Cast Spotlight | Fargo Installment 3 Promo | FX

So, Fargo’s got some new faces, eh? Meet the cast before the all new story begins April 19 on FX.


From Creator Noah Hawley, the new installment of Fargo is an all-new “true crime” tale starring Ewan McGregor in dual roles as Emmit Stussy and his slightly younger brother Ray. Their sibling rivalry leads to a twisted path that begins with petty theft but soon leads to murder, mobsters and cutthroat competitive bridge. Fargo will premiere April 2017 on FX.

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Автор Christopher Binder ( назад)
Eh we'll see.

Автор VenDeath ( назад)
I think the Sepia tone in regards to the colors is the result of season 3 taking place in 2010. Noah Hawley (the helmer of the show) mentioned he wanted to focus on an era where people are on their phones and social media non-stop. Sepia soared in popularity as a result of filters commonly found on widely used smart phone apps such as Instagram. Seems like Hawley wanted to use a Sepia color pallet to really drive hoe the era of this season.

Автор Dennis campos ( назад)
The beginning sound sounded like a sound from "Terminator" film franchise

Автор Acerbium ( назад)
Obi-Two Kenobi?! Fookin 'Ell!

Автор Jacob Barstad ( назад)
Third season of Fargo, Legion, his own novel, Noah Hawley can't be stopped!

Автор Investigate 311 ( назад)
Wish they'd consider a 1 Hour special so we can catch up withThe Dude, or His Dudeness … Duder … or El Duderino, if, you know, you're not into the whole brevity thing. Looking really fwd to this though 29 days from this comment

Автор kit ( назад)
David thewlis and Ewan mcgregor better 69

Автор Jonathan Longoria ( назад)
Anyone knows where can I find Season 2 to stream?

Автор wiinterflowers ( назад)
Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead? Count me IN!

Автор GJ Nelson ( назад)
Disappointed they didn't use "Interstate" (font) for credits.

Автор Hermes3 forgive ( назад)
such a great series and supremely acted-

Автор _focks ( назад)
Sooooo pumped for McGregors double performance

Fargo and Twin Peaks were cool.

Автор jude ( назад)
Hopefully we get Martin freeman narrating again

Автор solarge knowles ( назад)
I'm shook.

Автор tubasaur ( назад)
"Yoah trap-p-t."

Автор J.A. Wilson ( назад)
Clicks and buzzers

Автор KILLUMINATI EXE ( назад)
Well Justin Roiland We got a Frago season 3 teasr before R&M

Автор Diabetes Man ( назад)
Yes! Love this cast. Only a show like Fargo could get me this excited about a 30 second promo. Thewlis looks like he is going to be the villain and he looks like he is going to be a blast.

April is going to be a great month for tv with this, The Americans, Better Call Saul, MST3K, and The Leftovers.

Автор Joseph Silva ( назад)
Unfathomable pinheadery is my new favorite insult.

Автор jon M ( назад)
just wow

Автор Climax DeAbsurdum ( назад)
So far my favorite ensemble is from season 2
How about you guys?

Автор Olivia Petersen ( назад)
1 month!!!

Автор Lei Ying Lo ( назад)

Автор iCroissant ( назад)
Anyone noticing how dark the style is, lighting-wise? Indoors its one source of dim yellow light, outdoors its a gloomy-greyish fog.
season 1 was very white and blue.
season 2 was very clear and colorful.

Автор Kylo Targaryen ( назад)
JUST GIVE US A FULL TRAILER!!!!!!!!! No more of this 30 second teaser shit!!!

Автор AUGIE Productions ( назад)
Prequel to Kong Skull Island

Автор Victor Sullivan ( назад)
Unfathomable pinheadery...

Автор suncore598 ( назад)
I wonder if Carrie Coon's character's boss is Molly from Season 1. It would be great to see her again.

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