Killer In Our Classroom In Parkland, Florida: Never Again

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
  • In February 2018, 19-year-old Nicholas Cruz entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, carrying a semi-automatic rifle. He killed fourteen pupils and three members of staff.
    In the aftermath of one of the worst mass school shootings in recent history, students from the school organised what became a global, youth-led movement, campaigning for stricter gun laws in America.
    With filming beginning shortly after the shooting, this documentary follows pupils from the school, including Lewis Mizen, a 17-year-old British senior, as they take on the establishment to demand change. The film also tells the stories of some of the other students affected by the shooting.
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Comments • 5 351

  • john richardson
    john richardson 6 hours ago

    For over twenty years schools have been shot up, students killed. Families ripped apart. Why has it taken two decades to even get this far?

  • Caoimhe Kelly
    Caoimhe Kelly Day ago


  • izat maarof
    izat maarof 2 days ago

    even if guns are banned, yet, the case of bullying still wont end..

  • Samhain606
    Samhain606 5 days ago

    Good job with the video and the courage to push for a solution. All of the energy is going to the wrong thing though. A semi-auto shotgun would do way more damage and they are sold everywhere. Plus if someone is that messed up it's not like they care if their gun is legal or not. I don't pretend to know the answer, but trying to ban a certain gun isn't going to stop anyone.

  • New Gamer
    New Gamer 6 days ago

    No one will listen to American kids.
    But 1 Britt kid! That’s powerful stuff

  • Jake mega gamer
    Jake mega gamer 10 days ago

    1:57 lol that tiny kid is gangstar xd

  • Venkata Putta
    Venkata Putta 11 days ago

    ik kids are dying but gun control would make it worse, the people who can legally get guns can't get then anymore and they ones who get illegally will cause more casualties and the good ones cant protect themselves.

  • Venkata Putta
    Venkata Putta 11 days ago

    Protect our schools, like you protect Area 51

  • Universal nation
    Universal nation 11 days ago

    No intentions of going to America. Hell no

  • CityFN
    CityFN 18 days ago

    4:05 kid is 100% right.

  • •ρεαcнxqlσss •

    #Never again :

  • Serenity Hopson
    Serenity Hopson 25 days ago

    This dumb boy after being shot he stupid self still wants guns

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 24 days ago +1

      @Serenity Hopson And without phones, electricity, running water, police, fire departments, paramedics, etc.

    • Serenity Hopson
      Serenity Hopson 24 days ago

      Lizzie Allen TBH neither are really needed people survived without both of them at some point in history

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 24 days ago

      @Serenity Hopson People survive without cars all the time, it's called being poor and not being able to afford it. It's called having your license revoked after too many DWI arrests and no longer being allowed to drive. It's called having medical conditions that make it impossible to pass a driving test. If they can make it work, so can everybody else, nobody NEEDS cars, they just want them, they're not a needed accessory for life.

    • Serenity Hopson
      Serenity Hopson 24 days ago

      Lizzie Allen that’s different guns are not a needed accessory for life so that’s dumb what you said

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 24 days ago

      Yeah that makes sense, like any teenager who's been in a car accident, surely will NEVER want a car in their life because of that, right?

  • savistics
    savistics 26 days ago

    “They’re fun to shoot at targets” u fuckin dumbass u were his target must have been fun for him

  • Xanderman999
    Xanderman999 27 days ago

    This campaign should not fade away. Protest the NRA! Seek their leaders out and protest loudly

  • Manj0t
    Manj0t 29 days ago

    i like them maybe dont say it that way

  • Mohammad javed Ikram
    Mohammad javed Ikram Month ago +2

    My friends real criminals is dagulas school bloody students and real killer dagulas school bloody students and inncoent is nikolas cruz

  • Ciario Roblox
    Ciario Roblox Month ago +1

    If only everywhere had the firearm laws that Australia has

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 24 days ago

      Which accomplished absolutely ZIP since gun crime stats are the same now as they were before Port Arthur.

  • Mohammad javed Ikram
    Mohammad javed Ikram Month ago +1

    Stop the school ragging and harassment violence not gun violence

    • Mohammad javed Ikram
      Mohammad javed Ikram 25 days ago +1

      My name is huzaifa

    • Mohammad javed Ikram
      Mohammad javed Ikram 25 days ago +1

      Russ my friend my request us groument please stop school college and unvristy ragging and harassment violence not gun violence my friend

    • Mohammad javed Ikram
      Mohammad javed Ikram 25 days ago +1

      Nikolas cruz is inncoent boy and dagulas school bloody students and teachers is real criminals

    • Russ & Mel
      Russ & Mel 29 days ago

      you cant even spell

  • Mohammad javed Ikram
    Mohammad javed Ikram Month ago +2

    Real criminals is dagulas school bloody students and inncoent is nikolas cruz

  • Gabe Lee
    Gabe Lee Month ago

    guns will never go away ,,automatic weapons are Illegal in the USA in every state dumb can only buy semi auto ,bolt action, lever action ,single shot pump action guns stupid.{Fake News}.

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross Month ago +2

    4:12 yOu ShOuLdN’t TaKe ThEm AwAy BuT yOu ShOuLd PuT a LiMiT tO tHem
    Me: wth, why do you think you were a target?? Sorry but........

  • Animal Sensei
    Animal Sensei Month ago

    I don't feel guilt or empathy for them or anything, I just can't.

    • Russ & Mel
      Russ & Mel 29 days ago +1

      I have diagnosed you to be a psychopath. You will deny it, people with mental disorders deny they have an issue. Please get help. Even though you are most likely not to.

    • Nightmare Sans
      Nightmare Sans Month ago +1


  • Jade Alexandra
    Jade Alexandra Month ago

    id just like to point out that its not the guns that kill people, its PEOPLE. I would also like to point out that our mental state in the US is disgusting. We need to help these people, not shove them to the side. The US NEEDs to work on the mental health of our nation. there are 100s of people willing and able to do this exact thing. So what you are telling me that we need to take guns away, instead of pushing to help all these people. we need a place where these kids who have nowhere to go or no one to talk to can go to talk about these atrocious things they think.

    • Russ & Mel
      Russ & Mel 29 days ago

      its the guns because people already know the government isnt going to help the mental state for anyone..

  • Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn Month ago

    They say never again, and yet here we are, over a year later, barely anything has been done. 250 mass shootings have happened in 2019 alone, and you know why? Because the rich white men want to keep on making their multi-millions off of their guns.

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 24 days ago

      250 mass shootings my ass. A mass shooting requires bare bones FOUR dead bodies PLUS the gunman's, you want to give us those 250 body counts?

  • Toby cullens world
    Toby cullens world Month ago

    Its not the guns fault ... Blame stupid people BRING STUPID PEOPLE CONTROL!!!

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 24 days ago

      @Russ & Mel Sterilize them. If you don't like that, give them a crash course in the real world where criminals don't care about laws and nobody wakes up and says 'I'mma kill 20 people BECAUSE GUNS!'

    • Russ & Mel
      Russ & Mel 29 days ago

      how do you fix stupid people

  • shading who
    shading who Month ago

    imagine being in that situation.

  • Mohammad javed Ikram
    Mohammad javed Ikram Month ago +1

    Nikolas cruz is inncoent boy and dagulas school students is real criminals he is ragging for nikolas cruz so nilokas cruz revenge my friends please stop the school ragging velince not gun velince

  • sabrina carpenter fan
    sabrina carpenter fan Month ago +1

    I would have a full on heart attack before he got to my classroom this is my worse fear

    • sabrina carpenter fan
      sabrina carpenter fan 28 days ago

      @Russ & Mel once my school had a lock down drill and they forgot to say "drill" so they said it was a lock down And i broke down crying and everybody kept laughing at me.

    • Russ & Mel
      Russ & Mel 29 days ago

      me too i have so many panic attacks WHEN NOTHINGS HAPPENING if something like this happened to me I would already be dead

  • Sub To Pewdiepie
    Sub To Pewdiepie Month ago

    I am in Australia and about half of my school walked out on the day too!

  • suprise pikachu
    suprise pikachu Month ago +13

    Kinder Suprises are banned.
    Guns? Nah its fine
    Like WHAT?!

    • JennieKate
      JennieKate 26 days ago +1

      suprise pikachu
      So...corruption, dictatorship, and even more illegal guns and school shootings is way better!

  • Tenebris
    Tenebris Month ago

    Give weapons to teachers

  • SlavicSlayz
    SlavicSlayz Month ago

    5:20 she sounds so dumb honestly if you don’t have guns you can’t protect yourself and if you do apparently you’d assumed as an school shooter also it’s great that you can only buy long barrel rifles at age 18 and not handguns till your 21 because pistols can hold more ammunition and are more conceliable or however you spell it meaning they are easier to hide but an Ar15 you can’t hide unless in a gun case or instrument case but trying to ban all goes is just flat out stupid because if the good guys don’t got them and bad ones do we’re fucked.

  • SlavicSlayz
    SlavicSlayz Month ago

    4:10 smart kid

  • ItzGachaFox_Sparkledonutsgaming

    I feel bad for the kids that didn't make it I'm literally crying bro....

  • Bellaツ
    Bellaツ Month ago

    Lewis was my soccer coach i lived in parkland i moved away from there because of that shooting that was complete bs why would people ever do that

  • Ailaz Squad
    Ailaz Squad Month ago

    Lol jk

  • Ailaz Squad
    Ailaz Squad Month ago

    Savage mom

  • zσяsε
    zσяsε Month ago +1

    literally today 3 kids came on campus with guns at my school, why is this still happing and nothing is being done

    • zσяsε
      zσяsε 24 days ago

      Lizzie Allen they were selling the gun to this other kid, i have no idea what his intentions were

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 24 days ago

      And what were they planning to do?

  • sleepy boy
    sleepy boy Month ago +1

    I’m moving to Canada, I’m tired of being scared every where I go in public

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 24 days ago

      +sleepy boy You ain't gonna feel much safer in Canada, they got plenty of violent crimes as well, and a government that won't do anything about them.

    • Russ & Mel
      Russ & Mel 29 days ago

      i want to do the same. but its so cold there it would worsen my arthritis AND i dont think i could ever leave my family ( and im a teen)

  • GOLD Y
    GOLD Y Month ago +1

    Then the gun owners say nawww just some dead kids

    • Lizzie Allen
      Lizzie Allen 24 days ago

      Then the car owners say nawww just some dead kids. According to KDOT the leading cause of death in children is car crashes. So let's ban cars, that'll be great, everybody walks everywhere for their entire lives, walk to prom, walk to your job, walk to the hospital when you're in labor, walk to the store for your Thanksgiving shopping to bring home a turkey and 10 bags of canned goods.

  • Snacky Chelsea
    Snacky Chelsea Month ago +1

    My cousin, friend, and Close teacher have died in a school shooting. Stay strong everyone. How scary is it sitting in a classroom while there is a shooting. #neveragain.

    • Snacky Chelsea
      Snacky Chelsea 27 days ago +1

      @Nightmare Sans thank you. I wish u well :)

    • Nightmare Sans
      Nightmare Sans Month ago +2

      I'm sorry you had to go threw that My older sister died at the shooting so i get it.

  • Macaw Lover
    Macaw Lover Month ago +2

    that small clip of the shooter talking makes me want to throw up, I will NEVER understand how a human can have a goal to kill 20 other humans, I fear for the new school year, because no innocent human should have to go through what these kids have

  • Shayla Anderson
    Shayla Anderson Month ago +1

    I just realised that all the school shootings are in America and never anywhere else so you Americans what you be doing to make that happen ?

    • Shayla Anderson
      Shayla Anderson 29 days ago

      Russ & Mel rilly jeez but like there has been lots of school shooting In America and other countries but I’ve never seen or hear of any in England

    • Russ & Mel
      Russ & Mel 29 days ago +1

      I dont *go* to school anymore I do school online but from what I notice, online and irl americans are very mean. most are pretty selfish. but also the way youre taught in america makes you feel even worse

  • Liza Trainer
    Liza Trainer Month ago +1

    Automatic weapons priceless reporting. Automatic weapons have been banned since 1986. Btw you can convert just about ant wooden rifle into what looks like an AR-15 with all the same features. A man rented a van and killed 86 people in France in under a minute. Whats easier to get a van or an AR-15?

  • ninjamaster123 1
    ninjamaster123 1 Month ago +1

    I wish they would just take guns away

  • membersonly
    membersonly Month ago

    Blame the problem on games and everything else but not that you can buy guns when youre 18

  • Mikaila Jeans
    Mikaila Jeans Month ago +2

    I'm crying so much. I pray for healing for all family and friends affected by this tragedy. Please America, make gun laws!

  • OOFDaMagican- TheBaconArmy

    If I was there I would have melee combat him and knock him out and I'm in middle school...

    • Surf Soc
      Surf Soc Month ago

      That will get you killed. Fight if u absolutely have to but getting safe is the #1 priority

  • rip cameron boyce
    rip cameron boyce Month ago +115

    Changing the age limit to 21 isn’t gonna do anything, because most of the shooters are over 21🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Drea m
      Drea m 27 days ago

      @Russ & Mel most parents dont have guns so

    • Russ & Mel
      Russ & Mel 29 days ago

      @Hate Purrpp there most likey would just take a gun from their parents then

    • Hate Purrpp
      Hate Purrpp Month ago +8

      not.. at all? they are high school shootings, typically by people who are still actively attending that school. (hint hint! most people in hs arent over 21)

  • Chunky Tomato Soup
    Chunky Tomato Soup Month ago +1

    Yes friends. Listen to the media and live in fear. Don’t forget to do as your told and follow as your told.

  • Maxwell 24
    Maxwell 24 Month ago +1

    R.I.P All 17 People Who Died In The Shooting They Never Deserved To Die Especially In That Way 😭😭😭😭😭 And I Hope There Family's Recover 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Adanyah c
    Adanyah c Month ago

    4:20 that's sick and discussing

  • Savage GamingTY
    Savage GamingTY Month ago

    I will save my crush if that happened in my country to show her how much I love her but you know she doesn't like me :(

  • Roxanne Cecala
    Roxanne Cecala Month ago +1

    Let's look at MENTAL HEALTH, NOT GUNS!

  • Holy Macaroni
    Holy Macaroni Month ago

    people who say we shouldn’t ban guns because they’re “fun to shoot” just get a nerf gun bro

  • • chasey •
    • chasey • Month ago

    i walked out. most of my school walks out

  • Lukai
    Lukai Month ago

    Lol this is fake af police come in and say "put your phones away" lmao

    • MysticalSpeed Vlogs ツ
      MysticalSpeed Vlogs ツ Month ago

      don’t joke around about school shootings also do you even know what it feels like to be in a school shooting

  • вlιѕѕχƒυll
    вlιѕѕχƒυll Month ago

    I cant imagine being in that classroom and hearing the gunshots, this is so heartbreaking.

  • Michael Freerks
    Michael Freerks Month ago

    Being in the middle of a school shooting must be such a nightmare. I'd play dead, or hide in a cabinet or something.

  • Huy Do
    Huy Do Month ago