Live Zen 2 Performance Recap & Addressing Criticism

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Comments • 41

  • Greg Salazar
    Greg Salazar  8 months ago +2

    Hey peeps! I see your comments about the audio issues. I've watched this in playback and I think the audio level improved when I turned things up on my soundboard later on in the live stream. A few others are complaining about static, but that shouldn't be an issue with the setup I have here. It isn't like I'm using a $5 mic without a mixer/XLR. And audio bitrate seems fine on the upload side. I'm looking into it and will address this at the beginning of the next live stream so you guys can give direct feedback and we can tweak things in the moment :-)

    • Jux Zeil
      Jux Zeil 8 months ago

      I must admit that I'm surprised and I take back what I said about you probably not bothering to sort the sound or video out......I just hope you know what you're letting yourself in for kau tauing to 100 sets of ears and differing devices bud.
      I might even have to sit in for this one to see how it goes. 🤨

  • David Frisbie
    David Frisbie 7 months ago

    1) How will the 3900x perform with 32GB vs 16GB of RAM?
    2) Does it matter if I use 2 RAM stick vs 4 RAM sticks?


  • Alienor
    Alienor 8 months ago

    If you're gaming just ge the 3600. It only does like 4 to 5 less fps in most games and does 1 or 2 more in some other titles for whatever reason. And it's $300 cheaper. 4 or 5 fps isn't worth $300. Spend it on the 8700XT and with the Radeon Sharpening you can basically get 2160p at 100-120fps quality when you set it at 1700p or 1900p.

    That's what Im doing anyhow, and getting one of the Samsung 4k 120Hz panels with FreeSync. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the most gang for you're buck you're gonna get for gaming at present

  • Jason Martinek
    Jason Martinek 8 months ago

    Wonder if its worth upgrading to zen2 from a 2700x

  • Daniel Jahn
    Daniel Jahn 8 months ago

    Mr Turkey, I'm not a smoker!

  • Derfel995
    Derfel995 8 months ago

    impressive half of the audience being internnational, brazilian here o/

  • Lit Scarface
    Lit Scarface 8 months ago


  • MarcasswellbMD
    MarcasswellbMD 8 months ago +1

    Time stamp: 21:44 Technically you are wrong!! The 3900X is better for gaming while streaming.. Just cause it isn't necessary doesn't mean it isn't better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DA......... Stomp making judgements based off of what you think.. The 3900X can render a video while gaming and streaming at the same time, and sweep the floor for you too.. SMH..

  • Zaqi
    Zaqi 8 months ago

    Werent you at 500k like a week ago?

  • John Paul Bacon
    John Paul Bacon 8 months ago

    Nice video.

  • Article Twelve
    Article Twelve 8 months ago +1

    Im debating selling my skylake build...

  • Ashley Johansson
    Ashley Johansson 8 months ago

    I love ferraris. Gonna get one in the future.

  • Tech Pappee
    Tech Pappee 8 months ago +2

    MSI B450 Tomahawk has BIOS flashback. No need for a CPU to upgrade.

  • JayIrvin Hadley
    JayIrvin Hadley 8 months ago

    I put a 3700X in a gigabyte x470 aorus faming 6 wifi and it woudnt post. I put the 2700x back in and it woudnt post the 3700x bricked the board. it might have been weak i had it repaired at one time. i put a 3600x in a msi gaming pro today and it booted right up.

  • johan Döden Edgren
    johan Döden Edgren 8 months ago +11

    Very low audio, atleast for me. Maxed out volume slider but still have a hard time hearing you, ads almost made me deaf.

  • Rudy The Fresh Prince
    Rudy The Fresh Prince 8 months ago

    💪 Dope

  • Charley Velek
    Charley Velek 8 months ago +2

    @Science Studio Greg, are you willing to do another video comparing old CPUs to the new Zen2? (I’m running an i7-6700k debating on upgrading to a 3600 for gaming purposes, and maybe small coding tasks). Love your content!

    • Plasma Run
      Plasma Run 8 months ago +1

      got a i7-6700k in one of my older builds, if that's what you want to do stay with the 6700k. Save you money. There's a lot of maturing thats needs done on BMs and Zen2 let it happen, don't know what your running for a graphics card or Ram but if you got money burning a hole in your pocket then look at upgrading your card or a future build case

    • basshead
      basshead 8 months ago

      Don't waste your money.

  • Sickbrain
    Sickbrain 8 months ago +2

    Complaining about Premiere test is rediculous. There is no one who is not using Quick Sync with Premiere on Intel. Just because another CPU doesn't support it, doesn't mean it should be disabled. Should we start disabling hyperthreading in AMD CPUs when benching against Intel CPUs without HT? Of course not, that's silly. You but CPUs to have that future. AMD fans have this complex of prosecutions when they think that everyone is out there to get them somehow.

  • Peter Jansen
    Peter Jansen 8 months ago +1

    Another topic. I can't stand it that they still sell $200 motherboards which get bricked as soon as one BIOS-update goes wrong, that is unacceptable and the governments should introduce laws which obligate motherboard-companies to use a second BIOS or anything else that accomplishes prevention of bricking the motherboard due to a failed BIOS-update. If the European Union or the USA would do this then for the entire world this problem would be solved.
    For people who don't know, you can't prevent a BIOS-update from going wrong, you can reduce the risk by using a UPS but even if all the circumstances which you do control are ideal then you still can get a failed BIOS because for several reasons sometimes a 0 becomes a 1 and a 1 becomes a 0. That is why they invented error-correcting memory (regular DDR4 has some error-detection built in).

    • Donovan
      Donovan 8 months ago

      @Peter Jansen As far as I'm aware all asus boards have them. I believe all the gigabyte boards I've heard of have them I don't know about others. And from my understanding MSI Flash back plus should work on a bricked motherboard. At least that's what multiple forum users are saying. With their experiences that is. Asus bios chips are socketed not to mention. Meaning it's pretty easy to take them out and replace them most of the time free under warranty. But I can only speak out of experience for asus. I have done bios updates multiple times and I have not had a single one that failed. You are being over paranoid.

    • Peter Jansen
      Peter Jansen 8 months ago

      As far as I know only very few AM4-motherboards (MSI) have either a second BIOS or a USB-flash option. Also that USB-flash option won't save you from bricking your motherboard. If anything goes wrong and you get a corrupt BIOS then it won't start up and consequently you can't flash a BIOS. That USB-flash only helps to be able to get a new CPU working with an old motherboard, that is cool and saves us from unnessecary trouble but it doesn't help if you brick your BIOS. You could have power loss, you could have a random bitflip. You can prevent the first, you can not prevent the second, that is 100% bad luck.

    • Donovan
      Donovan 8 months ago

      No CPU or even ram required in fact

    • Donovan
      Donovan 8 months ago

      Most companies have A bios flashback feature. The motherboard just needs plugged in and a bios named correctly in a certain USB slot. It will re Flash even if the Flash went wrong the 1st time.

  • Peter Jansen
    Peter Jansen 8 months ago +3

    A few thoughs on this Quick Sync story.
    1. The quality of Quick Sync is not as good as of other X264 and X265. The ratio is rouglhy 60/100 vs 75/100 and 80/100. (I got the numbers from obsproject)
    Maybe after the very agressive RUclip compression it doesn't matter that much any more but the quality difference is relevant.
    2. For those who choose to use Adobe PP, that encoding with Quick Sync only happens at the end, unless you do this all the day you can do something else while the computer is doing this. Before you encde you are doing a lot of jumping in the timeline, this is incredibly fluent (no noticeable lag) on a 3900X and 3700X.
    3. Who buys a $300-500 CPU and no graphics card? Yes, there are use case scenarios but it seems a small niche of the market. I can imagine it for certain office applications (and not even for video-editors, they do profit from dedicated graphics cards), for regular consumers it seems rare to me.

    Yes, Quick Sync is a feature but for most people it is a detail, at least for desktops. The logic of disabling Quick Sync is that you compare apples to apples. This part of Greg his review was more task-oriented (also fair as long as it is clear that he did do it with Quick Sync), how do you get task X done when you use those CPU's. The other reviewers just wanted to know what the CPU-cores itself could handle. Quick Sync is done with the onboard graphics, not with the CPU-cores.

    • Peter Jansen
      Peter Jansen 8 months ago

      @warcrab cyber
      I will elaborate on that 720p low/medium/high settings testing. Two years ago many people justifiably blamed the techtubers and reviewers for doing this. The techtubers and reviewers defended it with that this would be a better measurement for how well the CPU would support gaming a few years later but they failed to take into account that games would need more cores and threads. Though it doesn't go as fast as what would be ideal for gaming performance there now are some games for which you require 6 cores and 12 thread to get a fluent performance (Far Cry 5, a part of Assassin's Creed O) and the quadcore has problems with low minima FPS and longer minima frame-render-times.

      With Vulkan and DX12 this will gradually become the standard, especially because the next consoles from S and M will have 8 Zen-cores and an AMD-GPU. To fully utilize all that CPU processing power you need a low-level API like Vulkan and AMD-GPU's are incredibly good at getting the best out of that.

    • warcrab cyber
      warcrab cyber 8 months ago

      i agree with you on the quick sync, its not apples to apples using quick sync, its like making the same argument for gaming. you test cpu gaming performance with the most powerful graphics card at a low resolution that does not bottleneck the gpu. but its not real world performance so the same thing sort of applies here. even though quick sync will be used in the real world, it wont be a proper cpu test to include it. when reviewing hardware you need to be consistent across the board.

      no one reviews cpu in real world scenarios for gaming, why must it be different for productivity workloads?

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  8 months ago

      1) 60/100? Nope. Not even close. Several channels have investigated this. 60/100 is blowing it WAY out of proportion. YT compression kills quality far more than QS ever has.

      2) Quick Sync and Hardware Encoding in general is used throughout the editing process. Warp Stabilizer utilizes it. Timeline scrubbing uses it. It's prevalent.

      3) Discrete cards have nothing to do with hardware encoding.

      4) Laptops have Quick Sync as well. I use it all the time with my Matebook X Pro. Pairs nicely with a dGPU.

      So to summarize, I firmly believe your points are moot and, had the roles been reversed and I was "gimping" AMD, people (likely including you) would have complained or at least pointed it out. I stand firmly by my decision to include it. Like I said in the video: I haven't switched to the 3900X for my editing rig _because_ of Quick Sync. That's how important it is to me and my workflow. It speeds up more than just render times.

  • Temporicide
    Temporicide 8 months ago +1

    Anyone that bought a 2700X, do not bother uprgrading to anything but a 3900X or 3950X, BUT i am just waiting it out til "4700X = ZEN 3"

    If your new to AMD and PC building! get the 3700X it is the best value for performance.

    The performance of a 2700X is still Solid @ 4.2GHZ on all cores, top temp during 4k encoding (70.c) with a AIO.

    • TheBanker MC
      TheBanker MC 8 months ago +1

      @Combat Evolved for some people you're right (If I'd be able to afford it trust me I'd get it) but for others the cost isn't justifiable just yet

    • Combat Evolved
      Combat Evolved 8 months ago

      Up to 20% fps in games is worth having.

  • The Shape
    The Shape 8 months ago +3

    What annoys me most is only using the i7 8700k @4.3ghz in comparisons on some reviews and saying it costs way more but no one runs it at stock, if you want 4.3ghz you buy the i7 8700 for way less. My cpu runs at 5.2ghz so that is far more than 4.3ghz. The ryzen cpus are nearly maxed at stock.
    I agree that you showing quicksync in a test is what should be done.

    • The Shape
      The Shape 8 months ago +3

      Not to be mean but they are idiots then and should research properly. Buying something you won't take advantage of for more money is just daft, maybe educate them a little so they know in the future.

    • MrMoustacheish
      MrMoustacheish 8 months ago +1

      I know tons of people that get K cpu's and don't overclock, so your point is moot.

    • Abiola o
      Abiola o 8 months ago +5

      Which reviews did you watch that did that, because that makes no sense. Hardware unboxed did but he also tested at 5ghz which makes sense

  • Jux Zeil
    Jux Zeil 8 months ago +1

    Would everyone just STOP and think before making a stupid comment please!?!.... I can see why most content creators hate the YT comments section. 😣
    It's getting very annoying with peeps complaining about sound, IT'S A SUBJECTIVE SENSE!! Nearly everyone in the world has differing audio sensitivities, so if the content creator tailors the sound to would probably be shit for 99% of others. Or are you just SELFISH and too LAZY to go into your audio settings!?! Sounds fine on my Dolby Pro surround Sony 4K TV.....🙄
    It's a F'in live stream of a chap sitting there talking to us, so does it matter if his vid cam is not pushing 4K......unless you fancy him, why would you want to see every dimple and hair on his chin!?!....
    If you offer up info, try to include some PROOF to back it up!! It would save a lot of bitch slapping for one, and it would also help INFORM and EDUCATE us in making purchasing decisions.
    Anyone making claims that the creator is biased in his opinion, a shill, or just being an ANGSTY SHITHEAD...... WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THE VIDEO/ARTICLE WHEN THE FINAL OPINION IS GIVEN FOR F'S SAKE!! Then you can state your opinion and get a good CONVERSATION going.........Never know, we ALL might learn something new or see it from another perspective. F'ing keyboard warriors!
    Soooo many more but I digress....
    Open your mind and vision.....expand your horizons.....enjoy learning!

  • Roman Lee
    Roman Lee 8 months ago

    How heat is 3900X when fulload using with wraith prism?

    • LucidLimbo
      LucidLimbo 8 months ago +3

      See Hardware Unboxed's video

  • BadRusMan
    BadRusMan 8 months ago +1

    Please adjust your webcam before streaming and also add some filters on audio. it is kinda simple in obs (reaper plugins or izotop nectar)

    • BadRusMan
      BadRusMan 8 months ago

      @Jux Zeil chances for interesting questions to be answered? even with the range of the same "interesting" question. anyway - will see what the quality will be next time

    • Jux Zeil
      Jux Zeil 8 months ago

      @BadRusMan Interesting questions=interesting answers=information and data to evaluate a product or service.....
      I'm sure he's already said the video is bad so deal with it, and the audio is clipping at his end so no, he probably won't be doing any more to satisfy some selfish anonymous commentator.
      Never know though, well see.....

    • BadRusMan
      BadRusMan 8 months ago

      @Jux Zeil interesting questions to get answered? XD anyway i guess he will read it and do better next time cause it is too simple not to do some overhaul

    • Jux Zeil
      Jux Zeil 8 months ago

      @BadRusMan Another totally invalid observation which I have addressed bellow. All these stupid comment do is spam the comments section, it means a smaller chance for the interesting questions to get answered...which is what we're here for right? 🤨
      If you have some production value "advice", then send an email or PM the creator...... Or is it that you just want to brag about your knowledge in audio production maybe?....

    • BadRusMan
      BadRusMan 8 months ago

      @Jux Zeil that is the question my friend - why would everyone look at that quality on the stream?

  • Owner Operator
    Owner Operator 8 months ago

    I am not subbed to you but your shit is popping up on my notifications. Annoying.

  • Quentin Upshaw
    Quentin Upshaw 8 months ago

    by the way you make awesome videos

  • Quentin Upshaw
    Quentin Upshaw 8 months ago +7

    AMD is like a Toyota.
    Well priced, well made.
    Intel is like GM,
    designed to fall apart soon after warranty, Money pit.

    • Finger Uke (Stephanie)
      Finger Uke (Stephanie) 8 months ago +1

      Rev up your Ryzens!

    • basshead
      basshead 8 months ago +2

      GM LS engines are very reliable. 10x more reliable than the new Toyota Supra with a BMW engine.

    • Jux Zeil
      Jux Zeil 8 months ago +1

      They are just businesses, there to make money out of us cattle...I buy the best I can for my budget after gathering info/data from multiple sources, no matter who makes it.....
      ALL my previous builds for selling have been Intel. They were cheap second hand(because they force a platform upgrade when they can), they overclock really well on water(bang for buck), and there always plenty for sale only a few gens old(still relevant).
      My next personal build will be my first AMD rig because the Intel security issue is getting out of hand. With the risk and bodged patching It's starting to negate the value of even second hand relevant CPU's from Intel now.
      Open your eyes and mind will ya! Best product at the time of purchase is the best practice......unless you're also one of those types that is always waiting for the next best thing because you heard the rumors? Then you're screwed and will never buy anything with the way tech is pushing forward(which we should give thanks to AMD this time around buy-the-way). 😉

    • Owner Operator
      Owner Operator 8 months ago +2

      Swap Mopar instead of GM, and Subaru instead of Toyota, and this actually makes sense

    • solomoncurry
      solomoncurry 8 months ago +4

      retard amd with their nonsense again

  • NoDefectsOut
    NoDefectsOut 8 months ago +5

    10 ad spots?

    • Gabe Williams
      Gabe Williams 8 months ago +1

      Science Studio even if you did control how many ads would be in this you’d be completely justified in putting 10 ads in an hour long video.

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  8 months ago +1

      Yeah I don't manually place ads in these live streams. Just what YT does when it's monetized.

    • Gabe Williams
      Gabe Williams 8 months ago +5

      It's over an hour long.

  • Cheychey 01
    Cheychey 01 8 months ago

    Hi, how r u. I like the prize..

  • TheCaptain
    TheCaptain 8 months ago +10

    @Science Studio
    Greg, some of us don't use Social Media. Can we ask here?

    • TheCaptain
      TheCaptain 8 months ago +2

      @Greg Salazar Fair enough

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  8 months ago +3

      Sure. But I don't check YT comments as often.

  • Jim BoB
    Jim BoB 8 months ago

    I see you haven’t started selling everything so you can pay Dustin for the computer that he had no chance in hell of selling. Lol , awesome videos man!

    TDR REVENGE 8 months ago +14

    What with this solomancurry guy, not willing to investigate just runs his mouth and blocks anyone that post factual information, here is the timmy joe video showing the 5700 (non XT) getting close to the 2070 super and he does this off camera not screen captured.

      TDR REVENGE 8 months ago

      @Greg Salazar it would help if i actually posted the link to timmy joes channel

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  8 months ago


  • John Henderson
    John Henderson 8 months ago +11

    You do not need to defend yourself in your reviews. When you buy a cpu you are buying it for it's feature set. If the intel cpus come with an IGP that is part of it's feature set. AMD's feature set is more cores for less money. So an honest review reviews the entire package. Not just ghz vs. ghz. It's features vs features. What makes the most sense for the consumer. That is why people watch reviews like yours, GN, JayZ, and LTT to help people with their buying choices. When people are looking to buy a cpu it isn't just the cpu you need to look also need to look at quality of motherboards. Who has the better quality motherboards? Every reviewer I watched universally agreed that the average user wont need X570 since PCI-E 4.0 only benefits a small percentage of use cases...chiefly m.2 raid.

    I like your channel. It is one of the best tech channels our there. So please do not feel you have to justify how you review a product. Fan boys will be fan boys and there is no amount of reasonable explanation that will be good enough for them. Zen 2 doesn't change the status quo for most people. For JUST gaming intel is the way to go or so it seems. However, one must also consider security, which Intel's HT is having issues in that if you are just gaming do you justify buying intel if you wish to keep your data secure? ZombieLoad based attacks are like windows is the largest install base so targeting intel cpus with zombieload type malware will happen...No reviewer has yet address the security issues with HT in their coverage of Zen 2 when comparing them to intel CPUS. I think that should be an important factor when making a recommendation on what to buy at any price point...and frankly....until Intel fixes HT's security problems there is no reason to buy intel right now...even if intel had an enormous FPS lead....which they don't.

    • Matt Parsons
      Matt Parsons 8 months ago

      ​@John Henderson I don't mean to be that guy but this sounds like you don't know you're just worried about security, everyone should be. But part of that is understanding what the attack entails. These intel security problems have been greatly oversold from the perspective of how much impact they have on the average desktop user. The performance lost by the fixes does not impact the average PC user and the security issues are concerns for data centers with thousands of processors that access sensitive private data which people could steal and use for their own gain.

      Your data will be fine with whatever CPU you put in your computer.

    • John Henderson
      John Henderson 8 months ago

      @Matt Parsons's a security issue. One anyone should avoid. All holes in security are potential problems. While I can't give you a practical example one should always take security seriously. If you want your data potentially at risk then by all means buy k part Intel CPUs...myself? I would much rather have peace of mind by buying amd CPUs and have my data secure.

    • Laughing White Man
      Laughing White Man 8 months ago +3

      @Matt Parsons Mossad backdoor

    • Matt Parsons
      Matt Parsons 8 months ago +1

      Could you kindly explain why the average PC gamer needs to be concerned about speculative execution attacks such as Zombieload?

    • solomoncurry
      solomoncurry 8 months ago

      @Laughing White Man or it's not ?

  • michael morales
    michael morales 8 months ago +3

    So is the 3800X pointless?

    • solomoncurry
      solomoncurry 8 months ago

      @Mark Pearce ???????????????

    • Mark Pearce
      Mark Pearce 8 months ago +2

      @solomoncurry The 3800x is pointless compared to the 3700x. The 3700x is cheaper than the i7 9700k and is only upto 11% slower in games and upto 22% faster in workloads.

    • solomoncurry
      solomoncurry 8 months ago

      @Phat Larry retarded amd fan detected

    • Phat Larry
      Phat Larry 8 months ago +4

      @solomoncurry Intel shill detected

    • George Morley
      George Morley 8 months ago +3

      solomoncurry Such a shame that you’re wrong. £50 cheaper and effectively the same level of performance, except productivity where you get much better performance for less money. So the 9700k is just for people who like to waste money. Oh dear.

  • Cris Meman
    Cris Meman 8 months ago +12

    audio is weak.

    • Jux Zeil
      Jux Zeil 8 months ago

      @Francis Chin Then why use the YT app. Use some common dog and use Waterfox.... Oh! wait, that would mean having to use more than one action to get to see some vids....
      You also must love the Alphabet group hoovering up all your lovely data and cam shots too if you use their app then, so maybe that's why you use it....🙄

    • Francis Chin
      Francis Chin 8 months ago

      @Jux Zeil adblocker doesn't work for the YT app, does it? Don't assume that you know it all. You clearly don't, and it makes you look a fool.

    • Jux Zeil
      Jux Zeil 8 months ago

      @Francis Chin AdBlocker bud..... there's always a way to deal with it at your end.....and as I said previously, "a tad".🙄

    • Francis Chin
      Francis Chin 8 months ago +1

      @Jux Zeil turning up the volume for the stream to be audible means that the 10 ads that YT inserts are painfully loud. Adjusting volume to be normal for the ads and the vast majority of other YT content makes the stream audio inaudible. That is a problem, whether or not you choose to solve it at your end or not. It is valid to point out problems.

    • Jux Zeil
      Jux Zeil 8 months ago

      @Lucas Not offended, just angered. It just shows how selfish you are, you're only thinking of yourself. Audio my end is good enough to just need to pick up my remote, and wait for it......turn the volume up a tad....😲 It improved my experience without making it worse for maybe 99% of other viewers. 🙄

  • Tech With Sean
    Tech With Sean 8 months ago

    Missed it live but watching now 👍

    • Mint.
      Mint. 8 months ago

      thanks for sharing

  • Eric
    Eric 8 months ago +5

    r5 2600 all day long!!!

    • 1967 kID
      1967 kID 8 months ago

      @Germo Gen Lepp ryzen 3000+ coming soon. But i need to make my new computer this week 3600x msi b450 tomahawk g-skill 3200hz cl14 b die 2x8 16gb memory gtx 1070s.

    • Eric
      Eric 8 months ago +1

      @Kevin Fonseca yes you can buy the 2600 right now for 130 dollars well worth it.

    • Germo Gen Lepp
      Germo Gen Lepp 8 months ago +3

      @Kevin Fonseca unless you are getting the 2600 used for a good price, get the R5 3600 instead... no reason to buy old tech new

    • Kevin Fonseca
      Kevin Fonseca 8 months ago

      Erics email I’m buying a new pc soon and I’m looking at the r5 2600, do you recommend?

  • Eric
    Eric 8 months ago

    whats up hommies!!!

  • Meek Rodriguez
    Meek Rodriguez 8 months ago


  • Carl Franz
    Carl Franz 8 months ago +1

    Um... it's your camera.