*NEW* SECRET The END MINI GAME..! (FREE Cheat Code Game) Fortnite Battle Royale

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • Fortnite Battle Royale After the Live Event That took place in fortnite and Left us in a Black Hole there's a Cheat Code that was found that could allow you to play The Space Invaders type of Mini Game with the Durr Burger for Free While you wait for the Season 11 Battle Pass!

    Here is how to unlock the Mini Game:
    (PC) Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter
    (Ps4) Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X, Start
    (Xbox) Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start


    The End Of Fortnite NEW Live Event:
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  • SinX6
    SinX6  Month ago +335

    I think we'll have to be staring at a Black Screen Until Tuesday :/ Lol
    P.S. If You're on Nintendo Switch, the Buttons you need to enter is the Same as the Xbox :)
    Idk how the Mobile one Works, But try the PC Buttons.

    • BroWoah
      BroWoah Month ago

      King Cookie do you have an Xbox controller

    • Tri_124
      Tri_124 Month ago

      D PAD?

    • King Cookie
      King Cookie Month ago +1

      QuickCash944455 yeah

    • King Cookie
      King Cookie Month ago

      SinX6 what about mobile :(

  • C Storm
    C Storm Month ago

    Why did this get recommended to me

  • smaad
    smaad Month ago

    This thing is traumatic I can't even watch it , it reminds me the 48h of nightmare...

  • Daniel Manankichian

    Sadly it wasn’t available for mobile ;-;

  • Mokafahad Videos
    Mokafahad Videos Month ago

    Ooooohhhhh is the end playing I play the end mini game

  • Vorba
    Vorba Month ago

    Am I the only one having this problem: RUclip sends me these videos as they are brand new but they are like 5 days old. RUclip explain.

  • Not Prince but im Fabia

    Actually this is an easter egg
    This is related to the Season 9
    Trailer when jonesy and the peely
    Are playing it in the bunker

  • Isaiah Panariso
    Isaiah Panariso Month ago

    Epic isn't entitled to the cunami code! Nintendo is!! 😡

  • BlueFra 02
    BlueFra 02 Month ago

    For Swich is
    UP UP
    B A +

  • steveman_gamer
    steveman_gamer Month ago

    PS4: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X, Options.

  • Y0551f Ek
    Y0551f Ek Month ago

    Is not the first time we see this minigame

  • Oscar Guzman
    Oscar Guzman Month ago


  • Use Code dylby68
    Use Code dylby68 Month ago

    What is start

  • Coolracer 647
    Coolracer 647 Month ago

    Is start the options button on PS4

  • Fligamemero9
    Fligamemero9 Month ago

    but on nintendo switch dont happend nothing :,c F

  • Deviltaughtme
    Deviltaughtme Month ago

    What happened s when you beat the high score?

  • Michael RamosTubeHD

    I’m on ps4 what does it mean by start which button is start

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James Month ago +1

    The code is the same from amazing world of gumball

  • skeletalmixer101
    skeletalmixer101 Month ago

    This'll be going on for an a yer

  • Harjot Randhawa
    Harjot Randhawa Month ago

    I already found this on a stream

  • GoingCloth473
    GoingCloth473 Month ago

    Excuse me, which is the start button on XBox?
    Nevermind I was using my frontal lobe of the brain and not being smart

  • pochoxly
    pochoxly Month ago

    Nintendo switch 😭

  • This channel is ternameted

    This really helps thanks and now ninja is probably mad how much money he spent on this game

  • sh4dow
    sh4dow Month ago

    What about mobile:(

  • El WudiBOI1234
    El WudiBOI1234 Month ago +1

    You can tell me in Spanish, sorry I don't understand much English

  • 3DDIE et rien
    3DDIE et rien Month ago

    Switch 😡😠

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    How do you donit on mobile!!!

  • Horror Sama ᕕ[ᐛ]ᕗ

    Thanos : *Am i a joke to you ?*

  • Harry Edwards
    Harry Edwards Month ago +1

    On ps is it on the dpad

  • Adrian Martinez
    Adrian Martinez Month ago

    Konami code

  • Mr. boi
    Mr. boi Month ago

    Epic: What are we vaulting for the next season?
    Epic employe: our whole game.

  • yeet yote yate ya moma aint straight

    On the high scores it says “Peely” and “Jonesy”

    is this the game they played in the bunker?

    • ps gaming
      ps gaming Month ago +1

      yeet yote yate ya moma aint straight yuuuup

  • Nathaly Zelaya
    Nathaly Zelaya Month ago +1

    Aww man I want to play on mobile 🙄🤔🙃🧐😒😞🥺☹️😭😢

  • Persona Humana Con Esfuerzo

    konami code

  • Viktor 002
    Viktor 002 Month ago

    This game Peely an Joensy plays in the bunker

  • localcatnews
    localcatnews Month ago

    It doesn't work

  • quagmire o' quaggy
    quagmire o' quaggy Month ago

    What's "start" on xbox

  • DaVitsChi?
    DaVitsChi? Month ago

    Why didn't you show the code for nintendo switch?

  • tem leader yeah
    tem leader yeah Month ago

    but wich joystick or button on ps4

  • Emmanuel Terrones
    Emmanuel Terrones Month ago

    The Message was... I was not alone, others were outside the loop, this was not calculated, the Zero Point is now unavoidable

  • HyclawX
    HyclawX Month ago

    What is start on PS4?

  • M.H
    M.H Month ago

    I beat peelys highscore but nothing happend

  • Ksawix
    Ksawix Month ago

    Where on switch

  • Pyetro Souza
    Pyetro Souza Month ago +1

    Olin shit thanos

  • Salatfortnite YT
    Salatfortnite YT Month ago

    And for switch

  • Kawaii Cat
    Kawaii Cat Month ago

    and for Nintendo Switsch?

  • clorox
    clorox Month ago

    Now the toxic kids can now play a mini game while waiting

  • kyz.09
    kyz.09 Month ago

    #zrkglitcheryoutube looked the last video

    ŁŤŘ3VËXĒV Month ago

    Switch: ^ ^ v v < > < > b a +

  • dr phill
    dr phill Month ago

    Switch players be like : ...

  • XOXsugakookiesXOX uwu

    What about switch

  • Domingogo
    Domingogo Month ago

    What is start

  • Marlon Klussmann
    Marlon Klussmann Month ago

    Und für die switch?

  • ur mom big gae
    ur mom big gae Month ago

    Atari breakout (?) code

  • Triggered Latina —90’s girl—

    I can’t seem to find anyone on RUclip playing this game weeks ago. Someone
    Was on my fortnite account like 2 weeks ago and they somehow ended in this game mode. I thought it was a new feature. But it seems people are only now discovering it
    This game mode has been available for
    2 weeks hasn’t it?

  • Friendlich.ツ
    Friendlich.ツ Month ago


  • McUt Fan
    McUt Fan Month ago

    Is it only me that noticed this minigame was the arcade game that Jonesy and Peely played in Season 9 Official Trailer ?

  • SoroushTube
    SoroushTube Month ago +1

    Someone help im on ps4 what is Start button??

  • Inverted_Paradox #20

    And for nintendo switch

    FİRE BLOOD Month ago +1

    how ı can open cheat codes pls help