• Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Drift and Catalyst have adopted a baby dog but when X Lord finds out he wants to take it from then and get his revenge!!
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  • RA
    RA Day ago


  • Minecraftforever208 Lol


  • Karen Flaherty
    Karen Flaherty 8 days ago


  • Nicole Wolfe
    Nicole Wolfe 10 days ago


  • Jj up Till world blow up

    U hate brite boomer with drift i love with catilisty and drift martid thats happy

  • Khaled Alazemi
    Khaled Alazemi 13 days ago


  • kingdq822
    kingdq822 13 days ago

    Good game to watch🔪

  • Faber
    Faber 13 days ago


  • lehi aupouri
    lehi aupouri 14 days ago

    He's a bit

  • santi :v
    santi :v 15 days ago

    Drift nv on catalaty no is drif on bomber brillant

  • Enrique Valdivia
    Enrique Valdivia 15 days ago

    😂 XD

  • Mario Felipe Estebanes

    Can you stop saying stop whistling

  • Mario Felipe Estebanes

    How about drift drift T Drifty Drifty that’s drift drift T

  • Jordxn _YT_
    Jordxn _YT_ 15 days ago

    Now I see why they reuploaded the video for a recap

  • pimp limp
    pimp limp 16 days ago


  • StevOoo Lara
    StevOoo Lara 17 days ago

    Hola flaca Twitter que yo nomás lobby poder admirar favor pasaporteque te salga

  • StevOoo Lara
    StevOoo Lara 17 days ago

    Ay Thank You dejado el papel que te pedí pero no enojada youtubers soy yo el que

  • StevOoo Lara
    StevOoo Lara 17 days ago

    Forno risa Haití RUclip

  • Manuel Sánchez Fernández

    La voz que izo el bebè era monisima

  • Sucelly Zavala
    Sucelly Zavala 18 days ago

    Why did they just not called her kitsune

  • It's Steven's World
    It's Steven's World 19 days ago

    Wow i like you and fortnite seasons

  • Albert Daumar
    Albert Daumar 19 days ago

    You said catalyst is a he is she a boy

  • RaG3_ Catalyst
    RaG3_ Catalyst 20 days ago

    I love how she says baby

  • Ethan Walkers
    Ethan Walkers 20 days ago

    I I'm pz9

  • Tysheika Edmonds
    Tysheika Edmonds 21 day ago

    Yay ikoniks back what even happen to him? 🤔

  • Mandie Kusk
    Mandie Kusk 21 day ago

    Yea I agree can u pls make the 2 back together

  • Boblip Draws Uwu
    Boblip Draws Uwu 21 day ago +1

    Bright Bomber x Drift=Like
    Catalyst x Drift=Coment
    I like Bomber x Drift, Catalyst Is Drift but of another dimension

  • MelyAndy Guzman
    MelyAndy Guzman 21 day ago


  • scar Lord xxx 13 !
    scar Lord xxx 13 ! 22 days ago +1

    I watch u fortunate seasons since ur first vid I watched little Kelly since the beginning too and I watched a lot of little lizard and raptor

  • Jemel Mayweather
    Jemel Mayweather 22 days ago


  • Raccoon Boy
    Raccoon Boy 22 days ago +2

    One like=one respect for there puppy

  • Stanley Fagamalo
    Stanley Fagamalo 22 days ago +1

    Is it me or does catalyst voice sounds like calamity

  • The Bacon nation
    The Bacon nation 22 days ago

    Hahhha lol....

  • David Carreras
    David Carreras 22 days ago

    Drift needs aimbot

  • David Carreras
    David Carreras 22 days ago

    Why is catalyst crying just because a stupid dog

    • David Carreras
      David Carreras 17 days ago

      ali abbasi make me shut up btw a puppy is not everything its family idiot

    • ali abbasi
      ali abbasi 18 days ago

      cuz of the cuteness and shut up cant you see how cute the dog is

  • Butter Man2020
    Butter Man2020 23 days ago

    For a daughter/son you could do the glitch for the prop gun

  • Stephen Durnan
    Stephen Durnan 23 days ago

    When u found the baby it was a he but now it's a she

  • Eric Juarez
    Eric Juarez 23 days ago +1

    I want bright bomber to get together with drift again

  • joud Amer
    joud Amer 23 days ago


    KID_ KOBRA 24 days ago

    Là già fatto pazzox

  • Mehki Erni
    Mehki Erni 24 days ago

    Aye nice clickbait

  • Alejandro Mata
    Alejandro Mata 24 days ago +1

    What about the storm flip are they in god mode or what

  • Alejandro Mata
    Alejandro Mata 24 days ago


  • Alejandro Mata
    Alejandro Mata 24 days ago


  • Deadpool gamer spider man

    Tthis is sad I am crying 😭😭😢😢 her baby gone

  • Legendary Blader
    Legendary Blader 24 days ago

    Ikonik is back!

  • Yassine Tfs 2
    Yassine Tfs 2 24 days ago


  • KoolDudeGamer
    KoolDudeGamer 24 days ago +1

    I’m not complaining, but you should focus on other characters

  • Susan Findlay
    Susan Findlay 24 days ago

    (Kermit voice ) YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY ikonik is back make a video where he meets his mom . He is drifts brother right

    xXNAT HANXx 24 days ago

    Drift and bomber :3 fortnite season putting drift and catalyst you always ruin it 😡😠😡

  • DaintierRook
    DaintierRook 24 days ago

    I loved how u used the fortnite emotes to actually react it

  • Yassin El Azazy
    Yassin El Azazy 24 days ago

    Wooooow thanks fortnite season brute bomber is way better

  • epic games
    epic games 24 days ago

    why the baby is gone

  • Bshali _777
    Bshali _777 24 days ago

    Hey can u make my skin a movie at my yt channel i have a clan called nana gang we need peely and bunker jonsey and normal jonsey make us a movie about destroing mechs and ill give u a shoutout and support ur creator with all of my friends

  • Jas Vialpando
    Jas Vialpando 25 days ago

    The way x-lord executes the baby is morbid, but I enjoys the bitter evilness

  • Sai Adish
    Sai Adish 25 days ago

    How about you name the puppy doggy drift and i love your videos so much

  • Hype Bonnie
    Hype Bonnie 25 days ago +1

    Ikonik is back

  • Boomboomcat Wattss
    Boomboomcat Wattss 25 days ago

    What isn’t that diff sister and he’s dating bright boomber

  • Logan collier 123
    Logan collier 123 25 days ago

    What song when drift and cat going to looking for their dog

  • Wxfrancis
    Wxfrancis 25 days ago

    This means that the dog is gone for good. All I could hope for is a miracle to happen in the next video revolving around this.