• Published on Mar 5, 2019
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  • Quang Tran
    Quang Tran  10 months ago +210

    QUANG. You'd be a legend if you cook us ______________________________________________! GET IT DONE!

  • David Wojnowski
    David Wojnowski 10 hours ago

    needs to be browner, 2x fried

  • clay welch
    clay welch 7 days ago

    Every time you start to film yourself on every video you give us the creepy you look or give the camera that keep you look and then you jump into the video

  • Anton Leach
    Anton Leach 8 days ago

    Damn he smashing the hell out Dem plates

  • StephenAndrew777
    StephenAndrew777 8 days ago

    I could understand why some chefs would want to keep recipes like this a secret, but seeing what's in it makes me more likely to order it. I've never tried that before.

  • NYG El B
    NYG El B 25 days ago

    You wrote tsp wrong

  • Daniela Bodoh
    Daniela Bodoh 27 days ago +1

    No one:

    Not even Quang Tran himself:

    Not one single soul:

    Quang Tran:
    "I don't care if they can swim"

  • Senju18
    Senju18 Month ago +1

    His videos have gotten better he doesn't eat like an animal that much

  • Robert Currie
    Robert Currie Month ago +2

    He’s devouring that rice like a madman!

  • ShadowLordxsx
    ShadowLordxsx Month ago

    I wish i knew the recipe of the place that I used to live close to. After my last move I would drive 2 hours round trip just to get some, as they were the best I have ever had... But last time I went there to get some, it was a Mexican restaurant :(.. They used dried peppers, but they were not mild at all, as I would cut them up and they were hotter than cayenne peppers ( think they may have been red Birdseye chilis)...With all the recipes for this out there none look the same as where I have gotten, I think they may be using red food dye to make it a deeper red as the color is lighter in every video I have seen.

  • dynobot7
    dynobot7 2 months ago

    Quang---with all of the fried chicken and frying that you do, what do you do with the leftover used oil? do you reuse it or do you recycle it? where does it all go?!!

  • randy mcinnis
    randy mcinnis 2 months ago

    Why this guy eats like a vacuum..lolol..I'm loving it ..Vietnamese ..Chinese...all the ese..eats like the food is running away

  • Franco Rojas
    Franco Rojas 2 months ago

    You better not go around china town. They’ll be looking for you!😂😂😂

  • silat13
    silat13 3 months ago

    Where are the recipes?

  • Eric Druba
    Eric Druba 3 months ago

    brown rice with fried egg is better then white rice

  • KiNg XIV
    KiNg XIV 3 months ago

    Where's your dog at Quang?

  • Mesharie Aleeman
    Mesharie Aleeman 3 months ago

    1/2 table spoon of pepper. More like 2 table spoons. 😒

  • Oliver Lacey
    Oliver Lacey 4 months ago +1

    Trust me theres no " master chef " worried about you sharing this recipe! lmao🤣🤣

  • danial flynn
    danial flynn 4 months ago

    You need to dust your chicken in flour before the egg and the corn starch. also 375 degrees for 5 minutes. I make korean fried chicken all the time.

  • Yami Megersa
    Yami Megersa 4 months ago +1

    😱I.....I never knew

  • pstreet202
    pstreet202 4 months ago

    have you ever tried using corn starch for your fried chicken recipes? I'm still torn on which one to use, or maybe a combo of both.

  • Antonio Santa
    Antonio Santa 4 months ago

    Big fan but I will need to send you to some refinement classes. That chewing is awful.

  • Shirley Williams
    Shirley Williams 4 months ago


  • Alive79311
    Alive79311 4 months ago

    You should be ashamed of yourself!

  • Kelly Evans
    Kelly Evans 4 months ago

    Bive seen some videos that were much easier to follow and the glamming while eating isn’t attractive....however im sure u do know what your doing

  • E Lo
    E Lo 5 months ago

    So that’s how you eat white rice!

  • E Lo
    E Lo 5 months ago +1

    I will purchase your merch just because you are not greedy like most and share cooking secrets!

  • Kam Mike
    Kam Mike 5 months ago

    Dude you're chinese, you're supposed to know how to cook this stuff perfectly

  • Ankan Saha
    Ankan Saha 5 months ago

    How to hold those chop sticks 😂😂

  • Michael Chamberlain
    Michael Chamberlain 5 months ago

    I need to go to Panda Express right away now I'm Super Pumped

    • Kam Mike
      Kam Mike 5 months ago

      For what? Just make it yourself cheap lazy fuck

  • bigjayt821
    bigjayt821 5 months ago +2

    Eating like he just came home from prison

  • Deirdre Daniels
    Deirdre Daniels 5 months ago +1

    Looks really good! This is my favorite Chinese Dish.Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  • chelsi poor
    chelsi poor 5 months ago

    What wine??

  • Wisconsin Homebrew
    Wisconsin Homebrew 5 months ago

    Looks like all the cornstarch fell off

  • huraankur
    huraankur 5 months ago

    Just like a painter throws colors and create a bful painting. Quang Tran throws ingredients and yummy recipe comes out . Food Artist.

  • Edward C4
    Edward C4 5 months ago

    while i love the audacity in your cooking channel, you never properly measure and if you screw up you just tell us in audio. I really would like to see you master this a bit and it'll be better.

    Also, this is overkill as shit.

  • Eugene Debs
    Eugene Debs 5 months ago

    Try to make some Tafelspitz with Green Sauce!

  • The Allens
    The Allens 5 months ago

    stop smacking

  • Jean Paul Mbengi
    Jean Paul Mbengi 5 months ago

    dude couldn't help himself lol

  • ManBoob Chronicles
    ManBoob Chronicles 5 months ago

    That's a beautiful man

  • brad jenkins
    brad jenkins 5 months ago

    This man not scared of sodium.

  • Kpopfanatic05
    Kpopfanatic05 5 months ago

    Can you make moo shu chicken??? Please!

  • Tara Heaven
    Tara Heaven 5 months ago +1

    Hey Quang, I love your videos. How long does the master sauce keep for?

  • Jason Reliford
    Jason Reliford 5 months ago +9

    Be careful giving away ancient Chinese secrets, brother. They came for Master Lee for that stuff.

    SILHOUETTE FILMS 6 months ago +1

    Great cooking. Eat with your mouth shut!

  • xxxleafybugxxx
    xxxleafybugxxx 6 months ago +1

    Please give us a recipe that serves under 100 people

  • Barbara Beverly
    Barbara Beverly 6 months ago

    Will the master sauce keep? Can it be frozen or canned?

  • Chlero's eyes
    Chlero's eyes 6 months ago

    I would like to thank the chickens that sacrifice their lives so that we can enjoy this content

  • Ohshii
    Ohshii 6 months ago +1

    As a former cook at a Chinese Restaurant I agree, master sauce is in basically every type of sauce. You forgot to add MSG, needed more sugar and you obviously used waaay too much soy sauce :P Also you forgot the green onions!

  • Felisha Monique Clark
    Felisha Monique Clark 6 months ago

    That first batch was still raw 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Family First
    Family First 6 months ago

    It looks like you are enjoying the white rice more then the chicken 😂

  • LoudPackNova420
    LoudPackNova420 6 months ago +2

    Love your vids bro, but that chicken looks like it needs cooked a little more

  • Drink More Water
    Drink More Water 6 months ago

    Bro inhaled that rice. Sheesh.

  • sauve87
    sauve87 6 months ago

    Your teeth are designed to chew better than the rest of us 😔

  • Hi There
    Hi There 7 months ago

    It's Tao but in the name of the video it's written Tso

  • Syx Axxis
    Syx Axxis 7 months ago

    I told my Chinese chef friend I knew about his master sauce. He then proceeded to slice me into pieces and marinate me.

  • Travis Moore
    Travis Moore 7 months ago

    Why didn't you apologize to the American chefs you revealed recipes for?

  • keepingupwith jee
    keepingupwith jee 7 months ago +1

    How do we know if the Chinese store is using actual chicken 😩

  • Cedrick Van Pelt
    Cedrick Van Pelt 7 months ago

    makes a gallon of "master sauce"... then only uses 3 ladle spoons lol.

  • Stugots _
    Stugots _ 7 months ago

    Fantastic, changed a few things which everyone should do to make it their own. Team Quang!