Killer In Our Classroom In Parkland, Florida: Never Again

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
  • In February 2018, 19-year-old Nicholas Cruz entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, carrying a semi-automatic rifle. He killed fourteen pupils and three members of staff.
    In the aftermath of one of the worst mass school shootings in recent history, students from the school organised what became a global, youth-led movement, campaigning for stricter gun laws in America.
    With filming beginning shortly after the shooting, this documentary follows pupils from the school, including Lewis Mizen, a 17-year-old British senior, as they take on the establishment to demand change. The film also tells the stories of some of the other students affected by the shooting.
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  • Niiya baby
    Niiya baby Hour ago

    If I was in this situation idk what I would do like idk how I could sit there and send that message that could be ur last there wouldn’t be enough time in the world to express everything u have to say

  • xX LONGYXx
    xX LONGYXx 2 hours ago +1

    Am I the only one pissed off that everyone should have done something rather then sit in a corner

  • Colby Brown
    Colby Brown 3 hours ago

    They may not be able to shoot you but they could do so much worse than pulling the trigger on a gun. There was even a kid in the video that said he still likes guns after he was shot by one!

  • arrwa
    arrwa 3 hours ago +1

    i live in england and nothing like this ever happens, ever, if there aren't any guns for ppl to get their hands on you wont have to fear them or need to protect yourself

  • Manny Montana_69
    Manny Montana_69 6 hours ago

    Gun control won’t work bad guys won’t care about the law, it’s better that they have more police officers in schools

  • Scoobydude3169
    Scoobydude3169 7 hours ago


  • Madden Rojas
    Madden Rojas 12 hours ago

    OMG that broke my heart when the girl said it just like death

  • Madden Rojas
    Madden Rojas 12 hours ago

    1 like = guns pointing at the shooters

  • J L4
    J L4 13 hours ago

    Just one more year and I can graduate.

  • Colby Brown
    Colby Brown 16 hours ago

    Guys guns are not the problem, the people using the guns are use common sense

    • T 2018
      T 2018 7 hours ago

      Speaking of common sense, you should engage in some - if you cant get the gun in the first place then the guy wanting to shoot you, cant. Can he? How about THAT for some common bloody sense?

  • Juliana Dogostino

    My thing is yes thus is extremely sad...but if you think about it, it isnt the guns fault because the guns arent the problem the people are. Everyone wants to bann guns but what they dont think about is that yes the guns are the things killing people but its actually the people behind the gun. Just think about that for a second

  • Llama Queen
    Llama Queen Day ago +1

    Florida: Hi we have beautiful beaches, but don’t attend school here or you’ll die or get injured.

    Florida is good and bad. But school shootings make Florida more bad then good.

  • ChrisTheFlake
    ChrisTheFlake Day ago

    How? How do you stop guns? Lets say you make an emotional heart felt movement where people turn in their guns or the government does a buy back program. Or the government goes door to door across the country to all the homes with registered weapons, or door to door and collects guns from every soul they could find guns without opposition.....would that stop it? no, not all guns are registered. out of a population of 3-4oo million people there are millions of guns that were made without being registered and hidden, not to mention a gun is not as complicated to make as a nuclear warhead, hobbyists make them out of metal scraps and trash, Mexico would make them for people and transport them in motor parts in car engines if there was a market for it. criminals love when things are illegal to buy because they want an opportunity to sell something that only they are willing to sell. just like drugs. There are laws against it, but it doesn't stop kids from buying it. how many losers does it take to continue the pace of mass killing today once all the guns are legally banned but still possible to get illegally? 20?, 30? out of 3-400 million people I'm sure mass shooting will continue with mexico poverty willing to supply wealthy Americans whatever the need is. The Philippines is an example of poor people making real guns on massive scale to meet the demand. The school mass shooting all started with some girl who didn't like Mondays but the media glorifies each and every person by giving them the attention they so desperately want to have because they don't like how their lives are playing out and they throw a temper tantrum.

  • Brittany Olsen
    Brittany Olsen Day ago

    #never again

  • TJ'S Corner
    TJ'S Corner Day ago +1

    Hey we should do a national walkout day every year on the anniversary until we get gun control 😊

  • Howling MidnightWolf2008


  • BMW Learning
    BMW Learning Day ago

    So after you get rid of Semi auto rifle being sold in Gun stores, then what if mass shootings get worse by killers get to buy the rifles off the streets.?

  • dripper
    dripper 2 days ago

    This shit still hurts

  • It’s vae Tv
    It’s vae Tv 2 days ago


  • Valentine Yadao
    Valentine Yadao 2 days ago

    There's guards in Banks protecting your money but there's no guard protecting your precious children at school. Another reason I'm glad I don't live in America.

    • ChrisTheFlake
      ChrisTheFlake Day ago

      How does one person protect anyone from another person's initiative? especially when they have an equal or greater capacity of force then the protector? One person with a pistol can kill six cops armed at a fast food table because action is always faster than reaction and no one knows what when and where you're going to do what you're going to do until you do it.

  • itzlexiee
    itzlexiee 2 days ago

    Our school had to walk inside cause it was raining lmfaooO

  • Ella the Potterhead
    Ella the Potterhead 2 days ago +1

    I used to live in Florida when I was two, and would’ve gone to this high school if it weren’t for me moving to illinois. Thank goodness.

  • mil -o
    mil -o 2 days ago

    they should add more security to schools so stuff like this wont happen children is the future they should be our top priority ik theres war but there the next generation they have to live so human wont die off and keep living but ig no one cares about tht ik some pepole do but some pepole out there dont care #neveragain rip those 17 pepole tht got injured or died

  • Deanna Awad
    Deanna Awad 2 days ago

    Chills all through my body

  • Tîny
    Tîny 2 days ago +3

    *They interviewed some of the survivors on a different channel and the dude shoes that you saw in the Snapchat almost died and saw people die*

  • The UnderTale Family


  • Ray Shabaz
    Ray Shabaz 2 days ago

    Don't blame this while non gun controlling thing. Here's the number one message: Stop bullying and if you see someone getting bullied help them. Don't be an idiot bystander. That victim will soon turn and whatever innocent blood that was spilled on his/her hands, it will also be on yours

    • Ray Shabaz
      Ray Shabaz 7 hours ago

      @ChrisTheFlake reason why we don't hear any reports of active shooters because most likely they commit suicide. The only exposure we provide is them being killers and that's it. Hardly anyone would give a crap what happened to them in the past because they judge them by their actions instead of their feelings

    • ChrisTheFlake
      ChrisTheFlake Day ago

      I could only find 10 Worst School Bullies from the title you provided me, but they all seemed to result in suicide, which of course is tragic as well as a serious problem, but it doesn't seem to be to driving force behind mass shooters specifically. Bullies are actually a sad part of nature. Its a bandura project within mob mentality and happens within most species. Male bulls for example will mount weaker male bulls as a form of dominance and actually try to sodomize the weaker bull. You can over come this but that sort of growth requires a lot of individual attention and correction with the bully or alpha. schools tend to facilitate this environment because of the large student body the small packs formed and natural tendency to attack the common enemy. This happens in jails, schools, social circles, friend groups, governments. its sadly life in our broken world. Best to raise your kid as best you can and instill in them maturity and respect for others and hopefully they develop empathy sooner then later so as not to have to regret how they treated others nor ruin lives of the people they mistreated.

    • Ray Shabaz
      Ray Shabaz Day ago

      @ChrisTheFlake I'm talking about the ones who hate getting bully and want help. And yes bullying is a problem, especially those around who don't help. Watch a video here on You Tube called Most Evilist Bullies and you'll see what I mean

    • ChrisTheFlake
      ChrisTheFlake Day ago

      stop bullying isn't exactly the problem. people used to be bullied all the time and they never went "postal". All people have within them the ability to do what other people are capable of doing, but circumstances, developed conforming thought patterns and emotional and intellectual mastery of one's mental self prevents those primal animal impulses from ever surfacing. Look how angry little children get when upset, if they could they would king kong they hell out of the world, because there are no developed safeguards from their absolute rage other then them being too weak to carry out that action. Look at road rage and people dying from impulsive anger when they suddenly have the power in a car to do more than what they are capable of on foot face to face with the other person. Our culture is the problem, our community daycare is just more detachment from parents than before as parents maximize their earning potential. kids spend more time with friends than family. video games, comics, movies are all reflective of our cultures darker, angrier mentality surfacing within its entertaining depictions. John wick is a hero murderer. How are we celebrating bad guys as heroes? Deadpool, punisher? The hit man, spawn the demon hero, the villain joker is more celebrated than batman and even batman is a wobbler and now Lucifer has his own show? Now its true, most people don't play a violent movie or game and copy it, but most people are not doing mass shooting either. its the few that cause all the damage because it only takes a few to make the headlines. No, this will never stop, unless our culture as a whole vilifies villains instead of admire them, portraying them as the losers they really are. There is no love, No God, No Christ, just mighty people unleashing their powerful wrath when they get Hulk angry.

  • Ryan Finneran
    Ryan Finneran 2 days ago

    There is a shooter and these kids still be on Snapchat

  • Random Youtube Channel


  • honeylemon
    honeylemon 2 days ago

    You can tell me whatever you want, but banning guns in America is PRIORITY. Other countries get along really well without its citizens owning guns. Only the armed forces are allowed to carry guns and that is PERFECTLY FINE.

  • mya east
    mya east 3 days ago

    I’m asking my parents to homeschool me

  • cap10 cool
    cap10 cool 3 days ago +1

    At 0:23 I hate that this person just thinks that he can put a SHOOTING PLAN on the internet and think it looks cool. I despise these ppl #neveragain

  • May04bwu
    May04bwu 3 days ago

    What's wrong with America? Seriously, what's wrong with the people that it's so prevalent?

  • SadDanzo
    SadDanzo 3 days ago

    0:39 made me imagine how i would react if there was a shooter in my school.
    all i have to says is bring ur phone to school everyday if there is a bullied white kid who is always quiet and never smiles

    • Bella Snow
      Bella Snow 17 hours ago

      SadDanzo color has nothing to do with it

  • Emiliano Escobedo
    Emiliano Escobedo 3 days ago

    How about we end school and no more school shooting

  • Mowac
    Mowac 3 days ago

    The sheeple are speaking in tongues once again over another fake shooting staged by the U.S. government. people make me laugh.

    • Mowac
      Mowac 2 days ago

      @David Rauschenbach Of course you're not a sheep,'re a shill.

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 3 days ago

      I'm not a sheep and this shooting wasn't fake or staged by the government

  • ItzjasonYT Turner
    ItzjasonYT Turner 4 days ago

    #NEVERAGAIN #neveragain please...

  • Simon Byrgesen
    Simon Byrgesen 4 days ago

    when will there ever be peace across the globe so many people r being killed by insane people these days... all kinds of guns these days is a weapon of mass destruction and should be banned to have as a private person in all countries entirely.

    • Zephyr7142
      Zephyr7142 10 hours ago

      As long as there’s life, there’s conflict.
      Also would you rather not to have a gun if your said government commits tyranny, or have a gun to fight back against said government committing tyranny.

  • Ken Rosenberg
    Ken Rosenberg 4 days ago

    guns should not have limits on them,if the government have guns then pedestrians should have them too.

  • Galactic Girl!
    Galactic Girl! 5 days ago +1


    • Anna S
      Anna S 2 days ago +2

      Galactic Girl! Bs

  • Angelica Vano
    Angelica Vano 5 days ago

    I cant get over the fact that this kid litterally was in a situation where there was a schooter in his school, and he feels fine having like 10 BB guns and playing shooter games

  • Samuel D
    Samuel D 5 days ago


  • Miroslav Svatý
    Miroslav Svatý 5 days ago

    These guys are (school shooters) are legends. I salute them.

  • Avakin Bridie
    Avakin Bridie 5 days ago


  • Aaliyah
    Aaliyah 6 days ago

    deadass.. the part that made me cry was when the person recording running from the classroom to the front of the school, the only thing I could notice was all of the bodies on the floor.

  • A day in the life of an Asian

    Sadly, America is the country that has the most school shootings out of the world. 😭😭😭😢😢😭🤧

  • Nicole Foucrier
    Nicole Foucrier 6 days ago

    I know this is sad but you cant mess with the second amendment people will always get access, how do teens get beer? The same way for guns we have the right to carry guns and protect ourselves makeing the change will save lives but will also cause death.

  • Evie Tolley
    Evie Tolley 6 days ago +4

    Ik it's been a year but idc


  • Mr Bandito
    Mr Bandito 6 days ago

    Don’t ban guns, it’s not the guns behind the shootings, it’s the people using the guns. And if you take away our second amendment, these people are just going to find another weapon to use, like the guy who went on a killing spree with a knife in Japan. That said the weapons don’t have minds, they aren’t living beings they can’t do what they want. Most of these people have something wrong with them and need medication. So just think, think about the people behind the gun, are they deranged? Don’t be stupid, use your brain.

    • Mr Bandito
      Mr Bandito 6 days ago

      I copied and pasted this many times, but it goes so well and is important for people to know

  • Kim Moonyoung
    Kim Moonyoung 7 days ago

    I feel proud and I’m not even a little ashamed to say that I walked out during the school walk outs

  • Eavy Muturuh
    Eavy Muturuh 7 days ago

    What in the World is wrong with people

  • christian J
    christian J 8 days ago

    Never again

  • OpTic-Commando799
    OpTic-Commando799 8 days ago

    I'm 15 and my mom said to me many times that she's sorry that I have to grow up this way in a world with stuff like this and people murdering eachother. She said when she was a kid things weren't this bad. What I'm more worried about is my future kids. If the world is like this now it's only gonna get worse. I already decided that I'm having my kid's homeschooled. Cuz help me God is someone messes with my kids or my family in general I'll slit their throat

  • Senpai Angel
    Senpai Angel 8 days ago

    I hear one shot, I’m booking it, f*** everyone else, I’d call my mom and then look for the exit.

  • dxzys edits
    dxzys edits 8 days ago

    3:54 Why did you blur the game he was playing? Its easy to tell its Rainbow Six Siege from the other scene where he repelled up a building.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 8 days ago

    #Never again

  • Isaac Robbins
    Isaac Robbins 9 days ago +2

    Remove the 2nd Amendment from 🇺🇸 !just saying never again is not enough be realistic 🤔 USA when will you learn

  • Dani Gombos
    Dani Gombos 9 days ago

    america enforcing their gun laws could've saved so many lives. if everyone runs around with guns, these psychos don't even need to spend money on one, just snag yours from your backpack at an unsuspecting moment when you're having a pizza with your other point is, having less guns out there means less options to acquire one illegaly(or legally, since i'm sure there is a business where seemingly sane people get guns just to sell them to the insane ones)

  • Sophia Kus•
    Sophia Kus• 10 days ago

    Everyone should’ve boycotted school.

  • What
    What 10 days ago

    When the second amendment was introduced, guns were nowhere NEAR as advanced as they are now- if you want your guns, they should only be based on those used from the time the amendment was passed

  • Gerralynn loder
    Gerralynn loder 10 days ago

    Theses gun laws ARNT DOING ANYTHING! the problem isn't the guns it's the criminal who use them! Making more laws isnt going to stop the shootings! Even with gun control people can make guns out of other products!

  • Mockingjay Unicorn
    Mockingjay Unicorn 10 days ago +1

    Anyone could shoot up a school....

    Raising the age to 21 is pointless

  • No one Here
    No one Here 11 days ago

    It’s sad that this happened but you have too know that in the us there are people that are pro gun control but there’s a lot more that are pro gun that don’t like the idea of gun control

  • ArianaSmit515
    ArianaSmit515 11 days ago


  • EmberFN
    EmberFN 11 days ago

    I don’t think they should be taken away, they should have trackers on their gun license and every like 4-6 months you have to renew it; if you don’t police should take all your weapons away for a certain amount of time until you can get them back and have to get a new gun license with shorter renew time

  • Makayla Moss
    Makayla Moss 11 days ago


  • Louis Anthony
    Louis Anthony 11 days ago

    Don't shoot peeps it bad

  • Louis Anthony
    Louis Anthony 11 days ago

    Weird Americans that's y Britain don't get as many shootings

  • Liv 2904
    Liv 2904 12 days ago

    The messages at the beginning are so sad.. I hope those people who sadly left this earth that day are in no more pain and I hope the people who survived and everyone’s family and friends are all living well deserved lives ❤️❤️❤️

  • Tông Huỳnh Cú
    Tông Huỳnh Cú 12 days ago

    Its true, you gotta control guns, not banning them

  • Food Bish
    Food Bish 12 days ago

    People kill people not guns. It’s the people who decide to kill. Don’t ban guns

  • Kayla Coats
    Kayla Coats 12 days ago

    We won't to live and give birth to a new generation please don't take that away from us

  • Mr. Atomic
    Mr. Atomic 13 days ago

    Now what are you gonna do about handguns

  • Miriam Spillane
    Miriam Spillane 14 days ago

    That is a great turnout but I don't think it will make any difference, sadly.

  • Catie Elizabeth
    Catie Elizabeth 14 days ago

    Why are guns still easier to get than abortions? This world and mainly the people on it are horrible. Absolutely horrible

  • Wahmen respector
    Wahmen respector 15 days ago

    Ayyy again with school shooters.. school is such a safe place

  • Jenny Jenkins
    Jenny Jenkins 15 days ago

    Wasnt was deep state.

  • Wet
    Wet 15 days ago +1

    New Zealand was probably the worst shooting that happened almost more than 50 people died😭😭😭😭

  • Ve
    Ve 15 days ago

    I dont get anything about america , yall keep focusing on the guns and all that with these school shooters? Why do these people shoot up the school? Probably for revenge for bullying or sum.. the prevention starts in the school

  • Trigger Finger Gaming
    Trigger Finger Gaming 15 days ago +1

    My boy Kyle was playing rainbow six.

  • Ryan James
    Ryan James 15 days ago

    so we take guns away. Then what? you think shootings will stop happening? NO. they will not stop happening. In fact, there will be more shootings, and murders. The people who own firearms legally wont be able to defend themselves from the monsters like Nicholas cruz, Stephen Paddock, etc. I dont know why you people think that taking them away is the answer to all these problems. it makes no sense

  • Carito 504
    Carito 504 15 days ago +39

    And the sad thing is that 3 of the survivors committed suicide 💔

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 3 days ago +1

      @dxzys edits And another student at that school took his life a few days later and the dad of a Sandy Hook victim also took his life

    • dxzys edits
      dxzys edits 8 days ago +1

      @sdfrgdr grgregersgers No, one girl hanged herself from survivors guilt after losing her friends to the shooting.

  • Matthew Roberts
    Matthew Roberts 15 days ago

    After thinking about it for a while, the only way that I can see school shootings being irraticated is if we have more armed cops. At this point, laws restricting people from getting guns won’t do anything, automatic weapons and the like are already banned, and legally getting a gun is pretty hard at this point in time. The only way that someone who wants to do harm is going to do harm is probably illegally. The day after my birthday last year our house was broken into, and all that was stolen was a TV (which was pawned, and we managed to get back) and our makarov pistol. We couldn’t have cared less about our TV as long as no one got killed by that pistol, which as far as we know hasn’t happened (Thank God). Banning guns isn’t gonna do anything if people will just get them illegally. They are criminals after all. And another reason not to ban guns is that more shootings would happen literally everywhere and not just schools. The reason why schools are such a fun target is because shooters can be 99.98% sure that no one in there is carrying a gun. However, since conceal carry licenses exist, people in other workplaces don’t have to worry as much. I went through the process of buying a 22 cal rifle(the smallest caliber that you can pretty much get, smaller than normal pistol rounds. About the size of 1/3 of your pinky) with my dad, and we spent hours in there, hours waiting for them to completely check my dad’s and my family’s record. People argue for better gun control, and I would be totally down for it, but the only way that that system would be made better is if they could literally predict the future.
    TL;DR: The best way to make schools safe is with more armed guards.
    Banning certain guns/all guns will make the situation worse because people obtain guns illegally, and better gun control is pointless because to create a perfect system, you have to literally predict the future.

  • Miraculous Central
    Miraculous Central 15 days ago +5

    omfg imagine getting shot in the leg during a traumatic even and then going home to play shooting games in a room full of guns 😐

  • Kristen Shaheen
    Kristen Shaheen 15 days ago

    ᗯᕼᗩT Iᖴ TᕼE KIᗪ GETᔕ IT ᖴᖇOᗰ TᕼEᖇE ᑭᗩᖇEᑎT

  • Da R
    Da R 15 days ago

    So sad the media is trying to keep this shooting relevant because it was the only shooting that they got a rating boost with the post political coverage. Give it up no one care about these kids anymore and will not remember any of their names in the next few months. Those fake survivors who were all over the tv was pathetic

  • Don’t Use Tik Tok
    Don’t Use Tik Tok 15 days ago

    I’m actually so scared. Although I live in Britain there’s always a chance this could happen to my school.

  • Bryan guches
    Bryan guches 16 days ago

    This video is full of autistic kids like this shit is never going to stop so why limit them criminals can get guns illegally like this is what criminals want for us to put limits on guns and certain guns like while we’re doing that their still getting guns illegally like this is never gonna stop I’m sorry it’s just how it is 🤷‍♂️

  • Alondra Luna
    Alondra Luna 16 days ago +1

    *boy gets shot in ankle*
    gUnS sHoUlDnT bE tAkEn AwAy

  • kabiz
    kabiz 16 days ago +1

    This is sad who died and broke my haert😭😢

  • Desire Ajayi
    Desire Ajayi 17 days ago

    There are no skl shootings in England because there are no guns

    MERISSA MURPHY 17 days ago

    # never again

  • Killergaming 23
    Killergaming 23 17 days ago

    It won’t make a difference

  • Melanie Moon
    Melanie Moon 18 days ago

    I felt their pain when it was happening

  • keda neymar
    keda neymar 18 days ago

    Never Again

  • Holly Warehouse
    Holly Warehouse 18 days ago

    Today I was able too attend my daughters high school graduation in Central Florida, where we were scanned for weapons and had to open our belongings to the Sheriff’s Department before entering the building.
    Above all the message was *HOPE* for our future, for our children.
    Where bomb threats aren’t common and the students find safety at school.
    I’m bawling my eyes out AGAIN over this issue as a Florida resident and a mother of 2 in high school. May our future be better for our children❤️
    God Bless ❤️🙏🏽✌🏽

  • joanna gonzalez
    joanna gonzalez 18 days ago


  • Hudson D
    Hudson D 18 days ago

    we need solutions to gun violence now

  • Angela Esteban
    Angela Esteban 18 days ago +6

    They should ban guns there is still other shooters looking for schools to attack I'm still in school and I'm scared so much #gunsbanned

    • Ryan James
      Ryan James 15 days ago

      most shootings happen with illegal guns. taking them away wont do anything but make shootings worse.

  • MrSkunix
    MrSkunix 19 days ago +1

    Can someone explain whats the point of this and the hashtag?