Will It Cheesecake? Taste Test

  • Опубликовано: 24 сен 2018
  • Can we have our cake and eat it too? Today we ask the age old questions: Will It Cheesecake? GMM #1385
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Комментарии • 3 539

  • Alia McBride
    Alia McBride 20 часов назад +2280

    "It smells like cheesecake... But it looks like a problem"

    • Tyson Tollstrup
      Tyson Tollstrup 4 часа назад


    • Jaina Novelo
      Jaina Novelo 5 часов назад

      Don't you feel a bit bad throwing so much food away? I love you guys but really... People die of hunger while you mix good ingredients with shit so you can have a bite. Its getting old.

    • Alia McBride
      Alia McBride 5 часов назад

      +IdkWhatToPutHere wild

    • Alia McBride
      Alia McBride 5 часов назад

      +JesusChristVEVO lol I didn't set out to get a heart, I just thought it was a funny line. It is kinda stupid but I think the reason why quotes in the comments get so much more attention is because everyone has seen the video and can relate to it. Plus, if it's a line like this, most people probably found that funny and like that someone else is validating that. It's all about relatability.

    • Turquoi Pickett
      Turquoi Pickett 6 часов назад

      JesusChristVEVO stop being jealous it's not your comment so shut up

  • J3LLYZ
    J3LLYZ 3 часа назад

    Will it nugget? Or will it sushi? My ideas for a while.

  • magnus neist
    magnus neist 3 часа назад

    I love that you can just ask if things will, just to try weird foods ahah

  • Bryce Stout
    Bryce Stout 3 часа назад

    Links face made it look like life flashed before his eyes.

  • Balin Winfield Sadler
    Balin Winfield Sadler 3 часа назад

    Oh cool another new will it video :D

  • Cool cat
    Cool cat 3 часа назад

    Why the chicken cross the road because he depressed

  • Corey Wiggins
    Corey Wiggins 3 часа назад

    Link sounds like some apocalyptic overlord lol

  • Caleb Grabowski
    Caleb Grabowski 3 часа назад

    Will it Make Music?

  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones 3 часа назад

    “I’ve been wronged in the mouth”

  • Anika Hart
    Anika Hart 3 часа назад

    Debating whether or not I wanna watch the whole video because I love cheesecake and I don’t want this to ruin it for me. 🤢

  • Lee Dobbs
    Lee Dobbs 3 часа назад

    Lmao wow the Bushwackers

  • Nah
    Nah 3 часа назад

    Link gots that salt and pepper goin

  • Awkward Italian Girl
    Awkward Italian Girl 3 часа назад

    Cheesecake is ruined.

  • Snake Eggs
    Snake Eggs 3 часа назад +1

    Will it qe sedia

  • Jayden Swerve
    Jayden Swerve 3 часа назад

    Good mythical morning! Truly

  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis 3 часа назад

    Rhett’s eyes once he tasted the bile was an absolutely perfect reaction

  • Ramen On Wheels
    Ramen On Wheels 3 часа назад

    WHY!?...JUST WHY!?

  • KatBeauty
    KatBeauty 3 часа назад

    Why TF wouldn't you sillies call it "Philly Cheesecake"??? Haha

  • Scott Oleson
    Scott Oleson 3 часа назад

    Why do these guys just keep yelling?

  • Beau Koleno
    Beau Koleno 3 часа назад


  • tyler nesh
    tyler nesh 3 часа назад

    13:30 at this moment he has done and seen everything in life

  • Malachi M
    Malachi M 3 часа назад +1

    9:42 the subtlest reference to death ever

  • Unboxing my wishlist
    Unboxing my wishlist 3 часа назад

    How to tell if food tastes bad is when Rhett cant even swallow it

  • Matthew A
    Matthew A 3 часа назад

    “It actually smells like pet food.....well let’s just eat it.”

  • Christian Bierbaum
    Christian Bierbaum 3 часа назад

    Long time fans know how to fix that last cheesecake.
    Rub some bacon on it

  • frido spook
    frido spook 3 часа назад

    Tell josh he's the man for me. I'm sure what he does can't be easy. Anyone can blend a bunch of gross crap together but he nails the presentation. Tip of the hat to you sir.

  • Leticia Marie Medina
    Leticia Marie Medina 3 часа назад


  • duhsmersh
    duhsmersh 3 часа назад

    weed heights VapeNation

  • Xavier Washington
    Xavier Washington 3 часа назад

    The Bushwhackers are still alive

  • Privacy Valued
    Privacy Valued 3 часа назад

    Ooh. Grape Nuts cheesecake sounds interesting.

  • Anthony Weise
    Anthony Weise 3 часа назад

    YAY!!! Will it episodes are the best

  • TheLearningCurveBoi
    TheLearningCurveBoi 3 часа назад

    71812 1 312.

  • Knickknack v
    Knickknack v 4 часа назад

    This is the will it episode I've been waiting for ever since they started this series 😂

  • Perki set
    Perki set 4 часа назад +1

    13:31 Links face lol

  • Joshua Nicolai
    Joshua Nicolai 4 часа назад

    Why does Link always take off his glasses when wretching!?

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 4 часа назад +1

    Should’ve done a Cane Cake 🍰

  • Super Sanity
    Super Sanity 4 часа назад

    I am glad I was witness to this

  • Levar Charles Puriefoy
    Levar Charles Puriefoy 4 часа назад

    I just saw Emenim's new video, "Lucky You" featuring some guy named..... Joyner Lucus, it was on RUclip, I posted a comment that said:
    "It's obvious that Emenim, was a gentleman, he wrote Joyner Lucus parts, key notes join the looses parts, starting from 1:19, that's when the art got clean, I can write like Em, my pen tight like trim, I'll ghost write for you, I'll host nights for you, pick me for your rymes, save plenty of time, and a lot of cash, plan on pots of cash, let me know anytime, bet I flow many rymes, twenty-four seven, I've got plenty more check in." I'm Levar Charles Puriefoy, I'm the bar boss pure boy.
    P.S. I do jingles too, the best is what I'll bring to you.

  • Emilia Östholm
    Emilia Östholm 4 часа назад

    Every time they try something disgusting It’s always Link who gags first and because of the sound Rhett gags to, it’s hilarious to see

  • Katie Jackson
    Katie Jackson 4 часа назад

    Not all cheesecakes are made with eggs

  • Roid Range
    Roid Range 4 часа назад

    Come to the boys home

  • Alexandra Hoehn
    Alexandra Hoehn 4 часа назад

    Popcorn chicken can be links Scooby snacks

  • Du'morte Montal
    Du'morte Montal 4 часа назад

    dat bushwhacker reference tho

  • Z Wil
    Z Wil 4 часа назад

    Wasn't the original idea of the "Will It" series that the item had to be made better by the combination? Instead it's become "do we find it edible?"

    • Terrence Davis
      Terrence Davis 4 часа назад

      I think you're litereally thinking of the "Is it better" series which they also do.

  • fledwest
    fledwest 4 часа назад

    Don't care how popular you are... Your thumbnails make you look like fucktards!!

  • Yorick Rynsburger
    Yorick Rynsburger 4 часа назад

    Pile really safety short bear occur Asian temple rest.

  • eric walsh
    eric walsh 4 часа назад

    I have never seen Link take his glasses off like that

  • Ryden :D
    Ryden :D 4 часа назад +1

    They’re always talking over each other now lmao

  • David Kruse
    David Kruse 4 часа назад

    Will it ramen

  • Big Fan
    Big Fan 4 часа назад

    " *you like to talk about the corn coming out of the tuhkis* "

  • Hussain Rumaih
    Hussain Rumaih 4 часа назад

    here is an idea Will it pot ?

  • Jennifer love
    Jennifer love 4 часа назад

    They always on trending

  • Cayden Hart
    Cayden Hart 4 часа назад

    How is it number 3 on trending already wow these people are doing a great job at creating content

  • Art's Kitty
    Art's Kitty 4 часа назад

    Could you do a "Will it hat?"

  • Emily
    Emily 4 часа назад

    Me: o new episodes of gmm on a weekend woo! Husband: its monday.. me: .....

  • Hecate
    Hecate 4 часа назад


  • jassy leonard
    jassy leonard 4 часа назад

    hello, it's my birthday!

  • Hunter wolfe
    Hunter wolfe 4 часа назад

    Did they really not call the first one philly cheese cake?

  • Melody •
    Melody • 4 часа назад

    Philly cheese scake

  • HAYDEN Mary
    HAYDEN Mary 4 часа назад

    Your welcome

  • Super Gaming
    Super Gaming 4 часа назад

    10:43 Rhett's Batman voice

  • TomdaBomb
    TomdaBomb 4 часа назад

    Haven't seen Rhett gag in a bile.

  • Evan Soontiens
    Evan Soontiens 4 часа назад

    Cheesecake is the best dessert, don’t change my mind cause you can’t

  • iRED
    iRED 4 часа назад

    This is fine...*nom*

  • Alexander Iakovou
    Alexander Iakovou 4 часа назад

    Will it carbonate?
    Like if you agree they should do it!

  • Tim Rouse
    Tim Rouse 4 часа назад

    Still 3 on trending! ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼

  • Matt Randall
    Matt Randall 4 часа назад

    will it cheesecake? So let's see what sort of internal organs are they gonna put into a cheesecake?

  • The Nerd Is Strong With This One
    The Nerd Is Strong With This One 4 часа назад

    Omg this was on my grandma’s birthday and she loves cheesecake

  • Master Clickbait
    Master Clickbait 4 часа назад

    How does a chicken breath fire?

  • mattaltier 44
    mattaltier 44 4 часа назад

    I’m surprised there was no blood cheesecake

  • Cindy Salazar
    Cindy Salazar 4 часа назад

    Will it enchilada?

  • joey teixeira
    joey teixeira 4 часа назад

    Listen to Rhett at 13:14 then 13:21

  • Bigdude0444
    Bigdude0444 4 часа назад

    This video was uploaded on the 24th, presumably uploaded in the morning around their time. Why did I just get it recommended saying it only had 3 views? 6 now when I went back to screenshot it.

  • blue ferral
    blue ferral 4 часа назад

    Bile is what make vomit taste so good.

  • Zachary Ridley
    Zachary Ridley 4 часа назад


  • Jessica Black
    Jessica Black 4 часа назад

    How could you miss Mac and Cheesecake

  • jakethecheezcake
    jakethecheezcake 4 часа назад

    Did it really cheezcake? Huh?

  • Radio Roulette
    Radio Roulette 4 часа назад

    Will it funnelcake?

  • D C
    D C 4 часа назад

    Wil it Tamale

  • Andrew Pappas
    Andrew Pappas 4 часа назад

    Still waiting for a Will It Poutine

  • Dacoven z
    Dacoven z 4 часа назад


  • ItsRedrum
    ItsRedrum 4 часа назад

    gmm is wild while you're stoned

  • Filming With A Noob
    Filming With A Noob 4 часа назад

    Why are all of the wheel of mythicality outro videos shot on a toaster.

  • Leonard Mariscal
    Leonard Mariscal 4 часа назад

    Would love the energies cake recipe xD

  • Kayla Jones
    Kayla Jones 4 часа назад

    Try the gray stuff... it’s delicious

  • Rats Need Love Too.
    Rats Need Love Too. 4 часа назад

    so.. was everything boiled for safety?

  • Syair Curry
    Syair Curry 4 часа назад

    Six views 31K likes RUclip is broken

  • Edman209
    Edman209 4 часа назад

    Make a nacho cheesecake

  • Anthony Crow
    Anthony Crow 4 часа назад +2

    Please make a will it Cookbook

  • Christopher Deelstra
    Christopher Deelstra 4 часа назад

    That was historic for gmm

  • Loudus
    Loudus 4 часа назад

    7:04 Wow I did not expect such a deep voice from Link!

  • John White
    John White 4 часа назад +1

    I can't stop rewinding to the few seconds before they take the bile just to see how their reactions went from 0 to 100 almost instantaneously.

  • Declan Cleary
    Declan Cleary 4 часа назад

    Hey I was just binge watching this series and another one came out! Lucky me!

  • Maria Hemmersmeier
    Maria Hemmersmeier 4 часа назад

    I think that was the shortest amount of time either of them had a food in their mouth

  • Monet Orr
    Monet Orr 4 часа назад

    "i feel like ive been wronged in the mouth"

  • Briana Burrows
    Briana Burrows 4 часа назад

    Will it coffee???

  • Ivey McCraney
    Ivey McCraney 4 часа назад

    OMG around 12:54 I wasn’t looking at the video and thought Rhett was talking but it was Link! I could’ve sworn he sounded just like Rhett for two seconds

  • Witch of The Forest
    Witch of The Forest 5 часов назад

    maximum pain relief is the new word for death

  • Briana Burrows
    Briana Burrows 5 часов назад

    They should do a taste test ranking of the nastiest food they’ve had on the show 😭😭😭