A Smith Family COACHELLA

  • Published on May 4, 2019
  • The family heads to the desert for Jaden’s weekend two performance at Coachella. ► SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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    ◈ Created by Westbrook Studios
    Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
    Producers: Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Mike Nussbaum, Sadao Turner
    Editor: Brian Vannucci
    Add’l Editing: Jon Brandon Cruz
    Camera Operators: Jas Davis, Sadao Turner, Willow Smith
    Music: “Before the Lens” by Steven Gutheinz mscbd.fm/bfwls
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  • Jajang Nurjaman
    Jajang Nurjaman 7 hours ago

    I like Will Smith nice man ,,i am from INDONESIA

  • Rogerio Alves
    Rogerio Alves 9 hours ago

    Desculpa ter mandado o texto em português mas não sei falar outro Tmj

  • Rogerio Alves
    Rogerio Alves 9 hours ago

    Muito da hora mano esse acompanhamento que o pai vem fazendo com o filho amigos e esposa
    Mano vc parece mais um amigo do seu filho do que pai vcs estão de parabéns da hora mesmo gostaria de ser pelo menos metade da metade de vc pq estou muito admirado vc está de parabéns como marido como pai e como amigo de todos ...pronto falei o que imagino ser a verdade outra vez parabéns pela originalidade

  • The Struggling Housewife

    Can the Smith’s just get a reality show already. We need their energy!!

  • Albertito
    Albertito 11 hours ago +1


  • Nathan
    Nathan 12 hours ago

    I have such a crush on Willow omg

  • Andika Fatimah
    Andika Fatimah 15 hours ago

    Will smith you my idol bro...me from indonesia(kalimantan barat)...good job will smith family love you all

  • Wahyu Din
    Wahyu Din 15 hours ago

    Yes I no blackpink there because thay is same performance there too

  • Ronaldo Morettini
    Ronaldo Morettini 16 hours ago

    he's ugly as hell

  • moises servo do Senhor Jesus

    Manda abraço para o brasil Will.

  • Fede Garcia
    Fede Garcia 17 hours ago

    Your son is drogadict

  • Abu Tesla
    Abu Tesla 20 hours ago

    Si Jaden kenape jadi ca'ur gitu Mit..?🤔

  • Alunkz channel
    Alunkz channel 20 hours ago

    Taeh burik

  • BMO 7u7
    BMO 7u7 21 hour ago

    cuenta la legenda que cuando eres rico te dan ganas increibles de bailar todo el tiempo :v

    FREELYNE FIRE 23 hours ago

    Inscrevam-se ruclip.com/video/0O_xKvvTiYc/video.html

    BLACKBERRY 2020 Day ago


  • Waynetertainment
    Waynetertainment Day ago +1

    The Smith Family is literally a money-making machine, almost as devil obsessed as the Kardashians

    • Faris Irfan
      Faris Irfan 17 hours ago

      Waynetertainment at least they ain’t fake bottom snakes like the K’s. Smiths are as real and genuine as real and genuine gets.

  • play wars oficial
    play wars oficial Day ago +1

    hello will smith send save to me please just fan of your movies dude

  • JuanJo MusicVEVO

    Genial genial 🔥🇨🇴

  • Anugrah Dwiky
    Anugrah Dwiky Day ago +1


  • Adrián Fernández
    Adrián Fernández Day ago +1

    Like para que su hijo sea un chico normal y no se vista y se pinte como un pupitre de colegio publico

  • Margarita Martinez


  • Mbak Yu
    Mbak Yu Day ago

    Mann your words truly inspiressss

  • Hilary Gaming
    Hilary Gaming Day ago +1

    Dre Parker :(

  • Z R
    Z R 2 days ago +1

    Vrg ni un mexicano que sad

  • Day Dayana
    Day Dayana 2 days ago

    6:06 Lisa and Rose 😿❤️

  • Johan 12
    Johan 12 2 days ago +1

    Alguien español

    FAYA II 2 days ago +1

    That moment when youre girld look like a CJ

  • Krittin
    Krittin 2 days ago

    เห็น blackpink มั้ยนะ

  • imed lefifene
    imed lefifene 2 days ago

    cool family

  • D. Cowboyz
    D. Cowboyz 2 days ago

    That was so dope! First time ever writing a comment but I’m big fan of the hole family I go way back Im 45 years old that says a lot right there!! That tell you how far I go back with WILL AND JADA SMITH! Before it was a family big fans of both!! Real talk!! But that’s was dope to see you rocking with you kids! It’s crazy to see how talented you guys are and it is true what they say about the blood line! They get it from they daddy and they momma! And that’s what’s up!

  • Dhiego PC
    Dhiego PC 3 days ago

    Ele ainda mora na casa do tio Phill.

  • Серёга -АЛЕКС

    Пидораса вырастил пиздец...

  • Lydia Obeng
    Lydia Obeng 4 days ago +2

    Wish everyone gets a dad like Will Smith.

  • Fatima Dumerger
    Fatima Dumerger 4 days ago

    Your son not a man wtf

  • Belaida Carpio acosta

    Muy armado

  • Kimiko Dickerson
    Kimiko Dickerson 4 days ago +1

    When parents have the type of home you never want to move out of.

  • jerry montejo
    jerry montejo 4 days ago

    Will Smith my bless to you and your family , all of you, are the Perfect team if you want to know to be cover by the real family jerry Montejo bad Boy forever 👑

  • Bibi Sandoval
    Bibi Sandoval 4 days ago

    Supongo tiene problemas existenciales aun con dinero de su padre ...... pero no aprende a crearse algo propio para salir de la sombra will..... ....... pero en fin padre no es un título.. es a.lo q sea q hagan tus hijos enseñarles y apoyarle en lo bueno para ellos

  • Bibi Sandoval
    Bibi Sandoval 4 days ago +1

    La única q comenta en español. Que lastima que el hijo del will no sepa lo q es dignificante y llevar una vida llena de provecho por la labor de su padre.

  • Esraa Cowen
    Esraa Cowen 4 days ago

    OWO lts nice video 😭🇮🇶✌

  • Ore No Kachi Da
    Ore No Kachi Da 4 days ago

    willow marry me I never asked you for anything.

    JIPATHA 4 days ago

    6:07 BLACKPINK!!!!

  • Marcos Gabryell Official


  • Miskogwan Red Feather

    Que pena. Su hijo es gay

  • Leonardo ventura
    Leonardo ventura 5 days ago

    por que no sacas otro canal pero en español saludos desde PERU
    gran actorrr

  • youssef 1
    youssef 1 5 days ago +1


  • Victor Paredes
    Victor Paredes 5 days ago +1

    I wish i was in ur family im broke AF

  • Farhan Husein
    Farhan Husein 5 days ago

    its lit sir! 🔥🔥

  • Diego Figueroa
    Diego Figueroa 5 days ago

    Prank him

  • bloody Derbissalin
    bloody Derbissalin 6 days ago

    Jaden жостко поменялся мне он щяс не нравится как он поменял цвет волосы

  • Terrence Michael Scott

    Does anybody know what is the name of the song at 6:30?

  • Summerbody By Terrence

    @6:29 until the end. What is the name of the music/song playing? Any real talented music folks that know? Thanks, and please follow my channel!! I won't let you down with motivation and the funny stuff!

  • FILM COMPLET En français hd

    Jaden est le seul échec de will dans ce bas monde mdrrr

  • Prabhakar Ramachandran

    Wtf happened to jaden Smith 😭

  • Isaac santiago Carbajal miguel


  • Floryda Oficial
    Floryda Oficial 7 days ago


  • Mustafa Ibrahim ammad

    I Love you guys 💕

  • Katrin 14-19
    Katrin 14-19 7 days ago

    6:08 blackpink?

  • Miguel Juarez
    Miguel Juarez 7 days ago

    Y ese drogadicto quien es?