Review of Sound blankets to use for Acoustic room treatment in a recording studio

  • Published on May 24, 2012
  • Comparison of Moving Blankets, sound blankets Acoustic blankets and Absorption sheets to use for sound absorption in a recording studio. Compare weight, size, make, price range and absorption quality of acoustic blankets. Includes acoustic test graphs.
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  • falconlairV
    falconlairV 10 days ago

    You could have calculate the density for all of those blankets. It's a simple equation of square footage by weight. Also I'd like to echo everyone who said you should have tested the movers blankets. How much do the producers choice guys pay you for this review?

  • ColtraneTaylor
    ColtraneTaylor 3 months ago

    I thought moving blankets were for sound proofing and not treatment?

  • russell matthews
    russell matthews 3 months ago

    Pointless video

  • Todd McCown
    Todd McCown 6 months ago

    lol. thanks for trying....this was bad

  • Andrew Love
    Andrew Love 6 months ago

    Buys Moving blankets to compare to audio blankets...........compares audio blanket to another audio blanket........keeps moving blanket in shot to show he has it. says to buy audio blanket. never test moving blanket.............Video sponsored by producers Choice blankets............

  • Jesemanuel Ramirez
    Jesemanuel Ramirez 7 months ago

    0/5: You get a strike for not testing the moving blanket and 4 strikes for mixing the audio wrong for this video. Don't know why the audio is more predominant on the left channel.

  • Tysto
    Tysto 7 months ago

    A couple layers of moving blankets are going to stop way more sound than one acoustic blanket that costs 6 to 10 times as much. For real density, consider sheets of rigid foam insulation covered with a moving blanket, maybe in a simple 2"x2" frame. (If the frame is in two pieces, the blanket can act as a hinge, & you can fold it.) That's primo and still way cheaper than one acoustic blanket.

  • Parashar Krishnamachari

    I don't know if I would say a difference 0.1 in the ratio of absorption to reflectivity is enough to say that one product is 10% more absorptive than the other. If one product reflects 5% of the sound energy and absorbs 20%, then its ratio of absorption is 0.8... If another product reflects 7% of the energy and absorbs 21%, then its ratio of absorption to, then its ratio of absorption is 0.75... But that second product is actually absorbing - relatively - 5% more energy than the first, and it just so happens to be reflecting (relatively) 40% more energy than the first. The absolute ratio makes it look like it's a 5% loss, but it can actually be more stark than that in reality. I mean... I think bath towels are actually pretty close to complete absorption by this measurement because their fuzzy surface texture makes them pretty poor reflectors (maybe some degree of scattering occurs?)
    Also, since you can't expect any material to absorb/reflect exactly the same across the entire spectrum, one has to assume that the ratio is based on means across the entire spectrum. What if, because you might already have some other degree of acoustic treatment, you are only interested in performance within a specific band because your existing treatment has poor performance within a certain frequency range? Wouldn't more information be valuable here?


    Thank you for your video! After doing some research, the Producer's Choice blankets are fill with recycled cotton. Cotton as a whole is considered to be one of the world’s “dirtiest” crops, covering 2.5% of the world’s cultivated land and accounting for 24% ($2.6 billion worth) of the world’s insecticide market. If you are in your home studio for hours on end, or sleep in that room with Producer's blankets, just know that blanket loaded with cotton may be debilitating for your health.

  • Purple Pick
    Purple Pick 8 months ago

    Most informative I've seen yet, thanks.😉

  • Augnos
    Augnos 9 months ago

    What's with the panning on the audio? Also, you didn't test any of them.

  • dehallmo's Thunderhaus
    dehallmo's Thunderhaus 11 months ago

    Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again to save us from eternal judgement and give us eternal life if we believe Him, because only God can save us and make us a new creation forever.

  • M.E.D
    M.E.D Year ago +1

    I happen to use the first moving blankets to wrap my studios insulation and guess what buddy it's none reflective lol and it was 40 dollars for 12 sheets. Now that's a producers choice 😈

  • Ufo Trailers
    Ufo Trailers Year ago

    You know you could've compare the other blankets to what a shitty promotional video.

  • Jeff Rodvold
    Jeff Rodvold Year ago

    I officially hate

  • Spencer Moran
    Spencer Moran Year ago +1

    the sound paning is making me dizy on this vid

  • Brian Link
    Brian Link Year ago

    Strange. not sure why he put audio on the left channel of his video. No so pro.

  • Rog Berube
    Rog Berube Year ago +1

    Thanks. Very useful.

  • bearbob187
    bearbob187 Year ago +2

    Wtf is with that doppler on your mic.

  • Jake Guerra
    Jake Guerra Year ago

    I want to use these for windows but need to cut down to desired length and width would that destroy the material?

  • infopimps rock
    infopimps rock Year ago +7

    WTF this dude thinks that visually reflective is the same as audibly reflective *face palm*

  • Perry Pelican
    Perry Pelican 2 years ago +2

    How did you test them? Don't you think that is important enough to at least mention. Did you test regular Teri cloth towels? I witnessed a proper test that showed that they are MUCH better than inexpensive sound insulation panels. Do you know what is the absolute best material for sound insulation? It's not about opinions. There must be a place where one can get the numbers, as in a list of materials and the values of their coefficients. Talking about what blankets SEEM to be by looking at them hanging is not very valuable for someone wanting to seriously insulate a room. Just show us the numbers.

  • Blake
    Blake 2 years ago

    Reflective service means it reflects sound..... LOLOLOLOL

  • Max Aver
    Max Aver 2 years ago +5

    If "best bang for the buck" is $ per square meter of the material with given density, moving blankets are much more cost effective.
    You actually may buy 2 moving blankets for the price of 1 so called "acoustic" blanket, and the result will be much better.

    • Dylan J
      Dylan J 2 months ago

      @Hello I'm here Yeah, a lot of sound blankets are $40-$60 USD, and you can find 5.5lb 72"x80" moving blankets for $10 each online, so you could buy 4-6 for each sound blanket and have much better results. Because let's be honest, sound blankets are just thicker moving blankets, and when you layer 2 or 3 moving blankets you're likely to get similar if not better results. I honestly doubt sound blankets have enough density that they're better than multiple cheaper blankets.

    • Hello I'm here
      Hello I'm here 11 months ago +1

      Actually if you look around you can buy used moving blankets for about a dollar or two a piece. Stack them four blankets thick and you’re going to do much better.

  • Pogo1977
    Pogo1977 2 years ago

    thanx for the review.

  • PuralityHD
    PuralityHD 2 years ago +1

    you could have compared all their weights using simple algebraic methods.

    • Grant Kelley
      Grant Kelley Year ago

      he was like I "can't compare these" and I was yelling "YES YOU CAN"

  • Jamie Lipe
    Jamie Lipe 2 years ago

    Great video! Thanks!

  • Crystalline Sound Healing

    Thanks for this information I have been looking for sound proofing for my recording room and this information is just what I need!

  • walter guzman
    walter guzman 2 years ago +2

    If Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera had a baby it be you lol cx thanks for the review dude

  • flbchbm
    flbchbm 3 years ago +29

    1. It is Audimute, not AudiOmute.
    2. You said "one of the most important things about a sound blanket is its density and the way I want to show you that is to put them on a scale." Tthat could not be MORE wrong if you tried....
    Density is NOT weight. Completely different terms. Density is compactness and weight is...weight. FIVE pounds of feathers in pillowcase is the same WEIGHT as five pound of feathers in a coffee cup. The difference is density.
    3. A reflective surface, normally, has nothing to do with sound absorption. And "stop reverb" ?! Please...
    4. There are different technologies you never mentioned. Some use fiberglass, some use recycled cotton and cellulose fibers and even silicone.
    5. Sound absorption vs. blocking/barrier.

    • Subi Foa
      Subi Foa 9 months ago

      Fiber glass ? U mean quilted fiber glass ?

    • Ike Moon
      Ike Moon Year ago +8

      _"2. You said "one of the most important things about a sound blanket is its density and the way I want to show you that is to put them on a scale." Tthat could not be MORE wrong if you tried..."_
      Well, his justification for comparing their weights was that they were the same size. If the volume is the same, yet one weighs more than the other, then one is more dense than the other.

  • Vincent Vin
    Vincent Vin 3 years ago

    guys Im looking for blankets but nobody are making them in EU or Im wrong?

    • Vincent Vin
      Vincent Vin 2 years ago

      need to be carefull with them mines that I got came in terrible shape

    • floojan
      floojan 2 years ago

      Thomann offers acoustic curtains made by HOFA (but pretty expensive though)

  • Richard McGrath
    Richard McGrath 3 years ago +1

    Thank you. This was a very helpful video.

  • kristine Williams
    kristine Williams 3 years ago

    where can I get this blanket? I looked up producers choice and can't find where to buy them? thanks

  • Adam Bouaazzi
    Adam Bouaazzi 3 years ago

    Is that Matt Saracen

    • Jesse Ocean
      Jesse Ocean 2 years ago

      no, it's Jason Biggs from American pie :)

  • johnpauljonesgroup
    johnpauljonesgroup 3 years ago +14

    Here is how you "compare" the blankets.
    Total area of each blanket. (LxW) then weight them then compute the ratio of weight per SqIn.. simple math maybe do an update

    • Max Aver
      Max Aver 2 years ago +1

      Yeah, shitty review from some jerk.

  • Harris Fleming
    Harris Fleming 3 years ago

    Great video, and very helpful. Thanks!

  • Timothy R. Watkins
    Timothy R. Watkins 3 years ago

    Thanks for the video review

  • THE C
    THE C 4 years ago +24

    Doesn't know how to calculate density for a different size blanket so just omits the one blanket that people will consider first?
    This video gets a thumbs down. Moving blankets were in the title but it not in the video.

    • THE C
      THE C 3 years ago +2


    • Xylene916
      Xylene916 3 years ago +3

      Exactly wtf did he even include the moving blanket for it he wasn't gonna give us the result

  • Avinash Lalwani
    Avinash Lalwani 4 years ago


  • Fucknuts
    Fucknuts 4 years ago

    thanks dude. well done, very detailed video...appreciate it.

  • John Wylde
    John Wylde 4 years ago


  • Account inactive. Subscribe to It's Binh Repaired.

    You can compare them, just divide the mass/weight by the volume/size/area of the blankets to get the weight/mass per square or cubic inch or whatever.

  • Kanu Phan
    Kanu Phan 4 years ago +5

    why you dont make a video with the blanket out and in your room to test it

  • Thomas Jeffrey
    Thomas Jeffrey 4 years ago

    Same comment as many... Give the stats of the other blankets!

    • THE C
      THE C 3 years ago +1

      @VocalBoothToGo "Comparison of Moving Blankets"
      The first four words in your description are false.
      Then you give a flimsy excuse for your false and misleading description. I'm not the only one to notice this.
      Do yourself a favor, delete your profile from youtube and don't ever mislead the public again.

    • VocalBoothToGo
      VocalBoothToGo 3 years ago

      @Tony C Tony, was that your signature at the end of the comment? Then it explains your anger.
      I did not think it was about winning or losing.
      I thought it was about understanding and applying the knowledge.
      I thought i would remind you that the tests are designed to be universal.
      You can read more about it.
      And lastly, I see no reason to hide my identity, i am not cheating or lying or insulting anyone.
      Have a great day!

    • THE C
      THE C 4 years ago

      @VocalBoothToGo Flimsy response. If you at least did the test, measured weight and measured sound reduction per unit area everybody here could scale it by weight or area as needed. But you did the lame brain thing by just omitting it all together. That was retarded.
      You lose because you skipped out on a test you should have published.
      You lose because you put it in the title of the video but didn't publish it.
      You lose because you made a stupid excuse for it.
      You lose for lashing out in a public forum while using your business ID.


    • VocalBoothToGo
      VocalBoothToGo 4 years ago

      @Chris Allnutt Hi Chris:
      Acoustic test of Moving blanket showed their NRC below 0.5 ( NRC 0.3) which is below what is considered to be an "acoustic quality" material.
      According to acoustic engineers anything below NRC 0.5 is not an acoustic product.
      But you are correct. we probably should design a comparison test.
      The problem is also that moving blankets do not really ave any standards. in the same size of 72 x 80 moving blanket range from 35 lbs per doe to 86 lbs per dozen.
      We tested blankets that were 86 lbs per dozen and those shown NRC 0.3.
      But if you read forums people are talking about blankets from Uhaul or Harbor freight, which are usually blankets with Nonwoven outer fabric and weigh about 45 to 55 lbs per dozen.
      So you see why we do not really want to get into "moving Blankets" comparison?
      it can be be easily manipulated by simply selecting the thinnest blanket out there.
      or viewers can be mislead that the Uhaul Blanket will behave the same as a quality 96 lbs/dz Premium grade blanket from

    • Chris Allnutt
      Chris Allnutt 4 years ago

      @VocalBoothToGo I understand, but many of us wanted to know how the moving blankets actually faired, we're looking for budget options, and value science over opinion. People will tell you a 370z feels faster than an RX-8 but on a road course they're evenly matched.

  • John Johnsen
    John Johnsen 4 years ago

    Thanks for the info! I would also like to know what transition the video people used was. I am PC, not Mac, so if I can obtain it for a PC please share.

  • HoneyChrome
    HoneyChrome 4 years ago

    yo, thanks!!! just what I needed

  • D. T.
    D. T. 5 years ago


  • Eric Goodwin
    Eric Goodwin 5 years ago +26

    Horrible. Why show the moving blankets if you're not testing them too? They're much cheaper and maybe actually get the most bang for the buck (as in sound absorption per price), but who knows when you don't test them :(

    • shewh0rn
      shewh0rn 2 years ago +10

      That seems a bit misleading. The NRC you're quoting for the moving blanket is with the blanket flat on the ground (Type A mounting), not in a Type G mounting with 3" of space between the blanket and the wall as you did with your product. If you want to quote specs to use them to pedal your products you should at least have the courtesy to use the same standards, or disclose that you're not making an equal comparison. For those who didn't understand this... that 0.3 rating for the moving blanket would most likely go up substantially if it was tested using the same methodology as was used for the product VocalBoothToGo is selling.

    • VocalBoothToGo
      VocalBoothToGo 4 years ago +1

      Hello Eric
      It makes total sense to show moving blankets because
      1) people use them and recommend to others all the time, because they do jot know any better;
      2) because moving blankets are seemingly cheaper, but to achieve the same sound absorption quality as producer's choice blankets you probably need to get three moving blankets instead of one Producer's choice;
      3) acoustic blankets are actually an evolution of the moving blanket that was specialized to have better sound absorption.
      for example when developing Producer's Choice blankets we had to completely change the filler to make it a 100 % cotton, we also changed the pouter fabric to make it more porous for the sound. the weight of the blanket was almost doubled compare to the moving blanket.
      Plus we changed the quilt pattern from zig-zag to parallel stitching to allow the inside filler to expand more.
      all these changes allow us to increase the sound absorption efficiency of producer's choice blankets from about NRC 0.3 ( yes, we actually tested the NVE101) as in moving blanket to NRC 0.8 ( 80-% sound absorption) we have now for Producer's Choice blankets.
      see the acoustic test results here:

    • Steve Hirjak
      Steve Hirjak 5 years ago +1

      Moving blankets give almost no sound absorption. You must have mass that absorbs sound...sound absorbing blankets typically have heavy vinyl inside that catches and stops sound.

  • Tan
    Tan 5 years ago +27

    Double up the moving blanket and you will get better sound absorption. It will save you lots of money.

  • fetter56
    fetter56 5 years ago +1

    Excellent review and very appropriate detail. Single most concise and helpful video I've watched while building my home studio!!

  • Michael Khan
    Michael Khan 5 years ago +3

    should've thought about sound blankets before.. now i can cover up my windows with good reason lol

  • Saw Mine
    Saw Mine 5 years ago

    Guys don't make a big deal out of it is not that much science in it just make sure your booth don't give echo and if its a sound proof than look for a guy and have them stack of money ready.

  • Jeremy G
    Jeremy G 5 years ago

    this seems oddly biased due to lack of results for the normal moving blankets

  • mps_videos
    mps_videos 5 years ago

    It's actually 14.3% more absorbent, not 10%. Thanks for the video.

  • Tyler Cunningham
    Tyler Cunningham 6 years ago

    No where, it's all soaked.

  • pritpal1964
    pritpal1964 6 years ago

    I'm in Calgary where to buy this stuff.

  • ResidualComrade
    ResidualComrade 6 years ago

    Appreciate your video, was researching this a good protion of the day yesterday. Once I saw your video it made clear I can't settle for anything other than producer's choice.
    Good video! Excited I can use my amp to record now instead of DI.

  • Jolly Doomsday
    Jolly Doomsday 6 years ago

    Thanks, very useful! And please get rid of those BCF2000's!

  • MMM
    MMM 6 years ago

    he doesn't mention the coefficient for the industrial moving blankets....

  • NateTheNoble
    NateTheNoble 6 years ago

    Detailed and straight to the point!

  • btl987
    btl987 6 years ago

    great video!

  • zoot2233
    zoot2233 6 years ago +1

    egg crate mattress toppers work great. And they are cheap.

  • Xer0Tr0n
    Xer0Tr0n 6 years ago

    thank you SOOOOO MUCH

  • nismosr
    nismosr 6 years ago +1

    were can I buy the producers choice blanket ?

  • Ian Fursa
    Ian Fursa 6 years ago

    The blankets we picked up are used for video shoots, our practice spaces and around the studio to control different acoustic setups.
    For all those looking to have something that works, doesn't take up much room space, is heavy or will hurt your walls these are great.
    For someone that asked about the SE Reflextion filter, we do have one and love it, but we have gotten the best sound combining it with other acoustic room treatment. Like foam/baffles or blankets.

  • Ian Fursa
    Ian Fursa 6 years ago

    Hey everyone. Thanks for the kind words! I am sorry for not responding back to your comments earlier.
    The lab tests were supplied to us by the blanket companies, but were aproved by the lab that had did them. So we did not have any tests from the movers blankets. There are a lot of different ways of going about treating a room. Most of our rooms are treated with custom built baffles which are nothing more than a frame with insolation in it covered with light fabric.

  • closthegenius
    closthegenius 6 years ago

    You never compared the moving blankets and how well they absorbed sound.

  • skybitscom
    skybitscom 6 years ago +3

    I want white but everything is so dark like a cave. Makes me ready to fall asleep.

  • Stingi
    Stingi 6 years ago +1

    Thanks, great video!

  • oh yeah!
    oh yeah! 6 years ago

    another one of the best, and most helpful, and informative videos on youtube. great job and thanks!.
    How does that cooefficient of these professional sound blankets compare to a professional sound studio? I guess I want to know if it's a smaller bang for the buck than anything else I purchase. what about purchasing one of those CAD Acoustic shield or sE Reflexion?

  • Martin Muggli
    Martin Muggli 6 years ago

    What about the weight per unit area of the moving blankets? Can you get lab test results for the moving blanket coefficients? What about doubling up the moving blankets? Two layers would still be cheaper than the pro stuff.

  • honeyjimgeorgia
    honeyjimgeorgia 6 years ago

    thanks, extremely thorough & useful.

  • jkafproductions
    jkafproductions 6 years ago


  • skinny9283
    skinny9283 7 years ago

    Thanks, helpful.
    I live an hour East of Toronto, can I order these through Long and McQuade?

  • komusosd
    komusosd 7 years ago

    Thanks for the video!