• Published on Jul 6, 2017
  • Nothing like some citric acid to end your night on a high note. I hear it aids in the process of pooping, which can come in handy when you're constipated. Regardless this recipe actually works and is an incredible experience you must try at least once before you die.
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    • 2 Cups Heavy Cream
    • 2 Cups Whole Milk
    • 1 Cup Blue Raspberry Warheads
    • 1 Cup Water (approximately)
    • ¾ Cup Sugar
    • ¼ tsp Salt
    • ½ Cup Crushed Warheads (any flavor)
    • 5-20 Tbsp Crushed Dry Ice
    • Blue Food Dye or Gel
    Disclaimer: Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline. It does not represent any actual facts.
    Music - Epidemic Sound
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  • Singhhardeet
    Singhhardeet 50 minutes ago

    Make swedish fish ice cream

  • Sheryl Singh
    Sheryl Singh 5 days ago

    Make a giant warheads!!!!!!!

  • slevinpann
    slevinpann 8 days ago +1

    Why is julia all up on that one foo heck no

  • Gabby Ratliff
    Gabby Ratliff 17 days ago

    Make a edible fan!!!! With worheads that are melted!!!

  • Gabby Ratliff
    Gabby Ratliff 17 days ago

    Make a edible fan!!!!

  • Detreeka L
    Detreeka L 20 days ago

    can you make mike and like icecream

  • chocolatecookie chavez

    You guys should have a ice cream company

    NAHEEL SHAHZAD 25 days ago

    Their content is really good, they're not putting a naked girl or anything sexual for views, it's about cooking and they're doin a hell of a job!!! 👍👍👍👍

  • Nate Cook
    Nate Cook Month ago

    Can you make a big Sour Warhead lemon big Shadow Pringles that's women with a yellow Hulk and blue hair n22 22t that that's pink and blue

  • Lilian Tul
    Lilian Tul Month ago

    The citric acid helps you poop

  • Michael D Horodowicz

    Make Juicy Fruit ice cream.

  • Ayak Deng
    Ayak Deng Month ago


  • Taste like china had a baby and named it America

    when u eat like this this tells others you dont give a damn how long you live lol

  • Taste like china had a baby and named it America

    why the hell would i eat that if she didn't wash her hands lol she told on herself 2:13

  • Valdemar Larsen
    Valdemar Larsen Month ago

    Make af giant boritto

  • king_assassin99 2
    king_assassin99 2 Month ago

    I thought dry ice was a little bit poisonous😂😂😂

  • Cannon MacLeod
    Cannon MacLeod Month ago

    It’s easier to get a ice cream maker then to get dry ice

  • Abby Eubanks
    Abby Eubanks Month ago

    Julia is so tiny next to daym lol 😂

  • sean mc
    sean mc Month ago

    Make a warhead drink

  • Zombified Games
    Zombified Games Month ago

    "Dry ice is cold and it can burn you so follow us on instagram.

  • Ellen Venable
    Ellen Venable Month ago

    3:22 looks like he's putting on a condom😅

  • Al Sp
    Al Sp 2 months ago

    I love orgasm picture

  • Mîdnïght Angëłâ晴晴

    4:32 music name?

  • Anime Freak
    Anime Freak 2 months ago

    yea dry ice can burn u but ur gonna eat it?

  • Jeannae Williams
    Jeannae Williams 2 months ago

    make streachy ice cream

  • earllejeanchristoff trajano

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    Brayden Goodwin 2 months ago

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  • Rana Ahmed
    Rana Ahmed 2 months ago

    4:49 *citric acid helps you poop*

  • Luke Nanan
    Luke Nanan 3 months ago

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  • Jennifer Blizzard
    Jennifer Blizzard 3 months ago

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  • The Strikers Play Games


  • Abby Dietrich
    Abby Dietrich 3 months ago

    A giant gun taco

  • Tjung Jan Tjin
    Tjung Jan Tjin 3 months ago

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  • YoUr mOm
    YoUr mOm 3 months ago

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    duk plays 3 months ago

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  • Rita Pan
    Rita Pan 3 months ago

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  • Cyber Nation
    Cyber Nation 3 months ago +2

    Make sour drink

  • Kawaii Panda
    Kawaii Panda 3 months ago

    This is my favorite video from Hellthy Junk food the food looks soo yummy

  • Ian Lucianoyestillieno Pictures


  • Samuel
    Samuel 3 months ago

    You should Make a sour warhead donut!🍩🍩

  • Kenneth Clark
    Kenneth Clark 3 months ago

    You should make the hottest ice cream with
    hot sauce 🔥 and other hot things

  • Peyton Rivas
    Peyton Rivas 3 months ago

    It's called molcajete.

  • Kate Playz
    Kate Playz 3 months ago

    Toxic waste ice cream

  • Dyllan pape
    Dyllan pape 3 months ago

    I feel my tounge hurting from this vid lol

  • Madeline Hensley
    Madeline Hensley 3 months ago

    Ok... that looks good... but the girl needs to stop.

  • Abby Kennell
    Abby Kennell 3 months ago

    Why didn’t it curtle

  • LOL Surprise
    LOL Surprise 3 months ago

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  • Francis Paris
    Francis Paris 3 months ago

    I wanna marry Josh Elkin

  • unicorn lover10
    unicorn lover10 3 months ago

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  • Nini Guti
    Nini Guti 3 months ago


  • GoWithDa Flow
    GoWithDa Flow 4 months ago

    You need to make sure to crush the dry iced until its powder cause if theres chunks it can burn your mouth causing a rash or something

  • david obrien
    david obrien 4 months ago

    I want to see ah giant ice cream sandwich lasagna style like cookie ice cream cookie more ice cream and so on

  • Iveth Almazan
    Iveth Almazan 4 months ago

    That's called a molcajete

  • crazy jazzy438
    crazy jazzy438 4 months ago +1

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  • karina f
    karina f 4 months ago +1

    that's not how you actually make ice cream...

  • Sevtron420
    Sevtron420 4 months ago

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    Mia Asil 4 months ago

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    *Porn hub has joined the chat*

  • Jazmin Pettigrew
    Jazmin Pettigrew 4 months ago

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  • Olivia Payou
    Olivia Payou 4 months ago

    That thing that you used to crush the war heads was used to make medicine

  • Lucio Fanni
    Lucio Fanni 4 months ago

    I remember when you did the war head candy apple. And there was no yellow or any color but blue. I love you ❤️ keep this up

  • Tractor Scott
    Tractor Scott 4 months ago

    Why does josh look like a gta player

  • John McKitrick
    John McKitrick 4 months ago

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    Leonardo Cuenca 4 months ago

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    David Russell Jereza 4 months ago

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  • Naruto Uzumaki fan
    Naruto Uzumaki fan 4 months ago

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  • Langan Brooklyn
    Langan Brooklyn 4 months ago

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  • Venkatesh VeeraRaghavan

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  • Roger Ruiz
    Roger Ruiz 4 months ago

    Hey the thing you break candy is a mexican thing because i am and my mom uses and is called molcajete

  • Brianna Jagodzinski
    Brianna Jagodzinski 4 months ago +1

    Julia is the simplynailogical of cooking making jokes about being high that’s why I love her .

  • Khristlynne Angel
    Khristlynne Angel 4 months ago

    i don't like the girl Ew

  • Amy Shay
    Amy Shay 4 months ago

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    Mackenzie Tuck covers 4 months ago

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  • the gamer 47
    the gamer 47 5 months ago

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  • Crazy Junkrat Main
    Crazy Junkrat Main 5 months ago

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  • Noah TAK
    Noah TAK 5 months ago

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    tulpanen 5 months ago +1

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    Gabriel Barfield 5 months ago

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    Critical_NovaX 5 months ago

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