I Used 100 Million Dots In A Painting! | ZHC

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  • ZHC
    ZHC  11 months ago +7194

    Subscribe and Ill give u a dot
    Here are my original calculations for those that wanna know.
    each pen makes up to 40 dots per second
    I have 7 pens
    40x7 =280 dots per second=16,800 dots per minute=1,008,000 per hour
    so that would take around 100 hours so I estimated with everything right it will take just under 100 hours to complete.
    Of course if you watched the video I talked about how it was a lot harder than it looked
    luckily Michelle was there to help. Hope that clears things up!
    Pretty much take the dots per second and look at how long we have been drawing for
    congrats on first comment:
    Dxrk Akuma Akuma_Shinigami

    APAXUC 7 hours ago

    Ты мой чехол для телефона отправил?

  • Nejla Rexhepi
    Nejla Rexhepi 12 hours ago

    Zack askes

  • Zahra Murshi
    Zahra Murshi 21 hour ago

    Michelle so tired that she cant say it in words

  • DASJ DIY Arts
    DASJ DIY Arts Day ago

    I try this to do.

  • awesome videos
    awesome videos Day ago

    Squere inches does not mean anything to any one

  • Rizwan Ahmed Siddiqui

    I mean 920,029,828,290 dots

  • Rizwan Ahmed Siddiqui

    It was actually 27,828,982 dots

  • Coco Wei
    Coco Wei Day ago

    *zach doing math

    Me: *what an asian*

  • NikhilND
    NikhilND Day ago

    lol at the time of this vid he was at 20K subs, and 7 months later hes at over 10 Mil :p

  • ganesh balagam
    ganesh balagam Day ago

    hats off to you dedication towords art zahc ,that was really awsome

  • Joe Woolsey
    Joe Woolsey 2 days ago

    Your video tells the truth. You have absolutely no clue how large that number is. Your using one pen, and a painting is done with paint! 2 pens at 30 dots a second would take 462 hours to make 100000000. 40 dots a second with 2 pens would be 347 hours. That's 14 days straight. Every second of every hour. Cool pen drawing, but dumb lie

    • Joe Woolsey
      Joe Woolsey 2 days ago

      Want to make a billion marks. With
      Your two pens at a combined 80 dots a second. 144 days , every second of every day you'll have it.

  • Jaymee Tyler
    Jaymee Tyler 2 days ago

    I hav idle heros i am lvl 71

  • Syed Hamza
    Syed Hamza 2 days ago

    Your the best artist in RUclip

  • Fishy Reactions
    Fishy Reactions 3 days ago

    Hey you are you going to make a video where you use ketchup and mustard and other types of sauce instead of paint to make a big training

  • Bentleys lit Lyfe
    Bentleys lit Lyfe 3 days ago

    I downloaded idle hero’s

  • BigBrain101YT
    BigBrain101YT 3 days ago

    Poor hands

  • allen stanley
    allen stanley 3 days ago

    it show u r talent pls teach others to because we want u

  • Anthony Lim
    Anthony Lim 3 days ago

    My dad is very good in idle heroes but it got heck or something

  • Sunita Tamang
    Sunita Tamang 3 days ago

    I think machel did the dots better than zhc

  • Atishma Devi
    Atishma Devi 3 days ago

    Can I have the drawing

  • yt acc
    yt acc 3 days ago

    I love it when you not give uping for you're subscribers

  • Kids4Lyfe
    Kids4Lyfe 4 days ago


  • Saeed Al-Abbas
    Saeed Al-Abbas 4 days ago

    i chridmto do with in 12 huer i am 15 yaers old

  • Tejas Rao
    Tejas Rao 4 days ago

    Happy 10mil

  • Ninja CWC
    Ninja CWC 4 days ago


  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 4 days ago +1

    Wait how did you count? Did you count to 100 million!

  • Minecraft Fan
    Minecraft Fan 4 days ago

    The dots are the atom

  • Gacha Candy
    Gacha Candy 5 days ago

    How do you keep count!?

  • Mochii
    Mochii 5 days ago

    Me:loose count on 60-100
    ZHC:Finish count till 100M

  • reden urriza
    reden urriza 5 days ago

    That is called pointilism you are soooo good on drawing ZHC! I look on your very small drawing on your another video end i draw it too ummmmmm i though that that wass so verry easyy but when i draw it ugh!!! My drawing is like a poop of dog and wtf? I cat draw even a stick man.

  • Kiana Palas
    Kiana Palas 6 days ago +4

    The only thing I’m thinking about while watching this is Tryphobia

  • Princess Tolentino
    Princess Tolentino 6 days ago

    How about mobile legends bang bang is next, dont u think? Download now

  • Eman Faisal
    Eman Faisal 6 days ago

    Appreciate the enormous effort 😊

  • PraNav !
    PraNav ! 6 days ago


  • Renza Iris
    Renza Iris 7 days ago

    Imagine how tired the pens were

  • Shrek _Donkey
    Shrek _Donkey 7 days ago

    Is your girlfriend good at art?

    RYRY FILMS 7 days ago

    Conting dots hmmm 10 more aww man I lost track now gotta start again 🙄

  • Arya Sawant
    Arya Sawant 7 days ago +1

    ZHC. its all made out of dots
    Sharpie. am i....... invisible

  • Daniel kang
    Daniel kang 7 days ago

    How'd you know it's a hundred millions

  • Tejasvi P
    Tejasvi P 7 days ago +1

    Give this man a subscriber

  • Aloha Regachuelo
    Aloha Regachuelo 7 days ago

    That is so COOL

  • charli _28
    charli _28 7 days ago

    Does your hand not hurt
    And how much time you have

  • Dustin Martin
    Dustin Martin 7 days ago

    I Bet You Guys Worked So Hard On This Drawing! I Love Your Drawing It Turned Out So Good
    And You Guys Did Look Super Tiered!!

  • #banana raid Nightbot

    Banana army raid

  • Riham Riham
    Riham Riham 8 days ago

    Subscribe to ZHC he is the best!and machile you are beatiful !I am really impressed I can not amagine your drawing's and you are making it even more crazyer! LOVE YOU ZHC AND MACHILE😘

  • Riham Riham
    Riham Riham 8 days ago +1

    Hey ZHC how is your day? Your art's are fablous!!!! I can not amagine drawing 100,000,00😶🤨

  • Erin Gray
    Erin Gray 8 days ago

    wow tha is good

  • Zazzling Zeee
    Zazzling Zeee 8 days ago

    I did this in my school art file but with colours,I filled it with dots with out any automatic pen XD it took me soooo much time But the teacher showed my art and appreciated it in front of the whole class (My art teacher really loves my art XD)

  • Renata Prasetyo
    Renata Prasetyo 8 days ago

    I ❤️ u it

  • Israa Ahmed
    Israa Ahmed 8 days ago

    i subscribed after seeing this hope it helped

  • Arianna playz roblox
    Arianna playz roblox 8 days ago +1


  • Dara Walcott
    Dara Walcott 8 days ago +4

    ZHC : Were kind of going broke
    ME : Confused cuz he just gave $ 1,000 to his girlfriend

  • Jocelyn Perez
    Jocelyn Perez 8 days ago

    I bet he had a dot attack lol

  • Steve Musical Official

    Bruh i cant imagine myself to be in your situation... ZHC

  • Angel JVK
    Angel JVK 9 days ago

    Michelle might be cheating because you were on your last one so Michelle might of did 4 and she could of use one of your spikes because I saw one empty one and that cannot be yours because you said that you were on your last one

  • Conner
    Conner 9 days ago

    Whoaaaa 🤩🙃

  • Gamer Rot
    Gamer Rot 9 days ago +1

    Can you make a giveaway of Coptic markers?

  • TT - 05PK - Oscar Peterson PS (1317)

    Quick who counted all thosebdots😂😂

  • TheBarringtonFamily
    TheBarringtonFamily 9 days ago

    I play idle heros

  • Wendy Nguyen
    Wendy Nguyen 9 days ago

    How do you count the dots??

  • 02adhiks
    02adhiks 10 days ago

    Misshell is your girlfriend!

  • Evelyn DeWolfe
    Evelyn DeWolfe 10 days ago

    Hey ZHC can you follow me on TikTok @mr.zhcbeast please please

  • Polina Amato
    Polina Amato 10 days ago


  • Rimsha Iqbal
    Rimsha Iqbal 10 days ago +1

    M ur biggest fan plzz give me a heart♥♥♥♥♥

  • Amelia Chang
    Amelia Chang 10 days ago +1

    Can you do 1 infinity dots or drawing please

  • Alan Farrar
    Alan Farrar 10 days ago

    haw could u do that

  • Emmanuel Leal
    Emmanuel Leal 10 days ago

    I want to do it

  • my friends
    my friends 10 days ago

    Ohh i just want to tell you how do you know tht its 100,000,000

  • Evan King
    Evan King 10 days ago


  • Ali Akın GÖL
    Ali Akın GÖL 10 days ago

    I play idle hero’s!

  • Lian Kolombo
    Lian Kolombo 10 days ago

    Where did you get your dot pen

  • Red Dead
    Red Dead 11 days ago


  • Janet Pioquinto
    Janet Pioquinto 11 days ago


  • Gamer Waffle
    Gamer Waffle 11 days ago

    Pewdiepie has 103million subs

  • Rhys Davies
    Rhys Davies 11 days ago


  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 11 days ago

    A pen that costs battery's. The future.

  • MrDrago [GD]
    MrDrago [GD] 11 days ago

    Bruh really cb

  • Dexter Voon
    Dexter Voon 11 days ago

    How did you know there was one million dots

    Wait did u count them

  • RandomKid101
    RandomKid101 11 days ago

    Who counted