2020 Toyota Supra Review - All Aboard The Hype Train

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • 2020 Toyota GR Supra review. Watch this if you're interested in the BMW M2, BMW M2 Competition, BMW 440i, BMW Z4, Corvette C8
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Comments • 2 612

  • TheStraightPipes
    TheStraightPipes  Month ago +156

    What do you think of the new Supra? If you're wondering why there's comments from a few days before you got the notification for the video, check out www.Patreon.com/TheStraightPipes for early access to videos

    • Floof The Samoyed
      Floof The Samoyed 10 days ago

      It looks cool and is
      But I still prefer the mk 4

    • ian watmough
      ian watmough 25 days ago

      I love it and if I’m honest the bmw engine is a perfect fit

    • Patrick Gaido
      Patrick Gaido 28 days ago

      This car is going to be very expensive to fix since it has a BMW engine to fix. If it was all Toyota I would buy one. But I think I will pass to save money.

    • Al Juraj Tung
      Al Juraj Tung 29 days ago

      Guys, this has the same engine as the M240i; the M2 Comp has been given a detuned M3 motor.

    • gillan64
      gillan64 Month ago

      Isn't the shifter "down for down and up for up" just like on my 1-series BMW, unlike on my FRS RS 2.0, where it's unfortunately the other way around?

  • mistreku
    mistreku 2 days ago

    i think it all comes down to price, i would disregard the bmw vs toyota thing and just go for the best banf for buck.

  • viva la pachanga!!
    viva la pachanga!! 4 days ago

    whoever gets this cars let us know how is holding up at 100k

  • viva la pachanga!!
    viva la pachanga!! 4 days ago

    the supra from the 90s is still the boss not this stocky ass called supra.

  • viva la pachanga!!
    viva la pachanga!! 4 days ago

    and by sick he means is a piece of shit bm crap!!

  • Daniel Theriault
    Daniel Theriault 5 days ago

    My m240i is good enough for me.. for 17 000$ less ..

  • Leveraged
    Leveraged 8 days ago +1

    First aftermarket mod: steering wheel, Toyota engine and parts.

    • Yuda X
      Yuda X 4 days ago

      Leveraged first you need to buy one

  • Angela Ferrannini Nielsen

    Torn between this or a base Cayman or C8. Decisions, decisions...

  • SphericPenny73
    SphericPenny73 8 days ago

    shorter wheelbase than the Toyota 86 and supra brz?, u made an error my guy it's Subaru.....1:36

  • Christopher Jefferson

    Removing the door “vents” can and should be removed as the passage would aid in aero or ie downforce. It the splitter also has canards on either side to divert air around front wheels and around the car to clean the air up and push “dirty” air behind the car.

  • Christopher Jefferson

    Yeah it’s def a 400hp engine. My 2013 F30 328i with the N20 turbo has “250hp” but it’s 0-60 says b.s. more like 290.

  • Leo Lopez
    Leo Lopez 9 days ago

    Kids in the comment section think the 2JZ came with 1000 HP from the factory

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade 9 days ago

    Its basically the Goldilocks of sports cars. Not too fast, decent power, not too expensive, and a responsive automatic transmission.

  • THorne H
    THorne H 10 days ago

    I’d take a Porsche GT4 over this because manual but this will be compelling Once it gets a shifter.

  • Emmett Hill
    Emmett Hill 11 days ago

    It's basically a detuned Z4/M2 if you look at the numbers as well as the big elephant in the room... No MT... Sacrilege! Better off buying an MKIV

  • Yuxin Chen
    Yuxin Chen 13 days ago

    It's really fun and useful the "visor test" you did every time! I have a BRZ which failed the visor test, so I wonder if there is any aftermarket visor could slide? I search around the internet but only get the very cheap looking visor extender, which I think are very bad looking and hard to use.

  • Mons Almahmudi
    Mons Almahmudi 14 days ago

    i am excited for the supra

  • miranda rights All rights reserved

    What a joke! It’s not a Toyota if it has a BMW motor.

  • Bill Kabitz
    Bill Kabitz 15 days ago

    I like it. I'm glad you guys pointed out the buffeting when the windows are down. I wonder if the BMW has the same problem? I'm considering getting one; but I'm also looking at the Subaru WRX STi.

  • Kyle Goldston
    Kyle Goldston 16 days ago

    The buffeting is from the huge space behind you, Some Corvettes do it too.

  • Unknown
    Unknown 16 days ago

    Lexus LFA is a sport car

    ERIC VAN DER PERRE 17 days ago +1

    No new 3JZ-engine, no Supra. The interior is a complete tragedie. BMW-fans will buy this car, not earlier (A80) Supra-fans.
    Shame on you, Toyota, shame on you. Luke me that I've chosen for the LC500h. That's a real thing.

  • Bruce Parkins
    Bruce Parkins 17 days ago

    lots of wheelspin> none at all!

  • eddie gray
    eddie gray 17 days ago

    Glad they made it..No bad mouth here

  • Crookaveli G
    Crookaveli G 18 days ago

    The newest Toyota Camry a v6 one has 300 horsepower and this new so called “Supra” only has 35 more then it 🤔🤔🤔 I just don’t see it Toyota lol it’s a BMW and I get it you can modify and do as you please with it but still I mean I can’t complain too much it does look nice

  • nitroxide91
    nitroxide91 18 days ago

    Tbh the C8 makes this car irrelevant for me.

  • Sam Khan
    Sam Khan 18 days ago

    At 1:38 there is an easter egg....

  • Charles Bronson
    Charles Bronson 18 days ago

    Trash car

  • Futbol & Partidos Plus

    Beautiful car

  • Kyotonoji records
    Kyotonoji records 20 days ago

    Wish everyone would shut up already, this actually out performs the BMW so yes toyota use their engines but tuned it better than BMW, this is a good car let it go. Toyota was not going to spend that kind of money on one low volume vehicle it doesn't make any sense.

  • Danny Phantom
    Danny Phantom 20 days ago

    Beautiful car regardless of what anyone says about it.

  • david hauschild
    david hauschild 20 days ago

    They will rust away like all there car do. Rusty pieces of shit road rust danger.

  • Jamie McNeil
    Jamie McNeil 20 days ago +2

    Who is going to buy this car for basically the same money as a new C8? This is a dead car rolling .. lol

  • Bill Gregory
    Bill Gregory 20 days ago

    Wonder if a set of golf clubs would fit in the rear?

  • SgtLambo
    SgtLambo 20 days ago

    Wait what, you in canada still use pound/feet? Thought you were civilized like the rest of us in the world..... Like Newton meters and metrics and shit....

  • C B
    C B 20 days ago

    A lot of people hated the new supra but everyone on the bandwagon Now lol

  • Daniel Castro Olivas
    Daniel Castro Olivas 20 days ago

    The reason this car is not a M2 undercover is because toyota returned every piece of the engine until they got a proper jdm-engine-like from BMW. The model is from germany, but the way is built is japanese.
    Plus there is few fake vents, actually the vents on the side of the doors, you can remove the plastic piece and make them functional.

    • mrjjthor Thor
      mrjjthor Thor 15 days ago

      Misinformed my friend. In an interview Tadasan said it was only "suggested" to BMW for parts to be changed. There was another vid by Jackie Ding and he actually showed how it was too much work to make some of the vents functional to the point where it wasn't worth it.

  • PlanetPowerHD
    PlanetPowerHD 20 days ago

    Real men drive Ford automobiles

  • Tim Jia
    Tim Jia 21 day ago

    fk you BMW, it is SUPRA

  • Behindthen0thing
    Behindthen0thing 21 day ago

    The m2c has a dct and a different engine

  • EVS Motors
    EVS Motors 21 day ago

    great input. we just finished up installing a downpipe on the new supra in our vlogs and that mod alone is enough to turn haters of the car into fans. it's nuts!

  • Ponyboy
    Ponyboy 21 day ago

    1:22 his hands on the wheel shake

  • Josh Chavers
    Josh Chavers 22 days ago

    Yuck just yuck it sucks. Bmw motor are you fucking kidding me no thank you.

  • Justin Nguyen
    Justin Nguyen 23 days ago

    12:33 why was this so funny to me?

  • Rocky Guevara
    Rocky Guevara 24 days ago

    Love the SKX.

  • noah mccormick
    noah mccormick 24 days ago

    Who does the best aftermarket upgrades for the supra

  • Seongyun Kim
    Seongyun Kim 24 days ago

    4.3? 0-100? KIA Stinger DO 3.9 I think lol

  • suppaman19
    suppaman19 24 days ago

    Waiting to see in 2-3 years how quickly these things fall apart. Modern BMW craftsmanship at it's finest..

  • PSN Gamer
    PSN Gamer 25 days ago +1

    People toyota is clever they just made this supra like the older once so underrated but once you start to tune it it will blow your mind this is gonna be legacy!

    • mrjjthor Thor
      mrjjthor Thor 15 days ago

      The B58 has been out for years before the release of the Supra. It was already making 800hp with aftermarket support but barely received recognition.

  • Michael Fish
    Michael Fish 25 days ago +2

    It's a cool car but they shouldn't call it a Supra

  • MrMiamiswaggz305
    MrMiamiswaggz305 26 days ago +1

    BMW quality these things will be breaking down

  • Shane's OnAir
    Shane's OnAir 26 days ago

    Supra 335hp?
    Kia stinger awd 365hp.
    Lincoln mkz awd 400hp. Yeah both are awd option and both will wipe a Supra in the rain /snow /wet days easy. Both are more useful then this BMW/Supra.
    Alos......This Supra won't last long after the c8 Corvette hits. Lol.

  • Pillow Man
    Pillow Man 26 days ago +1

    Mercedes engine in Nissan: No one cares
    Z4 engine in Supra: Everybody loses their shit

  • Daevster 666
    Daevster 666 27 days ago

    Nah I'd rather go with a 2020 Corvette

  • linh tran
    linh tran 27 days ago +1

    I just saw one on freeway today , it looks fucking really good in person , better than some super car I’ve seen before

  • Tommy Geary
    Tommy Geary 27 days ago +1

    The M2 comp has the twin turbo M3 engine, which is a step above the engine in this one. Honestly for the price I think the M2 is a much better buy: more power, more spacious. Only difference is the Supra does look really good.

    • Tommy Geary
      Tommy Geary 25 days ago

      @Jim Ettamarna The manual option really does it for me. I currently drive a Camaro SS 1LE so losing the stick would lose a bit of the fun. Though an Auto would be easier for daily driving.

    • Jim Ettamarna
      Jim Ettamarna 25 days ago +1

      Tommy Geary absolutely agree. And you get a semi usable back seat, plus sun roof and manual options...

  • Lunch Please
    Lunch Please 27 days ago

    Nissan needs to bring back the 300ZX twin turbo

  • Porsche 911 GT3 RS
    Porsche 911 GT3 RS 27 days ago

    There's a 4 cylinder engine version available too in Japan... Just found out...😮🤪

  • weirdshibainu
    weirdshibainu 27 days ago

    Toyota:" We can make performance cars."
    BMW: " Come dance with me, then hold my beer."

  • mr. wonderful
    mr. wonderful 27 days ago

    The only thing i’m upset about is the Supra not having an option for the iconic big fucking wing lol other than that I’d make a purchase if I had the $$$ for it. 🤙🏽