UNDISPUTED - Skip Bayless: Spygate 2? Patriots caught filming Browns v Bengals

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • UNDISPUTED - Skip Bayless: Spygate 2? Patriots caught filming Browns v Bengals

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  • Wilbert Breeden
    Wilbert Breeden 16 days ago

    Patriots's are arrogant and not afraid of NFL's punishment. Forfieture of games would deter cheating, but would compromise every game quarterbacked by Tom Brady.

  • austin 8693
    austin 8693 21 day ago

    Now they filming the titans

  • M Rm
    M Rm Month ago

    y los Ravens para cuando?

  • ewoe21
    ewoe21 Month ago

    Belichick, and the whole Patriots organization are a disgrace.

  • Topher
    Topher Month ago

    Shannon, your an IDIOT, just like most of the idiots commenting below, who act like they know what they're talking about!!! I guarantee if you asked anyone in this Country older than 18 y.o., they might know what Spygate was but they wouldn't know the facts, like most of the Patriot hating idiots!

  • lil Odawg Ozone M.i.alien

    I aint gon lie dey been cheatin since da 1irst Superbowl Nfl destroyed dem tapes bcuz dey were 2 bad 👎

  • Remo Piccioni
    Remo Piccioni Month ago

    If nothing is done to New England after this. Every team in the NFL should go to Foxboro and do the same exact thing.

  • Roger Beck
    Roger Beck Month ago

    Shannon and Skip are spot on. But nothing will get done about it.

  • Sean Hook
    Sean Hook Month ago

    The truth will always reveal itself to be true!

  • Tony N
    Tony N Month ago

    Got caught before. Clearly they never stopped. Tainted legacy. Hands down. I feel for the fans. Your loyalty has been mistreated.

  • Cynthia Barrie
    Cynthia Barrie Month ago

    They have the same opportunity as every other team to watch prior game film. This is low and not necessary. Agree with Shannon. Enough...if you're really good you don't need to cheat.

  • Jose M. ynFuentes
    Jose M. ynFuentes Month ago

    Bullshit no one win that many SuperBowl in a row


    The Patriots get 'fake-busted' by the league in order to make it look like the Patriots are just like any other team and not a scripted dynasty. We all seen this in the movies: The undercover cop gets busted by the police in front of the gang so that they'll think he's not an undercover cop. It's how the suspicion is alleviated. But the Patriots ARE an undercover cop. They are a government hoax and the strongest script we've ever seen in pro-sports.
    *Notice that the Patriots scandals never actually hurt them in any way. They are silly and easy for the public to dismiss. Especially 'deflategate'. What was THAT all about? It was the silliest thing ever and fans were asking: "Who gives a crap about this?"
    The current fake bust about the Bengals being filmed is just to prepare the public to accept another huge Patriot playoff run and make them think it's not scripted.

    Let's look at that Bengals game: The Patriots had lost two in a row because their below-average team could not overcome their last two opponents even with help from the script. So we can assume the script will work very hard for them to help them beat the Bengals and avoid 3 losses in a row. So amazingly, the Patriots win 34-13 with a 42 year-old QB that passes for 50% completions and 128 total passing yards. But that's okay because the other QB conveniently SUCKS to help the Pats avoid losing 3 in-a-row. Dalton throw 4 picks to end the competitive phase before the start of the 4th quarter.
    *Teams had dead-even stats like 19 first downs each, equal number of total plays (63), Bengals won time of possession by over 5 minutes. Bengals rushed for only 11 less yards in the game, and they gave up no sacks while sacking Brady twice. They also finish with 14 more total yards than the Patriots...but get BLOWN OUT??? Clearly the Patriots are an average team no better than the Bengals except they are scripted to win with plenty of help from the Refs and the moles.

  • strongcloud28
    strongcloud28 Month ago

    Unless the league inflicts a season long suspension or Belichick and anyone else involved in Spygate 1, deflategate or spygate 2. The NFL will lose credibility. Its not like they have a lot to start with.

  • strongcloud28
    strongcloud28 Month ago

    The league is a farce. An absolute farce. Sean Payton suspended=1year , GM Mickey Loomis = 8 games, Jonathan Vilma=1 season and Anthony Hargrove suspended=8 games. They threw the book at the NO Saints. But the Patriots are on to the next generation of cheating "spygate" number 2 without the league doing anything about it. Its the worst kept secret, that the Patriots take cheating to the next level. Belichick knows everything, sees everything, dictates everything, yet the league hasn't even given them a substantial penalty. my2c

  • Craig Says
    Craig Says Month ago

    Of Course Shannon Sharpe knows all about crime....

  • Ken Tinman
    Ken Tinman Month ago

    Shanon is 💯.

  • Nick Pensiripun
    Nick Pensiripun Month ago

    Belichick is a sorry excuse of a human. He will be remember by "Spygate", "Deflategate" and "Snowplowgate", just to name a few.

  • Tue Pham
    Tue Pham Month ago

    I don't know why Shannon hates Patriots and very personal with Brady, he's animal

  • Glenn Evans
    Glenn Evans Month ago

    Shannon is right....they are cheating like the Astros...anything to get an advantage....that’s just messed up.....

  • Mike M
    Mike M Month ago

    Shannon is wearing has his arab headdress as a shirt?

  • Jayme Mangano
    Jayme Mangano Month ago +1

    Belcheck still has blood on his hands.

  • Jayme Mangano
    Jayme Mangano Month ago +1

    That'll mainly basic on Fact scandal Belckeck must be fired twice!

  • Jayme Mangano
    Jayme Mangano Month ago +1

    He quotes anybody. Robert Kraft is travesty .

  • Sandy Mitchell
    Sandy Mitchell Month ago

    O.K maybe now my theory will hold some water, as I've been saying that the NFL , Referee's, were on a mission to make sure the RAMS beat the Saints. why??? because the rams owner is spending millions on a new stadium so we the NFL will throw the guy a bone. 2nd who would the patriots have a easier time beating?? the rams or the saints??? well as the score showed the rams were a easy beat. Having Tom win another ring! all the revenue that they bring with them for PRIMETIME!! TV. Do we remember bounty gate? with the saints!! the penalties were enormous!! and that was for lack of better words...KNOCKING THE CRSAP OUTTA SOMEONE DURING A FOOTBALL GAME. (doing your job??) The PATS have gotten away with slaps on the wrist compared to other teams and their penalties. funny how the saints keep getting these crazy referees calls so we can get acclimated to it. Roger Goodell you suck as as a commissioner, and dont even try to hide the fact that favors are done for your rich buddys

  • Brad Vaughn
    Brad Vaughn Month ago

    You Really Want To Hurt the Patriots start taking wins away ! Like ncaa probation! The Patriots might want to sacrifice $1000000 and a draft pick to win the Super Bowl again!

  • kchilz32
    kchilz32 Month ago

    Bunch of but hurt individuals because their teams plain suck and it makes them feel better to say they are cheating. At the end of the day, football is about which team is more physical, who wants it more, and talent.

  • Jüniör Måsadå
    Jüniör Måsadå Month ago

    Let me just say this, we're untouchable by the NFL, we just surpassed Dallas as the most valuable franchise (In terms of fanbase size & profit/income) after we beat the Rams, the NFL won't do anything to jeopardize the team that brings in the most money, and that's now us. Also we don't cheat, emperor Belichick simply finds the loopholes & exploits them, not our fault the rules are so direct & not a broad overview like most sports leagues. We got permission from the NFL to film there, however they didn't explicitly say what we can & cannot film.

  • Brian Whitman
    Brian Whitman Month ago

    I hate the patriots fan base that defend them over this shit

  • Ruben Clark
    Ruben Clark Month ago

    This is why I stopped watching this drama show. NFL is fixed. Just like boxing.

  • Randy Porter
    Randy Porter Month ago

    Let’s see.. “We’re filming an advance scout”, (but no scout in the video). “Well, we were getting the on-field perspective”, (but not filming FROM the field and no on-field footage was shot). “I can delete it now, I didn’t know..”, (why offer to delete, if there was nothing wrong ?)... Oh sure, they may get some trivial fine, since they got caught, but Kraft would gladly pay that amount every game, for footage that gives them an edge. BUT, the NFL will find them innocent basically, just like previous incidents.

  • Randy Porter
    Randy Porter Month ago

    What just amazes me is the lengths that the media and the NFL will go, to cover for the Patriots. Something like this has happened time and time again and yet, more excuses. Oh sure, they will get a token punishment and a trivial fine, but Kraft would pay that sum every game, to get an edge. The videographer will get all the blame, but SOMEONE sent him there and TOLD him what to film ! No other team could do this and get away with it.

  • Mike Dee
    Mike Dee Month ago

    Plot twist: Cincinnati is only losing this year because EVERYONE is recording them

  • Mike Chaaya
    Mike Chaaya Month ago

    My god Sharpe spittin so many facts he coulda filled up a whole fuckin pool. Wow.

  • B Ski
    B Ski Month ago

    Give me a break. Every team does this this. Just so happens patriots always seem to be getting caught. Anything to bring them down, cause they can’t stand to keep seeing them win. This is ridiculous!!

  • Gee Gnome Project
    Gee Gnome Project Month ago +1

    patriots "dynasty" is now invalid; too many times they've been caught now

  • Rev
    Rev Month ago

    2:20 how I looked when I heard the news.

  • Donald Weldon
    Donald Weldon Month ago


  • rwbean100
    rwbean100 Month ago +2

    Strip them of all wins this season

  • DIAZ52
    DIAZ52 Month ago

    Maybe that black moron can stop yelling, once in a while...🙄

  • Danny Reyes
    Danny Reyes Month ago +1

    LOL RAIDERS. Are the 1st victims which started this so called dye-nasty we deserve an apology

  • Your Nostrolee O’ Lee O’ Lees


  • logitech9
    logitech9 Month ago +1

    Agreed Shannon

  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones Month ago

    The other stuff has dye in it and is gonna explode in the car!..
    Lololol!.. You kill me, Shannon..

  • SuperSameu
    SuperSameu Month ago

    nothing new whith patriots they are cheater

  • Ollie G
    Ollie G Month ago

    Can’t understand a word sharpe said !

    ABUYE ENATE Month ago +1

    Not surprising at all! Both NFL and the media has been treated them like a spoiled child. All the time.

  • Cheryl Muriekes
    Cheryl Muriekes Month ago

    Go SMU on them. Repeat violators.

  • Psyrecx
    Psyrecx Month ago

    Cameraman had a thick Boston accent...

  • Craig Conley
    Craig Conley Month ago

    What do you expect.......They are cheating motherfuckers. As long as Bill there, this shit will keep going on!!!

  • Michael Kleiman
    Michael Kleiman Month ago

    Ditto to Shannon Sharpe’s comments.

  • Steven Sprouse
    Steven Sprouse Month ago

    Shannon. Amen and Amen. While the people at fux, except Michael Strahan, are making excuses for the page (apparently there is absolutely nothing that network won't excuse and attempt to obfuscate!) you, my brother, have this nailed. Either force Kraft to sell the franchise or suspend bellicose for a year.

    • Steven Sprouse
      Steven Sprouse Month ago

      Autocorrect strikes again. That's Pats and Bellichek

  • Shawn Morton
    Shawn Morton Month ago

    100% agree with shannon

  • Dwight Love
    Dwight Love Month ago

    Thank you Shannon you said the right thing!!!!!!

  • Mike Silverthorn
    Mike Silverthorn Month ago

    This reminds me of "deflategate." Everyone loses their minds until they realize theres nothing to see here😂

  • Something Something Darkside

    💯 agree with sharpe on this one. If belicheck is linked to this he can never coach in the league again

  • Bo Ayya
    Bo Ayya Month ago


  • Bubblehead
    Bubblehead Month ago

    Left wing of sports. Same oldshit different day...

  • MerkinMuffly
    MerkinMuffly Month ago +2

    Listening to Shannon is like claws on a chalkboard to my ears.

  • Thomas Martin
    Thomas Martin Month ago

    Why is he yelling?