Welding in Space

In space, metals can weld together without heat or melting.
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Written by Joh Howes and Derek Muller

Yes, it's pronounced Gemini (ee not eye) because that's the way everyone pronounced this mission.

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Gemini IV transcripts: http://www.jsc.nasa.gov/history/mission_trans/gemini4.htm

Gemini IV recordings:
https://archive.org/details/Gemini4 (relevant clip is 1297 at about 2:00)

ESA cold welding recommendations:

Cold welding gold nanowire:

Music by Kevin MacLeod "Intrepid" http://www.incompetech.com

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Cold Welding



Автор blackcatooow ( назад)
Get a camera with optical image stabilization. Your camera makes me dizzy

Автор alfalfa fonzo ( назад)
4:20 who else hears a cockroach making its way to you from under the floor?

Автор Based God ( назад)
if the space story had nothing to do with cold welding why even mention it?

Автор Golden Grenadier ( назад)
I bet soldering is easy in space.

Автор Dan Crouch ( назад)
do you need any shielding gas in space with there being no air.

Автор T.P.K. ( назад)
yeah they slather grease on everything to mitigate any chance of stickage. The bigger the glob the better the job.

Автор Matthew Topp ( назад)
I wonder how well a custom truck bumper wold hold up if you cold welded

Автор WOFGH ( назад)

Автор Eagles_Eye ( назад)
.. i tought it was about welding in space... dissapointmentttssss

Автор Tadesan ( назад)
Why are you (and most other channels) asking for financial support? If making these videos is such a burden then stop making them.

Автор Nicolas Gleason-Boure ( назад)

Автор Cameron Wofford ( назад)
1 payday + 1 payday = SUPER PAYDAY

Автор 777Dubliner ( назад)
stainless steel loves to cold weld, I was assembling a part when I was new to the machine shop Im at and wasnt told about applying anti freeze, the bolt went in but I had to take them out because I forgot a part to put on and one locked right up, that was my first and this far only experience with it, lesson learned

Автор Kristanto Nugroho ( назад)
SO, our processor that enabled us to watch this video are manufactured in cold, vacuum chamber?

Автор Noah Williams ( назад)
Are cold welds weaker than heated welds?

Автор Kainafar ( назад)
If something is sufficiently flat, it will "cold weld" in the earths atmosphere. High quality gauge blocks will do this.

Автор abc def ( назад)
cold welding shouldnt take place, all the youtube videos i saw, they were pressure weldings or friction weldings or electrical potential weldings, including this video. they seem to insert the external energy into the system of metals, this is a cheating.

because when an electron tries to leave the metal, an image charge appears in the metal, and the metal sucks back the electron into the metal. in other words, a work must be done on the system to eject the electron. please check E&M 101.

Feymann was wrong, or he probably meant the nano meter sized metal where QM dominates. the nano size is not in the region of the classical realms of physics.

Автор superslash946 ( назад)
Man, you truly are an inspiration. Your videos are by far the coolest educative vids out there! Just wanted to tell you I just finished a university paper on cold welding inspired/based on this video! Thanks for the help! xD

Автор me larrieu ( назад)
Footage is stop motion smh

Автор Brian Kelly ( назад)
Chocolate covered Payday bar. Finally science has made practical advances!!!

Автор bdub z ( назад)
he's never gonna forget gloves again if he touches that filler with the torch lol, especially on ac

Автор vicky meyer ( назад)
Publication chicken therapy feed flow transform function exhibition ankle.

Автор tjrsasea ( назад)
Hey guys! Support my photobook about Space titled Ethereal that will literally bring you out of this world on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1726456725/ethereal-literally-out-of-this-world The campaign is ending very soon! Thank you! :)

Автор Peter - John Jones ( назад)
ive clicked on this vid because the caption actually made me laugh due to my (low) understanding of welding aha

Автор Nicholas Rapacciuolo ( назад)
Is it just me or do I want that nut bar

Автор Matthew Linn ( назад)
You talk like cold welding cannot happen on earth in normal atmosphere. It happens a lot that is why we have to use antiseize some of the times.( I know that is not the main purpose of antiseize.)

Автор Huemid ( назад)
The footage of Gemini looks like stop motion, was it a recreation of what happened or is the video sped up?

Автор MyParkour121 ( назад)
"You have to heat them past their melting point" - ever heard of forge welding ? the temperatures are close to melting but still more than 100°C (Sorry I don't know the Fahrenheit scale) lower than melting.
please correct me if I'm wrong, it may be that with the plastic deformation of the steel the temperature at the welding surface rises above the melting point, but that I doubt. So as far as I know you can indeed weld steel without melting it.

Автор cryo phile ( назад)

Автор Protein Strands ( назад)
this is incredible

Автор daft nord ( назад)
i just slightly cold welded two hard drive platters together. highly polished things can do it in earth atomsphere

Автор Teodor Foca ( назад)

Автор Ivan Quaglia ( назад)

Автор Gradha Putra ( назад)
0:06 Science is about to hap.. hang on, different channel

Автор King of Cannabis ( назад)
I wonder if Juno's jammed up fuel valve may have cold welded.

Автор 10DBott ( назад)
cold welding seems to be the same as forge welding just without the heat and flux to keep the oxygen off

Автор Devesh Dadhich ( назад)
"Manufacture Nanotechnology" Really? Did you mean manufacturing nanomaterials?

Автор Anubhav Yadav ( назад)
best example of candy bar dude

Автор Rylan Delap ( назад)
why wouldn't the same materials that aren't metal still cold weld when rubbed together in space?

Автор Scott Hannan ( назад)
This really gave our astronauts a chance to test their metal/mettle.

Автор Justin Murtagh ( назад)
Wow, Americans pronounce "Gemini" like that? Sounds so weird to me :).

Автор The Sqoou ( назад)
Is cold welding synonymous with cold fusion ¿

Автор Mike Sanchez ( назад)
payday is my favorite candy bar

Автор Slizarus ( назад)
I wonder if Kerbals know to coat their metals.

Автор Memawandpatrick ( назад)
Tfal then?

Автор Kenneth Fung ( назад)
do the crystal structure of metal needed to be the same?

Автор ThePilotPenguin ( назад)
Remember to put on your welding mask at 0:09

Автор Ian Robinson ( назад)
man i love your channel. Thanks for this.

Автор Vivien BERGOUGNOUX ( назад)
Sooooo NASA fanboy! You have been asked to reinforce the fakery of scientism agenda! Here is how selling out will cost you a LOT in a very near future. A future where people like you are going to be disregarded and discredited so harshly I will even feel bad. If it is intentional like Vsauce, we will know, if it is because of your lack of education and ability to understand the realm we live in then you still have a small window and come around explaining why this video along with other ones are pure propaganda and does not have any tangible content.
Time will tell

Автор kairon156 ( назад)
I never heard of cold welding before. I know on earth Tungsten usually doesn't like sticking to other metals so I wonder if that would be a good one to use on space craft.

How big can we use cold welding? can 2 metal ingots be cold welded together? can we weld space crafts or stations using cold welding?

Автор Matt Macken ( назад)
I understand why objects of different materials or alloys won't 'cold weld', but why won't materials other than metal fuse together is space? If you have two identical pieces of plastic, what about plastic, keeps them from sticking together? Plastic is just one example, you can insert other items in it's place, but the question remains.

Автор Eleazar Barrios ( назад)
Gave us those cold welding tips like were going to be using them

Автор Chirp Dee ( назад)
I thought the title said space weed, whoops

Автор Quetzachapin ( назад)
Stupidest explanation EVER. CANDY BARS?

Автор nom chompsky ( назад)
This is cool and all, but I clicked this vid to see the canadarm do some stick welding

Автор Project³ ( назад)
Those candy bars look delicious.

Автор Elranoaz ( назад)
I hate those peanuts it's freaking hard and often hurt me when i'm smashing it in my mouth .

Автор Zebobez ( назад)
Hey, that's a Payday bar. I love those.

Автор wonszlol ( назад)
Could cold-welding ever be utilized on a scale larger than the nano?

Автор K. M. ( назад)
Doe s anyone know what this guy does for work, in real life, outside of youtube?

Автор ron bergeron ( назад)
i know that your house, and you have poor taste in kitchen decore

Автор TheRealestEver ( назад)
real life kerbals

Автор Ray Davis ( назад)
The problem is with similar metals that slide past one another (solar panels, antenna, etc.), thereby scraping the oxide layer away.

Автор Bike Talk ( назад)
What really happened is the cold in space shrank the metals and caused them to bind, nothing to do with cold welding, cold welding is welding without full penetration, e.g get two tight fitting steel tubes and put the outer one in fridge then slide into the smaller one, it won't work

Автор gsantee ( назад)
mmm Payday....oh no...oh no! he dipped it in chocolate! its not right!!!
but tastes so good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор James Estrada ( назад)
I so want a payday.

Автор Jordan Beagle ( назад)
Homemade Oh Henry's, nice :D

Автор ot4kon ( назад)
houston capcom. haduken!

Автор Random Experiments International ( назад)
Very interestig story and facts! Nice video! :)

Автор Evan Zhuo ( назад)
I have a candy bar, i have a candy bar... uuuggghhh long candy bar!

Автор Barbarian UNO ( назад)

Автор sitrilko ( назад)
Do clean metals in vacuum have a surface tension, like liquids?

Автор Joe Love ( назад)
Are the reactions on the molecular level of cold welding metals in space actually the same as welding metal on Earth? Or is it more of a magnetic effect? Or is it a completely different reaction and we just call it cold welding when it really has nothing in common with welding other than the metals stick together?

Автор Raw Gameplay ( назад)
I got a curiosity stream ad with veritasium in it

Автор Deepak Sridhar ( назад)
During Gemini space venture, the whole crew was in a Studio! Look at the footage, looks like a setup!

Автор JJLatBIM ( назад)
So could you cold weld without a vacuum? Could you just ultra-clean the metal surfaces in a gas that won't react with the metal and press them together?

Автор Sven Jonkers ( назад)
but why doesn't gold have this gold welding on earth. Or does gold have a little oxide layer?

Автор C Martinez ( назад)
Damnit I clicked on this video thinking it was "Wedding in Space"

Автор mad kobra ( назад)
so do you need absence of atmosphere or gravity or both for cold welding?

Автор Matthew Falcher ( назад)
Now I'm hungry

Автор Dupy, Dziary, Muscle Cary. ( назад)
Really awesome information, that I somehow never heard of before. Tough the video was really boring..

Автор Sam Biscits ( назад)
Science is so cool!

Автор unlokia ( назад)
@ 05:07

_"3: Use gerbil coatings"_ (listen to pronunciation)


Автор Rasydan ( назад)
Really interesting representation with that bar xD

Автор Tyler Pfaff ( назад)
NASA=lies. the earth is flat

Автор Tyler Pfaff ( назад)
you mean water welding in a dark pool right?

Автор Elliott Shaffer ( назад)
is it possible to use outer space to host a true quantum computer.

Автор sjbubbly ( назад)
Derek, it's galling. That's why there is anti-seize on fasteners. Second, using dissimilar metals can be a s***y idea due to galvanic corrosion (check galvanic series). That's why there are dielectric plastics. I think plastic coated metal on moving surfaces is the way to go if it can be done.

Автор Luis Brudna ( назад)
Agora o vídeo está com legendas em português. Ative as legendas usando o botão CC do Youtube. ;-)

Автор Ethan Snider ( назад)
Do space welders have to worry about delta p, like dive welders?

Автор viperz888 ( назад)
He said he's busy and he'd rather not talk to us 😂

Автор Argoon1981 ( назад)
never knew this was a problem or even a blessing learned something new today.

Автор Vln Murthy ( назад)
I always wonder what the first second of the video is? That flash of light...🤔

Автор Matthew McMahon ( назад)
That Tig welder in the beginning was not wearing gloves!!! Safety!

Автор Evan Huff ( назад)
when he started cock fighting those two peanut butter bars I died 😂

Автор Jason A Stevens ( назад)
earth is flat, video invalid.

Автор Doom Muffinz ( назад)

Автор Dror Bazer ( назад)
Dyslexia is strong with this comment section

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