Fidget Spinner

  • I got a fidget spinner. It spins. So that's good. I'm going to be honest I like it. It's kinda addicting. I call bull on the claims that it makes about improving focus though. If anything it's a distraction. Other than that it's a neat toy.
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  • KittyKatKayla :3
    KittyKatKayla :3 Day ago +1

    I got a fidget cube to fidget around with in class and then literally the next day everyone had fidget spinners so i got a fidget spinner and then it got taken away in class but they didnt take it away from the other kids nope just the one with ADHD

  • Adrian Bik
    Adrian Bik 2 days ago +1

    Is that the record holder on Bowser's Big Bean Burrito?

  • Yuan Yuan
    Yuan Yuan 3 days ago

    ah those were the good days. when the biggest thing we were worried about was the fidget spinner trend....good times. good times

  • Gabriela Rios
    Gabriela Rios 6 days ago


  • Honeycomb7581 They won't let me put just one word.

    yeah all it does is spin
    it's meant to help kids with distraction issues but the neurotypicals stole it like they steal everything they like

  • Connor Rhodes
    Connor Rhodes 9 days ago

    17 videos and you have over 1000000 subs. Majestic

  • Tenchigo
    Tenchigo 10 days ago

    I love how zombified you sounded after spinning the Spinner lol

  • King Dollop-head
    King Dollop-head 11 days ago

    I’m autistic and it helps calm me down when I get upset or overwhelmed

  • Zaim M.
    Zaim M. 12 days ago

    You can use the fidget spinner as a weapon

  • William Moore
    William Moore 13 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 I love fidget spinners! And by the way. Salad is not food. Salad is what my food eats. Yep

  • HunnoBunno
    HunnoBunno 14 days ago

    “It cures!”
    Me: yeah. If you want a chipped tooth.

  • sophia arthur
    sophia arthur 14 days ago

    Fidget spinners and other similar fidget toys were actually made for those with adhd and autism (aka me) to help with sensory needs, but neurotypicals seemed to hijack the stim toy train for some reason ahaha

  • Lilly Bosarge
    Lilly Bosarge 15 days ago

    I have anxiety i feel sad alot sometimes

  • HyDragon Gaming
    HyDragon Gaming 17 days ago +2


  • Lily Vance-McGarvey
    Lily Vance-McGarvey 20 days ago

    Bashes fidget spinner then 10/10 😝

  • Jabari Najiy
    Jabari Najiy 20 days ago

    Figet spinner’s are dead

  • Jabari Najiy
    Jabari Najiy 20 days ago


  • Epic
    Epic 21 day ago

    The fact that I got recommended a video about fidget spinners in 2020 proves that I have some sort of mental deficiency

  • potato girl
    potato girl 21 day ago


  • Chris de Leon
    Chris de Leon 23 days ago

    Fidget spinners are for people who stim (ex ADHD, autism) etc

  • Kaexe
    Kaexe 25 days ago

    This invention is something like a baby would make and feel like a genius. ngl.

  • K. Settle
    K. Settle 26 days ago +2

    spidget finner

  • Blue Drew
    Blue Drew 27 days ago +1


  • Modern Midern
    Modern Midern 28 days ago

    I missed the good trends

  • Ray Cai
    Ray Cai 28 days ago

    Why did you buy the exact same one I did

  • Casey Roenneburg
    Casey Roenneburg 28 days ago

    When Toysrus died, so did the fidget spinner. On the i think second to last day, the fidget spinners were fully stocked.

  • Jace Coppock
    Jace Coppock 29 days ago +2

    Is 2020

  • GuyInARoom
    GuyInARoom 29 days ago +1

    Sidget finner

  • Burinnu
    Burinnu Month ago


  • Mr.F
    Mr.F Month ago

    Yeah what kind of trend was this? Its just something that spins why was this such a big thing

  • nuka mations
    nuka mations Month ago

    their popularity fell faster than the meteor that killed the dinosaurs

  • Lara Waldron
    Lara Waldron Month ago


  • Agent Gamer
    Agent Gamer Month ago

    I used to have two fidget spinners...
    Then i lost them for a long time...
    Never found them...

    R.I.P fidget spinners
    I may never be able to see you again...
    Im sorry...

  • Asmr vids
    Asmr vids Month ago

    Im watching this in 2020... Cool

  • Aoife Leonard
    Aoife Leonard Month ago

    I had a fidget spinner before it was a galaxy one

  • JB-12
    JB-12 Month ago

    It is dead

  • captain america
    captain america Month ago

    i have made 1234 in the comments

  • Shockwave Infinity
    Shockwave Infinity Month ago +1

    What I dont understand is why he wasted his money on a fidget spinner when he could have bought an ice cream sandwich

  • Alexander Hart
    Alexander Hart Month ago

    Spidget finner

  • Ryan Jacques
    Ryan Jacques Month ago +3

    whos here in 2020

  • Stooper101
    Stooper101 Month ago


  • Makayla Faucette
    Makayla Faucette Month ago

    i don't buy it
    anyway, i bought it

  • Jezaia van der Watt

    Look at THE STORY BEHIND IT Ice cream Sandwich, it was made to stop kids in israel from using their pent up anger to throw bricks at cops, it's meant to restore peace in a rundown community. Look up "origin of the fidget spinner" etc if you wanna dive in more and prove it to yourself.

  • Blue Berry
    Blue Berry Month ago

    Only 370 dislikes out of 1.1m views noice

  • mariusz konkol
    mariusz konkol Month ago


  • Furret
    Furret Month ago


  • CatyFoox
    CatyFoox Month ago +1

    IceCreamSandwich: *_Does Whole Argument On Why Fidget Spinners Are Dumb_*
    Also IceCreamSandwich: *_Tries Fidget Spinner_*
    Me: That Makes Sense?

  • Cole_ 337
    Cole_ 337 Month ago +1

    I have adhd. It does nothing to help

  • Kaleb Williston
    Kaleb Williston Month ago +1

    Fidget spinner is dead now

  • ImMrNarwhalCrazy !
    ImMrNarwhalCrazy ! Month ago +3

    *Talks about how dumb fidget spinners are*
    *(LATER)* “10/10”

  • 《F l u f f y W o l f i e》

    I dare you to watch this with no volume

  • Mila Hancock
    Mila Hancock 2 months ago

    Who else is using a fidget spinner in 2020?!

  • Candy Kingdom
    Candy Kingdom 2 months ago +1


  • ChiefOfTheDesert
    ChiefOfTheDesert 2 months ago

    Idk why everyone’s saying they suck they make great fuel for a bonfire

  • CLUB Y5
    CLUB Y5 2 months ago +1

    As soon as I got one they died and then came old town road, personally one of the most annoying songs I've heard, probably because of how many dang times I've heard it

  • Olivia Petrowski
    Olivia Petrowski 2 months ago +6

    Sandwich: “It spins. It’s all it does.”
    People who use it for sensory input: “Am I a joke to you”

  • GamingDragon Gacha
    GamingDragon Gacha 2 months ago

    Dude, It’s a Spidget. Finner. Get it right.

  • A Girl
    A Girl 2 months ago

    I knew this was made in 2017

  • Chillax animates
    Chillax animates 2 months ago

    Fidget spinber

  • Zaralynn Stryker
    Zaralynn Stryker 2 months ago

    There's one good thing the fidget spinner caused:
    That beautiful piece of entertainment up there ⬆️⬆️⬆️

  • liu emma
    liu emma 2 months ago



    Addicted to figet spidder and is sitting in the corner spinning the figet spinner

  • Link The Fox
    Link The Fox 2 months ago

    the woman who made the fidget spinner originally intended for it to be sold to kids wit ADHD, autism and other attention deficit disabilities but she didn't patent it so it was public domain now the kids who need fidget spinners in class to concentrate cant use them cause other kids use them as distractions

  • KathyLovesArt
    KathyLovesArt 2 months ago +1

    **My sis Trying a fidget spinner Since she didn’t get why people liked them**

  • Jason Klafendo
    Jason Klafendo 2 months ago

    I don’t like fidget spinners
    *spins it once*
    Holy crap this is the best thing ever

  • Emmanuel John Go
    Emmanuel John Go 2 months ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Syafik Adam
    Syafik Adam 2 months ago +1

    I wonder why fidget spinners went popular and went back to nothing. I mean, At first, when they were sold, they got popular. But then, they aren't popular for some reasons.

  • Alexander Margas
    Alexander Margas 2 months ago

    it is for people like me who have OCD and fidget a lot

  • Freya BARNES
    Freya BARNES 2 months ago

    I have Autism and the fidget cube helps a lot with my anxiety in large crowds

  • shayla_ rblx
    shayla_ rblx 2 months ago +1

    "Here you go fidget spinner 2017"

  • Ya Boi Tyronne
    Ya Boi Tyronne 2 months ago +1

    the spinner was made by a mom to help her child with adhd
    and the real name of it is the adhd spinner

    • Jason Klafendo
      Jason Klafendo 2 months ago

      But she didn’t market it properly and years later this came out

  • Jecht GamingHD
    Jecht GamingHD 2 months ago

    The length of this video is exactly how long fidget spinners lasted

  • fireandcopper
    fireandcopper 2 months ago

    0:37 AIDS depression? That sounds really bad

  • Life is cheese Morgan
    Life is cheese Morgan 2 months ago +2

    I’m watching this January 1st 2020

  • Boi i'm Matt
    Boi i'm Matt 2 months ago

    I litterally have one of those bands on my wrist right now.

  • Gaming York
    Gaming York 2 months ago

    I hate new trends. I never understand why are they good

  • Rheyse
    Rheyse 3 months ago


  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez 3 months ago

    The meme is ded

  • William Thach
    William Thach 3 months ago


  • Arty Customs
    Arty Customs 3 months ago

    Why is this my recommendation