The Evolution Of Pizza

Lend me your eyes, and I will tell you the tastiest story ever told.
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"Happy, Upbeat, Mandolins"
Warner / Chappell







Linda Stradley, http://whatscookingamerica.net/History/Pizza/PizzaHistory.htm







and special thanks to Scott Wiener, http://www.scottspizzatours.com/

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Автор Epzilonz ( назад)
Hi hungry people

Автор Okay no more redbull ( назад)

Автор E drop ( назад)
Wait pizza rolls have been out for 52 years? WOW

Автор E drop ( назад)
In 13 years, Antics Pizzeria Port'alba will have been running for 200 YEARS. Dang...

Автор PhotoBomb ( назад)
these comments are triggering me

Автор KtK ( назад)
the pizza was born in Napoli ...not Italy

Автор AlexCH27 ( назад)
Originals masterrace!

Автор Arianna Carasol Volpi ( назад)
The American tastes of pizza are horrible. The Italian ones are the best. Ciaoo

Автор the_skinner ( назад)

Автор Random 56 ( назад)
high people: *heavy breathing*

Автор GIO 06 ( назад)
U.S.A is definitely part of the evolution of pizza :(

Автор Dolly's Music ( назад)
We all have to admit traditional Italian pizza is the BEST....omg making me so hungry thinking about it

Автор DARKLOL98 ( назад)
I found this video very offensive, i'm Italian and I have to protect the traditions of my country, united states have ruined the pizza what they call pizza I wouldn't give to eat even a dog "pizza history" is only and solely Italian, and you need to accept that

Автор Çikolatalı Süt ( назад)
saw a pizza add before the vid coinsidence?

Автор ienepien ( назад)
oh looks fantastic! *grabs phone. yeh can i get a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and- ya everything on it yea- oh dessert? of course! can i get a large- *stops and realize that she needs to follow her diet.. na nevermind f*dge that!- and a chocolate cheese cake.. -no not a piece! i-want-the-whole-thing ok bye.. AND YOU BETTER BE HERE IN 5 CUZ I'M FJKAKDADFJKA STARVING

Автор Pasquale Fabozzi ( назад)
For me, Italian person (Napoletano di fiducia),this isn't Pizza.

Автор Pasquale Fabozzi ( назад)
0:16 Eeeehi I,m from Napoli.
We Béll wagliò (Napolitan Lenguage)

Автор Pasquale Fabozzi ( назад)
Questi americani oltre alla pizza ci hanno rubato anche la NUTELLA (I'm Italian).

Автор That guy in the comment section ( назад)
Prepare to join butthurt Italians in this comment section. We hope u have a safe flight. Good luck

Автор Yvette Gray ( назад)
i love pizza!

Автор Rachel Slays YT ( назад)
Romanian pizza is the best :D

Автор hdh Bajaj ( назад)
u guys r amazing.....

Автор Ewe74 ( назад)
,,I love pizza; you can't really go wrong with pizza''
-Nick Jonas

Автор Χρίστος Μητρόπουλος ( назад)

Автор Sparkle Pops ( назад)
I'm supposed to be doing.g three school projects, why am I watching the evolution of pizza

Автор play ju PJ ( назад)
in Brazil we eat pizza with ketchup and tableware is that weird in USA

Автор Olsen Del Rey ( назад)
Now I want pizza

Автор Jane A.A ( назад)
It started in the middle east!

Автор Jake Langmeyer ( назад)
This music is so annoying!

Автор Ms Unicorn ( назад)
I have a gluten allergy ;(

Автор M0LT3N ( назад)
I still like Pepperoni Pizza and Cheese Pizza, nothing else. *FOR NOW*

Автор A Vader Avrahams A ( назад)
somehow it is always about america.....jeez

Автор proud nan ( назад)
wait did middle eastern people create the idea of doing a pizza so if it was never them pizza wouldnt exist now!!!!!!

Автор Papa Francesco ( назад)
Ma come fate a mettere l'aglio a pezzi nella pizza

Автор Papa Francesco ( назад)
I am Italian and pizza with pinapple is a SHAME!! 😲 😝

Автор ernesto esposito ( назад)
0:55 Quella non è una MARGHERITA!! Dalle mie parti si chiama Caprese o pizza Regina!

Автор Jonte R ( назад)
I hope they included the creation of kebabpizza from Sweden

Автор uomodimondo94 ( назад)
UN ATTIMO DI ATTENZIONE Gli ammericani sono convinti che la pizza è nata in America AHAHHAHA QUALCUNO GLI INSULTI

Автор Rest in peace, Gabe the dog. ( назад)
united is copies thing so much it is worse than udechile16

Автор Herr Doktor ( назад)
i am Italian and im proud to be in my country... you know what? I have a Pizzeria right in front of my home... mmmh it's tradition in Italy that every Sunday evening people eats pizza... my favourite is Pizza with Gorgonzola Cheese and walnut, mmmh incredibly tasty...

Автор AndrewToons ( назад)
Who likes pizza with anchovies???-

Автор Daniel ( назад)
It was colonizers that brought tomatoes to Italy. Remember Columbus The Idiot.

Автор Daniel ( назад)
Why do you use that store f-ing store bought dough.

Автор ItzFlixx - Agario and More ( назад)
I love stuffed-crust!

Автор HEYHEYJIMI ( назад)
Pizza Margherita was designed for the queen in the Italian colors red green and white in order to make pizza more popular by being able to say that even monarchs eat it. It was a success because the queen loved it

Автор Iris Shane ( назад)
And now they are putting pineapples on it

Автор Alice Kjell Kungsberger ( назад)
Im swedish and even our pizzas look better. Like come on, its swedish pizzas, and they look terrible

Автор Caterina Giudici ( назад)
guys greek dont invented pizza. in fact greek and ancient romans(?) used "pita" like a dish.

Автор Fatimah Alamri ( назад)
We eat normal pizza in the middle east 😒

Автор Joshua Beardsley ( назад)
Pizza is my least favorite food.

Автор blox rocks ( назад)
Once i set the oven to like 3000 degrees and put in a pizza to cook for 2 minutes kinda worked but the cheese was burnt so i had to take it off once it cooled in the freezer

Автор Christopher Anthony ( назад)
1:53 wait I thought it was Tostino's...


Автор trill valley ( назад)
Italian pizza looks so classy I'm proud to be Italian

Автор phan trash. ( назад)
Wait! What are pizza roll?? In Italy they doesn't exist! Another thing: the marinara has only tomatoes sauce, oregano and olive oil, not tomatoes on top and garlic!

Автор Will Treck ( назад)
Yes but the Margherita is made just with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil...not with fresh tomatoes

Автор Kortney Smith ( назад)
i love the food part of buzzfeed

Автор TaZe Memes ( назад)
a fricken mazing

Автор Amber Draws ( назад)
1968 is when my dad was born:D

Автор Elena Nicolosi ( назад)

Автор Arianna Bizioli ( назад)
Cosa è sta merda

Автор GoldMinecraftPro ( назад)
the chapati and the arab bread maybe is the one of the pizza's inspiration. (Arabs conquered parts of italy before,meaning muslims)

Автор Dino World ( назад)
where is buzzfeedgreen?

Автор DaWeed YT ( назад)
Thats the worst looking pizza ever.

Автор Matteo S. ( назад)
ma siamo seri?! spiegano la storia della pizza e nel video fanno la margherita con una piadina, pocgissima passata di pomodoro e del pomodoro fresco non adatto ( cuore di bue).... addio concezione della pizza. Like se sei italianooo

Автор paolo donzelli ( назад)
Perché mettono i pomodori tagliati così a caso sulla marinara e sulla margherita?!

Автор Donf Tube ( назад)
ho fato vedere il video a mia nonna.E niente, appena ha visto la salsa messa a crudo su impasto cotto, con sopra fette di pomodoro e 10 foglie di basilicosi é armata di mestolo e mattarello,ha prenotato un volo per gli usa e sta venendo a cercarvi

Автор Tokidoki PUG ( назад)
The best story EVER like if u agree

Автор Bruno Milocchi ( назад)
those pizzas look horrible.

Автор Erika Dell'Atti ( назад)
Si, certo la margherita dovrebbe essere con la salsa al pomodoro, se si mette anche il pomodoro fresco allora dovrebbe essere una pizza bianca😐

Автор xjzmine ( назад)
I've been watching buzzfeed food videos for 20 minutes straight now
not a good idea to do at night
I'm hungry af now

Автор Fun Tastic ( назад)
oh and btw the "cheese" they usually put on pizza in the US is actually called MOZZARELLA

Автор ☆ GFXJake ☆ ( назад)
What about Calzone?

Автор Matty Capomagi ( назад)
Proud to be Italian 😀😀

Автор Jacob Salter ( назад)
What America has done to pizza is depreessing

Автор Garutias ( назад)
When I clicked on this video a pizza ad came up

Автор KaylaJoy Gaming ( назад)
Freddy fazbears pizza
😂😂😂😂😂 rip

Автор THE COMMIE NEXT DOOR 69 ( назад)
you are so idiot. Tomatoes didn`t exist on europe suicide pls

Автор nocringeplease ( назад)
I LLOVVVE PIZZA!! Buzz feed why make me hungry???

Автор Killer SMITH ( назад)
so pizza fist came in the meditterian and the middle east

Автор This is Jake he is very Lonely ( назад)
I'm Italian

Автор Dom Sim ( назад)
Funny I got an ad for tombstone pizza before this video

Автор RimaEln ( назад)
So, pizza is actually arab, not italian. YAAAASSS, where my arabs at? :D

Автор allegra Iania ( назад)
they don't look good or tasty at all lol
here in italy pizza is BEAUTIFUL AND TASTY
like italians <3

Автор Aloe Vera ( назад)
Vabbè è buzzfeed... Che ci aspettiamo? 😞

Автор Ribhu Singh ( назад)
tomatoes were not actually consumed on a regular basis in Italy until the 17th century.

Автор Cpal Gaming ( назад)
My cousin owns a pizza shop in Italy and sell hot dog and French fry pizzas all year long and mashed potato pizza 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

Автор Eric Hawley ( назад)
An ad for pizza came up before I watched this

Автор SilverTheCat123 ( назад)
( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)

Автор kfc man ( назад)
hold on so arabs invented pizza

Автор tha cinnamon roll Eevee ( назад)
i live in Naples(Italy),exactly where the pizza was create,and the pizza is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

Автор JodaSJ ( назад)
Actually the original Pizza Margherita had no tomatoes on it. Just tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil.

Автор Alessandro Taverniti ( назад)

Автор Taha Sultan ( назад)
Marinara is love Marinara is Life

Автор 0oToxic_Poke _Trainero0 ( назад)
So my people used to put dates and cheese on pizza and olive oil and herbs. Wow

Автор Pot ( назад)
sti stronzi non sanno cos'è la pizza

Автор Game rake ( назад)
I am Italian and the pizza is Italian we eat pizza pasta and lasagne meat:bistecca alla fiorentina rosticiana
Arista ,tacchino,pollo.fish:merluzzo ,tonno rosso ,tonno giallo,seppie,granchio,aragosta,ECC.....
Chesse:gorgonzola,stracchino,ricotta,mozzarella,parmigiano reggiano,caciotta.
Ice cream:we all
Americans:fast food:meat meat meat!chips chips chips !cheese:cheese orange !!

Автор Omar Ibrahim ( назад)
Here in the UK a lot of Indian takeaway places (I guess you would call them takeout places) have been doing their own pizza from scratch for the last 10 years or so. My local does a curry on a pizza. I like a mince madras pizza. The mozzarella makes it a 10/10 dish for me.

Автор Faith Irok ( назад)
actually in the 1500s Italy wouldn't have had tomatoes bc tomatoes were from the new world. close enough tho

Автор Khadiza Ahmed ( назад)
So proud to be italian

Автор Manuela Mariutti ( назад)
Proud to be italian😂💕

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