically, my health, physique, appearance, fitness, intelligence and self-steem improved and increased beyond levels I deemed possible. I encourage everyone to try it out (seriously people, the human organism detects fructose as toxin, and thus send it to be methabolised in the liver).

Автор LotadLover 12 ( назад)
It seems like too much of anything will give you diabetes

Автор Mugs ( назад)
That's a lie, been drinkin for years and still slim af

Автор KingBoo ( назад)
I only do that shut up

Автор LOGAN RECK ( назад)
I haven't had a sip of pop since September

Автор Cheesmo ( назад)
I drink 1,5 L coke everyday :)

Автор Mason Shappley ( назад)
Pretty much all I drink is milk and water

Автор Dan Kirchner ( назад)
switching to beer now

Автор Someone TO - Sam :3 ( назад)
I LOVE Candy and Soda, but I don't really like chips, ice cream and fast food

Автор Golden Duck ( назад)
A little heavy on the BULLSHIT.

Reduce sugar to reduce 1 million cases of obesity.
How much sugar?

"Recommended 8 glasses per day" according to who/what?

Автор Tom ( назад)
Is only 1 can of diet coke bad?
I just can't get through the day without 1 cold drink that contains bubbles

Автор Luis Garcia ( назад)
diet soda has aspertame. aspertame is so bad for you. I'm glad i stopped drinking soda and chewing gum

Автор trampo tricks ( назад)
well i'm never drinking soda ever again

Автор jose corona ( назад)
i only drink soda

maybe 1 or 2 glasses of water a week,
i am 17 and weigh 107 pounds

where is my weight gain

Автор madison yard ( назад)
Sorry but that's not exactly accurate my mom drank/drinks pop every day for 20 years(which is not good but..😂) and her teeth yes are terrible but all that science Mumbo jumbo not true!😂😂👌🏻(I don't know what's wrong with me😂)

Автор Guy1278 ( назад)
lol drinking coca cola while watching

Автор Arjun ( назад)
coke sucks

Автор Lucid Abyss ( назад)

Автор LackedPuppet 902 ( назад)
You know how I can tell you're not credible? Eight glasses of water a day was made up by companies to sell products.

Автор MtnTop ( назад)
I don't drink soda. I drink coke.

Автор vinny mac ( назад)
Cramps.... a fuckload of cramps

Автор Slav Pepe ( назад)
I hope you guys know sitting is worse than smoking yet you wont stop that just squat like me

Автор Derick Cuento ( назад)
Who else is drinking soda rn

Автор Nexaini ( назад)
I only drink soda 2ltr a day

Автор vira ramadhani ( назад)
Am I the only one that absolutely hates any kind of soda? Just me?

Автор Shinobi-gun Kinobe ( назад)
Bs, I've drank nothing but dr. pepper for 3 yrs and am healthy. Bodies are different and adjust when they need to.

Автор Ms Paperlapap ( назад)
my Boyfriend drinks nearly only coke and he is perfectly fine 😂 he is a normal weight and has no health problems. And no, he doesn't do sports. Wtf is wrong with him? 😂

Автор Damian van der Heijdern ( назад)
I don't need school anymore with this channel.

Автор Roasty Toasty ( назад)
hell yea i can die by drinking soda

Автор Publiic Domain ( назад)
My dad only drinks heineken and pepsi wixed with wine 24/7 I see him drink water like once a month

Автор Aiden cardinal ( назад)
Coincidentally I got a diabetes ad

Автор AvgJane19 ( назад)

Автор alex hutchins ( назад)
How many people grabbed some water and started drinking it while watching this.

Автор Sonniku ( назад)
i swear i drank soda drinks for like 8 years now, i mean i drink some water between but mostly soda. I have never experienced things that present in vidoes. I do feel full when i eat, i look too young for my age, etc etc.

Автор vivek p ( назад)
I don't know why, I absolutely hate drinking any carbonated drinks. even if I force it down it causes indigestion and throat problem.
so I always stick to water, is been almost four years since I drank any aerated drinks

Автор That Guy ( назад)
what if you only drank pop?

Автор Andrew Black-Briar ( назад)
Yeeeah I have drank coke pretty much all the time in like 13 years, it's been like 2 months since I last had water.

Автор Burak Laçiner ( назад)
It's called soda, get out of here with that pop garbage

Автор Danny_dan92 ( назад)
I'm glad I don't drink soda, and only drink water and milk.

Автор Bob Bobby Bobberson ( назад)
Your soda-ium levels would rise

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