The Poway Synagogue Shooting Is Dividing The American Jewish Community (HBO)

  • Published on May 1, 2019
  • Last Saturday, a 19 year-old white supremacist walked into a synagogue and started shooting.
    On Monday, Laurie Gilbert-Kaye was laid to rest, as her family, and an entire community, looked on.
    In some ways, this attack has inspired members of the Jewish community to come together as they mourn. But it also seems to be causing division, as people argue over who is to blame for the rise in antisemitism.
    To liberals, much of the blame lies with President Trump’s wink-wink relationship with the alt-right. But for those on the right, especially in the largely conservative community of Poway, the left’s criticism of Israel is a big part of the problem.
    One of the focal points of this debate has been Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who has recently been accused of antisemitism for her remarks about Israel.
    This quickly became a wider political debate outside of the Jewish community - a day after the shooting, members of Congress, including Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Chip Roy essentially blamed the attack on Omar.
    But leftists have accused the right of using the tragedy as a way to silence critics of Israel.
    VICE News visited Poway to hear more about how politics are affecting how a community deals with tragedy.
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Comments • 908

  • ZoSo Page
    ZoSo Page 22 days ago

    Isreal (as it is currently) is a solid state, we'll die for it....where else to go?

  • Mia DoubleZeroSeven
    Mia DoubleZeroSeven 2 months ago

    So China, even CANADA can be criticized...but not Israel? 🙄😒😑

  • pra-vid Hj
    pra-vid Hj 2 months ago +1


  • pra-vid Hj
    pra-vid Hj 2 months ago +1

    Dexter Thomas is also a JEWISH agent and dog... look at his face which shows evil wickedness...and observe his talk...

  • pra-vid Hj
    pra-vid Hj 2 months ago +1

    Fake crocodile tears......we know these kind of jewish TRICKS.....

  • John Cee
    John Cee 4 months ago

    "Criticizing Israel is antisemitism". See this is the behavior that makes people antisemitic!

  • John Cee
    John Cee 4 months ago

    Served in Israeli military but not US military. Ofcourse. Typical disloyal behavior they display

  • pedero porsucasa
    pedero porsucasa 5 months ago +6

    Directed by:

  • Belteshazzar Levy bar Roma

    CIA is probably enacting these atrocious acts

  • Abby Feldman
    Abby Feldman 6 months ago

    walk in this mans shoes, he is correct , pro Israel , pro Jewish, all the same and one, against the occupation, you are ridiculous

  • James Ginn
    James Ginn 7 months ago

    Danzig is representative of the biggest problem in this world...ignorant uneducated people who just blindly accept the bs of the western media.

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor 7 months ago

    Novel idea here.....

    Give reeling in Aipac a try. Just try it.

  • Noelle West
    Noelle West 7 months ago

    Very brave woman of integrity, that Mariyama Scott. That is a difficult position to take in this country. Met a rabbi in Germany working with a human rights group in Israel who educated me on the difference between anti-semitism and anti-zionism. God definitely orchestrated that encounter for me. I used to subscribe to Danzig's ideology too. These American zionists are (hopefully) well meaning, but I pray God will open their eyes and help them see through the propaganda to the truth.

  • Tiger Style
    Tiger Style 7 months ago

    Jesus H Christ. As soon as I hear some idiot say "horseshoe" they've lost all credibility. Louise Farrakhan is solidly on the right, it's not a "whites only" place. The same is when I hear some goofball unironically say "my people". We're all people and dividing us up unnecessarily is a huge part of the problem. I was introduced to anti Zionism by a Jewish friend. Had no clue what Zionism was before then, only heard the term from the Black Muslims and Black Israelites in my section growing up. My issue is with the practices of the state of Israel, I don't care where in the world it happens or who is doing it. Apartheid, ethnostatists, unprovoked military violence, land theft causing displacement and the like have no place on this planet. It's been wrong in every situation. Israel is just a very severe modern example based on one of the world's many mythologies that allow good people to do bad things. It's sick.

  • Varus
    Varus 7 months ago

    They're not even semetic.. they're converts

    • halacm411
      halacm411 7 months ago

      Varus 2000 years and u guys still hate us please tell me y

  • fuckfannyfiddlefart
    fuckfannyfiddlefart 7 months ago

    Trump and the Republicans want more violence and killing which is why they cut funding to investigate right wing hate groups.

  • Gold K
    Gold K 7 months ago +1

    This guy looks like a predator. I feel if he witnessed a Palestinian child being killed by an IDF ziopig he would look the other way.

  • Israfael D.
    Israfael D. 8 months ago

    Most crimes are committed by white supremacists and nationalists in the States, yet all you hear is Islamic terrorism on the news, they barely talk about this.
    And btw, to criticise a government of Israel is not anti Semitic.
    Is criticising American government an anti American?
    Its called democracy!

  • Tawsif Elahi Chowdhury
    Tawsif Elahi Chowdhury 8 months ago

    Most of these people claiming to be Jewish are not even Semitic 🤪

  • logicbomb007
    logicbomb007 8 months ago

    The only ant-semit is this east coast elite's New York qeeto goomba picking on Semitic Palestinians, Israel is the most anti-Semitic state in the world subjecting Semitic people to apartheid.

    APCWORLDSUXAZ 8 months ago

    the only rise in antisemitism is this kind of garbage on vice. although people are definitely waking up to the Ashkenazi scams aka jewish Nazis.

  • Kenshin
    Kenshin 8 months ago

    David Duke and Farrakhan aren't an example of horseshoe theory because they're both racial nationalists, just for different races. In other words, Farakhan is a far-right figure just like the Duke

  • Amenta star
    Amenta star 8 months ago

    Uuuhhh, you mean when you came to another country that blacks were already living and stole the land and called your own,,can that be considered anti semtism

  • Asian
    Asian 8 months ago +4

    Why is Israel always being criticized but when any other country in the world does something no one ever criticizes them? It’s always Israel being blamed when the things do don’t even compare to what nations like Syria or North Korea or Iran or Venezuela are doing. If ppl are going to keep just going at Israel and being extremely hypocritical then it definitely makes me think they are being anti Semitic

    • Asian
      Asian 8 months ago +2

      Larry Lewinsohn true, the media never says anything about the terrorism they do, but when Israel defends itself it’s a huge deal.

    • Larry Lewinsohn
      Larry Lewinsohn 8 months ago +1

      Bad examples dude, people criticize those places too. Your example should have been Scott how people don't criticize the PLO and Hamas.

  • Gringo Espana
    Gringo Espana 8 months ago

    Fly high top man!

  • rec·i·proc·i·ty!
    rec·i·proc·i·ty! 8 months ago

    Don’t these people identify with White Supremacy ... both groups are two sides of the same coin.

  • Michelle Singleton
    Michelle Singleton 8 months ago

    Soulless people hold hate for other human being in there heart.Noone can make me hate noone for who they believe in or their political views,etc.

  • simon nomis
    simon nomis 8 months ago

    Zionism vs Judaism.

  • simon nomis
    simon nomis 8 months ago

    These places don’t pay any taxes, yet stole over $150k taxpayers funds to pay for their security.

  • Janet Baker
    Janet Baker 8 months ago

    This is truly biased. The left is only bringing out the actual crimes of Israel. It's really sad that you can't take the truth.

  • webhead2777
    webhead2777 8 months ago

    Trump is clearly a friend of of Isreal and the Jewish people while the entire democratic party refused to condemn Omar's anti-Semitism. The Poway shooter was a Trump hater too.

  • Suck My Opinion
    Suck My Opinion 8 months ago

    Trump had people from the Charlottesville rally speak at his campaign rallies.
    Pull your head out of ass.

  • n1gger stomper
    n1gger stomper 8 months ago

    St. Earnest did nothing wrong.

    All counter-semites must unite.

  • Stephen Hooton
    Stephen Hooton 8 months ago

    No the left is dividing the American Jewish Community.

  • mike askme
    mike askme 8 months ago

    lets be clear criticizing Israel is not antisemitism no more than me criticizing the nation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo for their lack of civilian security, would be anti-Africa and anyone who says different is fool.

    • mike askme
      mike askme 8 months ago

      @Larry Lewinsohn and your lack of what is antisemitism is beyond ridiculous.

    • Larry Lewinsohn
      Larry Lewinsohn 8 months ago

      Your lack of nuance is beyond ridiculous.

  • zammmerjammer
    zammmerjammer 8 months ago

    Fuck's sake... this guy is actually repeating Trump's "both sides" bullshit? "I'm nobody's pawn" -- uh, hate to break it to you, buddy.

  • Zarah A
    Zarah A 8 months ago +3

    Ilhan criticised Saudi Arabia, does that make her Islamophobic?

  • Zarah A
    Zarah A 8 months ago +4

    Ilhan apologised, I don't see the far righters doing that.

  • TheCircled K
    TheCircled K 8 months ago

    Notice that NO ONE can actually deny with evidence why Omar's claims about Israel or what the cartoon symbolizes
    they can only accuse ...
    They never say "that's bullshit and anti semitic" they only say "that's anti semitic" because they can't say its bullshit BECAUSE IT'S TRUE !!!

  • Shareef Taylor
    Shareef Taylor 8 months ago +1

    I was against South Africa when they had apartheid. I wasn't against European people, I was against their oppression. I'm likewise against the apartheid state of Israel, not the European people. Give up your apartheid state if you want to avoid being called out for your daily injustices, that have only escaped world wide sanctioning by the veto power of another country built on stolen land.

    • Increase Peace
      Increase Peace 29 days ago

      Don't you mean you're against Israel not the Jewish people?

  • /'juzɚ neɪm/
    /'juzɚ neɪm/ 8 months ago

    Criticizing the current government in Isreal not anti-semitism. Isreal has a far-right government that supports an apartheid regime at home and a far-right international abroad.

    STAR CLIPSE 8 months ago


  • James Murphy
    James Murphy 8 months ago

    Stupid first education yourself by listening to rabbis
    Second realize the elites are divided and control the population by dividing it against itself

  • professor moriarty
    professor moriarty 8 months ago

    Audiobook fill length

  • Chsse Chen
    Chsse Chen 8 months ago

    Ilham is antisemitic for asking her country and its official not to be loyal to other foreign nation. So much bullshit,Lol. Go back to Israel and serve it death squad if you loved it so much.

  • Kyle King
    Kyle King 8 months ago

    Semetics are children of a character of Shem from the first testament. Anti-Semitism is not even a real word

  • Nerius Landys
    Nerius Landys 8 months ago +1

    "Last Saturday, a 19 year-old person who was trying to cure society of its parasitic problem walked into a synagogue..."

  • likquidsteel
    likquidsteel 8 months ago +1

    One of the rare times I scroll through a RUclip comments section and loving the amount of logic I'm reading

  • agoodfella
    agoodfella 8 months ago

    109 countries

    • agoodfella
      agoodfella 8 months ago

      @Larry Lewinsohn theyve been kickedout of 109 countries

    • Larry Lewinsohn
      Larry Lewinsohn 8 months ago

      What do you mean? 109 countries what?

  • Ledkeegan :LedKeegan
    Ledkeegan :LedKeegan 8 months ago

    Just ban religion already

  • Rascal Husky
    Rascal Husky 8 months ago

    I heard the shooter was a convert to Islam.


    Pakistan and Turkish ARMY should establish a permanent military base in Jerusalem in order to protect the Al Aqsa Masjid in Palestine...


    More and more countries are now recognizing Palestine as an independent country Alhamdulila

  • 69 Tours
    69 Tours 8 months ago

    This isn't even newsworthy. What a waste of time.

  • Sirmatthewawesome
    Sirmatthewawesome 8 months ago

    *rubs hands in Jewish*

  • Mia DoubleZeroSeven
    Mia DoubleZeroSeven 8 months ago

    So, the President calls migrants animals & rapists (proceeds to separate them from their children in cages). China, Russia, N. Korea, Venezuela, The Mayor of London, & Canada have been criticized. There’s a BAN on Muslim countries (& transgendered in the military). Trump calls countries with minorities $hithole countries...but ISREAL is too far!? Call me an anti-Semite 🙄😒 because I think Israels inhumane policies are hypocritical and EVIL. American tax payers send billions in aid & can not speak about human rights??? The victims have now become the victimizers.
    Where was the outrage with *these* cartoons?? Israel is full of $HIT. I used to support & even donate...never again. 👈 👈 👈

  • Chris 3396
    Chris 3396 8 months ago

    The constant jewish whining is annoying.

  • Capn Phuktard
    Capn Phuktard 8 months ago

    I call Bullshit..Free Palestine

  • 664 TheNeighborOfTheBeast

    The right is committing these attacks, not the left. Anti - Israel is not Anti - Semitism.

  • Helen Bell
    Helen Bell 8 months ago +1

    Right wing anti semitism is bad but not left wing anti semitism ?? She has gone full loopy.

    • halacm411
      halacm411 7 months ago

      Larry Lewinsohn LOL right wing is worse because the left don’t know how to shoot a gun and the left don’t know how to fight let alone attack anyone just a bunch of snowflakes 🤣 Who are still bitching and crying over the 2016 elections Believe me I’m not afraid of liberals but I am afraid of the far right

    • Larry Lewinsohn
      Larry Lewinsohn 8 months ago +1

      No, both anti-Semitism are bad, but right wing is worse. That's the point.

    • Ibrahim arogundade
      Ibrahim arogundade 8 months ago +1

      Helen Heinz yes because the far right actively engages in anti Semitism by shooting up synagogues, you don’t hear of any leftist taking up arms and shooting up a synagogue after being inspired by Ilhan Omar.