The History of Black Friday | This is Happening

  • Published on Nov 29, 2019
  • Collect those wish lists and brace yourself - it's Black Friday! What are the origins of the wildest shopping day of the year? Sit back and enjoy the special day's history.
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Comments • 59

  • AngelTime Sweet
    AngelTime Sweet Month ago

    Hey guys)How about online shopping)👍

  • Ricovali
    Ricovali Month ago

    This channel officially sucks now

  • M M
    M M Month ago

    do you main line acid while editing your videos?

  • heaintloveu
    heaintloveu Month ago

    Why is everything shot during the summer or in other countries?

  • Diogo Cezar
    Diogo Cezar Month ago

    More like "blacks" Friday.

  • Berrytale
    Berrytale Month ago

    The quality of content on these videos on this channel has been declining...

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Month ago


  • Claes Petersson
    Claes Petersson Month ago

    National crazy day for americans. Me, me, me, consume, consume, consume, must have, should have, will have!
    When you dig further into it, you will see that the "reduction" isnt really a reduction of price but the price who went back to normal again after being tampered with during the whole year. Up, down, up, down (now you dont know the right price... so.. BLACK FRIDAY "sales" HAHA)

  • johnny feathers
    johnny feathers Month ago

    There’s no way in hell I would get mixed up in all that garbage fighting over shit just to save a few bucks...

  • greony12
    greony12 Month ago

    3:00 Black Friday lvl: apocalypse

  • TastyTarco
    TastyTarco Month ago

    Its like the video editor had a series of amnesia while making this video and put in the same shit multiple times

  • Barry Suridge
    Barry Suridge Month ago

    A load of crock.

  • John Perry
    John Perry Month ago

    Seriously you’re going to make me read? Skip

  • 2oo2marcin
    2oo2marcin Month ago

    Ok nice story bro but in Poland we have black friday every Thursday at LIDL lol🙃

  • k_froggy
    k_froggy Month ago +1

    What is this trash man. This channel is plummeting into irrelevancy. Did you even bother to watch the video back after you "edited" it? Doubles on the text in separate fonts. Shitty pacing. Dude come on...

  • Buffy Summers
    Buffy Summers Month ago

    I hate having to read on RUclip
    I’m multitasking

  • Things That Meditate
    Things That Meditate Month ago +1

    US-Americans are Psychos 🤔😷

  • rose191991
    rose191991 Month ago

    shop till u drop...
    nowadays black friday is all i guess its not that funny like before...

  • AJoaquin305
    AJoaquin305 Month ago

    This is more funny videos on Black Friday, then a history of it.

  • August
    August Month ago +1

    and this is why I will never shop on black friday.

  • Weezeteer
    Weezeteer Month ago

    Is this Jukin Videos?? I totally forgot to unsubscribe

  • Void
    Void Month ago


  • mr greeks gr vodka
    mr greeks gr vodka Month ago


  • Gso Gso
    Gso Gso Month ago


  • Krampus
    Krampus Month ago +1


  • Yhwh yhwh
    Yhwh yhwh Month ago

    did you notice most of them are.... never mind

    JOE FPOC Month ago

    I did it once. Not worth it, but if you're broke and need a few bucks off a TV go for it

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo Month ago

    This isn't black friday, this is black rams herd

  • Corey Mondello
    Corey Mondello Month ago

    What amount of money does one save on Black Friday?

  • Maksym Radchenko
    Maksym Radchenko Month ago

    lol shitiest video ever on this channel. BTW where is failarmy gone?

    SOUNDS OF ZION Month ago

    When squidward nose gets pulled off 4:08

    NOYFB FOAD Month ago

    Ban VERTICAL Videos!

    AVIINAASH DASH Month ago

    . .

  • Lyle Waller
    Lyle Waller Month ago

    Because racism! All Fridays matter!

  • Mexi
    Mexi Month ago

    Black Friday is basically the same as adult female penguins trying to adopt a baby chick.
    Don’t believe?

  • Mike Perkins
    Mike Perkins Month ago

    It would have been for New year's if not for Christmas stealing New year's day and the winter solstice.

  • David Buschhorn
    David Buschhorn Month ago

    The cake-est job in retail on Black Friday is car sales (zero customers) and when I worked in Paint at Lowe's. I *maybe* made three gallons of paint that day.

  • maryyjanee247
    maryyjanee247 Month ago

    How am I subbed to this channel wtf

  • Cristian Ortiz
    Cristian Ortiz Month ago

    Well thats normal

  • David Spangler
    David Spangler Month ago +14

    Could have been informative- was just random BS😐

  • your local goon
    your local goon Month ago +1

    4:04 😂

  • Lynne Morris
    Lynne Morris Month ago

    Brings the worst out in people

    • M B
      M B Month ago

      Koji ste vi bednici na taj Crni petak vas

    • kirdot2011
      kirdot2011 Month ago

      because black friday is the work of the devil himself...the same way Christmas have been made about consumerism

  • DavidC
    DavidC Month ago

    When you come out of the store and hit an invisible Waterwheel 5:40

    • Mexi
      Mexi Month ago +1

      DavidC nice

  • Stuart Broad
    Stuart Broad Month ago +2

    The devils whispers agian and agian...foolish slaves!

    • DavidC
      DavidC Month ago

      Indeed man! :)

  • Tammy Timothy
    Tammy Timothy Month ago +2

    Sheep to mind of their own...know your history....

  • futte2303
    futte2303 Month ago +6

    Amasing how people change over night. At your thanksgiving, people are so nice to eatch other.
    Next day, they are ready to kill for a offer in the store.
    Only in America.

  • Mikkel Jensen
    Mikkel Jensen Month ago +11

    I rode in on my bull, killed about 6 people... but hey, I got my new flat TV screen!

  • my name is ciko
    my name is ciko Month ago +17

    Bro this channel has been down drasticly

  • LordSinues
    LordSinues Month ago +26

    like animals at the river....

    • DavidC
      DavidC Month ago

      hahaha Totally man!

  • P. W.
    P. W. Month ago +19

    A cement mixer has ­collided with a prison van. Motorists are asked to look out for 16 hardened criminals.

  • arsquox
    arsquox Month ago

    And my fat ass still sitting at home

  • Nazriel Fitra Septiawan