Jagdpanzer E 100 - BIG BOSS - World of Tanks Gameplay

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • WoT Jagdpanzer E 100 PC Gameplay Replay. Jagdpanzer E 100 Tier 10 German tank destroyer.
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    Map: Lakeville
    Damage: 10228
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Comments • 57

  • Vasil Mihailov
    Vasil Mihailov 13 days ago


  • Azwar Muharram
    Azwar Muharram 19 days ago +6

    non premium + no premium round + 10k damage + 22k profit. This is pros.

  • Norman Donikowsky
    Norman Donikowsky 20 days ago +1

    Was ist das denn für ne 1nice Tarnung?

  • Petr Volek
    Petr Volek 23 days ago

    last shot ??? HOW

    • Dávid Tál
      Dávid Tál 13 days ago +1

      HE ammo dont need a clear shoot in this caliber :)

  • Matteo Ferrari
    Matteo Ferrari 23 days ago

    man what mod do you use? for dmg blocked, your dmg etc?

    • Yukari Yakumo
      Yukari Yakumo 22 days ago

      dmg blocked and dmg dealt is actually simply in the main game setting the skin for the Jagdtpanzer auf E100 was probably from the website WoTskins.org

  • Metalhead Allex
    Metalhead Allex 23 days ago

    Is this a LEGAL mod???

  • Brayden
    Brayden 26 days ago +4

    Kinda blessed with rng

  • Armarion Weatherspoon
    Armarion Weatherspoon 26 days ago

    Only if jg had gesh

  • #Kkk
    #Kkk 26 days ago

    В абс. Топе стоять в пизде и накидывать урон, невероятный, полезный игрок

  • RAZERmadman
    RAZERmadman 26 days ago

    That clutch shot at the end was epic

  • Brad McKnight
    Brad McKnight 26 days ago +1

    The other JagPE100 doing 600 damage right next to him and dying shows you what a little bit of patience and some good microing can do for you.

  • Imre Izsak
    Imre Izsak 26 days ago

    To many moods ...

  • Tracer001
    Tracer001 26 days ago +2

    Is WOT NA dead? I was on after an 8 month break and at that time of night there used to be about 25 -28k players, there was 10k. I'm wondering if its worth even playing anymore. It used to be a fun game and I would often see I think up to about 33k players on. Has anyone else noticed a drop

    • Bunnyman999
      Bunnyman999 26 days ago

      Yeah, it has been dropping. What surprised me the most was TTR. Before you would have 10 or so rooms at once, some with 20 people in it, other with just 1 or 2. Now, I rarely see more than 4, with a total of 7 players on at once

  • Robert Koloszycz
    Robert Koloszycz 27 days ago +1

    Słabe ale bartek śłabszy

  • goyacc
    goyacc 27 days ago

    lucky dog, no turret charge from center

  • Bts A.R.M.Y
    Bts A.R.M.Y 27 days ago

    My favorite channel

  • Erico Dela Cruz
    Erico Dela Cruz 27 days ago

    This game played in the computer?

  • Private John
    Private John 27 days ago +2

    U were so lucky with last shot on rhm

  • Christian Guadalupe
    Christian Guadalupe 27 days ago

    That patience of waiting for the prey

  • albondiga 1
    albondiga 1 27 days ago +1


    • albondiga 1
      albondiga 1 23 days ago

      @Hifex_42 I don't know much English xd I don't understand everything you say

    • Hifex_42
      Hifex_42 23 days ago

      @albondiga 1 he wast realy camping.. At the beginning and at the middle of the match he was camping because he was able to fire in the city. Everything ok... Not all are yolo players who die in the first 3 minutes.

    • albondiga 1
      albondiga 1 25 days ago

      @Cobradriver99 not the whole game

    • Cobradriver99
      Cobradriver99 25 days ago

      Its a TD, you are supposed to camp.

  • Cristiano Brisola
    Cristiano Brisola 27 days ago

    how can you tell what the configuration of gave pc? I'm to buy a video card but I don't know which one runs the wot at most. thank you if you can answer

    • Cristiano Brisola
      Cristiano Brisola 26 days ago

      @bbitz01 ok thanks

    • bbitz01
      bbitz01 27 days ago +1

      Assuming you're at 1080p, something like an RX 570 or 580 will be plenty and cheaper than nVidias offerings. The new AMD cards would be way overkill and the lower end of the newer nVidia cards are terrible value.

  • media ASLANI
    media ASLANI 27 days ago

    So lucky

  • Anna douglas
    Anna douglas 27 days ago +2

    Great video, thanks for posting.

  • Sigurdur Bjarnason
    Sigurdur Bjarnason 27 days ago

    Nice camo

  • Cristian Rudi
    Cristian Rudi 27 days ago

    Monstrous caliber...

  • luc _fr
    luc _fr 27 days ago

    11:58 xD he could have done a double kill 😂😂

  • CODA _713
    CODA _713 27 days ago

    can you say your what you have on PC i mean GPU,PCU,RAM...

  • Bane Pejkic
    Bane Pejkic 27 days ago +32

    dude that rhm was soooooo unlucky

    • Alex Boss
      Alex Boss 15 days ago

      Well He had The small caliber

  • ibrahim ünal
    ibrahim ünal 27 days ago

    high caliber ?

  • lucy482
    lucy482 27 days ago +5

    Block of steel with wheels & a big cannon.

  • Maizar Alanize
    Maizar Alanize 27 days ago +4

    rng + mods = everywhere

  • RR
    RR 27 days ago +2

    Finally no goldnoob🥵🤤

    • RR
      RR 22 days ago

      @Resko 875 gold never is needed. Gold just kills the meta. The way you think perfectly shows. A bounce is normal n you show it like the tragedy itself, people like you are the reason why the game is so broke...that 'every shot needs to pen' mentality kills every fun bout the game

    • Resko 875
      Resko 875 22 days ago

      @RR well it depends on luck bcs if u miss a shot on lower plate and it hits upper plate then with heat its more likely to pen it. While with AP its harded and you hear bounce. But yeah heat is not needed on that monster to have a good dmg

    • RR
      RR 27 days ago +3

      @Kacper Kempisty yesss...but there are still tards playing it only HEAT

    • Kacper Kempisty
      Kacper Kempisty 27 days ago +1

      It has 299 pen. It's more than enough to perforate everything.

  • Askar195
    Askar195 27 days ago

    Вертухи раздаёт направо и налево...

  • EnergieRed RED
    EnergieRed RED 28 days ago +2

    German Power Tank!!!

  • JOK3R
    JOK3R 28 days ago +1

    Russian accuracy :-P

  • Rafal D
    Rafal D 28 days ago +4

    Noob player,more luck than skill.

    • wwDerp
      wwDerp 24 days ago

      Yeah, right, a noob player with 3 marks of excellence on the barrel.

  • Nopparat Taingtas
    Nopparat Taingtas 28 days ago +1

    Want you to play world of tanks kranvagn

  • Van Kong
    Van Kong 28 days ago +1

    wonderful shooter..... GJ

  • Amauri Piña
    Amauri Piña 28 days ago

    Jaja que creizy xD