How To - Contour | Blush | Highlight & Bake The Face

Here is how-to contour, blush, and highlight and bake the face! Everyone has been asking for a tutorial to learn how to do some of the basis, so here is how I contour, blush and highlight!


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Автор Gabriela loves Geology ( назад)
Loved your video omg.... I'm not to knowledgeable about makeup but I just loved it... well my face is round and I would "love" some tips for my sweet round face:))))
I just subscribed and I'll be watching all your great videos,,,
Thanks a bunch💋🌸💋🌸💋🌸

Автор Whitney Rose ( назад)
I am seriously in love with the RCMA powder!

Автор Melvin Thompson ( назад)
What's good chicas there is a spectacular makeup giveaway at sites.google.com/site/a26e68ace9

Автор Kendra Benavidez ( назад)
first off i love ur videos they're sooo helpful<3 but I feel like l missed a step, was liquid foundation already applied before the concealer? I know this video was sooo long ago, but I'm still learning how to bake n contour n all that :/ so any advice will be appreciated:)

Автор Samara Smith ( назад)
A-mazinggggg!!!😍 You are a God-send! I love all the techniques you used (especially that new contour). Totally made my day. I'm looking to change my look for summer, and I learned so much.😘

Автор Alexandra Absalon ( назад)
lovs love love ur video!!!! 😘

Автор Vanessa L Garcia ( назад)
Hi jaclyn! i loved watching your video. which beauty blender do you recommend?

Автор Gabrielle Clark ( назад)
You are just so pretty! Love your hair color! And I wish I could make up as good as you!

Автор Margarita Andrews ( назад)
I love you! You're so very informative! And funny! Love your channel girl! ❤️

Автор Renata Gimeno ( назад)
I just love your eyeshadow make up! You should make a tutorial of that eyeshadow

Автор Chrissy C ( назад)
If you were 50 and just starting makeup what highlighter would you recommend from the drugstore?

Автор TheStormChasers ( назад)
SOOOO MESSSSSY lol I'm sorry its jus been bothering me like crazy

Автор Isabella ( назад)
make up contour course love it I learned a lot

Автор Chelsey Farris ( назад)
great vid i think your funny great makeup skills bouncy hair n cute makeup!do yo thing girly!

Автор Elle Wright ( назад)
"Like a no head" dying

Автор Melissa Espinoza ( назад)

Автор J M ( назад)
brst beauty channel ever, first time ive subscribed

Автор Christina Marie ( назад)
waiting for that 2017 lipstick girl

Автор lauren.audrey ( назад)
How do you not get flashback while baking though?!

Автор Katerina Vlachopoulos ( назад)
I actually loved your eye shadow! 😂

Автор Valerie Gonzales ( назад)
This was seriously the most helpful face tutorial I have ever seen. I completely love how you explained exactly where you apply everything, and more importantly, why you apply it where you do. Thank You! #therealmvp

Автор Marianela Rivera ( назад)
Wow! So beautiful!

Автор Susan Maxfield ( назад)
What about the mature face with fine lines, wrinkles, and crepeyness under the eyes? Every time I bake my undereyes are synonymous with crepe paper, will the RCMA or Giorgio Armani stop that from happening? I don't want to pay for something that won't work for me I've already tried a few others and found that any powder under the eyes is extremely aging.

Автор Krystal Smith ( назад)
love your eyeshadow!!

Автор Savhanna Pannell ( назад)
Can I get the name and place you get that bake makeup

Автор Mariyah Al Junaibi ( назад)
Omg i watched this a long time ago & rewatched it today only to find out i have all the brushes she uses & some products like her highlight pallete, rcma powder 😩❤️❤️❤️ this makes me motivated to actually go and try her tips

Автор Katie Soriano ( назад)
Love the way you do make up

Автор Sami Niño ( назад)
One of the best makeup videos I have seen on YouTube. Thank you so much for the info...

Автор Mia051998 ( назад)
I'm ivory. So nothing is lighter than that 😂😂

Автор Sandy LaFerriere ( назад)
Ok I like the products However" are you on too much Caffeine ?? You talk way too FAST!! Please slow down a little hun

Автор Jasmin Soto ( назад)
Lololol i love you but you talk so fast😂😂😂😘

Автор Josh Fields ( назад)
I really admire your direct, practical instructions. You teach women to create their best, most beautiful (outside) selves. No exercise, thank god. I am sixty-one years old and throughout all those years I've very rarely worn make-up. When I have I really haven't known what I'm doing! Never used foundation or highlighter or contouring or...just a little, very little eye shadow and blush. Not even lipstick or mascara. So, I needed you to tell me how to do all this without making an obvious mess and looking like a clown! At the end of your "drugstore make-up" video, you shared...sincerely and beautifully. I was touched and delighted to get to know you a bit. You're a wonderful young woman and gave this woman new ideas of what can be. Thank you.

Автор Sharon Girl ( назад)
That video was so good!  You have the gift of gab!  Thank you! :0)

Автор Shreena P ( назад)

Автор Vixey Lazer ( назад)
Huh. I've only ever heard makeup artists say not to smile when doing blush.

Автор Ayla Lopez ( назад)
Wow. Your good. My boyfriend notice that im watching this video for so long and i was like looking at the timeline of the video "ohwow i'm watching this video for 22mins". I love how you talk in the video it feels like im just watching a 3min video. 😄

Автор Karime Ortiz ( назад)
Can someone help me? When I do my powdery contour sometimes it comes out patchy can someone tell me why

Автор Phansa Yuthachack ( назад)
Ok it's 2017, where the lipstick 💄 at???

Автор Valentina Alexandra Feliu ( назад)

Автор Liz Gil ( назад)
Learning and laughing as crazy...love the way you talk..hahahah... cheers from Mexico!

Автор Liana Solombrino ( назад)
She's totally right about highlighting the apples of her cheeks, it looks beautiful on her when she smiles! Not for me, but greeeeat on her!!

Автор eva bissielo ( назад)
seriously girl you talk to much and too fast. can't wait for that long you are just making noise

Автор Patrick Stump ( назад)
I miss mcr. *g note plays*

Автор cassidy coombs ( назад)
Hey! I've just bought the smashbox contour step-by-step kit and they are cream contours. I'm really struggling to blend them to get a flawless finish like this look. Do you have a video on cream contours you could direct me to or could you upload a tutorial on this product?Thanks a mil!X

Автор Yesenia Solis ( назад)
Great video
thsnks for sharing your technique

Автор Bernice Gomez ( назад)
This is my first talk through tutorial that I was actually following along with and let me tell you I'm VERY happy with my results . Definitely subscribed I already love you ❤️☺️

Автор Vi Tran ( назад)
Tutorial on this eye makeup please !!!

Автор JustDebz ( назад)
Thank you! Using your tip for my dance videos and definitely baking it :)

Автор Mia M ( назад)
I clicked on this video so fast hehe I have a heart shaped faced and I do have cheek bones cheeks ect but I have no bloody clue on how to do this, what I usually do is primer light foundation lipstick then mascara you notice no blush I have no clue 😂

Автор Mermaid lissa ( назад)
That was a lot of information lol. All much appreciated. :)

Автор Brianne Chacon ( назад)
@13:40 I died .... lol u too real n funny n cute! hahahahaa

Автор oatmeowl ( назад)
As a psychologist, I really enjoyed watching this.

Автор Lydia Royal ( назад)
she dosnt like her nose? stfu your nose is perfect opposed to mine.

Автор Lydia Royal ( назад)
did she get lip injections they just look smaller here.

Автор fatimah anwar ( назад)
Pause at 13:53

Автор fabianna palacios ( назад)
Loved your tutorial! What lipstick are you using?

Автор MsChechins ( назад)
What adjustments would you make to the under eye area to conceal under eye bags?

Автор Maggie Jacobs ( назад)
Thank you so much for this video,I've been having trouble with my makeup highlighting and countouring. Hopefully I can save up my money and buy a because blush and highlighter palette😂😄 thank you!!❤️

Автор April Humen ( назад)
Love this! I am not a fan of cream only contouring and highlighting. I love the way you do it and will apply this to my skills.

Автор sinead sinclair ( назад)
That makeup is FLAWLESS 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор PonyRose ( назад)
im always scared to do contour bc i feel like i put on too much but really i dont put on enough so you can't really tell

Автор Stephanie Encarnacion ( назад)
You have given me soooo much clarity on contouring! I've seen so many videos but none as clear as yours! Love how you go over everything! :)

Автор Marie Schnickmann ( назад)
Girl breath!please BREATH😂

Автор uhhbreannabanana ( назад)
I love this video! So helpful

Автор LittleCheff ( назад)
need a highlight vid plees

Автор Catherine Suerte ( назад)
too much talking

Автор Lola Glow ( назад)
....and let's get cookin' 👏👏👏

Автор denise solano ( назад)
finally I get it!!! the blending of it all has been a real challenge, Thanks :-)

Автор kelly1516 aj ( назад)
first time watcher. you are hilarious, but you seem to ramble (like most makeup gurus)

Автор Leah Marienah ( назад)
What brush did you use for highlight!?!?!??

Автор LYNNE ELLE ( назад)
Lovely you totally rock! Could you send me everything you used the Giorgio armani powder and brushes list them out thank you

Автор Taylor Donaldson ( назад)
What is on your lips at the end of the video?! (:

Автор Daniela Romero ( назад)
You are so cool 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I love that you explain everything !

Автор محمد الراجحي ( назад)
Hi I love you so so much but you talk so much💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙👑

Автор flysky360 ( назад)
very pretty

Автор flysky360 ( назад)
i wanna watch so bad but you are talkin so fast and babbling on and on. Take a deep breath hon

Автор Selina M ( назад)
did anyone else start laughing at "if you have a small forehead like a no head" 😂

Автор Danielle Dellosso ( назад)
awesome video... but i need to know what color is your hair because i freaking love it!!!!

Автор Mia Ornelas ( назад)
Lol omg I love you!!

Автор Vlada Balinsky ( назад)
you're so thorough this is awesome

Автор sam ; ( назад)
gorl it's 2017

Автор gmail andrianak ( назад)
elizabeth taylor 2

Автор Roses World ( назад)
Love your Tutorials ,but can we have a list of items used because sorry u talk so quick I can never get everything colour and make extra

Автор Liz Lom ( назад)
your so open to ev thing ,and imformative!

Автор Liz Lom ( назад)
you are the greatest teacher!

Автор Shannon DeVane ( назад)
Your wings are perfect!!!

Автор sing along with me ( назад)
now i am scared of baking😂

Автор Aaron Ponferrada ( назад)
thanks for the tips

Автор Hollie Garrett-Crandell ( назад)
It's 2017! When is that lip coming out!?

Автор Crystal Molina ( назад)
Thank you for this video, its so well explained and makes sense, your beautiful, I really need to buy brushes you mentioned

Автор colieabc ( назад)
Loved this!! Thank you! I have been struggling with these tricks and this video really made it all make sense! ❤🤗

Автор Tahlia Tuite ( назад)
This will forever be my favourite video😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Melissa H ( назад)
@recess___ check out the link in their bio for a sick makeup challenge done by guys ‼️ 🚨💣 follow and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more hilarious vids

Автор Kim Snyder ( назад)
how do you keep all this translucent powder off of your clothing/counter/floor?

Автор yasmine Gonzalez ( назад)
How do you get your eye liner like that? please upload a video. LOVE YOUR MAKEUP

Автор tessa sotello ( назад)
Girl your so freaking gorgeous!!!😍😍😍

Автор Portgas D. Ace ( назад)
what kind of eyeliner do you use?

Автор Linnette Marie ( назад)
You talk really fast 😂 love the video though!♥️

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