The Best Korean Barbecue in the World

Are you ready to see the best Korean Barbecue the world has to offer? We go down to Jeju to have Jeju Black Pork, and it's so good you'll want to cry. Check it out for this week's Food Adventure Program For Awesome People!

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Просмотров: 1151524
Длительность: 8:38
Комментарии: 1318

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Автор Nelinda Catajan ( назад)
Please visit the Philippines simon and martina😀😀😀😀

Автор Brenda Garcia ( назад)
Simon u R terrible

Автор Julia Coe ( назад)
Okay question. I went to a Korean barbecue place recently ( it wasn't very good and I was really sad) they had these white circular pickled vegetable that looked like Dikon but I'm not sure it was. It was super yummy and I want to make/ buy them. Anyone know what these were? Thanks in advance!

Автор Emma Adams ( назад)
I'm so hungry

Автор Arthur ( назад)
Jeju Black Pork!!! It's so good~ I want to eat it!

Автор thaiduitx ( назад)
Is it just me or when foreigners go to Korea, they try really hard to act like the Korean culture? Sorry for my bad english. But when they're trying really hard to act Korean. Not these guys. I'm just trying talking in general. Because when I go to America and see people from there they're nothing like the American's that go to Korea

Автор Henry Pham ( назад)
Best korean barbecue? I expected more beef

Автор ZAmpedNZ ( назад)
I miss seeing your EYK crew :(

Автор Bernie Alex ( назад)
What is the song used when simon had his second meat?

Автор Confessions Of A MeatEater ( назад)
i literally am watching this for my 20th time.... i can feel the pork fat driplets :'( so close yet so many miles apart .....

Автор Deraj Mai ( назад)
I am so glad you guys showed up in my recommended feed! <3

Автор Confessions Of A MeatEater ( назад)
oh my gosh guys i love this video :D not creepy porny at all ahahhahaha

Автор Edwin Shek ( назад)
played this video at 3am... my family thought i was watching...

Автор hoon kim ( назад)
쳐먹는 꼴 봐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 돼지가 불쌍하다

Автор 이고시스 ( назад)
맛있겠다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Автор I hate neggars ( назад)
4:30 i want to put my meat on her grill

Автор 100newkid ( назад)
wait isn't this the same pork/pig that supposedly ate shit back in the day when people pooped?

Автор okin rob ( назад)
Simon and Martina, I really missed this background song. Although you are now in a different country, does it really matter to change the bgm ?

Автор ThePansexualPiano ( назад)
Make a vid on you guys trying house pets ;)

Автор Francis Santiago ( назад)
Over reacting, that's only pork for crying out loud

Автор 35oz 19g ( назад)
these two seem very unhealthy. overweight, and sinuses full of mucus. I'm confused now because in the comments they are Muslim? this is defiantly the weird part of YouTube! the rotten colon channel......

Автор Naughtysauce ( назад)
looked soo undercooked lol

Автор MINES ( назад)
what song did you use @ 1:40?

Автор Rosa Caldo ( назад)
I love watching your foodvlogs👍🏽My boyfriend and i also vlog about travelling and food. Please come and support our channel Jalanemusic Official 🙏🏾

Автор dahee wang ( назад)
Why am I watching this on 3am in UK........... annoying!! Goshh looks so good

Автор Richard Lieberth ( назад)
i really love the way you guys doin these videos. so inspiring and looks like all of you really enjoyed being a foodie. man is it possible being like you guys but already having a kid? lol.

Автор dianchik ( назад)
This is way late but I'm always surprised about Simon not being into the pork fat. You're Polish, have you never had salo/slonina?

Автор Song Uk Jin ( назад)
삼겹살 오겹살은 진리요 사랑입니다. ~

요즘은 서울에서도 제주 흑돼지 파는 고깃집이 많이 있어서 굳이 제주도 까지 안가도 흑돼지를 맛볼수 있어요.

먹어도 먹어도 질리지 않는 사랑의 맛 돼지 삽겹살 오겹살 !!

Автор Lee kh ( назад)
Oh, Look what a good pork can do!!
Everybody is happy...
Really good video...
Black pork... Even skin tastes better than other kinds of pork.
Real Cheju style is, eat the pork with boiled fermented anchovy, 멸치젓갈.
Put the pork on top of lettuce, and fermented anchovy, that surely is a kill.

Автор Ray0 Kelli ( назад)
I really want to try it but I live soo far away 😭

Автор Patricia Abriol ( назад)

Автор MsJavaWolf ( назад)
Everytime I go to Korean barbeque, they won't leave me alone with the grill. Even though I have been to Korean barbeque dozens of times, somehow they think I will burn the place or something.

Автор Late Night with Dr. Fate ( назад)
whats that jazzy song they were playing when cooking the pork belly around 2:45

Автор Haiv Hmoob ( назад)
when you go pig, you never want to go anything else...

Автор sailorginger ( назад)
Is this place really expensive??? I'm going to Jeju next summer and I want to go but don't wanna break my budget lol

Автор 금코즈 ( назад)
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아 내가 이제껏 수많은 외국인 삼겹살 먹방을 보았지만 이게 최고다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Автор Leah Lichtenstein ( назад)
i feel so unsophisticated, I'm eating a bowl of cold pasta while watching this

Автор be more ( назад)

Автор animegirl19942009 ( назад)
Mum: what the fuck are you watching
Me: Food porn...*moves the lap top so she can see*
Mum: God food all day and every day why cant you be normal and watch porn
My brother: *Looks at mum* I watch porn..
*Mum walks away to the kitchen* pork for dinner it is chris says so by watching that video

Автор Danny Rouco ( назад)
I thought SJWs didn't eat meat ?

Автор Media Addict ( назад)
OMG you made Martina nervous when you grabbed her hand !

Автор Bear ice ( назад)

Автор Affiq Borhannuddin ( назад)
Watching you guys always makes me hungry even when I'm not hungry, thanks Simon & Martina.

Автор B Mar ( назад)
I'm going to korea, and I have no idea what the best authentic Korean restaurants there are. I hope you can help me. I will be staying at myeongdong.

Автор B Mar ( назад)
Where is this? :)

Автор ghulam hazrat ( назад)
yuuccckkk fucking pig meat

Автор David Bourland ( назад)
I just want to ask: Since you have named the Akita beef for beef over Wagyu; is there a symmetry as to pork in that the Jamon Iberico from Spain is over Korean Pork? Did I ask that right? you do know that the Mangalitsa pig is from Hungary, right? Oh , those valleys can be such a pain at time, yo!

Автор king chocobo ( назад)
Ah, Simon's fidel castro phase.

Автор Timothy Cook ( назад)
that man to the side at 3:36 has fantastic calves

Автор Al Pal ( назад)
Pig skin so fucking gud

Автор Gabby Park ( назад)
Love is the momeent~ kekek~ it's the heirs ost right?😍😍😍🐼🐼 i really enjoy the video ur so cute and funny guys hihi~ cute couple~😍😍🐼

Автор Benjamin Deen-Swaray ( назад)
i love your life!

Автор sao ong ( назад)
3:15 song?

Автор Lesly Santos ( назад)
i know astrology isnt for everyone but space crap is freaky just sayin cuz supposedly now theres another planet or something and thats gonna affect the zodiac signs or something so i dunno lmao

Автор Jason Huang ( назад)
This is what i consider "food porn"... XD

Автор Dave ( назад)
한글 자막이 없어서 아쉽네...

Автор Delaney May ( назад)
What's funny is in their first samgyeopsal video they said that was better than Jeju black boar

Автор Stelios20 Gkrekass ( назад)
this is so stupid why would anyone go to a restaurant to cook his food hahaha stupid people

Автор alviiiiin1988 ( назад)
other people near me thought i was watching porn since the people in the video couldn't stop saying "mmmmmmm" and "oh god" because of the good food. oh and the music was also misleading them to think this video was porn.

Автор Tagy Seb ( назад)
I don't like Simon

Автор Yen Nguyen Hai ( назад)
OMG, I shouldn't watched this first thing in the morning haha looks so mouth-watering.

Автор Kathy lam ( назад)
Isnt the song at 5:00 the same song that Hilary Duff sang in that movie called "Raise Your Voice"?!

Автор Livudenflaeskesteg ( назад)
Very nice vídeo... hehehehe Very funny

Автор Jalapeños Cheese Bomber ( назад)
안녕, 아이엠 코리언.

Автор TheKimcheeRamen ( назад)
Once you go black.... Lmaolmao

Автор Jacky 660 ( назад)
We kind of are watching porn cause it's food porn

Автор SarSartheDinosaur ( назад)
I'm watching this while staying at a friend's house, and actually had to turn down the volume for the moans because I was afraid she'd think I was watching porn

Автор Pierre Fox ( назад)
Dude no offence but Simon is a walking freakin' sterotype, and I get the impression you two talk to each other in exactly the same manner you do on camera. He's acting *all* the time! Simon - get help, a therapist. a good one. perhaps a freudian -hipster enough for you? either way, like, come on m an!

Автор Alpha Pug ( назад)
Where is this place

Автор Noseefood ( назад)
they became from timid canadian teachers to tattoo covered freaks.

Автор CutieDevilX3 ( назад)
Anyone else coming back to these and missing soooooozie and lee

Автор Reminisce ( назад)
but he did look at her in the face for like a sec

Автор 김소한 ( назад)
5:14 are she thai ??

Автор KpopSwaggg23 ( назад)
I love your life Simon

Автор Jaymie Calura ( назад)
This is one of my most favourite videos in utube

Автор Jaymie Calura ( назад)
U guys are the best ur my favourite utubers 😀😀😀😀😀😀😊😊😊😊😊

Автор Sebastian コーネリアス ( назад)
what's the song name at 3:13?

Автор Ashley Fan ( назад)
Seungkwan must be so proud.

Автор Thach Van Do ( назад)
Is this better that kobe beef???

Автор GrayScene ( назад)
Crunchy is a flavour?

Автор DeathMill ( назад)
She looks like she's about to cry everytime, maybe she's so happy she's crying?

Автор Lynn Le ( назад)
how can I find this restaurant in korea ? I'm going to visit Korea thanks :D :D :D Great video

Автор CakenuggetCN ( назад)
O-gyeop-Sal is my fave pork.

Автор GamerABC ( назад)
why does your thumbnail say fap fap?

Автор bobby paek ( назад)
korean food in k town l.a. is much tastier than korean food in kr

Автор bobby paek ( назад)
korean food in k town l.a. is much tastier than korean food in kr

Автор 엠만다본플로란다 ( назад)
나, 상겹살 목어싶어요..

Автор right2left2 ( назад)
actually kobe beef is just brand name of TAJIMA cow

Автор right2left2 ( назад)
japanese bbq(yaki niku) is better . you know beef >  pork

Автор Arian Dahanian ( назад)
Pause and look at the very start (0:00) and see Simons derby high wasted face😂

Автор Anushiruwān Khan ( назад)
OMG... that opera XD

Автор Lex Prinz ( назад)
I actually thought this video had smell a vision bc what I didn't know was one of my family members was making bacon and I was like waaaaaaat?

Автор Pong Ching ( назад)
The black pork or pork period in Korea BBQ is so fatty and greasy. Definitely not recommended. I feel throw up when eating it.

Автор K Psychological ( назад)
굳이 제주 흑돼지가 아니더라도 삼겹살이나 오겹살 등은 진리가 아닐까요?ㅎㅎㅎ
이 맛을 모르는 분들은 죽기전에 꼭 먹어봐야 한다고 생각해요~^^

Автор Dongsa ( назад)
I hate you guys for this! :'(

looks so good

Автор Katja Pedersen ( назад)
I am just salivating so much right now. I wasn't hungry before watching this.

Автор Kotoko ( назад)
I remember being here in October..good times

Автор Luke Kim ( назад)
I love pork! This is one good reason to visit Jeju-do on my next Korea trip.

Автор Kelly Tanim ( назад)
I love how your videos make me smile

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