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Fargo | Installment 3: Cast Spotlight Promo | FX

  • Опубликовано: 19 мар 2017
  • So, Fargo’s got some new faces, eh? Meet the cast before the all new story begins April 19 on FX.
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    Set in 2010, the third installment of Fargo centers on “Emmit Stussy” and his slightly younger brother “Ray” (Ewan McGregor in dual roles).
    Emmit, the “Parking Lot King of Minnesota,” is a handsome, self-made real estate mogul with a perfect family - a real American success story. His slightly younger brother Ray is more of a cautionary tale. Wilted from a lifetime of living in Emmit’s shadow, Ray is a balding, pot-bellied parole officer with a huge chip on his shoulder about the hand he’s been dealt - and he blames his brother.
    The only bright spot in Ray’s life is the love of a not-so-good woman, “Nikki Swango” (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), one of his parolees. Nikki has brains, beauty and a deep and abiding passion for competitive bridge. She decides to help Ray turn his fortunes around, by essentially stealing back his good karma. Unsurprisingly, things quickly get out of hand and petty theft leads to murder.
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    Fargo | Installment 3: Cast Spotlight Promo | FX
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Комментарии • 50

  • NotSam Blake R
    NotSam Blake R Год назад +2

    " and believe me I'm a lawyer, so" that line is pure Fargo this is gonna be great

  • Sergio Garza
    Sergio Garza Год назад +1


  • Christopher Binder
    Christopher Binder Год назад

    Eh we'll see.

  • VenDeath
    VenDeath Год назад

    I think the Sepia tone in regards to the colors is the result of season 3 taking place in 2010. Noah Hawley (the helmer of the show) mentioned he wanted to focus on an era where people are on their phones and social media non-stop. Sepia soared in popularity as a result of filters commonly found on widely used smart phone apps such as Instagram. Seems like Hawley wanted to use a Sepia color pallet to really drive hoe the era of this season.

  • Dennis !
    Dennis ! Год назад +1

    The beginning sound sounded like a sound from "Terminator" film franchise

  • Acerbium
    Acerbium Год назад

    Obi-Two Kenobi?! Fookin 'Ell!

  • 311 was not an inside joke
    311 was not an inside joke Год назад

    Wish they'd consider a 1 Hour special so we can catch up withThe Dude, or His Dudeness … Duder … or El Duderino, if, you know, you're not into the whole brevity thing. Looking really fwd to this though 29 days from this comment

  • Jonathan Longoria
    Jonathan Longoria Год назад

    Anyone knows where can I find Season 2 to stream?

    • Michael Cepeda
      Michael Cepeda Год назад

      Jonathan Longoria The websites 123movies.is and Putlocker both have the full series for free to stream in pretty nice qualirt

    • A Cup Of Ramen
      A Cup Of Ramen Год назад


    • William Hoard
      William Hoard Год назад

      Hulu sign up and cancel within two weeks and you wont be charged

  • wiinterflowers
    wiinterflowers Год назад

    Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead? Count me IN!

  • Hermes3
    Hermes3 Год назад

    such a great series and supremely acted-

  • _focks
    _focks Год назад +1

    Sooooo pumped for McGregors double performance

  • jude
    jude Год назад +1

    Hopefully we get Martin freeman narrating again

  • solarge knowles
    solarge knowles Год назад +1

    I'm shook.

  • tubasaur
    tubasaur Год назад +2

    "Yoah trap-p-t."

  • J.A. Wilson
    J.A. Wilson Год назад

    Clicks and buzzers

    KILLUMINATI EXE Год назад +1

    Well Justin Roiland We got a Frago season 3 teasr before R&M

  • Diabetes Man
    Diabetes Man Год назад +8

    Yes! Love this cast. Only a show like Fargo could get me this excited about a 30 second promo. Thewlis looks like he is going to be the villain and he looks like he is going to be a blast.
    April is going to be a great month for tv with this, The Americans, Better Call Saul, MST3K, and The Leftovers.

    • ordep 237
      ordep 237 Год назад +1

      Had no idea Mystery Science Theater was returning

  • Joseph Silva
    Joseph Silva Год назад +19

    Unfathomable pinheadery is my new favorite insult.

  • jon M
    jon M Год назад +1

    just wow

  • Climax DeAbsurdum
    Climax DeAbsurdum Год назад +12

    So far my favorite ensemble is from season 2
    How about you guys?

    • ordep 237
      ordep 237 Год назад

      I didn't mind the intent of S2 of True Detective I thought it was just bad. It would be nice if Pizzolatto made the series into a sort of shared universe like how Hawley made S2 of Fargo be a story based on one of the supporting characters stories and how's he hinted that S3 will have a cameo of sorts from a S1 character. Or maybe what you mentioned about Rust and Marty returning, they could've made it into a U.S. version of The Missing. In the Missing, there's a new story, setting, and characters. The only thing the seasons have in common is that it's always about a missing person case and that the detective character named Julian Baptise is always around to solve the mystery so maybe Pizzolatto could do that in the third round I know that McConaughey and Harrelson said no to a second round but looking at how McConaughey isn't making great movies as of lately, he probably changed his mind when he was asked about it.

    • 311 was not an inside joke
      311 was not an inside joke Год назад +1

      We have been really fortunate so far with both. TBH I really wish Hart and Cohle got another season because that was amazing

    • ordep 237
      ordep 237 Год назад +1

      Well the question is which one did you prefer, I loved Season 2 because of how many storylines were going. You get the leads in Patrick Wilson as a young Lou, Peggy and Ed (who are far more sympathetic than Lester), the Gerhardt Clan (who the hell knew Hanzee would steal the show and at the end the story) and even small players like Nick Offerman's lawyer character has such a phenomenal moment where he convinces Bear not to ruin his son's chances of getting a fair trial.

    • Shane Harris
      Shane Harris Год назад +2

      I think each season had the right ensemble for the story.

    • ordep 237
      ordep 237 Год назад +3

      Loved S2, nearly a flawless season of television. I have no idea how Noah Hawley will try to outdo what he did with S2. S2 did shine because of such a superb cast and almost all of them were rewarded with Emmy nominations (WTF! Patrick Wilson gets no love). S1 is a season of TV I have trouble enjoying I guess it's just how some of the characters were written and portrayed but besides Thornton and Freeman I don't think S1 was much of a showy ensemble where S2 strived with some known (Wilson, Dunst, Plemmons and Smart) and overlooked talent (Woodbine and McClarron) and S3 looks to go crazy with its choices of leads especially having McGregor play twins.

  • Olivia Petersen
    Olivia Petersen Год назад +22

    1 month!!!

    • BigWormFTW
      BigWormFTW Год назад

      I started watching it cause of the dinner promo it caught my attention its so good

    • Olivia Petersen
      Olivia Petersen Год назад +4

      I mean underrated with the lack of viewership. More people should start watching it

    • ordep 237
      ordep 237 Год назад

      Can't call it underrated since the show has received critical acclaim and even won the Emmy for Best Miniseries in its first year. It also depends on which area of underrated you speak of, because the series does suffer from getting low viewership numbers. A show like The Wire was once called underrated because it neither received good viewing numbers nor awards love (it got like only two nominations for writing). If I had to give a label to a show as the most underrated I'd go with The Leftovers, it's gotten the praise but it doesn't have viewers nor the awards love. If this were two years earlier I'd say The Americans, Rectify or Hannibal.

    • Victor Sullivan
      Victor Sullivan Год назад +1

      I 100% agree. Certainly the best show on TV, and absolutely top 5 most underrated.

    • Fandomic Videos
      Fandomic Videos Год назад

      Olivia Petersen it probably is 😂

  • A Cup Of Ramen
    A Cup Of Ramen Год назад +12


  • iCroissant
    iCroissant Год назад +24

    Anyone noticing how dark the style is, lighting-wise? Indoors its one source of dim yellow light, outdoors its a gloomy-greyish fog.
    season 1 was very white and blue.
    season 2 was very clear and colorful.

    • Connor Morley
      Connor Morley 10 месяцев назад

      djmovieloverdane funny how you mentioned David Fincher since Carrie Coon was in Gone Girl.

    • djmovieloverdane
      djmovieloverdane Год назад

      iCroissant it looks like David fincher directed it

  • AUGIE Productions
    AUGIE Productions Год назад

    Prequel to Kong Skull Island

  • Victor Sullivan
    Victor Sullivan Год назад +14

    Unfathomable pinheadery...

  • suncore598
    suncore598 Год назад +12

    I wonder if Carrie Coon's character's boss is Molly from Season 1. It would be great to see her again.

    • debate me
      debate me Год назад +1

      what if its marge from the movie

    • Preston Wurtz
      Preston Wurtz Год назад

      suncore598 as amazing that would be, I believe this season takes place in a completely different city. I mean, I'm sure we're bound (definitely going) to see some old faces (hopefully Molly and Gus) at some point though.

    • That Guy on the Left
      That Guy on the Left Год назад +1

      I think it's Jim Gaffigan but one can hope