Stephen Curry and DeMarcus Cousins - Full Press Conference | Game 2 | Warriors vs Raptors

  • Published on Jun 3, 2019
  • Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors - Full Press Conference | NBA Finals | June 2, 2019
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  • DrKuro
    DrKuro 5 months ago

    6:40 Shout out to my Asian brother for speaking fluent English lol

  • Kill Monger
    Kill Monger 5 months ago +1

    Janky Defense, Halirious Lol!!!😂😂😃😃

  • NYC1E1
    NYC1E1 5 months ago +3

    Let's be 100 KD & Boogie are lucky to be on a team that when they're hurt can still take them to the finals & possibly win the chip without them.

  • Nora Peace
    Nora Peace 5 months ago +4

    2:37 I think that’s not the real Cousins.. maybe a clone or some weird shit

  • Adam Wesley
    Adam Wesley 5 months ago +2

    Cousins has positive energy, you always see Green and Cousins talking like they’re close. Green wouldn’t do that if he didn’t have a feeling Cousins is staying. Cousins bout to light up next season

  • Adam Wesley
    Adam Wesley 5 months ago +4

    I have a strong feeling Cousins resigns with Warriors. Curry/Thompson/Green/Cousins/Looney orr they pick someone up. That’s a huge starting lineup

    • Adam Wesley
      Adam Wesley 5 months ago

      KD leaving no doubt, which frees up 30 mil a year, Give Klay 15 mil more a year and give Cousins 15 mil a year.

    • Old Thug
      Old Thug 5 months ago

      lol wheres kd

  • Thomas Carota
    Thomas Carota 5 months ago

    Yooo where can I get that hat Steph is wearing though??

  • Can't Beat The BAY!
    Can't Beat The BAY! 5 months ago +1

    Steph has the Mamba mentality.

  • Greg Popovich
    Greg Popovich 5 months ago

    this man motivates iggy

  • Jon Spikes
    Jon Spikes 5 months ago +1

    Exactly why they call um WARRIORS!!!STRENGTH & NUMBERS!!!

  • Gary
    Gary 5 months ago +1

    These guys are cool cats.

  • Jon Spikes
    Jon Spikes 5 months ago +1

    The Warriors are like a bunch of MAD SCIENTIST!!!

  • Jon Spikes
    Jon Spikes 5 months ago +2

    It's all about experience + look @ the picture you have a coach who's coaching a team of 5 Albert Einstein's played with one of the best player's on the freakn planet he has won like 6 are more rings so coach Kerr has been there done that and he's coaching the best team that'll ever be created it's all about experience!!!

  • Sebadiah23
    Sebadiah23 5 months ago +2

    Such a humble, renewed outlook from DeMarcus, compared to previous years- great to see, congrats dude.

    • BiZz
      BiZz 5 months ago +2

      Boogie always been a humble student of the game. He's just also always been transparent and he's an emotional guy, but he's always been humble

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams 5 months ago


  • Nora Peace
    Nora Peace 5 months ago +1

    The poor guy holding the mic looks crossed eyed 👀😂

  • Brandon Webb
    Brandon Webb 5 months ago +3

    Glad Steph was nice about that last question.

  • Kathleen Hindley
    Kathleen Hindley 5 months ago +2

    Curry tried so hard not to laugh at the end

  • Kingsley Laurent
    Kingsley Laurent 5 months ago +2

    Yo, real shit did yall catch what Boogie did at 2:37 It was super weird. Slow it down and see what I'm talking about. He makes this weird smile and wave. Shit was weird. Like if you see what I'm talking about.

    • Tyler Gulledge
      Tyler Gulledge 5 months ago +1

      Nah, that was some fr weird shit.

    • Centaur
      Centaur 5 months ago +1

      The more I slow it down and watch it, it looks bizarre every time. hahahaha

    • Centaur
      Centaur 5 months ago +1

      @Nora Peace ......I slowed it down and looked at it again. He looks one way then turns his head and looks the opposite way and makes a I guess you're right about it being some E.T. stuff... lol......

    • Nora Peace
      Nora Peace 5 months ago

      Centaur nope .. it doesn’t look like that AT ALL

    • Centaur
      Centaur 5 months ago +2

      I took it as he waved to someone he knew behind the press.

  • Jose H
    Jose H 5 months ago +8

    2:38 Bruh What was that

    • Omar Ahlawy
      Omar Ahlawy 5 months ago +1

      He waved back to the reporter in a sarcastic way

    • Centaur
      Centaur 5 months ago +1

      I seen it too and didn't think nothing of it. It looked to me like someone he knew came in behind the press people and probably waved and he waved back. That's what I got out of it.

    • Kingsley Laurent
      Kingsley Laurent 5 months ago

      Yo, I thought I was the only one to see that shit. They say these dudes be malfunctioning and I didn't believe it but after seeing this shit I think I'm convinced now. What he did was so fucking weird. It was like he was responding to a wave on the street from a distance

  • Konan Alvin
    Konan Alvin 5 months ago

    Curry wears a toronto watch

  • Cory Simmons
    Cory Simmons 5 months ago +2

    warriors still in trouble raptors just had a bad shooting night raptors will win next game

  • Escapable Entropy
    Escapable Entropy 5 months ago

    They are soooo arrogant it's absurd. They have these smirks on their faces like they know something. Like KD is coming back now, they stole homecourt. They just look suspicious of something. Can't put my finger on it. Why did Cousins get so upset when asked how close to 100% he was? What kind of answer is "I don't know" when you were just rambling about how much work you did with the trainers to get better asap? Were you really even hurt? LMAO. Anyone else notice this? Is Klay really hurt? Is KD really hurt? I have a feeling this is all a ruse.

    • J3 Isthename
      J3 Isthename 5 months ago

      Steve Kerr isn’t playing KD because KD is going to the knicks after this season

    • Sebadiah23
      Sebadiah23 5 months ago

      Stay off the narcotics please - so odd...

    • Nora Peace
      Nora Peace 5 months ago +1

      Look at 2:37 at Cousins .. he does some weird smile and wave .. maybe they are up to some illuminati shit or a glitch??

    • Smearoe Brillantes
      Smearoe Brillantes 5 months ago +1


    • Argenis Batista
      Argenis Batista 5 months ago +1

      block LMAO

  • Paul Cici
    Paul Cici 5 months ago +2

    I wanna hear from the mvps of the game. The refs . That's was a epic 1st half performance to keep them in it till they got hot in the 3rd.

    • Peter Sobers
      Peter Sobers 5 months ago

      Keep them in it? Lol raptors were winning at home which is expected, even by you I'm sure. The problem was the raptors not scoring for like 7 minutes in the 3rd. Hopefully all the games are close til the end.

    • Richard Admana
      Richard Admana 5 months ago +2

      ​@Paul Cici cry baby lol

    • Paul Cici
      Paul Cici 5 months ago

      @Jason Forester cause they already killed momentum. Easier to call things down 10 than up 10. So people like u look at stats at end of game and think it's the same.

    • Jerry Nettles
      Jerry Nettles 5 months ago +1

      Fr that's what I'm saying raptors had alot of calls go there way all night mostly

    • Jason Forester
      Jason Forester 5 months ago +10

      Kawhi shot 16 free throws by himself. Fuck outta here with that "rEfS wOn It FoR gOlDeN sTaTe" bullshit.

  • Paul Cici
    Paul Cici 5 months ago

    Why isnt Tony brothers in the middle of them?

  • Bdawg02
    Bdawg02 5 months ago +1

    What's that hat Curry wearing?

  • Pookie CROW
    Pookie CROW 5 months ago +12

    I’m tryna see who’s quieter rn Joshua fans or raptors fans?

    • Pookie CROW
      Pookie CROW 5 months ago +1

      Yes YES 🤣🤣🤣🤣 they don’t

    • Yes YES
      Yes YES 5 months ago +1

      Joshua fans, Raptors still have a chance to win lol

  • Pookie CROW
    Pookie CROW 5 months ago

    Where y’all fucking baby dinosaur fans at y’all was thinking it was over y’all was finna win In 5 and all that after game 1 where y’all at

  • brayden loughman
    brayden loughman 5 months ago +4


  • Ama O
    Ama O 5 months ago +6

    These questions 🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Ama O
    Ama O 5 months ago +8

    They dragging these finals out man we gotta wait three days for the next game?

      RAIDER GAINZ 5 months ago +1

      That was an adjustment made by players union last off season. Too many injuries.

    • JamcRanos Vlogs
      JamcRanos Vlogs 5 months ago +5

      Ama O they gotta travel and practice lol let them rest haha

  • Jonathan Hall
    Jonathan Hall 5 months ago +40

    That hamstring injury has humbled Cousins immensely, but the culture of teamwork in the Warriors organization has also helped his mindset. Some players choose ego over winning, but on the Warriors, you learn to sacrifice ego to win championships.

    • Rupesh Ghimire
      Rupesh Ghimire 5 months ago

      It helps when you don't have kyle lowrys in the team

    • Jonathan Hall
      Jonathan Hall 5 months ago +1

      Omar Ahlawy yes that is my bad. I was confusing Klay’s new injury with Demarcus. I meant to say his Achilles.

    • King Fisher 1.2% Alc
      King Fisher 1.2% Alc 5 months ago +1

      You are right but Cousins is a great player for his team and rides for them i feel like when players join the warriors they get this sense of brotherhood and from the chemistry from players who been on the team for awhile they learn alot and get custom to the love on the team. Stephen who's humble klay and yes dray was the hot headed cousin but hes learning. Yes KD adds to the team. Love him since the supersonics. But he's humble too. No one gets mad at someone for shining.They all truly don't care who's got what award or whos passing what record i feel like they all are truly happy when somone even the bench players come in clutch as long as they win games. Cousins belongs here and hope he stays. Ill be mad if Demarcus leaves rather than Kd though I love KD everyone says we are a super team but really the NBA has some talented teams and were not just unstoppable. I love what we have. And how the top guys push the young ones. See Curry so HAPpy for Quinm Cook when he's making plays. Thats genuine and you can sense that. No Hate and curry loves KD leading the team. Durant doesn't care when klay steps up. See how he greets the team after the game if he did leave like Leonard left the spurs when he got that Injury id be mad an disappointed cause we love him no matter what he does. Truly greatful for where he has taken this team but people say we NEED him. We like him and he adds but we can do this together as a unit and not just ISO ball. Cousins is humble and i can see him fitting so well on the team. Love how he listens and doesn't fight when everyone thought he was gonna be hyphy with dray but na hes just thankful to play and wants to be there with the squad. Chemistry is so good love it. Im 25 been a fan since i was young. Go to games when thunder was mascot shooting warriors towels. Lol. Jamison,Dunleavy,and J Rich man good times but this new era is pretty great itself. Wouldnt mind another ring and dont mind seeing drake "UPSET" lol (Get it?) Anyway his face when Raptors came back in forth then we extended the lead within seconds cause of cook. Priceless. Drake was sooo happy then camera didn't show him. Again hahaha

    • Omar Ahlawy
      Omar Ahlawy 5 months ago

      He had quad injury not hamstring

    • Theo E.
      Theo E. 5 months ago

      Tru I agree

  • Erica Edwards
    Erica Edwards 5 months ago +21

    I like steph but I fall asleep everytime he talks

  • Knox Teamm
    Knox Teamm 5 months ago +13

    Is this Cousins first post game playoff interview ?

  • Bryan Jones
    Bryan Jones 5 months ago +16

    Peep the Black Panther hat ✊🏾

    • Christopher Tom
      Christopher Tom 5 months ago

      When he was answering the question@1:28 it looked like he was about to do the "wakanda forever" salute

  • AP82
    AP82 5 months ago +21

    Boogie has dope swag

  • Kenshin Ushiroda
    Kenshin Ushiroda 5 months ago +66

    Cousins was huge this game.

  • Farhad Zuhdi
    Farhad Zuhdi 5 months ago +24

    Its funny when someone get mad when an NBA player throw their money to chase a ring. Then again, which is better? Ring chaser or money grabber?

    • King Fisher 1.2% Alc
      King Fisher 1.2% Alc 5 months ago

      @UnBR0k3enAngel yeah money's good but they are going to get that. When you have money from champion teams its nothing. Oracle arena has made so much money off the warriors going to the finals. Plus watch party's now. Maybe over 1 mill a game not including tickets. Memories last forever and to know what its like to win the finals and celebrate has to be a crazy feeling. Steph said he aint use to it yet. Man when id win Little league baseball championships id feel so good imagine when its worth a contract and infront of a huge audience. Gotta feel sooo good. Especially at home in front of your fans. I was so happy when id jus see parents looking at me win and do good. They are humans. They feel like we feel and we all had alot of money before to feel good no matter the amount. We have all reached an amount that made us happy but never have you won a NBA Finals title and even maybe win playoff MVP. Gotta feel great or Steph Klay , and dray would probably not even care to win but shit here they are 3rd yeat straight To the finals hopefully they win. Sad KD won't get his 3rd MVP finals trophy due to Injury but im sure he will be happy for who does. Kd man. He was doing crazy good. Yall forgot about the rest of the team for awhile. And people starting saying what y'all gonna do without Cousins or KD. Well same thing we been doing Winning.

    • UnBR0k3enAngel
      UnBR0k3enAngel 5 months ago

      @Farhad Zuhdi Yeah, I ageee a championship has that sentimental value of accomplishment. It's like what a graduating class ring is marketed on.
      But I'd rather have money lmao

    • Farhad Zuhdi
      Farhad Zuhdi 5 months ago

      @UnBR0k3enAngel i think it would be mean alot even after 10 years. Its an achievment for every player. For us fans? Maybe not worth. But for them player, its a pride and they would love to bring it to their graves.

    • Farhad Zuhdi
      Farhad Zuhdi 5 months ago

      @Seth1234567891019191 i agree with you. Even if i he stay in Utah, he would get paid with the same amount. Gordon Hayward is just unlucky. No reason for hating his contract

    • UnBR0k3enAngel
      UnBR0k3enAngel 5 months ago

      @Sebadiah23 Yeah, I don't think All NBA voting should be as important because that statement is true, all of these voters cannot possibly watch all of these guys consistently.
      Sadly, All-NBA nods are now tied to supermax contracts, unlike things that are more solidly measured, like player longevity, which hurts players looking to get what they earn, because a guy like Klay just won't have as many opportunities to make an All-NBA in comparison to players like Giannis, LeBron, KD, (and apparently Kemba), who quality for multiple slots instead of just their sole position.
      I feel even worse for PFs. The only actual PF to get an All-NBA selection was Blake Griffin.

  • Duke Talks
    Duke Talks 5 months ago +1

    First dislike

  • Yungpope
    Yungpope 5 months ago +4

    Turn that hat into a ring chasers crown

  • Goku Caprisun
    Goku Caprisun 5 months ago +12

    Cousins as much as he is cocky he is also humble, he plays and leaves his heart out in the court just wait till he gets comfortable😤 I still got raptors in 6 tho 😂

    • L S
      L S 5 months ago +1

      Warriors n 5 party n Toronto lmfao

    • s3nz3i millyun
      s3nz3i millyun 5 months ago +3

      @naksdaks LOLOL we have a bandwagoner LOLOLOLOL

    • naksdaks
      naksdaks 5 months ago

      More like my new favorite team raptors.

    • s3nz3i millyun
      s3nz3i millyun 5 months ago +6

      More like Warriors in 6.

  • shaunbir klair
    shaunbir klair 5 months ago +1

    Raptors have fat midgets in Lowry and Van Vleet damn and KD looked like a snake in the tunnel

  • Idris Tokhi
    Idris Tokhi 5 months ago +2

    "You Trash"

  • Rene Valenzuela
    Rene Valenzuela 5 months ago