How to make air conditioner at home using Plastic Bottle - Easy life hacks


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    Wao excellent

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    this method is only one hour working when ice is end then not given cooling air ..this method is high that,s why.we spend low cost and not get result for long day that is not good

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    Wow how neat.

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    Theres a better way

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  • Sam Rodriguez
    Sam Rodriguez День назад

    omg, this is so ghetto. How did I end up watching this? I still liked the video for making me laugh lol :)

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    Zeeshan Khan День назад

    Ayse bethra he pankhe ky agay jase baraf khany me beth gaya ho aby bhai q chutiya banara he awam ko

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    Zeeshan Khan День назад

    Kiya chutiyape ka invention banaya he jis ka na sir he na pair

  • M Swapnil Raj
    M Swapnil Raj День назад

    It doesn't gave cool air 🙅

  • Bob Stafford
    Bob Stafford День назад

    To keep the moisture from ruining the fan, try using dry ice.

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    all 4 you День назад

    How much hours it will work..muskil se 1 hours

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    Indian Viners День назад

    Very heart touching story😀

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    ice kitne time tk rukegi

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    best technique

  • dileepkumar very niceKumar Ram
    dileepkumar very niceKumar Ram День назад

    bottle should be front side

    ADITYA RAJ День назад

    Its cool bro

  • Tom Bo Ros
    Tom Bo Ros День назад

    You could just put a bag of ice behind that fan.

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    Jayson Bustamante MC День назад

    Stop posting not working shit on the net.

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    Eliah Matheson 2 дня назад

    Hm. Water around electronics...nice. very safe

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    Brandon Stalcup 2 дня назад

    Lmao what a waste of peoples time. Anyone who thinks this will work doesnt deserve their Highschool diploma, or they already dont have it. Lol

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  • Ayushmann_ch_official Singh
    Ayushmann_ch_official Singh 2 дня назад

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  • madanmohan gupta
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    good job

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  • William Ryland
    William Ryland 2 дня назад

    put salt in with the ice to lower the temp even more.

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    Cubes kakunda cool water poyocha

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    Wow nice

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    58 million views for this?

  • James Douglas
    James Douglas 3 дня назад

    Or you could just use the fan without the bottles

  • emaginew YouTube
    emaginew YouTube 3 дня назад

    I have an easier one so you can sleep peacefully. Open your window, wait until it’s dark and cold. Add a chair or ladder or stool.. whatever works for you. Now but your fan as close as window. Turn the fan on and bam :3

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    Akram Ansari 3 дня назад

    Cooling air conditioner ruko betta hum bhi banayenge ek tho.

  • Rubina Arshakian
    Rubina Arshakian 4 дня назад

    Next time fill the bottles little over half with water, frezz them then attach it to the fan. You'll be saving water. After the ice in bottles melted just put them back in freezer. Boooom.

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    It's more of a swamp cooler than an air conditioner

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    Similar to what we did back in the day putting a bowl of ice in front of the fan and yes it really does work. The air from the fan blowing pass the ice will create cold air - at least til the ice melts haha

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    No creo que debas combinar hielo y electricidad, todo el mundo sabe que el hielo hará que se condense en la botella, y creo que el agua es conductora de electricidad, suerte electrocutandote o dañando tu mini ventilador

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  • Aarif Shekh
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