How to make air conditioner at home using Plastic Bottle - Easy life hacks

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  • The Master of how
    The Master of how 17 часов назад

    what if ice melts
    floor will be wet. fan will brake because not waterproof

  • Desi Nushkha Desi
    Desi Nushkha Desi День назад

    Fan chalkar dikhao thandi hawa mujhe lagi to like subscribe karynga

  • Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan
    Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan День назад

    1% of the AC.

  • picture esa insan jo app ne kabhi nhi dekha

    very nice

  • Arjun Gudadari
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  • S Venkataramana
    S Venkataramana День назад


  • Shilpi Alamin
    Shilpi Alamin День назад

    nice post

    KRISHNA KUMAR 2 дня назад

    Mich video

  • dank jr
    dank jr 3 дня назад

    I like it but there is plenty more surface area to covee

  • 360 Degree News
    360 Degree News 3 дня назад

    Nice video

  • Amethyst Clifford
    Amethyst Clifford 3 дня назад

    Note: if you don't have the thing that u use to make a hole, you could use blade or the x-acto knife. Then you make a square hole.

  • Keith Brown
    Keith Brown 4 дня назад

    So in other words have about 15 ice trays in the freezer for the ice will melt every 15 minutes. Hell just purchase a window a/c and have it on every for two hours at a time and tuen it off for 1hour and 30 mins then repeat the process untill 10pm at then turn the a/c off ok

  • Ankit Bagore
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  • Saiyen Yorn
    Saiyen Yorn 4 дня назад

    i feeling nosy

  • wally seck
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  • James Higgins
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  • Bhushan Mandhana
    Bhushan Mandhana 5 дней назад

    बहुत बढिया भाई...💐

  • akash patil
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  • Shrikant Pawar
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  • vijay jumde
    vijay jumde 6 дней назад

    marna hai kya chutya karant nh lagega kay

  • Tosh One Star Man
    Tosh One Star Man 6 дней назад

    Blow back

  • Ponnekanti pavan
    Ponnekanti pavan 6 дней назад

    Bro does it work.air is not mixing with ice or water to exchange heat.then how the cool blows ..

  • Jorge Frias
    Jorge Frias 7 дней назад

    Sad it works for a few minutes ice won't last.

  • Eakub Hossain
    Eakub Hossain 8 дней назад

    Eamub like

  • dinesh rakesh
    dinesh rakesh 9 дней назад


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  • Iotebwa Ioakim
    Iotebwa Ioakim 11 дней назад

    it's work?

  • Narendar Rajpurohit
    Narendar Rajpurohit 11 дней назад

    Wao supr yar

  • Rajesh Kumar
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  • rubel Ahmed
    rubel Ahmed 12 дней назад

    কেমন আছেন

    ZARADDEEN YUSUF 12 дней назад


  • Kenneth N. Amend
    Kenneth N. Amend 12 дней назад

    EXCELLENT!! Thank You for sharing. GOD BLESS..even my PUPPIES will ENJOY!!

  • joe Vulcan
    joe Vulcan 13 дней назад

    Sad and sickening

  • Magical Tech and Fun
    Magical Tech and Fun 13 дней назад

    fail formula

  • Perroec Perreco
    Perroec Perreco 14 дней назад


  • Red Bear
    Red Bear 14 дней назад

    why not just put the ice in your face?

  • rahul gohel
    rahul gohel 15 дней назад +1


  • amar banna01
    amar banna01 15 дней назад

    Good make instrument home made

  • Anil Dharmani
    Anil Dharmani 16 дней назад

    WTF cheap ideas just try to work hard and afford a air conditioner or at least a air cool that is not expensive You dumb ass

  • Anurag Tiwari
    Anurag Tiwari 16 дней назад

    Bhag madarchod

  • Akwa Suzanne
    Akwa Suzanne 16 дней назад

    i will try it

  • ravi kumar
    ravi kumar 16 дней назад

    super se bhi upar ka trick hai

  • Tyr2600
    Tyr2600 19 дней назад

    whoever designed this toy needs to fired... whoever made this video need to made president of the fucking company. been trying to figure this out since christmas ffs

  • afroz Bhai
    afroz Bhai 19 дней назад


  • Nusrat Jahan Qureshi
    Nusrat Jahan Qureshi 20 дней назад

    i just wanna add some sugar nd lemon to also have a nice lemon drink.

  • Vishal Sharma
    Vishal Sharma 22 дня назад

    jandhu 46 ke temp pe ice kitni der chalegi

  • Sorab Hamad
    Sorab Hamad 23 дня назад


  • James,T Quirk
    James,T Quirk 26 дней назад

    Are you IDIOTS really going to spray Water all over your electronic equipment, Good on Ya, I am Retired PC repair Guy, Glad to see you Morons are keeping my kind in business ....
    PS, you need to look up a Coolgardie safe, but not near Electrical Equipment ....

  • Shikhan Sarkar
    Shikhan Sarkar 26 дней назад


  • Rahul chougule
    Rahul chougule 27 дней назад

    aade pani ghiregh to kay hogha

  • A A
    A A 27 дней назад

    Looks like indian techincians following chines technics

  • Bandhna Munda
    Bandhna Munda 27 дней назад

    Bandhna munda

  • Ankit Agrawal
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  • AGraceT
    AGraceT 28 дней назад

    Dang, you need to learn how to use the speed function when recording these types of videos. 😂 watching you cut that bottle was torture

  • James Ben
    James Ben 28 дней назад

    Put the bottles on the front of the fan works better

  • Eduardo Castaneda
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  • Brian
    Brian Месяц назад

    Just makes the heat problem worse by making air more humid

  • AYX AYo
    AYX AYo Месяц назад

    It’s a fan what to expect 😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😒😒😒😒😒

  • zaki abbas
    zaki abbas Месяц назад

    Great idea

  • Cesar H.
    Cesar H. Месяц назад

    You are an imbecile

  • Mohammed Sani
    Mohammed Sani Месяц назад

    Hahaha nice i will try it

  • Quintana Reynald
    Quintana Reynald Месяц назад

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  • Abdulla Al Asif
    Abdulla Al Asif Месяц назад

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  • Abu Sufia
    Abu Sufia Месяц назад

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  • Lisan Cute
    Lisan Cute Месяц назад

    nice video....

  • Dots DIY
    Dots DIY Месяц назад +1

    Check me.. Lighting idea

    BIGBANG CYRIL DEIL Channel Месяц назад

    Third song help

  • B.Lokesh kumar
    B.Lokesh kumar Месяц назад

    very good

  • djnunos miambo
    djnunos miambo Месяц назад

    Wou..... Nice

  • Julius Macumao
    Julius Macumao Месяц назад

    Mga Tanga naghanap Lang kayo ng desgrasya

  • Jorge Ferrer
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  • Daniel Chukwudi
    Daniel Chukwudi Месяц назад

    One minute air conditioner

  • Neha study
    Neha study Месяц назад

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  • jayaprakash hiremath
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  • 陈建飞
    陈建飞 Месяц назад

  • masoud naeini
    masoud naeini Месяц назад

    I suppose that it is not much effective way for cooling situation

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller Месяц назад

    It's like an old school swamp cooler. Cleaver.

  • Sugarpaw101 Kitty
    Sugarpaw101 Kitty Месяц назад


  • Juegos Y Mas Yt
    Juegos Y Mas Yt Месяц назад

    ByronGuarnizo barcelona

  • Vishal Singh Rajput Sonu Rajput
    Vishal Singh Rajput Sonu Rajput Месяц назад

    Video make good a cooler Lele season aane Wala hai garmi ka 😂😂

  • alldayubum
    alldayubum Месяц назад

    Ehh idk melting ice cubes next to an electric fan not sure if this is code

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  • Solaiman Shak
    Solaiman Shak Месяц назад +2

    Very well.ভাই বোতল গুলো ছিদ্র করার যন্ত্রণার নাম কী? PLEASE ANSWER ME!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • News for you
      News for you 14 дней назад

      Solaiman Shak তাতাল

  • Milan Haldar
    Milan Haldar Месяц назад

    buhut boriya

  • NC Thang
    NC Thang Месяц назад

    Cost for ice is more than cost for AC

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  • Noor Ul Amin
    Noor Ul Amin Месяц назад

    wOw amazing !

  • kickz kickx
    kickz kickx Месяц назад

    Youll need a big damn dryd iced bruh

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    Online School BD Месяц назад

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    hussein karimi Месяц назад

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    Ratnakar Marandi Месяц назад

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    zuly jamili diaz huancas Месяц назад

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