How To - Contour | Blush | Highlight & Bake The Face

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  • Here is how-to contour, blush, and highlight and bake the face! Everyone has been asking for a tutorial to learn how to do some of the basis, so here is how I contour, blush and highlight!


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  • Sharon Brennan
    Sharon Brennan 8 часов назад

    Looks beautiful but wow it seems to take a long time! I liked your eyeshadow. Don't know why you took it off.

  • Alexis Inclan
    Alexis Inclan День назад

    Wow so beautiful. thanms for the tips i will apply my make and contour to see how it looks 😊

  • Leazy bish
    Leazy bish День назад

    What powder was used for baking

  • jahlaya jackson
    jahlaya jackson 2 дня назад

    I learned sooooo much from this so thank u so much I came to this video hoping to learn a few tricks to help me from looking so busted my senior year and now I'm excited to try some new things ! Hope u see this

  • Mary Boo
    Mary Boo 3 дня назад

    Love this video 👍

  • Tishell Timberlake Klebold
    Tishell Timberlake Klebold 3 дня назад

    You have to be my favorite tutorialist (i don't know what its called, soo we will go with that)

  • Kimberly Bergstrom
    Kimberly Bergstrom 4 дня назад

    I love highlighting under my eyes but everything I've tried Accentuates under eye wrinkles. Any suggestions? 😢

  • B Queen
    B Queen 4 дня назад

    Her kim k vid was the first I saw of her and she was super annoying. But after watching this I can tell she was just super nervous. She seems like a cool girl and it was a lot of great tips.

  • Andrea Serrano
    Andrea Serrano 4 дня назад

    love this look!

  • Crystal Avitia
    Crystal Avitia 4 дня назад

    Summer highlighting that look is really good with contour.

  • niah dianne
    niah dianne 5 дней назад

    Would it be different if i have high cheek bones do i just put the highlight on my cheek bones going upward ?

  • Jeannie Batchelor
    Jeannie Batchelor 6 дней назад

    awesome video thank you!!

    M1911GHOST DESTRUCTION 6 дней назад


  • Heighton 720
    Heighton 720 6 дней назад

    I learned ALOT

  • Heighton 720
    Heighton 720 6 дней назад

    Love it!!!!!

  • Jessica Raygoza
    Jessica Raygoza 7 дней назад

    Thank you so much for this video, very helpful and great way to learn about other products. I just bought some products that you mentioned, can't wait to get them.

  • Latiffia Bryant
    Latiffia Bryant 8 дней назад

    I love highlighting and contouring you're an amazing person with biggest and you have inspired me so much

  • Meredith Eldred
    Meredith Eldred 8 дней назад

    this vid actually just saved my lyyfffeeeeeee

  • Shelby Cohen
    Shelby Cohen 8 дней назад

    Love the look. Just dont like how it looks like you are wearing so much makeup. Still looks great though!

  • Taylor Baker
    Taylor Baker 8 дней назад

    Oh my gosh the setting powder tricks helped SOOOOO much with my makeup today.....

  • Taylor Carlucci
    Taylor Carlucci 8 дней назад

    i just watched this after over a year of being posted and i wish i would have seen it then, literally amazing tricks

  • adriana Mendoza
    adriana Mendoza 9 дней назад

    "when you bake your under eye area you are making that bitch bulletproof " 😂👏🏾👏🏾

  • Darcy Gomez
    Darcy Gomez 10 дней назад

    I LOVED this video!!!

  • Paty Amenta
    Paty Amenta 10 дней назад

    Normally I don't have the patience for most of the tutorials... this girl is amazing, straight to the point, real and funny... btw, the nose is perfect!
    I'll follow beginning today👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Lilith Black
    Lilith Black 10 дней назад

    I'm new to make up but I was highly recommended Total Control Drop Foundation by Nyx. I love it so far.

  • Kaileigh
    Kaileigh 10 дней назад

    Did she use the RCMA powder to bake?

  • TheHowardBunch
    TheHowardBunch 10 дней назад

    Love your videos! You are the best and crack me up so hard. Thanks for all your videos! They help me so much!

  • Lulu Buron
    Lulu Buron 11 дней назад

    This won't work for me, why?

  • Lorey D
    Lorey D 11 дней назад

    This is the best explanation I've seen on how to bake the face. Thank you, I can't wait to try it now!

  • Jenifer L.
    Jenifer L. 11 дней назад

    This is, by far, the best tutorial on contouring, highlighting, and face baking. I've never been able to get it "just right" and had pretty much just stopped trying to do it but I watched your video last night and today...I feel like I contoured like a boss. Such a big difference. It easily made me look at least five years younger. My husband even complimented how pretty I looked today. Thumbs up & subscribed!!!

  • Becca Mancia
    Becca Mancia 11 дней назад

    i actually liked her eyeshadow..

  • Scout Beeson
    Scout Beeson 12 дней назад

    i loove you so much you r amazing no matter what anyone says

  • magic girl
    magic girl 12 дней назад

    Jaclyn I'm new to this channel but I'm already in love and I really love and would want your palette it's so amazing

  • Alejandra Diaz
    Alejandra Diaz 12 дней назад

    first person that really explains how to contour! thanks!!

  • Grace Browning
    Grace Browning 13 дней назад

    I like to do my nose contour with an eyebrow pencil. Powder contour is a look that I have tried for years to achieve with my bulbous nose, and everything I did (with my college student budget) just wasn't flattering at all. So I tried creme contour in the form of NYX's sculpt and highlight brow stick. The matte shade and the narrow applicator was perfect for getting the contour EXACTLY where I needed it to be for my nose shape, and the highlight was also matte, which made it easy to sculpt the sides of my nose and blend it with a damp sponge. For my bulbous nose shape and years of experimenting, I feel like the NYX eyebrow pencil will be a contouring staple for me for a long time because it's the first thing that actually worked for me.

  • Samantha Palomino
    Samantha Palomino 13 дней назад

    If I purchase the Jacklyn Hill's Favorite Morphe Brush Set should I still get the E4 Morphe angled contour brush?

  • amberly Florence
    amberly Florence 15 дней назад

    I need to know how to make my mackup look good but not spin a whole lot of money

  • Taylor Foster
    Taylor Foster 15 дней назад

    When you took off the eyeshadow it left like a pink brown pop color that looks really good

  • Jori Mullinix
    Jori Mullinix 17 дней назад


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    Courtney Dunlap 17 дней назад

    I have never been a follower of you but I've heard of your videos and thank the lord I found this video it is EXACTLY what I needed! Definitely a subscriber now and going to be up all night watching your videos lol.

  • Sweet DreamZzz
    Sweet DreamZzz 17 дней назад

    Not trying to be a negative person just trying to help.. You talk alittle too much and its really hard to wanna watch the whole video out.. Instead it made me skip around ur video to try and find the moments when ur just applying makeup. I really love how u apply ur makeup tho and u really know ur sh*t 😊

  • Huma Piracha
    Huma Piracha 18 дней назад

    U r so sooo beautiful. N sooo funny.

  • Shannon Palmer
    Shannon Palmer 18 дней назад

    What foundation do you already have on in this video? It looks flawless.

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    rachid khassal 19 дней назад

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  • rachid khassal
    rachid khassal 19 дней назад

    you are annoying , thank god im not dating you

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    Teresa Stokes 19 дней назад

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    danielle meikle 19 дней назад

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    Tara Russell 20 дней назад

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  • Tricia Martelle
    Tricia Martelle 20 дней назад

    I totally love watching your tutorials! You're easy to follow and I learn something every time. I appreciate the fact that you don't act flighty and immature as the rest of the chicks I see on the tube... You could slow your speech a little bit sometimes you get excited and talk fast LOL, but I enjoy your sense of humor and the way you talk :) Keep up the good work.

  • andreachidisima
    andreachidisima 20 дней назад

    Damn..I dislike this girl so much, indeed she's annoying...BUT she definitely has talent and she made a extremely well done explanation, very complete and CLEAR about EVERYTHING someone need to know about face makeup. I'm amazed! Very informative! excellent job! I'll recomend this video to everybody, even tho she's annoying 😂

  • Shannon Orefice
    Shannon Orefice 20 дней назад

    How did you do your eyes?!?!

  • natalya !!
    natalya !! 20 дней назад

    the most helpful video ever!

  • The Acomplishment
    The Acomplishment 21 день назад

    !! No wonder why the girls look like Dragqueens!! I thought it was me but it is because it was stolen from the Dragworld lol

  • cindy cortes
    cindy cortes 21 день назад

    I love love love your videos and you are so funny. But I have a question, do you think that the highlight, contouring and baking you did here works also for someone with a round face?

  • Tinker bell
    Tinker bell 22 дня назад

    Your so cute... 😊 and i love your make up.. Simple but beautiful!.. 😉

  • emily
    emily 22 дня назад

    which brush did she use to wipe away her powder !?

  • Ajringallo 04
    Ajringallo 04 22 дня назад

    Setting your face means adding press powder around the under eye?

  • Ajringallo 04
    Ajringallo 04 22 дня назад

    I tried baking my face for the first time...... I looked like a founding father

  • SuperDuperDippity
    SuperDuperDippity 23 дня назад

    Sooo what if the foundation we use is already the lightest shade? Lol

  • Isabella Ruiz
    Isabella Ruiz 23 дня назад

    This video is very informative! I used to do my blush the way you said not to. Thanks to you I now know how to do it properly. PS thanks for the tip on using highlighter when wearing matte lipstick!

  • trinh nguyen
    trinh nguyen 24 дня назад

    Nói zử mẹ

  • crl62089
    crl62089 24 дня назад

    Hi Jaclyn! I LOOOVE your detailed tutorials! Do you have any recommendations for how to soften a face? My bone structure is already naturally contoured, which is really nice most of the time, but sometimes I really want to look soft and youthful in the face! Everyone only posts videos about contouring. What about the opposite?

  • Por Anne & Penha Melo
    Por Anne & Penha Melo 24 дня назад


  • Josey Holman
    Josey Holman 24 дня назад

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    cognac lisciare 25 дней назад

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    ifrah babar 25 дней назад

    Too many steps. I was just thinking how I was doing makeup without all of it. I have never done contouring lol. Bought a pallet yesterday.

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    Roxana Medrano 26 дней назад

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    Kayla Robideaux 26 дней назад

    What lip color are you using? I have TINY no lips and all lip stick colors look terrible on me unless it's light.

  • Tamara Štumperger
    Tamara Štumperger 26 дней назад

    Girl, i don't have that many space on my face to put all of this on :)

  • Prince of Darkness
    Prince of Darkness 26 дней назад

    If I want to use creamy contour,do I do it before setting my face with powder or before?

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    Kyla Heaton 26 дней назад

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    Tovah Brinton 28 дней назад

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    Rhiannon 28 дней назад

    Baking doesn't work for me under my eyes. I only use it under my contour to sharpen it. You did a great job doing this video !!

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    Allison Woodard 28 дней назад +1

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  • Lauren Faller
    Lauren Faller 29 дней назад

    would this method be good if I am stepping on stage for a bikini competition?

    • Lauren Faller
      Lauren Faller 21 день назад

      I just tried this out this morning and let me tell you....HOLY CHANGED MY LIFE! My dark circles are less dark and my complexion is smooth AF. My concealer is staying in place after "baking it" and people have said I look more well rested. (Even though I am not!) Thank you for this easy to follow tutorial. I will be trying this out for my bikini competition look when I have to use a more dramatic look!

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    muranga simms 29 дней назад

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