How to make air conditioner at home using Plastic Bottle - Easy life hacks

Learn:How to make air conditioner at home using Plastic Bottle
This is a really awesome project totally made at home.


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Автор SHAUKAT JAMAL ALI ( назад)
good idea

Автор Safi Ashraf ( назад)

Автор i CAN ( назад)

Автор Sarvesh Chendurkar ( назад)
Your idea is awesome ,I appreciate it,but the thing is going happened is that the left over water will be main reason to cause mosquitoes in left over water,so it can cause malaria,dengue or chickengunya.

Автор mobin sayyad ( назад)
what is song name

Автор Wajahat Syed ( назад)
Ye aek phasool idea ha thousand lanats on him who created this.

Автор r.rajeshkumar Kumar ( назад)
super amazing

Автор Spotify Uploader ( назад)
bd peeps hahah i am also bd person bangladeshi kemon acho haha

Автор S Venkat ( назад)
complete waste..don't try this..i tried but there is no use of it

Автор Youtube Channel ( назад)

Автор Being Girl ( назад)
Rhoda fast dikhte...your very slow...bor kar diya

Автор Ahnaf Abid ( назад)
Wtf was that? Stupid

Автор crazy S ( назад)

Автор Pen Canlas ( назад)
your crazy men ,hahaha nice

Автор Angela Su ( назад)

Автор dhanesver sen ( назад)

Автор Sanny Bajramović ( назад)
It's pointless, air conditioners like this don't actually cool down the room they just strum the air at its own temperature creating wind. Also you're wasting far more electricity for that little water than you would waste water if you just came to the sink a poured water directly from it.

Автор Shut da hell up ( назад)
instructions not clear, my room became a north pole

Автор Philips Baba ( назад)
भाई कोई हिंदी में बताओ ये तरीका सही है या गलत

not working

Автор Khan Tabassum ( назад)
full of informatics and useful.

Автор Srinivasan Ramalingam ( назад)
it is very nice and good 👌👌👌😃😃

Автор Ali Ahmed ( назад)
do u have any facebook pages..??

Автор Aryan Rabby ( назад)
hey you bd ?

Автор Sreejita Sengupta ( назад)

Автор Narender Kumar ( назад)
5 mint ke badh fir

Автор Lost Eagle ( назад)
not convincing

Автор Dinesh Meena ( назад)

Автор parrot Bangladesh ( назад)
Good job.....

Автор Yash Sahu ( назад)
cool nice

Автор Shahadat Hosain ( назад)

Автор AR V-Blog ( назад)
your video are very good.
plz watch my channel and plz subscribe.

Автор Sangeetha praseed ( назад)

Автор Arsyad MUHD ( назад)
Wait, He Forget put a salt

Автор Doris Moser ( назад)
i hope the will get all electrocuted =)

Автор Sk Amirul ( назад)

Автор KinDeL ( назад)
This has the ability to cool your room by a whole degree

Автор Vivek Deshwal ( назад)

Автор Siyad Siya ( назад)
' smallgirl

Автор harish rao ( назад)
Indian jugaad

Автор Tuba Kashmiri ( назад)
Awsome Idea

Автор nandha kumar ( назад)
that how....ice all melting

Автор nandha kumar ( назад)
how to believe

Автор Chandan Kumar ( назад)
person who can have ice cubes(do have refrigerator too) in their home..they can easily afford atleast a cooler.

Автор Abeer Show ( назад)
Wow u r from Bangladesh

Автор Gautam Thakur ( назад)

Автор aarthi cute ( назад)
really it's working super tanq

Автор Skshukla Shukla ( назад)
bakwas hai ye

Автор Ibrahim Riaz ( назад)

Автор Md Washim ( назад)
md washim ansari

Автор November Moore ( назад)
very cool I'm going to try it .... if you guys want me to give a true review on my channel to see if it really works, give me a thumbs up

Автор Suresh Kumar ( назад)
what bakwas

ice stay only few minutes

Автор drmo ( назад)
best works

Автор ali mustajab ( назад)
does it work ?

Автор Ali Raju ( назад)
bast works

Автор গ্রাম্য ভিডিও গ্রাম্য ভিডিও ( назад)
বাই আমি আপনার সাথে কথা বলবদয়া করে আপনার নাম্বারটা দেন

Автор Robt Beazley ( назад)
ɷ ᕼEEYY ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪᔕᔕᔕᔕᔕ I ᕼᗩᐯE ᖴOᑌᑎᗪᗪᗪᗪ ᗯOᖇKIᑎGGGG OᑎᒪIᑎE ᕼᗩᑕᑕK ᐯIᔕIT : - https://vk.com/wall422834344_166?30575

Автор Keukeh Celine ( назад)
health is wealth

Автор Aashish Bagdi ( назад)
attaching your cooling source right next to the heat source (motor)... Brilliant !!

Автор Sanjay Kumar ( назад)

Автор Master Zero ( назад)
This is fucking retarded

Автор Vaishnav The Gamer ( назад)
instead of making this thing put the ice cube in some cool drinks or lemonade

Автор B S saxena B S ( назад)
B S Saxena

Автор Suganya Padmanaban ( назад)

Автор vilas bhojraj ( назад)
very nice A/C.

Автор Ajay verma ( назад)
bavligand hame kaise pta chlega ye thandi de rha ??????

Автор Irfan Bhati ( назад)
very good

Автор Mansoor Pasha ( назад)
www.google.com, and ihrkrhve

Автор Devra Rossi ( назад)
It does work. I use it with a big fan and big bottles. Ignore the stupid comments about electricuting yourself etc. You can't electrocute yourself doing it this way. and somebody was telling you that the water's going to melt to Fat the ice is going to melt too fast and you should use copper tubing attached to this and that well if you want to build an air conditioner then you would build an air conditioner you're trying to find something easy that doesn't cost money and you can always put a bag of ice in a cooler and just refresh it every half hour to an hour or so it's basically for people who don't have the money or like me don't have the right kind of window to use a regular air conditioner. I don't want to invest in a swamp cooler because there's real high humidity where I live and it probably won't work so hurricane a couple of plastic bottles to my fan that's easy peasy! I might not have air conditioning but I do have two million dollar view of the ocean so I'm not complaining but it does get hot so thank you.

Автор zubair shahid ( назад)
Wow 👍

Автор NAVED AHMAD ( назад)

Автор Thami Zhvanan ( назад)
Hai very nice

Автор Farhan Labib ( назад)
Hi vai daruuun baniachoooo

Автор Tapas Das ( назад)

Автор Dipam Agarwal ( назад)

Автор Bebe Megs ( назад)

Автор Shahnewaz Alam ( назад)
Nice video h

Автор park rap ( назад)
kod fere kod

Автор Furious Nightwolf ( назад)
rather have a cold water bath

Автор Dinesh Kumawat ( назад)

Автор anything#make #everything ( назад)
its not working yaar..

Автор Nadima Ghazi ( назад)
ohhh feeling cool😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Sadia Khan ( назад)

Автор pramod ele ( назад)

best idea

Автор BrinkTheGamer ( назад)
How many watts is the motor for the fan? Think about that wattage as a lamp of equal amount of watts. While you have the fan turned on, it's like turning on a heat-lamp of equal wattage except that the heat is being moved around. Now spend time cooling water in a freezer to create ice-cubes. How much energy did you use in opening the freezer door causing the freezer motor to turn on again because of escaped cold air? The heat generated by the condenser of the freezer heats up your room from the heat exhaust of the freezer (below the doors and behind the unit).
The net value of this experiment will cause your house to be heated more than if you simply opened your windows, turned off all your lights and pulled down all your shades. I'm a physicist so I'm speaking by facts not by momentary feelings of isolated effects.

Автор My Best Support Your Lifestyle. ( назад)
good yrrrr

Автор Mohammad Idris Ali ( назад)
not bad

Автор Raj Shambrwal ( назад)
you can make only ice drink

Автор Anton Widiastanto ( назад)
I think I must have this one on next winter... Free ice everybody!

Автор Anton Widiastanto ( назад)
I think I have to make one on next winter... Free ice everybody!

Автор Yat Ying Ha ( назад)
Very bad music

Автор Siluvairajan Nadar ( назад)
it is waste of time.

Автор you too Brutus ( назад)
It's not work.....remove this video

Автор Vidya Nath ( назад)
can I say a thing. .......... yaar tu bda cute hai re. ......😅😅.... I like u

Автор Manuu Sharma ( назад)
bilkul bakwas h ye meri 2 bottel waste ho gyi

Автор sankhat vinesh ( назад)

Автор Russ Prince ( назад)
what the fuck

Автор Rj Thakur ( назад)
faltu kela

Автор abhishek kanojia ( назад)
this is a fake

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