Crying Rangers Fan Loses Foul Ball to Adults | Good Morning America | ABC News

Kyle and Crystal Shores' son learns of a surprise he'll get from the Rangers. Crying Rangers Fan Loses Foul Ball to Adults; Parents of Boy Discuss on 'GMA'.
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Автор Marksman24444 ( назад)
Stop with the participation trophy mentallity its pathetic

Автор Magical Ways ( назад)
I don't feel bad for the kid. The woman caught it fair and square. Like, if that was an adult that was bawling over a ball no one would care. It's so annoying to see this. He already got the poor woman's ball and then another one. Like, I think not.

Автор theorangutans ( назад)
How selfish can adults be, Adam Weishaupt what do you except a three year old to do, give the child a break and shame on the freaking adults they need a lesson on when not to steal

Автор Colin La ( назад)
I wouldn't have seen the either. It's not their fault.

Автор LifeIsWeirdlyAwesome ( назад)
He shouldn't be such a baby the woman got the ball fair and square. He's the one being such a baby.

Автор bob and billy happy room ( назад)
that. bitch. just let her take it dounk

Автор Sajeeb Sarkar ( назад)
american's really goes nuts for a Ball

Автор JerzyGirl ( назад)
Fucking Jerks

Автор Filipino BeAsT ( назад)
They knew he was crying and they were still taking pictures

Автор Ian Pearn ( назад)
So a kid doesn't get the ball so what it's a baseball it's not food being throw into a concentration camp

Автор Muhammad Amir ( назад)

Автор odell beckham Lovers ( назад)
the lady and the guy is stupid

Автор CosmicBlu EvoX ( назад)
the dude that caught the ball had a dying son for which he wanted to give it to. the crying kid can live.

Автор Andrew btw ( назад)
😡😡😤😤 who else is mad from these this like wtf what a spoiled kid he needs to learn that they got it fair it wasent ment for him he needs to learn
You can't get whatever you want I would slap that little fucker in there face and how is this even news

Автор Novern Flare ( назад)
I didn't see the baby oh ya can't see a crying baby and you're facing his way such great people wonder if they have kids

Автор Amazingnuzz 100 ( назад)
His reaction when the parents told him is priceless. "Hey buddy, you're gonna get a ball and jersey!" *looks behind*

Автор Itsyoboy 345 ( назад)
It was going straight to him

Автор mackenzie Simmons ( назад)
my dad came home today and he is my life saver

Автор The Mesch123 ( назад)
do you guys here how they said that they never even knew that Cameron was there and then a couple minutes later she said that they were talking to them and they were talking to Cameron to.

Автор TCG FAN ( назад)
Those people are awful parents there teaching there kid that you should cry to get what you want

Автор Kickback 14 ( назад)
And it's not their right to give the ball to a kid

Автор Kickback 14 ( назад)
He spoiled

Автор FolkishPath122 ( назад)
It was the adults ball

Автор Cap One ( назад)
Why would the couple pay attention to a crying 3 y.o.? Isn't that what many of them do for most of their waking hours? And, 2 mins later they completely forget what they were crying about.

Автор Sage Ehlers ( назад)
You don't notice a crying 3 year old sitting 6 inches away?

Автор Omari Jones ( назад)
This is dumb he has a ball and a couple wanted to have that glory so what is wrong with that just bc he is a kid does not mean he has to get his way

Автор Leann Rurka ( назад)
Shit fuck

Автор cameryn purvey ( назад)

Автор Joe A ( назад)
lol the kid at the end what where are they

Автор Prem Semi ( назад)
the couples are doosh bags they never saw them yup right (sarcasm)

Автор Ben Neiberlein ( назад)
Two fucking idiot couple didn't see a baby crying I would give it to him

Автор Danfrombackhome ( назад)
I never got a ball and i was hit by a friggin line drive. So sorry kid

Автор Franke Triebl ( назад)
we didn't here the kid screaming crying next to us

Автор Valentin Jaku ( назад)
dumb nerd

Автор SlimeShak (Sgt.Slime) ( назад)
The fuckin couple that lies!!

Автор Fishing Fury ( назад)
I wish I was a little kid again so I could cry to get what ever I want I mean come on people don't teach your kid to be a cry baby

Автор Slime And squishies ( назад)
Them dam people who took the ball are lying

Автор real Demigod ( назад)
the kid never even had the ball

Автор Francisco Cantero Jr ( назад)
those guys are bitchs

Автор Sher Lock ( назад)
he looks like a little shit

Автор Its Syphe ( назад)
Fuck a 30 second ad that I can't skip. They just made money of me and I did the super hard work. Now the video won't even load. FML KMS

Автор Navy c ( назад)
I hope that couple goes to hell

Автор EmeraldLion 28 ( назад)
How did she not see him when she looked at him

Автор ReaperTale Sans ( назад)
how the hell would not notice a crying little kid in front of u. what the fuck.

Автор Caitlin and Chloe #4 realz ( назад)
How did they not know there is a screaming child sitting next to you

Автор GillesBoutenfeu ( назад)
slow news day

Автор Maxwell Leam ( назад)
dude if I caught that ball I would be so proud of myself but if I see s kid crying would just walk over to him and give him the ball

Автор ANSONCHEUNG299 Anson cheung ( назад)
Fuck you stupid ass bitch adult just go to Saudi Arabic

Автор Howzer The man ( назад)
His dad said he'd had a ball once before so it's not like he missed a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Автор DayMoney ( назад)
"It's tradition to always give the ball to the kid at a baseball game."

Who the fuck ever invented that rule? If I caught a ball at a baseball game, I would keep that shit.

Автор DayMoney ( назад)
Whiny little shit. It's just a fucking ball. Kids need discipline, to show that you can't get everything that you want.

Автор THYPHOONDC ( назад)
that is soms mean

Автор Kirollos Samir ( назад)
Fuck that couple they are lying

Автор Alex Brown ( назад)
I saw the woman look at the kid

Автор elgransick ( назад)
That kid was born in the wrong generation. He should've been a millennial.

Автор Aaron Husar ( назад)
I won't be taking my kids to games because I'm not interested in games. And of course at that age people are a lot more transparent with their emotions. Of course, kids crying need comfort, not something to cry about. If you don't want your kids crying, DON'T GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT OR YOU'RE A HYPOCRITE!

Автор Patrick is on crack ( назад)
once I was a restaurant and thus kid was on his moms phone playing minecraft his desert was in front of him for 10 minutes his hand knocked the desert on the floor he looked up from his phone and started crying then a waiter hands him one of this kids bag with stuff in it a new desert and t shirt he was so spoiled if he ate his desert it wouldn't if happened

Автор peter pumkin ( назад)
Someone should have punched that smug cunt in the fucking face.

Автор The explorer 1 ( назад)
You know, right off the bat I just need to say, you fu**ing adaults. F U

Автор funnyandabsurd ( назад)
So that's how Trump won the election .

Автор NoodleBuddy ( назад)
It wasn't his ball it was flying to the couple not the fucking crying little shit it wasn't even his ball

Автор Shaken ( назад)

Автор Atomix ( назад)
That dude is about 1 year younger than me

Автор Derpster ( назад)
The fuck they interview involved people afterwards on TV? Fuck that culture.

Автор Gloria Craigie ( назад)
That was so rude the adults how they barged in That little boys way whats wrong with them but hes really lucky

Автор Angel of Hell ( назад)
if they got it they got it. it's okay if the kid cries but everyone treats the woman like the devil remember she is also a fan and the ball she got might never happen again and to just give up something that precious to a three year old because he is upset is stupid.

Автор Dave Sims ( назад)
Rangers fans. Either assholes or cry-babies

Автор WWE And MortalKombat ( назад)
F$&@ that couple

Автор da mobility king ( назад)
well then that woman better get glasses.

Автор lukii ( назад)
the kid aready has a ball

Автор lukii ( назад)
spoiled kid

Автор Ella Dodson ( назад)
First of all, how do you miss a bawling child? I mean come on! He must've been screaming!!!!!!! Ughhh I hate America

Автор Sheet of paper ( назад)
I laughed

Автор Sean Marchello ( назад)
Fucking little brat

Автор Weenee Soh-Smith ( назад)
Bruh that couple frikin looked at Cameron

Автор Tomahawk ( назад)
This is nothing compared to the lady snatching the ball out if the kids hands

Автор Dre Whitford ( назад)
bull shit you did not see the kid and you were right beside the kid and it sertently looked like you were in exactly no state of mind to give him the ball you worth less son of a bitch ass mother fucker

Автор Gwen MSP and MORE! ( назад)
OMG.So sad😭😂😿😢

Автор Firepopcorn 123 ( назад)
How the hell have you not heard a screaming child?

Автор Righley 866 ( назад)
How could you not notice a crying boy sitting next to you? Jerks!😡😡😡😡😡😡

Автор Harambe thug-life ( назад)
if i were his dad i would be like: you want a ball you want a ball
kid:yes (crying)
me:then grow the fuck up so i could not carry you stupid ass to not fall over so now shut up and watch the baseballs

Автор barnes 77 ( назад)
People judging a toddler on an adult level are seriously ignorant. Calling a toddler entitled and even citing white privilege shows exactly why American is so messed up.
Toddlers can not process disappointed an adult basis and the adult couple were cunts end of

Автор Punchoutmaster1 ( назад)
They are complete idiots

Автор Grace Busen ( назад)

Автор Pinkduck Gamer ( назад)
how do you not see him look at 1:20 you can see the old lady looking at him

Автор Philip Handoko ( назад)
that girl ist stupit

Автор realpqleur ( назад)
Why is this news? 80% of ugly white women would have done the same thing....

Автор Beaner ( назад)
Idiot people who stole the ball

Автор johnathan styles ( назад)
fuck those guys be nice to kids man dont ahow off

Автор CeeJay Banks ( назад)
those parent were rubbing I in his face

Автор luna sparks ( назад)
if they didnt see the poor kid they both need glasses

Автор Lauren Thompson ( назад)
what a stupid bitch

Автор GeometryDashGamer ( назад)
That one where the couple caught the ball and didn't give it to the toddler. Well. Good. Kids can't always get there way. Now, if someone snatched it from a kids hands, that would be something I would get pissed off at. However, The couple are just trying to have a good time. They caught it. Why should they have to waste that opportunity to give it to a crying toddler. Also, Sorry if I sound like a jerk. But what I'm saying is the truth.

Автор BoxerGames ( назад)
2:09 Is this i prank? Where's the camera?

Автор Rain Drifter ( назад)
What a crying little bastard. His parents should not pamper him. In life, you don't get everything you want so why put this little shit on the news? How is this newsworthy? He even looks miserable in this report!

Автор Derp Melon ( назад)
spoiled brat

Автор Jaxson vlogs101 ( назад)
they should have fucking gave him the ball

Автор Nicole Slater ( назад)
I don't believe for a second they didn't notice the little boy crying and so upset. Baseball games are loud, I've been to a few myself, but it is still easy to hear someone next to you, whose only inches away, esp when they're crying like that little boy was. You can tell the couple were aware and purposely didn't look in the boys direction. They looked everywhere else. I'd have a hard time looking at myself in the mirror if I was that kind of person. They had an awesome opportunity and purposely ignored it.

Автор Olivia Longeville ( назад)
The man saw the little boy crying

Автор David Booher ( назад)
if you didn't no that there was a kid next to u then y did u take it

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