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We all know and love the playstation, but where did it come from? Who started it all. As it turns out, we have Ken Kutaragi to thank. Let's get the full story.

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Автор Clay Snyder ( назад)
"grand pricks"

Автор Atheist7 ( назад)
PlayStation 1
Final fantasy VII!!!!!!
CastleVania: Symphony of the Night (how cool was that???)
and I played the hell out of King's Field 1 and quite a bit of King's Field II.
Another great game was Vandal Hearts 1, trying to complete every map with a "perfect"... man, what a challenge!!!

Автор K1 M1 ( назад)
So wait, whatever happened with Nintendo and Phillips?!

Автор Abood Se ( назад)
crash bandicoot is my favorite

Автор Asad Aden ( назад)
PS2 the greatest invention of all time.

Автор Muhammad Bin Afsar ( назад)
Was not able to be a part of PS era, but my first console #PS2 changed my life, I now have #PS4(s) for the experience I had on the #PS2. I played #NFSMostWanted and #GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas, and never felt something like that, a far distance apart is #GodofWar I and II, and NFS Carbon. Thank you for your awesome contents. It's been a pleasure. Can you make video on history of Camera, starting Nikon? It would be something, every #Nikon guy is looking forward to. And please make some vidoes on Game companies like #RockstarNorth, #EA, #Bethesda, etc and their games. :D :D :D

Автор Miki Miki ( назад)
Sony first made sound cards for Nintendo

Автор zerrr000 ( назад)
My reason for buying a PlayStation : God of War

Автор Slenderfoxx37 ( назад)
Nintendo and Sony should just join forces and make the ultimate gaming consoles :)

Автор hellspawn193 ( назад)
Kind of funny Sony didn't want to enter the game industry and now it is its only industry.

Автор Saul Pinedo ( назад)
Too many good videos !!

Автор Ibrahim Chelanga ( назад)
PS2 hands down changed the gaming industry, it was a huge leap in graphics and more... loved the large variety of games available and how cheap they could be if your console got chipped

Автор Juan Carlos Vasquez ( назад)
The ps1 feels like the best one to me, since it has so many nostalgic memories of pure fun and games, but the others are pretty cool too.

Автор Joey Mantka ( назад)
@0:41 - Wow I never thought that "NVIDIA Games" was already involved in video games.
@1:18 - Wow DOTA is already available is Super NES/Famicom in CDs? Cool!

Автор Yoman Level 74 ( назад)
ps 2 was op

Автор Francis D Homer ( назад)
Ever wonder if Nintendo ever kicks themselves? turn them down and now they have been pushed to what the number 3 spot behind PS and X box.? Sometimes you have to wonder where the higher ups have their head.....

Автор Drone Legion ( назад)
Easily my favorite console of all time.

Автор Nazri Buang ( назад)
My first game system was the Sega 16 Bit. Then my friends introduced the Sony Playstation. That was how I found out about Arsenal and Juventus respectively. I did not expect Sony Playstation's success in the gaming industry as Sega Saturn was going strong. In the end, I have a collection of PS4 games which remind me of both my childhood and teenage years.

Автор Marcelo Flores ( назад)
so many fights happened over tekken 3 lmao. the simpler days are missed

Автор DiverFictionB salman ( назад)
Best joy I have ever had in my childhood. What a way it was to escape prison.. I mean school.

Автор Skap ( назад)
4:05 im takin break for the internet

Автор Skap ( назад)
mmm my ps2 slim
sittin in a corner
i pluged it in
ahh the memories...

Автор Alvin Reyes ( назад)
Years later, Sega and Nintendo would eat their words.

P.S.- Sorry but I think 90's commercials were cheesy AF.

Автор WhyYouAlwaysLying ( назад)
Now Sega and Nintendo are deadI was mad when Dreamcast died

Автор Stop forcing me to use Google + ( назад)
"grand pricks" :)

Автор Julian West ( назад)
0:30 I swear, I have that exact same VCR.

Автор James Kalacas ( назад)
half of my childhood... tho I am converted to pc master race now

Автор solisium ( назад)
Nintendo SUCKS!.. Lame cheap hardware for the regular price of a console.
The new switch is only 720p can you believe that crap?!

Автор Ay Kay ( назад)
you also forgot to mention sony approached sega after nintendo deal broke through, sega of japan said fu, whilst sega of America was for a union

Автор Ay Kay ( назад)
nintendo had to leave the sony deal, sony wcnted alot of royalty fees for games used on the play statioj nintendo

Автор ベニグノジェスロ ( назад)
Please do history of nintendo.

Автор Hollychan ( назад)
I was a nintendo 64 girl boo play station boo. (kidding I really wanted one)

Автор Ace Alpha ( назад)
Oh memories :D
PS1 is my 1st love, my favorite games of all time - Resident Evil, Final Fantasy 7 and Crash Bandicoot.
After the PS1, I spent lesser time on gaming as my job demand more of my attention. Played PS2 on God of War and Devil May Cry(both great game)

Автор ADA Home ( назад)
nothing is better than having play station

Автор Krunchy The Clown ( назад)
My greatest PlayStation memory is playing resident evil for the first time, and having nightmares ever since, thanks capcom!

Автор Chris Holdread ( назад)
my favorite PS memory, the moment I walked out of the store with my PS2, the first console I bought with my own money.

Автор zevin83 ( назад)
the first (new) console I bought was a Playstation. I was 16 and spent my first pay check from my first job on it.

Автор M 77 ( назад)
Can you make how Sony Ericsson video begin

Автор BIGSHASTA 530 ( назад)
its crazy how many hours of fun my family and I had with that little machine. kind of makes me feel a little nostalgic .

Автор JN RF ( назад)
yes, thanks Sony for bringing us rat kids, dlcs, interactive movies, remasters, a sold pet (crash bandicoot), dead ips (spyro, twisted metal, medievil), hacked accounts and criminals selling games in the streets :')

Автор Justin Wilson ( назад)
I love how everyone just ignores the fact that Sony, in typically, shamelessly arrogant fashion, tried to screw Nintendo in the first place, thinking they had them over a barrel with the SNES CD, demanding 100% of the profit from game sales. Is Nintendo completely innocent for ditching them the way they did? Of course not, but only a complete idiot would go through with the deal they were backed into a corner with.

Автор Ruby Rose ( назад)
1. Let the guy do the work
2. Never do fuck with Sony
3. The sound of some cars in GT was horribly erratic

Автор Late Night with NateWolf ( назад)
Its pronounced "pree" not "pricks"

Автор Clark Clements ( назад)
I am a PC gamer. Always have been. Always will be.

Автор Edmund Chan ( назад)
can you do playstation vs xbox

Автор Ilikeduhrice Nummy ( назад)
The ps2 makes a nice pc case. I had a friend who's ps2 was kill in a coffee accident. So he made a small computer out of it switching the internals.

Автор Jonathan Diaz ( назад)
And Microsoft Xbox?? Oh those suckers came up after !!

Автор Matthew Joshua Sosito ( назад)
Please create a history video about the Microsoft's Xbox :D

Автор Gobi Subramaniam ( назад)
So PS1 existed solely cos Nintendo decided to backstab SONY. No wonder Nintendo is dying/dead. That's Karma for you there.

Автор DewyPornstar ( назад)
Finally Fantasy 7 and Diablo and killing the butcher!

Автор Joed Barrientos ( назад)
PS2 is the best. My PS2 was still working playing my favorite racing games Gran Turismo and NFS underground rivals. Also PS1 games can be played on PS2

Автор Super Saiyan God ( назад)
So if Nintendo kept their Royal-ship it would have been called "Nintendo PlayStation 4"

Автор _John The Gamer _ ( назад)
You just reach 1 million subs

Автор rahul sutar ( назад)
great one

Автор ncdxero88 ( назад)
My favorite PS memory, would be right after graduation from Uni. Me and 4 of my friends. Spent 2 weeks of non-stop PS2. RAD, Resident Evil 4, Samurai Warriors, Rise to Honor were few of the games we played. Two weeks of not giving any care to the world. Two weeks of Mountain Dew and chips. Two weeks before the storm we now call life. That also served as my bachelor party, as it was weeks before I got married.

Автор Israel Rosales ( назад)
Oh man the feels

Автор Ratan Bharadwaj ( назад)
just ordered a ps4 from amazon 10 minutes ago

Автор Man Pen ( назад)
I still have my PS2 with me

Автор Dodalalal91 ( назад)
weeeelll suck that nintendo. Bhahahahaha

Автор evoTimer ( назад)
Kid playing Legendary Wings!

Автор shaun lomas ( назад)
I still use PlayStation original today . bomb proof , easy to work with . Games are hard to find these days

Автор anil panchal ( назад)
sue you Nintendo

Автор KonokoGoingPostal2 ( назад)
I remember Playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas On the Play station 2 at a friend House

Автор Oviio Shem ( назад)
do xbox

Автор Adriano Muhinyi ( назад)
I'm a play station fan .... but the PS 4 I'll let it pass....I'm waiting for the PS5

Автор muhd.suresh kumar rangasami ( назад)
what happen to sony ericson?

Автор MrKdr500 ( назад)
The Sega Dreamcast was the competition to the Playstation, it was far better console just poor marketing by Sega and the fact that Playstation was pirateable. Pretty sure the Playstation 1 was a reworked Goldstar 3DO machine....i have one of those still and it's exactly the same console........sony don't invent much these days the just buy out smaller company's.....Minolta,toshiba,etc...

Автор Dusty Wizard ( назад)
Grand pricks xD it's pronounced Grand Pree bro. Silent x. Lmao

Автор The G.o.a.t ( назад)
Look what happend Nintendo... Sony is on top now

Автор octoberboiy ( назад)
The best part of PlayStation is that more Anime games are available under that platform than Xbox, and Nintendo.

Автор Ed Stevens ( назад)
Love my old Playstation

Автор OscarDaGenius1 ( назад)
Entering Earth on Einhander was amazing

Автор jalaluddin48 ( назад)
PS1 is the GOAT of gaming, at least for me anyways

Автор Sengbath Momin ( назад)
i love play stations

Автор Space Monkey ( назад)
suck it Nintendo

Автор Jarno Mettänen ( назад)
I always thought the symbols on the buttons were numerical; the circle being one as it is only made of one line, x for two lines, triangle for three and square for four.

Автор gigiboxa ( назад)
great childhood memories on ps one
many days in front of tv living a real fantasy

Автор Ryan Valizan ( назад)
I've owned all the PlayStations at one point or another. Wonderful machines, one of my earliest mods was performed on the ps1 as well. Nothing will replace my original NES though, I still got that bad boy hooked up.

Автор Raif Nation ( назад)
Only 40 miles away from home.

Автор Dave Riley ( назад)
PC Master Race checking in.

Автор Motherfudger 666 ( назад)
So... Did anything come from whatever Nintendo shifted gears to Philips with or was that a failed endeavor too?

Автор NI Fahim ( назад)
please make a video history of Nintendo

Автор Beats Phantom ( назад)
this video made me even a bigger fanboy of sony...!

Автор Liam McIntosh ( назад)
Don't abandon, insult, reject, or be rude to anyone, or you'll regret it the next day.This video is a prime example.

Автор aravind sharen ( назад)
volume is very low

Автор Mohd Balushi ( назад)
thank goodness for Sony

Автор Mark Angel Alonte ( назад)
Gran Turismo 1 and 2, Catlevania Symphony of the Night... good old days

Автор ahmad karim ( назад)
need for speed carbon and gta san andreas on ps2

Автор Lloyd Steadson ( назад)
This is probably on of the best facts about PS1.
New horizons which is the spacecraft that flew past Pluto uses the same CPU as the PS1, mainly because NASA wanted not speed, but reliability.
My PS1 still goes strong, so I would agree with that :)

Автор naifsexy ( назад)
love ps4

Автор Kandid Reviews ( назад)
amazing info !
thank you.
love every bit of it !

Автор Kaha K ( назад)
love this channel

Автор Addy7122 ( назад)
Fuck Nintendo fuck Microsoft.. Playstation ftw

Автор Max G ( назад)
The old phat Ps2 was my Baby, it has so meny great games on it which made me gamer also played cds and dvds which unlike now was the main thing everyone used back then.

Автор Rompastompa71 ( назад)
My favorite Playstation memory was seeing Gran Turismo 1 shiny graphics on the cars.Truly innovative.

Автор Homero Rosso ( назад)
it would be interesting to see the history of nintendo from scratch...

Автор Xolotl Xtrapolator ( назад)
So Nintendo pissed of Sony?

Автор stephen melomey ( назад)
Love your videos.... .Really informative and inspiring.

Автор Thaal Icious ( назад)
This guy can make documentaries......who's with me?

Автор Deadlift Yamum ( назад)
PLEASE stop saying "prooject"

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