10 Most Dangerous Islands You DON'T Want To Visit

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  • 10 Most Dangerous Islands You DON'T Want To Visit
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    You might think that the world is a safe place just about anywhere you go. But there are islands that are secluded from the rest of the world hiding deadly secrets from the past, and some so dangerous that travel to these islands are banned.
    There is even an island where the inhabitants will attack anyone who comes close to their island home. Join us as we take a look at 10 Most Dangerous Islands.
    1. Gruinard Island is a tiny Scottish Island that is only about 1.2 miles long, and a half mile wide. This island has been called one of the ‘most dangerous places on the planet’ because it was used to test Anthrax on sheep, the island being a testing ground for biological warfare during World War.
    2. There is a group of islands that are in the Fuji Volcanic Belt and the Ring of Fire called the Izu Islands. Besides the dangers of 17 active volcanoes on and around the small islands, these volcanoes spew poisonous Sulphur in the air, and each one of these volcanoes do this on a regular basis.
    3. Situated 40 miles off of the coast of São Paolo is an island that the locals call Snake Island. No one lives on this island except for the 4000 Golden Lancehead Vipers that live there. This island isn’t very big, which equates to one very poisonous and dangerous snake for every square meter of land.
    4. There is a tiny little Caribbean island measuring just 13 square kilometers called Saba that is a special territory of the Netherlands. What makes this island interesting, if not one of the most dangerous places to visit, is that it has been hit by more severe hurricanes over the last 150 years than any other island in the region.
    5. In 1348, the bubonic plague broke out in Venice. And if you were sick or caught the horrible disease you were sent to a tiny piece of land in the middle of a Venetian lagoon called Poveglia Island.
    6. Réunion is an island and region of France right in the middle of the warm Indian Ocean. It has a balmy climate and its sundrenched beaches make it the perfect vacation spot. But these perfect climate conditions aren’t just good for humans, they are also perfect for sharks. Since 2011, the island has had a shark attack crisis.
    7. North Sentinel Island is a place that could be called a land frozen in time with a people who are completely untouched by modern civilization. It is like the land that time forgot and the home of the Sentinelese, who may be the last humans left on the planet that are completely isolated from modern society.
    8. Ramree Island is a small island off the coast of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is an island inhabited by thousands of saltwater crocodiles. Some of these deadly reptiles can weigh as much as 2000 pounds or 907 kilograms.
    9. The Bikini atoll is located in the Pacific Ocean and it belongs to the Marshall Islands. It is popular as the island where nuclear tests were done in 1946.
    10. The Farallon Islands are a group of small islands that are 25 miles west of San Francisco. These islands are off limits. One of the islands, the Southeast Farallon Island has a research station where a few scientists work.

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  • Will B
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    Map shown is wrong - Snake Island in Australia is NOT 40 Km of the Coast of Sao Paulo. Snake Island Australia is a sand Island popular with bush walkers. Our real dangerous snakes live on the mainland. Taipans & King Brown's bites are death in minutes. We also breed "Salties" (Queensland crocs) who have a penchant for eating German tourists - especially those who ignore the "no swimming" signs!

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