10 Most Insane Modern Cars You Won't Believe Are Real

  • Опубликовано: 15 дек 2017
  • 10 Most Insane Modern Cars You Won't Believe Are Real
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    The automotive world is rapidly changing, and with each new concept design, technology is integrated into incredible looking supercars, hypercars, and even big rig haul trucks. Some designs make it into production, while other concepts become a 3D model that no one will ever drive. Join us as we take a look at 10 Most Amazing Modern Vehicles.
    10. Lamborghini Terzo Millennio - With the automotive world going increasingly electric, and the talk of robots doing the driving in the future, Lamborghini is finding themselves at a crossroads. The thing is that Lamborghini customers aren’t necessarily into those kinds of things.

    9. Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo - This concept supercar began as a dream project for a group of young designers at Nissan Design Europe. The goal was to create a virtual car, one to live only in the minds of the designers, and on the screens of gamers, and was designed to appear in Gran Turismo 6.

    8. Mazda RX Vision Concept - Mazda isn't saying much about what'll go under the hood of this swooping, graceful addition to the classic RX series, but the revival of the rotary engine alone will be enough to excite many.
    7. Nissan IMx - Nissan’s latest electric SUV type vehicle concept aims for crossover appeal, with a design that has aggressive styling as well as visual appeal. It has a look that was conceived based on taking inspiration from Japanese swords.
    6. Apollo IE - Covered in carbon fiber and equipped with a 6.3-liter 780-horsepower Ferrari V12, specifically the F12 Berlinetta. It has a redline of 9,000 rpm, and the sound of this car is just incredible. Enough said.
    5. BMW i Vision Dynamics EV Concept - The BMW ‘i vision dynamics’ beholds luxury within a new form of electrifying driving pleasure. It is an electric concept car that delivers a range of 600 km (373 miles), a top speed of over 200 km/h (120 mph), and acceleration of 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in four seconds.
    4. Mitsubishi Electric Emirai 4 EV Concept - Not everyone is aware of this, but Mitsubishi Electric is a separate division from Mitsubishi Motors. This division obviously specializes in electronics, like refrigerators and air conditioners.
    3. Yamaha Sports Ride Concept - Yamaha is obviously well known for its achievements in the world of two-wheeled mobility, but like any successful company it seeks to expand its horizons, and has come up with this concept car called the Sports Ride Concept.
    2. Volvo 'Vision 2020' concept truck - Out of the darkness you see it. Illuminated by high intensity headlights and a strangely familiar neon-lit grille motif, the LED headlamps and turn indicators are integrated into the front of the vehicle.
    1. Tesla Semi truck - The ‘Tesla Semi’ is a heavy-duty all-electric truck program at Tesla led by Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s former Model S Program Director and VP of Vehicle Engineering. And what a semi-truck this is. It has quick acceleration, and can go from zero to 60 mph in 20 seconds fully loaded with its weight rating at 80,000 pounds.

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    외국산 컨셉카 디자이너들의 뇌와 매끈하여 세련된 창의성들이 진심 궁금함.
    과연 그 디자이너들은 뭐 먹고 사는 인간들인지도 무척 궁금하고.
    뭘 먹고 살았으면 저런 매끈하고 세련된 디자인들과 기술력들로 만들어 낼수 있는지.

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    Very nice car

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    I love the modern concept cars

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    666 cars this is crazy end of world


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    Rear driveling suckkkks

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    The Apollo ie is in asphalt 8

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    All these cars look the same !!!!! No personality

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    Does the front end of the Yamaha look like MAZDA'S LOGO .... Or is it just me ?

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    I really want that Lamborghini...........I just like modern design

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    That’s all well and good having armoured glass but how the hell do you get out in an emergency 🚨 🚨 🚨

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    Crap, I should be a car designer.

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    Personally, I'm really looking forward to seeing that Yamaha concept car out on the road. :)

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    I like futuristic cars (2030s) and old cars (1960s). I'm weird.

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    Won't? Or Don't???

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    Alriiight! Knocking down pedestrians in style and perfect SILENCE! Love it! 😍👍🤣

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    Pretty soon cars will require a piss test and tryna scan just to turn the alarm off when it starts shooting rockets at your because the computer bugged and thought you were trying to steal it.

  • Richard Turner
    Richard Turner 2 месяца назад

    Looking at these cars tells me one thing: everything for the wealthy, nothing for the working man. I think all of you understand how it works.

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    Buy all of all

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    Cg라 할지라도 믿기지 않을 정도로 훌륭하다^^
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    인정 인정^^
    변치 말고 잘 해주시기들을 바랍니다^^
    훌륭 훌륭^^

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    Your right they aren’t real they are concepts

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    Paul 124 3 месяца назад

    These concept cars are ridiculous, impractical and ugly. Why can't automakers devote their time and money into making concept cars that look normal and that normal people will want to buy?

    • SageSolomon
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      They are for rich people and sure are not ugly.

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    That Mazda concept is gorgeous.

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    I'd like to drive via a computer generated super car. Like they do on STAR TREK ; That way you could drive them all and not kill yourself or others as folks do in the real ones.

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    Why not just make the Mazda electric? What’s the problem with that? ;_;

    And all those other non-electric ones.

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    You can't beat the Northern Italians for design.

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    Lamborghini is cool why do people hate it if it drives itself and it is so cheap

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    The stupidness of the pseudo engineering is killing the pleasure of drive a real car!

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    Τhst mazda though....

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    This commentary/narrative is expertly written and well delivered as analysis and infotainment. Thank you. ;-)>

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    All this because of Tesla and Elon Musk :)

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    I am from the future, the first car(lamborghini) is gonna cost about 5,000,000$

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    A fucking TESLA SEMI TRUCK!!!!???? It's embarasing to other car company's such as farrari and lamboginhi...

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    Lamborghini's Concept is outstanding

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    Robotic cars frighten me. With big brother watching, who's to say our cars won't be hacked and drive us off cliffs. I enjoy driving being control of my car would be missed. People hack everything else, really they can't really protect our Bank accounts without adding more charges for Identity Protection which leaves wondering, if these thing to some extent are made to hack, and if our cars and homes are Robotic then what are we really protected from? This is just a Rhetorical question but we can not play Angry birds without a disclosure on our Cell phone giving them Our Contacts information our location, call history wifi information if we are on the phone while on their site we also sign disclosures for the current phone call's information. Really. If you sign away all that for a dumb game, I delete it. No wonder hackers hack. I want full control of my house and car. We don't find out about ID theft until it happens, then we are responsible for ID theft Protection by that point the banks should have known better. ID theft should be automatically inclusive per account opening. Making our banks liable, they allowed the hacker. I want to drive my own car. Sorry for going off subject but I see it all tied together. Lol

    • Max T
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      cars are hackable already..... but nobody does it ... so ....stupid point, machines are just safer than tired humans... thats a fact... end of discussion. ... and if your worride of your ID being public... sry mate ... wrong century your born in.

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      Old cars were great because they had front bench seats, so you could exit the car from either side door, they had gear selectors on the steering column, and most old cars didn't have a stupid, interior space hogging center console. Modern cars are safer with air bags and they get better mileage, but they all look the same. I think a combination of the best ideas from old cars and the best ideas from new cars is what's needed.

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      But they are pretty... and actually look like cars.

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      Old cars such as Mini Cooper s(old) they only have 50 HP and sometimes old car sucks ,another reason they don't even have AIRBAGS...

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